Iran: Death Toll Reaches 20 As Supreme Leader Calls Out (((Foreign Influence)))

Is anybody on the Alt-Right still operating under the assumption that the Iranian insurgency is anything but one giant attempt at regime change?

Like, do they agree with the Alt-Lite that this was a spontaneous uprising by Persian women desiring flowing hair, plentiful tequila, cheap American fast food, and sex with Black men?

Thankfully, this is not the case and we’re pretty much all on the same page – I just hope everybody comes to agree with me that utter ruthlessness is the only way that the Islamic Republic will avoid civil war.

Because it’s getting worse, and it now appears that the terrorists are starting to conduct raids on low-security military and police targets.


Enemies of Iran are using money, weapons and political warfare to create problems for the country’s leaders, the influential Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said amid a wave of anti-government protests gripping the Islamic Republic.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei offered his impression of the protests that have taken place across Iran over the past week, with people protesting against rising food prices and unemployment.

“As for the recent days’ developments [in the country], enemies have been united to create problems for the Islamic system by using various means… including money, weapons, politics and security apparatus,” Ayatollah Khamenei, as cited by state news agency IRNA.

It’s interesting that the Ayatollah mentioned security (I assume he means personnel) in addition to the obvious money and weaponry that has reached these protesters – they now seem to be coalescing into something resembling a militia if reports are to be believed.

Like everything else, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if it’s revealed that Mossad and CIA employees have been inserted on the ground to bring some order into the erupting chaos.

Actually, I wouldn’t be shocked if they were there the entire time – these “protests” erupted too quickly in too many places to be unplanned.

Without singling out any nation, the Supreme Leader said “the enemies have always been looking forward to finding a chance to deliver a blow to the Iranian nation.”

He did not go into specifics and refrained from offering a detailed assessment of the protests, only adding: “I have a lot more to say about these developments but will share them with our dear people at an appropriate time.”

Hopefully this “appropriate time” turns out to be the moment when an Israeli or American (or both) is dragged in front of a military court to answer charges of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism.

I want that to be televised – the Iranians should know that that would wind up being one of the most viral videos in history.

Other Iranian officials also suggested that anti-government rallies, some of which took aim at Ayatollah Khamenei or turned violent, may have been provoked from outside. Speaking to parliament on Monday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Saudi involvement had played a role in sparking the protests: “They [the Saudis] have blatantly said that we will create problems in Tehran.”

Many of us tend to forget the Saudis due to our focus on the United States and Israel, but that’s a bit careless in all honesty.

They also hate Iran with a passion, are closer geographically than the Israelis, and tend to ally with the above countries in all conflicts with the Shiite nation.

He also vowed that his government will redouble efforts to improve the country’s economic situation, while decreasing unemployment, air pollution and inflation, FARS news agency reported.

On Tuesday, Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, accused Saudi Arabia of fanning popular unrest through social media. According to the security chief, “around 27 percent of the hashtags which have been made belong to the Saudis … the hashtags about the situation in Iran have been launched from the US, Britain and Saudi Arabia.”

Very, very interesting.

I’m assuming Israel is also playing a huge role in the social media campaign, but even if they’re more focused on the real-world logistics, there are more than enough influential Jews in America and Britain to compensate.

That, and the standard Neocon cuckolds you see squealing about “muh freedoms” across the tubes – Gab is great, but has an infestation of these vermin.

“Certainly, the Saudis will receive a proper response from Iran and they will not understand the origin of this response. The ruling Saudi family is well aware of the danger of our response,” Shamkhani said, as cited by FARS.

Remember how the Saudis kvetched about the crude Yemeni missiles that were aimed at the Riyadh Airport and Royal Palace?

Now imagine the scene if Iran finally sighs in disgust, decides to ignore Western condemnations, and arms the Houthi rebels with advanced weaponry and guidance systems.

Riyadh and the Saudi oil fields would turn into giant funeral pyres within a week.

The overall death toll in Iran has reached 20 after six days of unrest, according to state TV. Some 450 people have been arrested in the last three days, security deputy governor of Tehran Ali Asghar Nasserbakht told ILNA news agency, adding that about 100 of those had been arrested on Monday.

If they haven’t already, the Iranians just need to go ahead and declare martial law – make gathering in opposition to the government an instant death penalty offense.

Otherwise, expect us to be writing about burning cities and open military engagements by the weekend – at the end of the month at the very latest.


  1. One of the many sad things about 9/11 is that one knew from the start that it would be used to brand religion itself as the enemy and that Christian churches would go along and try to distance themselves from “religious fanaticism” i.e. taking religion seriously. So one began to see bumper stickers saying in effect that religion was the problem, and people on the RIGHT, which historically had defended religion against “godless Communism” would fall in with secular Jews in their desire to be rid of all religion — which, in America, means being rid of Christianity. Even worse, we would take “our values’ to include the very excess and debauchery that conservative Christians had been fighting for decades. The Iranians can point to numerous attempts by the west to subvert their country and push them around. Any DEMOCRATIC government in Iran would be anti-US, anti-Israel, and strongly influenced by religious traditions.

  2. The Merchant Class, in Iran, are literally Jews. A TRAGIC mistake. I pray the Government is not shy about expelling every enemy. Into the dirt…..

    • There’s only like 10,000 of them in the whole country (yes, I know that’s 10,000 too many), but my guess is that even the semi-literate ones are under strict covert surveillance – or are at least on a list of some sort.

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