Riots Spread Through Palestine/Israel, Jews Respond By Firing Into Crowds, Hundreds Injured

I’m confused that some Nationalists are still claiming that this Administration is following an America first policy – according to them, everything the President is doing will help us in some way.

And yes, starting a Third Intifada by groveling at the feet of the Jews was all a part of the MAGA blueprint.

They tell us it’s part of some plan to isolate Israel, but just a year into the Trump Presidency, we’re still entangled in the Middle East, and just where do they think the Israelis get replacement tear gas and bullets from?


One person has been killed and hundreds injured amid continuing clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces Friday. Palestinian militants had called for a “day of rage” following Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

08 December 2017

16:34 GMT

Israel Defense Forces reports that air raid sirens have sounded in cities and towns bordering northern Gaza.

16:14 GMT

One of Egypt’s top imams has turned down a request to meet US Vice-President Mike Pence following the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb said he would not meet Donald Trump’s right-hand man at the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo on December 20 – unless the president reverses his decision, according to Reuters.

15:01 GMT

A man has been critically injured in Gaza following clashes with Israeli security forces. The Palestinian Health Ministry had reported that the man had died, but a correction stated that while the man’s heart had stopped, it is now going again.

14:42 GMT

Soldiers have been patrolling the streets around Al-Aqsa Mosque. Footage from the area shows Israeli forces manhandling a group of men as they force them out of a public toilet.

14:23 GMT

The Palestinian Health Ministry has reportedly named the man killed during clashes with Israeli forces on the Gaza border.

14:08 GMT

Footage from Damascus Gate in Jerusalem shows Israeli forces wrestling a man to the ground, sparking near-pandemonium at the ancient site.

14:07 GMT

Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian man near the Gaza border as clashes continue over Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to Reuters, citing the Palestinian Health Ministry.

13:57 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to Turkey Monday to discuss the Jerusalem issue with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He and Putin held a phone call Thursday during which they agreed the move will deal a heavy blow to peace and stability in the region.

13:46 GMT

More than 200 people have been treated for injuries related to clashes in the West Bank and Jerusalem, including seven injured by live fire, according to reports.

Journalist Dov Lieber, the Arab affairs correspondent for the Times of Israel, cites figures from the Red Crescent, which says its crews have treated 217 people. Some 162 people have reportedly been treated for tear gas inhalation and another 45 for rubber bullet injuries.

13:12 GMT

More than 3,000 people gathered outside a mosque in Istanbul’s Fatih district after Friday prayers. A state-run television station reported similar protests in the capital Ankara where people were reportedly heard outside the US embassy, chanting: “USA, take your bloodied hands off Jerusalem.”

13:11 GMT

More than 5,000 people have marched in the streets of Beirut. The demonstration took place near the Palestinian refugee camp of Chatilla after Friday prayers and carried on toward a nearby cemetery. The crowd later peacefully dispersed, according to the Associated Press.

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees were killed when a Lebanese Christian militia allied to Israel invaded the Chatilla refugee camp, as well as the nearby camp of Sabra, in 1982.

12:45 GMT

Meanwhile, an image obtained by shows heavily armed Israeli forces seemingly tackling a Palestinian man to the ground at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. In another image from the sacred site, a poster of Donald Trump, with his head painted around the mouth of a urinal, is held aloft.

I seriously think this could continue to escalate – therefore live updates will be provided as soon as reasonably possible, and I encourage others to chime in the comments section if they notice something that hasn’t been reported on yet.

And may the Palestinians stand strong, for if they get crushed, guess what the next step will be now that they have no serious chance at a viable two-state solution…


  1. For the record I want to state that I agree with those who point out that the jews will never allow themselves to be corralled into Israel (and out of our countries). That said, there is a very effective strategy to promoting their zionism; it enables us to promote our own. Without holding Israel out as a homeland for them, they can (and do) scream ‘Holocaust!’ whenever the mere mention of separation arises.

    So, we should do what they do, which is play both sides. I would be careful about being too anti, though.

  2. Without the US and Britain constantly arming and fomenting outrage among the Africanized, violent, inbred, emotionally unbalanced MENAs, there would be only scattered goatherds throwing rocks at one another.

    It’s all about the oil, shipping lanes to the oil, air bases within reach of the oil, ad nauseum.

  3. Your missing the bigger picture. Trump is boxing in the Israeli nationalists by giving them what they have always wanted. Everything they do, and I mean EVERYTHING hey do beyond this point will be viewed as pure hypocrisy by anyone paying attention.

    It also provides cover for Trump in a couple of ways. He cannot be linked to the medias definition of the alt-right by being extremely pro-israel and it also allows him to take future action in the middle east without spending political capitol (if the need arises) since all parties involved are taking first blood (enacting violence) while we quietly pull out of the region.

    All in all I think this is an excellent move that not only boxes in Israel but pokes all the hornets nest around Israel that will keep them busy for a while, while we deal with Iran and its fresh cash injection and nuclear material a-la the Obama Iran deal that gave them Billions with a B in hard US currency.

    This was a smart move.

    • Why is Iran being nuclear so threatening to you?

      Trust me, if we were to stop trying to overthrow their government, and if we were to stop groveling before Israel, the Iranians would be our best friends in the region.

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