“My Fellow White People” Lives On: (((Max Boot))) Gets Woke

These Neo-Con Jews need to start networking better with their Leftist brethren, although at last check, they haven’t even gotten hip to the fact that the Goyim know.

Even in Shelbyville we had an Antifa with a very distinct (((nasally voice))) harping on his “fellow white people” – he claimed he was Scots-Irish, although last I checked, the Celts never had anyone titled McShekels among their surnames.

Max Boot is just a bit late to the party.

It’s really quite funny when you first start to think about this bizarre phenomena – it only gets aggravating once you realize that the “Chosen” have made it so widespread that an entire meme genre has grown up around the subject.

At least when the concept of White Rage finally hits the breaking point, the Jews will only have themselves to blame.

White people can seriously take a beating, and many seem susceptible to trickery, but most definitely don’t like being told they must die by creatures more akin to chameleons than to European-descended Christians.

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  1. The jews are so used to having things go their way that they may not be able to adapt to the new environment, where their tricks and constant whining will be met with nothing but scorn and ridicule, especially from Generation Zyklon.

    • Generation Cyclone indeed, they will be facing a cyclone of blood, pain and suffering. Zyklon is if I am not mistaken the German word for hurricane or cyclone.


    Another Jewish fraudster telling us his opinion–who cares?
    Telling us from a sample size of 1–statistically invalid.
    Telling lies. posing as a Republican, promoting alienism.

    Did you mother not teach you some morals, Judaist? Where was she? In the mikveh?

  3. This clown is here because the great Russian people finally wised up about how the Jews destroyed their country.

  4. Has anyone else noticed a propensity to use “Nazi-esque” or “Skinhead” sounding names among Jews? Besides Max Boot, other examples that I can think of are Wolfe Blitzer and Charles Krauthammer.

  5. Funny how Jews pose as “white” when it suits their purpose, then pose as “victims of Whites” when that suits. When in doubt ask him if he’s pro-White. If he slanders you as a Nazi and anti-Semite for asking you’ll know he isn’t White.

  6. Looking at population genetics there are three components to what is European/white including indigenous Europeans, the defining element, Neolithic invaders or West Asians generally, and a Northeastern element to a smaller degree.

    Jews are Semites. They call themselves Semites. Do Semites become white just because they immigrate to Europe? I say no. Israelis declare that they are not white and say American Jews are stupid to claim they are white. They write articles about it.

    From Eupedia, not 100% Eurasian means non-Caucasoid admixture:

    Country %Euro %Euro+West Asian
    Lithuania 90.8 99.8
    Scandinavians 90.2 99.1
    Finland 88.2 92.5
    Ireland 87.8 100
    Britain 86.7 100
    Netherlands 84.7 100
    Poland 84.2 99.1
    Belarus 83.9 99.1
    Germany 81.2 100
    France 80.9 99.7
    Switzerland 79.8 99.3
    Belgium 79.6 99.3
    Russia 79.2 85
    Ukraine 78.4 98.1
    Czech Republic 77.4 99.4
    Spain 75.6 95.6
    Hungary 75.4 98.7
    Portugal 69.8 90.5
    Croatia 68.5 97.9
    Romania 60.6 97.9
    Bulgaria 59.1 98
    Italy 56.1 98.1
    Albania 55 98.4
    Greece 48.2 99
    Ashkenazi Jews 38.6 93.1
    Cyprus 25 97.8
    Turkey 21.1 92.4
    Armenia 13.2 99.7
    Iran 10.9 92.6
    Georgia 9 99.8

    • Its this the Genetic breakdown of the native populations or the origins of the current population?

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