Black Jew Invited To Israel, Immediately Arrested And Deported To Random African Country

Editor’s Note: The Washington Post brings up this double standard for Jews and Gentiles in a new article on Sholom Rubashkin.

You need to remember that in the case of Jews, there is a serious double standard between them and the filthy Goyim.

Thus, when you hear Merchants far and wide vehemently calling for White nations to accept diversity, mass immigration, an erosion of their culture, and the enrichment of their women, expect the home-base of the “Chosen” to be following the complete opposite.

Times Of Israel:

A Kenyan Jewish leader who arrived in Israel on Monday night was denied entry into the country by the Interior Ministry and deported to Ethiopia.

The rejection by Israeli authorities of Yehudah Kimani — who had come to the Jewish state for a three-week study program — was seen by activists as part of the ongoing discrimination by Israel against Jews from emerging communities around the world.

Fun fact:

They make it government policy to take African migrants, place them in literal concentration camps with poor food and sanitation, and then ship them to random countries that are oftentimes in Europe.

Kimani, 31, is a leader of the 50-member Kehilat Kasuku, a small group of families in Kenya’s rural highlands who decided to leave Messianic Judaism in the early 2000s.

In the ensuing years, they have undergone Conservative Jewish conversions in Uganda with the Abayudaya community. They celebrate Shabbat and the Jewish holidays in a small, plastic-sheeting covered synagogue with worn wooden benches. Over the past few years since The Times of Israel first visited in early 2015, Kimani has utilized Facebook to build relationships with Jews around the world. The networking brought him on a multi-month trip to the United States in the summer of 2016 with Kulanu, when he also studied at the Brandeis Collegiate Institute.

Justin Philips, a retired judge who sits on the board of the Conservative Movement’s Fuchsberg Center, invited Kimani as a guest to study at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem for a short program. After Kimani’s first visa application was denied, he was able to obtain a visa on his second attempt, in time for the Conservative Yeshiva’s winter break program.

This Negro wasn’t even a random migrant looking for “muh dik.”

He was seemingly a “talented tenth” invited legitimately to study inside Israel.

But when Kimani arrived at Ben Gurion Airport late Monday night, officials at the passport check said his visa was not valid. Kimani was placed in a holding area and deported on the next flight to Ethiopia.

“They just told me to go back, I feel like I’m not even a human,” Kimani said from the Addis Ababa airport.

Well, to the average Jew, you’re literally lower than an ape – an animal that can be killed whenever for whatever, and worthy only of slave labor (at least we treated our Negro slaves with respect and decency in 99 out of 100 cases).

But nothing is truly hopeless – you must always live by this motto.

Because I imagine a day when the Israeli rabbi and African tribesman embrace wholeheartedly.

A day that will see Sudanese and Liberians walk hand in hand with the residents of Tel Aviv, and a day that will see the wombs of Jewish women in Haifa bearing the children of Colored gentlemen from Botswana and the Congo.

It sounds like a far-fetched dream, but anything is possible with willpower and determination.





    This is a great example of Jewish scams and double standards-promoting the alien invasion of 3rd world scum into Jew-SA, Jew-U, Jew-K, Jewrmany, but deporting aliens from Israel.

    The Jewish motto is:

    Aliens for thee, but not for me.
    Open borders for thee, but not for me.
    Tolerance for thee, but not for me.
    Multiculturalism for thee, but not for me (they want to keep Israel a Jewish state).
    Easy Divorce for thee, but not for me (In Judaism, a woman cannot unilaterally divorce, the man has to give her a “get”).

    For the Judaists, lying and scamming is Job 1.

    The Judaists are the neo-barbarians of our times. If they call you a neo-Nazi for standing up against the alien invasion, tell them many people are now referring to Judaists as the neo-barbarians of our times.

  2. Today’s jews cannot trace any of their ancestry back to Christ’s time, since
    all the records were destroyed in the first century. About the only person
    who could claim that was Haile Selassi, the king of Ethiopia. The ‘Queen
    of the South’ carried Salomon’s genes back to Ethiopia, thousands of
    years earlier.

    No genealogy, no priesthood, no jewish sacrifices, no Holy of Holyies
    equal s no religion today for the jews..

    • The Jews in the time of Jesus were not Israelites so what does it even matter.

      Esther 8:17 “And many people of the land all became Jews….”

      Repeat after me, all BECAME Jews. BECAME JEWS.

      Not born that way, just converted to their ideology/identity.

      Not an ethic designation like an Israelite. Rather, a cult made up of whoever joins with them.

      A bunch of mongrels that call themselves something they are not, similar to how today’s south-of-the-border mestizos call themselves Latinos and hispanics.

      Jews in the time of Jesus act just like they do today, trouble is never far behind them.

    • While it’s true true that Jews can’t trace their ancestry back to the 1st century with a paper trail, genetic testing shows they are related to other Semetic groups like the Arabs. The idea that today’s Jews are largely converts from Non-Semetic Gentile groups like the Khazars hasn’t been proven by the research done up until now. Our people should make an effort to read up on genetics so they won’t be taken in by crackpot ldeas like British-Israelism or Christian Identity. Otherwise, they will make themselves look foolish to people outside the white nationalist movements who know something about history and genetics.

    • It doesn’t matter. The people calling themselves Jew ARE Jews – because they are Semitic (mongrels). They are monomaniacally ethno-centric- and that’s what WINS.

  3. But, but this negroe really dindo nuffin. Was he refused because of the color of his skin?
    Aren’t George Soros, Barbara Spectre, etc fighting for Israel to go into a ‘multicultural mode’ in a ‘transformation it must undertake’?
    Oh hang on, that was Europe, not Israel. Sorry,my mistake.

  4. Western leaders tell us we must take in these savages as they are…..’defenseless and don’t have a voice’. Yep…..these welfare cheating rioting rapists are defenseless and don’t have a voice! Keep them in Africa and apparently they’ll be victims of whatever in these nations they wanted self determination of-or….bring them to the West and make us their victims.
    I think Israel needs enrichment and diversity-it needs to go into a multicultural mode. Whites need to be at the throes of that transformation.

  5. If the same black had been treated same way while trying to enter a White country Jews would be screaming “racists!”, “White supremacists!” “Nazis!” and cucks in charge would relent. This is kind of a funny story just the same.

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