Iran: At Least 2 “Peaceful Protesters” Shot Dead, Government Claims False Flag

If the execution of insurgents turns out to be the work of the Islamic Republic, then I would like to commend them for heeding my advice, although I would urge them to unleash overwhelmingly vicious force before this year comes to a close.

But if the Iranians are telling the truth, and had no part in the deaths of two protesters, then I hate to say it, but they may have begun to run out of time.

All of this would mean that (((foreign influences))) have at last decided to follow Ukraine’s template, and essentially sacrifice random Goyim in order to turn both the native population and the wider world against the legitimate government.

And trust me, the forces you’re seeing at work here are not incompetent when it comes to sowing revolutions – they have this down to a science on even the social media fronts.


At least two people taking part in pro- and anti-government rallies in Iran were killed overnight, local media reported, citing officials. These are the first fatalities attributed to the recent mass protests.

The deaths were reported in the city of Doroud (Dorud), 325 kilometers southwest of Tehran, in Iran’s western Lorestan Province, the semi-official Mehr News Agency reported. The unauthorized rally ignited clashes, Habibollah Khojastepour, the security deputy of Lorestan’s governor, told the agency, adding that two protesters were killed in the clashes.

“The gathering was to be ended peacefully, but due to the presence of the [agitators], unfortunately, this happened,”Khojastepour said. The official did not specify the causes of the deaths, adding that “no bullets were shot from police and security forces at the people.”

Well, perhaps you need to start utilizing bullets of the metallic variety – you’re dealing with crowds numbering in the hundreds right now, but too much leniency and they’ll soon swell into the thousands.

The ongoing protests across Iran started on Thursday as a demonstration against soaring food prices and unemployment, snowballing into the biggest anti-government movement in eight years.

Speaking to state TV, Khojastehpour said that those killed in Doroud were targeted by foreign agents, not the police, Reuters reports. “We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri [Sunni extremists] groups and foreign agents in this clash.”

If this is true, then you have the just cause to send the Revolutionary Guard into the crowds with the full intention of cutting them down like blades of grass.

End this attempt to demonstrate “civility,” and liquidate the enemies of the state – foreign opinion isn’t going to change all that much from what it already is, so handle business.

On Sunday, Iran’s interior minister warned that “violence, fear and terror” will be battled following the third consecutive night of unrest. Those who damage public property, disrupt the order and break the law must be responsible for their behaviour and pay the price,” Abdolrahman Rahmani Fazli said on state television, as cited by AFP. 

I hope you meant, “ultimate price” when you made this statement, Mr. Fazli, because without swift and cold reprisals, these insurrections will only grow stronger.

And you can bet that if there isn’t any outside aid being given as of yet (I’m guessing the odds are like 0.02%), then you can bet that help will certainly be on the way.

Just look at the social media of our regime – it’s inevitable.


  1. Even Stefan Molyneux was crying for the Iranians yesterday, begging his viewers to “support them.” He was literally crying! Dude is woke on the JQ, but shamefully cucks for Israel’s agenda on Iran.

      • MoilyJew LoL. Libertarian-ism is also Kike ideology, where there is free immigration, to then drive down wages, to then take wage arbitrage. Libertarian-ism in America found succor with private banksters like Rockefeller.

        Protocols talk about how they hold all the “gold” in their hands. Libertarians shill for gold. Gold was acquired by the Tribe with their Credit schemes. They rode bank credit on top of gold, and during depressions would harvest gold from the population. Gold harvesting is to pay off debts formed with bank credit. What a skull fuck and we allow these parasites into our countries?

        Rothschild talks about how it is time to buy when blood is running in the streets. Swapping real assets, like businesses, patents (or gold in the past) to cancel debts, was always part of their sophisticated game. Libertarians claim that “depressions” are good but are silent on the hidden mechanism.

        So, please don’t listen to MollyJew, his worldview is at odds with reality. Here is a video where PCR schools Mollyjew, and yet MJ has NOT since changed his behavior, indicating to me that MJ is a fact challenged ideologue. I’ve debated tribesters, and they stick to their narratives despite being shown incorrect. They always devolve to ad-hominems when beaten in debate, rather than changing their tune. It is a rare Jew who can overcome his background, as he has been conditioned since birth to see himself as God’s chosen.

        PCR beats MJ handily, but at least MJ doesn’t regress to being an ad-hominem spewing Jew, and instead holds his tongue.

  2. President Rouhani—–Protests, criticism constitutional rights of people.

    President Rouhani—Criticism different from violence,inflicting damage to public properties.

    President Rouhani—–Trump is a bitter enemy of the Iranians, not entitled to sympathize with our nation.

  3. In those protests, glimpses of our “brown future”? I relentlessly scan the images for our “Aryan” brothers and sisters, but can’t find them! This could easily be Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, New York, or Miami any year now where the young masses just take the land by force majeure.

    The fall of any of the legs of resistance (Russia, Iran, China) would mean that the New World Order runs the table and we are then in the fight for humanity vs robots transhumans AI, as the battle for Western Ascendancy will have been lost. That Iranian government looks very shaky at the top; no new blood, no new ideas, no new imagery and that isn’t going to cut it for much longer.

    So if our goal and interest is in replacing the New World Order in the West with a system more to our liking, 2018 has to be a very good year.

  4. The correct response by the Iranian government would be to use the same anti-protest tactics of the left that were used agaist us in Charlottesville–employ counter-protesters and only use security to “ensure no violence”, but then only employ the security when the protesters get the upper hand.

  5. I can readily believe the Iranians when they say it was false flag. They’ve lied so much you can’t believe anything the Jews say.

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