South Carolina Set To Make Criticism Of Israel Illegal

The Jews have now made it so that almost every single facet of American government cowers to their will at all times – any protest results in swift and total retribution.

In fact, the level of control really makes one wonder just how all of this came about – this all occurred in the span of about a century, more or less.

Think about it – we went from a nation that honored great anti-Semitic industrialists, church leaders, and politicians to one that has now allowed states to literally criminalize Jew criticism in a way that circumvents the First Amendment guarantees to freedom of speech.

How this happen?

Jerusalem Post:

Gov. Henry McMaster called upon his state senate on Wednesday to pass a law that would make South Carolina the first US state to codify a universal definition of antisemitism.

That definition would be taken from a US State Department decision in 2010 and an accompanying fact sheet that singles out demonizing, delegitimizing, and having a double-standard for Israel.

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews,” the definition says. “Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The fact sheet adds blaming Israel for all interreligious or political tensions, applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation, and denying the Jewish people its right to self-determination, and Israel the right to exist. But it also says that “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

So can we criticize Israel’s use of deadly force against protesters – including the murder of a legless cripple in a wheelchair?

I mean, we get slammed for using tear gas and batons against Blacks who are literally engaged in the act of burning down cities – most organized Palestinian protesters just hurl rocks at Jew tanks paid for by the clueless American Goyim.

“Antisemitism has no place in South Carolina, and the passage of this bill would go a long way toward ensuring that our state and its college campuses provide a welcoming environment for those from all walks of life,” McMaster said. “I’m proud that South Carolina continues to lead the fight against antisemitic discrimination, and would ask that the Senate immediately bring this bill to the floor for a final vote, so that we may send the strongest possible message to the world.”

This guy was the replacement for Sucky-Sucky Extraordinaire Nikki Haley, and yet he’s literally acting as a terrier for ZOG – definitely a special place in hell for these cretins.

“Governor McMaster has rightly asked the state senate to pass the bill before Holocaust Memorial Day in honor of over six million souls who were murdered because of their Jewish ethnicity and faith,” said South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons, who drafted both the anti-BDS legislation and the antisemitism bill. “Never again means passing the bill now!”

This Goy, like McMaster, is a faithful and dedicated Republican politician who only has a career because of the White working class.

And yet both are willing to utterly ignore their constituencies in favor of a foreign tribe of parasites that has this nation in a stranglehold.

These stories are why I tell people to stop with the fantasy of trying to infiltrate and take over the GOP.

It’s a foolish waste of time – you’d stand out like a sore thumb next to these bizarre devotees of the Killers of Christ.


  1. These filthy scum are “testing the sheeple.” Kalifornia just charged someone for posting comments on Facebook against Muslims. While the zeros are watching sports and the dingy bitches are watching Oprah, ( the female ape that talks, ) and others are marching protesting and posting, ( which by itself does nothing, ) The Titanic is sinking.



  2. Christianity is command based and if the society obey commands just because that, then everybody will jump on board.That is what they do in the army. There they using 10 push ups instead of 10 commands but but the point is the same. You must stop thinking and learn to obey.

    Just because of Jesus or drill sergeant or General McMaster says so. So when somebody likes Christianity, don`t be sad that beside Jesus Christ there are lot of people around willing to force people into submission only because they say so. Muslims for example. And Jews.

  3. 1) Stop blaming Yankees, fellas.

    2) Stop blaming women. No wonder White women are banging muds. White males are too busy fellating Jews.

    3). I told you so.

  4. Every time I read the New Testament, there is Jesus CONDEMNING the Jews. Saying they have the same desires as the Devil. Saying they are of the line of Cain and will be unable to avoid the damnation of hell.

    In the OT one of the earliest mentions of Jews says a Jew is something that other people can *BECOME.* So clearly these folk who call themselves the Jews are not the covenant people of Judah.

    The Book of Revelations speaks of “those who call themselves the Jews but do lie.” So it’s actually a part of the Bible that the Jews aren’t who they say they are.

    Equally obvious is that the Bible always describes the Jews as a group that Jesus is not a part of. “Jesus would not walk in Judea for fear of the Jews.” What, are we supposed to think the man willing to die on the cross for our sins went about in fear of Himself? No, clearly not. Jews are described here a something separate from an Israelite.

    As Jesus said over and over, an Israelite descends from God, but Jews descend from the Devil.

    Yet most everyone insists Jesus was a Jew. Even folk who say they are racially minded lol.

    And they say we have to defend these Christ killers if we are to be blessed, even though Jesus did the exact opposite. Even though our nations have done nothing but decline ever since we began to call the Jews “Israel.” Even though God said He would write the New Covenant into the hearts and minds of His people Israel, and even though they know Jews have never believed in Christ.

    And you can’t reason with them; they have no interest in what the Bible says about the Jews. They have no interest in what Christ said about the Jews.

    And they actually think this is their way into Heaven. It’s bizarre.

    Fun fact: when the aetheist Bolsheviks took power in Russia they made anti-Semitism a capital offense.

    • It’s their way to avoid troubles on this earth.

      If you take the OT seriously you have a record of Jews swindling and slaughtering their non-Jewish host.

      That’s what Zionist Christians are worried about. I’m sure they can see the brutality of these people but they also see how the Jews squeak out in one piece and take revenge whenever the host shrugs them off.

      I’m sure cows and sheep tell themselves pretty little lies about the farmer too.

    • One cannot be a Christian, and not -I repeat, NOT -be an anti-Semite. To be an anti-Semite, is the hallmark of being a true follower of Jesus Christ.

      Because the Jews, (as they are existing now) are the antithetical opposite of Jesus Christ, who is, was, and ever shall be, the only true ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah.’

      McMaster the heretic, Anathema be upon you! Anathema, Anathema, Anathema!!!

    • @triwuda: Comrade Stalin did have thousands of jew bolsheikvs liquidated in the 1930s though, including Comrade Trotsky (in 1940).

      • @spahn Yep that came later. But the point was the Bolsheviks were Jewish, by all accounts.

        Even Churchill said as much in his article “Zionism vs. Bolshevikism: A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people.”

  5. They did this when they took over Russia, by the by. The kikes enacted a death penalty, for punishment of ANY criticism of Jews. CRITICISM. Death.

    Now tell me “….it’s not the Jews. There are good ones. You can’t blame them all….” Tell me…………

    • Well,

      As a proud citizen of USSR for a 16 years and somebody who,s grand grandfather fought in the Russian Civil War and who,s grandfather fought in the Waffen SS and who`s father killed one communist by drunk driving because nazi son was rejected from any other job except truck driver in the kolchos and who was part of bringing down the USSR collapse in 1991 while I was 16 and studied in the Suvorov Military Highschool, I can tell you…

      White liberals are the problem and Jews only using them.

      We learned the hard way. Use our experience. Somehow our countries are white from Estonia to Macedonia and everybody else between them, Hungary, Poland and of course Russia with Putin in charge.

      Forget the jew and go after white liberal.

  6. I think this is in part because a larger number of Americans are now on to the jews, and they’re getting scared. For whatever reason, it’s never enough to just quietly parasitize a nation, they have to go right for the jugular. Even 5 years ago you hardly saw any criticism of the sacred hebrew or israel, but now you see it a lot.

    • Well, for Jews, they operate like some tapeworms that kill their host despite the fact that they die as well.

    • There’s 6,000,000 of them among you. It’s the magical number they reach right before they Exodus, Zyclon B, Vanish, Run…

      A very dangerous time for Americans tbh.

  7. Read up in Clemmons, born in BEAUTIFUL Myrtle Beach, SC:

    “in March, 2017 while speaking at a United Nations gathering opposed to the BDS campaign, Clemmons accused J Street, a pro-Israel PAC, of being anti-Semitic due to their positions on the West Bank and Gaza Strip (collectively, the State of Palestine).[8] This charge was rejected by Jewish groups spanning the political spectrum right to left”

    That’s actually funny! Really funny! JAYZUZ tap dancing KeeRIST – when White men cuck, they SWALLOW EVERY LAST DROP.

    All Men of Dixie are on FORMAL FINAL NOTICE:

    You are forthwith not allowed to blame Yankees for ANYTHING. NOT. ONE. THING.

  8. This attack on speech in SC is just a normal crackdown in the colony to please the imperial overlords in Israel.

  9. But what is it about SC that makes it so irredeemably stupid on the issue of Christian Zionism? I know most Southerners are cucked, but what kind of stock re-elects Miss Lindsey and votes in a moronic and power hungry fool like Nikki Haley?

    SC people, please explain yourselves!

  10. This will probably be more of a “feel-good” ceremonial law than something that can be legally enforced. At this point, anyway.

  11. I don’t think this can be realistically inforced in any meaningful way. Israel is a country, not a race. Theres a legal difference between criticism of a nations policies and openly calling for the extermination of the Jewi$h race.
    In the real world it can’t be enforced and I doubt any South Carolinian will bother giving it any legitimacy by obeying it.
    If the law was worth the paper it was printed on, then why is only South Carolina introducing it? Why not also make criticism of Germany during WW11 illegal, or of whites in general in our major institutions, which happens everywhere, every day?
    From a purely legal prespective, there will be to many variables.

  12. It is no accident that South Carolina is so obsequious towards Jews.

    Jewish slave traders were always influential in Charleston.

    IN 1640 Barbados, which as this blog loves to point out heavily influenced South Carolina, became the first Anglo-Saxon settlement to host an openly Jewish community since 1290. Blame Barbados, not Cromwell, for undoing the good work of Edward I.

    Until 1820, Charleston had the largest Jewish population of any city in America.

    The infamous fire-eater periodical The Charleston Mercury was founded by Moroccan Jews.

  13. Well, the Boomer Cucks are dying off. Generation Zyklon, having been left to live/die with the destruction wrought by the Boomers and the Me Generation, will have little time for Jew worship. Then the fun begins. The Jewish Century is over, and their current triumphalism is the signal that their comeuppance is nigh once more.

    • That triumphalism is the triumphalism of the Boomer Jew, and the Boomer Jew is just as narcissistic and short-sighted as any other Boomer.

    • Yes, I know that we Boomers are responsible to the last man and woman for every ill the world is suffering. You’re as primitive as a nigger. You and your ilk seem to think that when we die off there is going to be some kind of magical intervention and all will be right with the world. The only intervention that will happen is that we old farts won’t be around to financially help our children and grandchildren like we’ve been doing for decades in this lousy economy. Have fun scraping together a living without grandpa or grandma to help you along.

      • As the boomers die a hot race war becomes more likely. Depending on your point of view that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

        • Don’t get your hopes up, a lot of us, like myself are in very good shape and will probably be around for another 20 years or so, and remember, it was the old farts in Britain who pushed Brexit through, the enlightened youngsters were all for staying in the EU. A lot of us farts also helped Trump get elected.

    • Here you go, brainy, all the younger members of Congress responsible for the israel worship going on right now.

  14. Governor McMaster: How many fingers am I holding up?

    Goy: I see 5,999,999.

    Governor McMaster: Rot in prison you Holocaust denier! You’re one short!

  15. Criminalizing speech our enemies don’t like has long been their goal. The only silver lining I see in it is that pro-Whites will have to stop talking about Jews and start talking about anti-Whites and White Genocide.

  16. These asiatic ethnic concessions in aryan law (civic, canon, commercial, industrial) defile the ethnic demography that empowers the law to be enforced. This on top of extraordinary cultural accommodations amidst the demonstrably unsuccessful notion of their integration. Known historical and contemporary injustices to the main demography profoundly compromises the racial contiguity which authenticates the cultural ground from which the social consensus of law crystallizes. The purported necessity of this law of exception is the argument for the expulsion of those who would demand it. There are at least 359 prior torts of historical proof of this truth.

  17. I used to think McMaster was okay as he was involved with Confederate heritage groups and once owned a store that sold Confederate memorabilia in the old Charleston market.

    Just another ziocuck. Don”t the people of South Carolina ever get tired of this idiocy?

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