#MeToo: Kentucky Politician Blows His Brains Out After Being Accused Of Groping Teen Girl

My assumption is that this local Kentucky State Representative did exactly what he was originally accused of – White guys typically don’t just go out and kill themselves unless they feel their cause is hopeless and beyond defense.

In fact, I personally think the world would be a far less complicated place if everyone who gets exposed as a creep, weirdo, or predator would just go ahead and off themselves if the accusations contain truth.

Save everyone the speculation, arguments, and chaos, and make it so that innocent men like Roy Moore stand out far easier than they currently do – notice how almost all of the accused aside from Moore have essentially caved, admitted their guilt explicitly, or have withdrawn from public life (implicit admission of guilt).


Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson, who was under investigation for alleged sexual molestation, died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to the Bullitt County Coroner. 

He was pronounced dead around 8:20 p.m. on Dec. 13.

Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell says Johnson drove to the bridge over the Salt River on Greenwell Ford Road in Mt. Washington, parked on the north side of it and shot himself in front of his car.

His body was found on the bank of the river, just past the bridge.

Just before 5 p.m. Wednesday, Johnson posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“The accusations from NPR are false GOD and only GOD knows the truth, nothing is the way they make it out to be. AMERICA will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news . Conservatives take a stand. I LOVE GOD and I LOVE MY WIFE, who is the best WIFE in the world,My Love Forever ! My Mom and Dad my FAMILY and all five of my kids and Nine grandchildren two in tummies and many more to come each of you or a total gift from GOD stay strong, REBECCA needs YOU . 9-11-2001 NYC/WTC, PTSD 24/7 16 years is a sickness that will take my life, I cannot handle it any longer. IT Has Won This Life . BUT HEAVEN IS MY HOME. “PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY, Only Three things I ask of you to do,if you love me is (1)blame no person,Satan is the accuser, so blame the Devil himself. (2) Forgive and Love everyone especially yourself .(3)most importantly LOVE GOD. P.S. I LOVE MY FRIENDS YOU ARE FAMILY ! GOD LOVES ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT !”

The coroner said police were alerted after someone saw the Facebook post. Officers then pinged Johnson’s phone and found his body.

On Tuesday, Johnson held a press conference at his church on Bardstown Road, where he denied the molestation allegations. According to court documents obtained by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, the alleged molestation took place on New Year’s Eve in 2012. The alleged victim, who was 17 at the time, told authorities that she was staying in a living area of the Heart of Fire City Church where Johnson was pastor, when Johnson, who had been drinking a lot, approached her, kissed her and fondled her under her clothes. 

Like I said before, Johnson was more than likely guilty of what he was being accused of – 999 out of 1000 innocent men would have fought the allegations to the bitter end.

Again, just goes to show everyone that our society is in a death-spiral – not too far in the past (in living memory, actually), this would have been dealt with within the community in a way that guaranteed that similar incidents would not occur in the area for quite a good long while.

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  1. Liberals hem n haw about their sins…Republicans blow their brains out in Shame.

    It makes me think that Moore did nothing wrong. He’s responded like an innocent good guy to the slander.

    • Moore’s no more “innocent” than this creep.

      good riddance to both.

      and eventually, the entire ‘Murkan’ political class. Most all of whom have done far worse than diddle 17-year-old bims:

      they have sold out their race and civilization to the

      Jews. In return for


  2. Regarding the guy who shot himself, why does his Facebook post include this statement: “9-11-2001 NYC/WTC, PTSD 24/7 16 years is a sickness that will take my life, I cannot handle it any longer.”

    Was he in NYC when that happened or what? Does anyone know?

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