Psychology Time: What’s Driving The Mind Of The Eternal MAGApede?

We’re about a year into the Trump Presidency, and I think we can safely say that at this point we’re not going to be honored or listened to no matter how loud we yell.

So much hope was put into this last election (I think I wrote somewhere close to a thousand articles dealing with Donald in some way, shape, or form), but yet any honest person could now tell us that we’re at exactly the same point we would have been had Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz attained the Presidency.

Now, I don’t need to go into the details because I’m trying to keep this specific article on target, so all you need to know is that we need to start pivoting away from the Trump sycophancy, and focus on our own agenda, our own platforms, and our own goals if we have anything like a survival mechanism in our minds.

We are supposed to be White Men (this entails learning from our mistakes, looking at things logically, and moving forward), and truth be told, we don’t have the time to be mentally masturbating to GOP politics – it may have been somewhat okay in the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s, but the demographic situation is now too dire to waste away another generation on dead ends.

But what about those who are still acting as if #MAGA is still viable?

Well, they can be divided into several categories…

The Brand Bros

These are people (Bill Mitchell, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec , maybe Ricky Vaughn, and others) who are not our allies (and have never been) aside from the occasional time when they make a weak signalling for White interests.

Their main goal and drive in life is their specific brand (in a way, they are more like computer-savvy Sean Hannity figures), and they therefore focus on the retweets, donation drives, podcasts, and other methods that make their business profitable in the long term.

They don’t have any true ideology, and know deep down that no matter what happens, they will be financially secure – I doubt they even think much about the world their children and grandchildren will one day inherit thanks to the damage modern American culture has wrought on their minds.

Expect these personalities to keep trying to sell us Trump as a savior no matter what happens in 2018 and beyond – they’re just working the job they never could get in the mainstream for various reasons.

Those Unwilling To Let Go

These people are a bit more complicated, because to some extent I sympathize with some of them – it’s brutal to see nearly two years of work and devotion go down the drain thanks to Jew in-laws and a government comprised of treasonous cuckolds.

But here is where Hunter, myself, and others differ from those still banging the GOP drums.

We eventually saw the new Administration for what it was, and pivoted to things more logical and useful – the Syria strike in April saw me jump off the Trump Train, and the Charlottesville aftermath saw me leave the station platform never to return.

Unfortunately for some others, the pain of seeing betrayal seemingly proved too much, and we still see folks try to play the 6,000,000-D chess game with each and every decision made by the President – it’s almost like it’s some weird form of Stockholm Syndrome when you think about it.

Sadly, I expect their antics to continue in some form, although I expect their numbers to dwindle as things get more unbearable – a DACA amnesty should do wonders to slap many of them awake.

Naive Youngsters 

When you’ve got people as spaced-out as the Ancient Romans, the Founding Fathers, and Adolf Hitler all saying that the age of 30-35 is probably the best age to enter serious politics, you probably should pay attention to the advice.

The argument was always that before this age, maturity is still not fully gained, and various life experiences in early adulthood tend to change a person’s worldview to where they cannot be trusted to give orders and make decisions – after 30 or so, political views tend to be far more stable than before.

Yes, there are exceptions, and yes we should of course utilize our youth (they’re some of our best and brightest), but to have guys still in college telling us how the world works and how to present ourselves is probably not the best decision.

Many of these inexperienced figures sit around and think to themselves that #MAGA is something new and something that is exceptional, whereas any of us old enough to remember can explain that much of it is the same as existed in the time of Nixon, the time of Reagan, the time of both Bushes, and the time of the “resistance” against Barack Obama.

Trump and Bannon’s ideology was at its core just repackaged and regurgitated Conservatism, although we were all led to believe that maybe, just maybe, there was something new and possibly racial behind the Make America Great Again slogan.

Wisdom has already made many move away from The Donald due to the knowledge of what we’re dealing with – youngsters will remain on the Train until a few more years go by, our percentage of the total population drops by another few percent, and our situation grows a few more notches more desperate.


This is pretty self-explanatory – we always like to find the easy solution to a problem, but when it comes to saving our race, the odds of something simple coming to light is essentially nothing.

That still didn’t stop people from thinking that all they would need to do to save the White Man and crush the Jews is to post a few memes, argue with Boomer cucks on Breitbart, and vote GOP come election time.

When push came to shove and the easy way turned out to be a dead-end, these weaklings stuck by the most basic and work-free course of action – cheer for a leader who turned out to be the antithesis of a GOD EMPEROR.

Problem for them is that as things get more dire, cheering is going to become a full-time stressful occupation.

(((More Sinister Characters)))

Internet tubes are a mixture of good and bad – good because we can disseminate information and network like never before, and bad because we can run into anonymous figures that could be anyone or (((anything))).

At least with the Alt-Right, it remains true that most notable content creators have met at least a few other figures in real life, although my fear is that we’ve let some unknowns slip in and become prominent with their only credentials being semi-famous Twitter accounts.

Now, they could just be one of the above categories of people, but there is always a chance (and there is evidence of this being done) that some of those you come across online could be operating with the intention of delaying, sabotaging, and wrecking any attempts to get balls rolling.

Note that this article was not meant to demonize the average garden-variety Trump supporter, but is meant to address those who continue to promote Republican politics despite overwhelming evidence that their precious Party’s intention is to grovel before the Jews and Leftist elite like never before.

Don’t be too paranoid, and don’t waste too much time arguing with them, but just try your best to pigeonhole them so you know how to proceed in any future encounters.

A MAGApede may just be a wayward brother, they may be an apolitical marketer just looking to make some shekels, or they may be a divisive threat to us all.


  1. I’m starting to hate those Trump ‘tards and MAGA mongoloids more than I do the shitlibs. To hell with them and their dumb Trump Cult of Personality.

    • I don’t necessarily hate them, although Little Ricky Vaughn sounds a lot like that simpering beta-bitch Vox Day.

      THAT does fuel the hatred a bit.

      • The Trump Cult is full of alt-lite jews, homos, “based” Negroes, THOTS and peddlers of water filters and prostate pills. What a scurvy crew!

        Right now Lil’ Ricky is getting his ASS handed to him on GAB. It’s too funny.

        • I just couldn’t stand it anymore with twerps like him.

          The final straw for me (or one of them) was him trashing Paul Nehlen.

          You’d really trash the guy (his Twitter has him going almost full 14/88) who would have easily unseated bitch Paul Ryan had Trump just grown a pair and endorsed him? It’s crazy, man…

  2. There are some good things happening behind the scenes to a degree. I voted for Trump but did not have high expectations. He is still better than screeching aged harpie that needs to die already. Use this moment to regroup without being molested.

    • I say the same thing sometimes, but in some parts of my mind I truly wonder…

      It honestly may have been much the same.

      • Are you serious ??? Trump’s the least worse one yes, but far less worse than the witch. Thank GOD the least worse one got in. Here’s an analogy of how you’re thinking : You see a bunch of water flowing down a shute. ( that represents people sheeple – voters, ) and you’re bitching about where it’s flowing … saying how stupid the managers of the flow system are. If you want it to flow a different way … you must take steps necessary to DIVERT more than 50 % of the water to where you want it to go. You can MARCH write blog comment e-mail … the water still flows the way it does and will 10 years from now. You have to convince the managers WHY it’s WAY better to divert the water where you want it. For this you need a strong wise and much better concept :


        diverting to –


        Or just keep yelling at the water …………………………………….

    • Denise is correct. Trump is infinitely better than Hillary. Additionally, it gave those gloating, mealy-mouthed leftists an unpleasant shock; their smug arrogance and total certitude would have been too revolting to contemplate.

      We’ve got some kind of Trump Hate Purity Spiraling going on here. Yes, Trump is a tepid shadow of what we hoped for, but our enemies have exposed their nature and it has been demonstrated that THEY ARE NOT INVINCIBLE. That last bit alone is worth an immense amount.

  3. I have a very successful family member who has a very good professional career. I overheard him praising Nikki Haley and calling Trump a bad person, but he was very excited about the tax cuts. He stil thinks W is a good man. Pictures of non Whites in his house whom he supports via donations to missions. The virtue signalling is so strong with his type. Sometimes it seems the ones with the most know the least. His child of privilege absolutely hates Trump. Not sure how to reach these people.

      • Money and success has become the prime motivator of your family member’s life. He is a moneygrubber. No matter how much money he has, no matter how successful he becomes, he’ll always persue money, and never consider or do anything that he perceives as detrimental to his money grubbing. All Whites today who won’t come on board with us, won’t, because they know exposing jews is not conducive to moneygrubbing. The jews did this.

        “Until recently, the pride of workmanship exceeded the quest for high incomes. However, we have been able to enslave society to our own power which is money, by causing them to seek after it. We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves they become our willing servants”. — Harold W. Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts, 1976

    • Sometimes the best course of action is to simply follow them into their cabin in the woods, wait for a big rainstorm, then put on your goalie mask and take out the machete.

    • Bismarck put it like this “God protects fools drunks and the United States of America.”

      That friend has 2 out of three. Possibly 3 out of 3.

      • “Nobody ever lost any money underestimating the taste of the American people.”

        H.L. Mencken

        Plenty of examples, too. Hollywood, rock & roll, the hula hoop, spectator sports, soap operas, etc.

  4. Never argue with anti-Whites. State your memes and talking points and move on. IMO our two biggest problems are White self hatred and white anti-White traitors.

  5. Let’s see those classified as cowards……that sounds like little Andy Anglin the 5’4″ big talking Meth-head. I absolutely despise that scrawny little coward. He calls out people as “pussies” for not attending this or that while this frail little drug addict has never been seen anywhere. I am glad to see this site and its writers have no association with the little coward. Even today, the little puke is talking big about being a man and toughening up, which means being able to take criticism. However, the moment I criticized him for being a hypocrit and a coward, he banned me from his forum, which is okay, he and his site are not for adult men….or any men for that matter.

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