X-Men Jew Bryan Singer Sued For Rape Of Another Teen Boy

Hollywood as it exists today allows us an unparalleled glimpse into the Jewish racial soul – even a study of New York City or Israel itself does not afford the same opportunities.

The chronic neurosis, the mentally-deranged and scattered theories, and the bizarre social experimentation that is often repeated time and time again until it sticks within the minds of the Goyim – all of it can be found in the confines of the film/television industry.

And that isn’t even touching on the degeneracy that runs rampant – acts that can sometimes range into the homicidal and indescribable if given the right fuel (please note that I’m sorry for having to post visual evidence of my argument).


Director Bryan Singer is being sued for allegedly raping and forcibly performing oral sex on a 17-year-old boy in 2003.

According to a lawsuit filed Thursday and obtained by TMZ, Singer was in attendance at a party on tech investor Lester Waters’ yacht in Seattle in 2003 when he allegedly offered to give then-17-year-old Cesar Sanchez-Guzman a tour of the boat.

Sanchez-Guzman claims in the suit that during the tour, Singer took him to a private room, where he then brought him to the floor, slapped him in the face with his genitals, and forced him to perform oral sex. The suit claims that Singer continued with the act as Sanchez-Guzman choked and pleaded with him to stop.

Singer then allegedly forcibly performed oral sex on Sanchez-Guzman, and then raped him, according to the lawsuit filed by attorney Jeff Herman. The suit also claims that Singer allegedly told Sanchez-Guzman that he could help him break into the movie business in exchange for remaining silent about the incident.

For years everyone claimed that the child stars of the last generation were insane, and claimed that they were just trying to justify their drug abuse and instability.

And yet now we’re seeing these victims at last vindicated in at least some form – the abuse they almost certainly endured broke them mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You want to talk about and see true evil firsthand?

You want reminders of what you are fighting against?

Then look into the cold eyes of (((Bryan Singer))) for inspiration.


  1. have stated, repeatedly, that Jews are devils from Hell. LITERAL devils. I’m am not kidding. I am not exaggerating. When you know the truth about them – how can any-one with a Human soul draw any other conclusion?

  2. Hollywood had always been a sin bin. It may have taken 100 years for the pay off for this obscene behavior to be delivered, but it has come now with interest!

  3. The Lord said that they are of their father the devil. I am convinced that their rejection of Christ brought about some pact with satan

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