Iranians Finally Respond Properly, Liquidate At Least 10 “Peaceful Protesters” After Cop Murdered

Supreme Leader Khamenei and President Rouhani need to realize that negotiation or half-measured dealing with (((Western))) backed insurgents is tantamount to suicide.

You cannot hope to play a fair game with those who make it an ethno-religious sacrament to deceive, or with those who are so corrupted that they would literally plunge the world into a dark age to satisfy their masters.

Therefore, kudos must be given to the valiant efforts of the Iranian authorities in their fight against terror – they (especially the Revolutionary Guards) seem to understand that only pure ruthlessness can save their nation from total destruction.

Now let us just hope their commanders take off the kid gloves, and deal the cause of (((regime change))) a blow that will last generations.


One officer was killed and three were wounded in the protests in Iran, Reuters reports, citing state media. It is understood that a “rioter” opened fire on police in Najafabad, although the timing of the shooting is unclear.

“A rioter took advantage of the situation in the city of Najafabad and fired shots at police forces with a hunting rifle,” Saeed Montazer al-Mahdi, a police spokesman, told the Iranian state broadcaster as cited by the news agency. He confirmed that one officer was shot dead in the incident and three more sustained injuries.

Now, this could have just been a standard murder/chimp-out, or perhaps it was something more significant.

Put it this way – it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the hunting rifle used in the terrorist attack turned out to have the same place of origin as much of ISIS’ weaponry.

The shooting has resulted in the first reported casualties among Iranian law enforcement since the beginning of the protests, which have engulfed the Islamic Republic since December 28.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that the number of civilians killed amid the pro-and anti-government demonstrations has grown to 10. More than 400 people have been arrested in the protests, AFP said.

Respectable, but still apparently not enough to dissuade anarchists and mercenaries from gathering in pubic squares to try their luck.

Just like with the cop-killer’s weapon, I wouldn’t be all that shocked if it turned out that many of these “protesters” were being paid by America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, or some combination of the three – another similarity to what we saw happen in Ukraine.

Only by making the potential risks outweigh the (((guaranteed rewards))) can Iran hope to restore order in their cities.

The situation in the Islamic Republic has attracted the attention of US President Donald Trump, who said Iran “is failing at all levels” in one of his first tweets of 2018. Earlier, he posted a series of tweets, in which he criticized the Iranian government and repeatedly stated that Iran needs “change.” Trump’s comments provoked an angry reaction from the Iranian authorities, with Rouhani calling him an “ill-wisher.

Just be quiet Donald, and get back in the shed.

The only reason YOUR government hasn’t utterly failed yet is because you sold your soul to the GOP and various Jewish interests  – after denouncing Cuckservatives and Globalists alike throughout your campaign.

On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its hope that the situation in Iran would not develop into “a scenario of bloodshed and violence.” It also said that the protests are an internal matter for the Islamic Republic, and called any form of external interference “inadmissible.”

The most logical thing to do here going forward would be to channel Machiavelli (or Marcus), and apply the most draconian measures known to exist upon their enemies..

The feelings of foreign nations no longer matter – Russia is already saying that this is an internal matter, China would agree with Russia by default, America and Israel are almost certainly behind these uprisings, and any other nations of any relevance are too distant and/or too weak to pose any serious threat.

Besides, if the Jews have already decided that war is inevitable (there is a very high probability of this), how would you want the situation to look like if you were Iran?

A united nation ready to deploy all its resources against the aggressors?

Or a broken land wracked by civil war between 6 different factions?


  1. An awesome write-up, complete with one of the rarest Pepes imaginable!

    The largest faction in Iran is the one desiring change through gradual reforms – embodied by Rouhani’s party. The second largest party is the staunch Khomeini faction, who have few qualms about filling the streets with the blood of faction #3.

    Faction 3 which I will label the Cernovich/Molyneux/Posobiec faction – for lack of a better term – want to see an end to the Islamic State and full integration of Iran into the New World Order, which would truly usher in the next Age. The take their marching orders from Los Angeles, D.C., New York from people who want their deaths to catalyze the end of the regime and/or Western intervention on their behalf.

    Now, for contrast, lets just be dispassionate observers, even though we really have a dog in this fight. What is it that Iran and the Middle East need at this very moment? Turmoil? Chaos? Instability? Perhaps yet another war and failed state? No. They need calm. Stability. Perhaps for a decade or a generation or more. They need to diversify their economies away from oil and perhaps raise one non-traumatized generation without the fanaticism of the last 100 years.

    You would think a “philosopher” like Stefan Molyneux would understand that! These people JUST put ISIS down, an evil created by the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel to break up the “Shia Crescent”, you would think these people would just have some basic human decency to leave these people alone! No, these misguided, or perhaps now we can even go so far as to call them evil people use their platforms to mobilize an outside pressure campaign to get the gullible and stupid people inside of Iran to throw their lives away.

    “We are with you!” the ususal suspects were saying! Now they are as quiet as the grave!

    • Aferthought – jews are like cancer – once they get started, they don’t ever stop of their own accord. They just keep eating you away. I loathe Islam, but I’d be such a happy gal if Faction 1 and 2 obliterated faction 3.

  2. Does the FEDGOV have ANY idea how much even American citizens are coming to LOATHE them, in the wake of this recycled GW Bush bullsh*t?

    I’ve lived through this once already, I don’t want to live through it again.

    And I am coming to loathe every single bastard in the United States Federal Government, including the Donald, most of all.

    In this Internet age, the revolution T. Jefferson said we needed to partake of, every 20 years, will come to pass, if only because of disgust on the part of American citizenry, for being used like puppets by these evil individuals… of either political stripe.

    Some evangelicals are already envisioning this “regime change” on the very soil of these United States. And once that happens, nothing will stop the awakened Saxon from exacting vengeance on his enemies…and God’s.

    They LIED to us, in 2016. Trump is a chump. No more. Time for a Final Solution…

  3. IMO, ZOG is going for a civil war in which the “good guys” will back the “dissidents” with arms, economic sanctions and endless propaganda. Perhaps a few military advisers, aka CIA/Mossad, will be thrown in as well. Once civil war starts Iran will be destabilized and ZOG will make sure it stays that way.

    There is one wild card I’m wondering about: Putin. What, if anything, will he do? Has ZOG made some kind of back door deal with him so he’ll stay out?

  4. Afterthought wrote: “They need…perhaps raise one non-traumatized generation without the fanaticism of the last 100 years.”

    People in the west really don’t understand the gravity of that statement. Imagine the toll of mental and cultural abuse we have inflicted on countless youth in the region; all for gore, misery and profit. These are the sacraments of those who abhor Christ.

    Chaos Doctrine is real, and if we get away with it in Iran, Russia is next.

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