Oops: CIA Chinaman Arrested For Betraying American Informants To His Racial Brethren

An interesting aspect of our current time is the fact that the White Man seems to be the only one not acting to benefit his race from day to day.

Blacks base their entire lives around their blood, Asiatics seek to outperform and outlast all others, Hispanics and the various types of Arab do the same, the Indians and Pakis aspire to uplift their ethnic groups, and, of course, the Jews exist with their entire religion based on race.

But yet here in America we have Whites willing to cling to illogical beliefs in equality, blank slates, and the erasure of European identity – we see this in all groups not openly Hard Right.

Some of this is obviously due to generations of Jewish corruption and influence, but at the end of the day one would think that instinctual common sense would kick in at some point.

Alas, this does not seem to be the case even among the super-spies running our intelligence agencies – note that they have pitiful track records when autistic Moslem converts are not on the agenda.

New York Times:

A former C.I.A. officer suspected by investigators of helping China dismantle United States spying operations and identify informants has been arrested, the Justice Department said on Tuesday. The collapse of the spy network was one of the American government’s worst intelligence failures in recent years.

The arrest of the former officer, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 53, capped an intense F.B.I. inquiry that began around 2012, two years after the C.I.A. began losing its informants in China. Investigators confronted an enduring mystery: How did the names of so many C.I.A. sources, among the agency’s most dearly held secrets, end up in Chinese hands?


What could have driven this Chinese-descended spy to betray this country in favor of the land that housed his ancestors and entire cultural heritage for thousands of years?

It’s probably the lack of a pay raise – that’s what you’ll probably hear from the usual Cuckservative fools.

Mr. Lee, who left the C.I.A. in 2007 and has been living in Hong Kong and working for a well-known auction house, was apprehended at Kennedy Airport on Monday and charged in federal court in Northern Virginia with the unlawful retention of national defense information. He appeared in Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday and is being held there while awaiting transfer to Virginia. He does not have a lawyer, a Justice Department official said. The F.B.I. apparently learned that Mr. Lee was traveling to the United States and scrambled to charge him on Saturday.

In 2012, Mr. Lee left Hong Kong and returned to the United States to live with his family in Virginia. F.B.I. agents investigating him searched his luggage during a pair of hotel stays in Hawaii and Virginia, and found two small books with handwritten notes that contained classified information. It is unclear why Mr. Lee decided to risk arrest by coming to the United States this month.

My guess is that Mr. Lee assumed that the literally-retarded Round Eyes were too absorbed in the Trump Pissgate dossier investigation to worry about a dozen or so dead informants thousands of miles away.

That, and I’m sure he understood on some level that the very nature of modern American culture and politics give leeway on many activities,

In this society, you’re rarely going to have someone risk his career by questioning the absurdity of allowing somebody with racial ties to a rival nation handle top secret documents pertaining to spies in said country.

In the books, Mr. Lee had written down details about meetings between C.I.A. informants and undercover agents, as well as their real names and phone numbers, according to court papers. Prosecutors said that material in the books reflected the same information contained in classified cables that Mr. Lee had written while at the agency.

They say that East Asians have a genetic skill at rote memorization – creativity suffers as a result.

I wonder how long Mr. Lee was sitting on all of this information before deciding to submit it to his people – my guess is that he was never truly loyal to this broken mess of a nation.

More than a dozen C.I.A. informants were killed or imprisoned by the Chinese government. The extent to which the informant network was unraveled, reported last year by The New York Times, was a devastating setback for the C.I.A.

According to court documents, Mr. Lee served in the United States Army from 1982 to 1986 and joined the C.I.A. in 1994 as a case officer. Former agency officials said he also served in China during his career. Those who knew him said he left the agency disgruntled after his career plateaued.

Did I not just say that some cuckold will blame career issues for this betrayal?

It’s like these people TRY to make themselves into parodies.

Prosecutors said that both before and after he and his family moved back to the United States, Mr. Lee met with former C.I.A. colleagues and other government employees.

As the agency began losing assets in China, it was not clear at first that the losses were systematic, but as the disappearances mounted, the American intelligence community eventually realized it had a major problem.

Yes, America has long had an issue with trying to drag in alien races and make them the exact same as the White founding stock – structural faults in the government itself allowed the original idea of White superiority to be easily eroded once (((certain individuals))) gained enough traction and influence.

Given enough time, and now you see that it’s perfectly normal to allow a Chinaman to handle espionage on his ancestral nation, or to allow a Sunni Moslem to handle spy rings within ISIS and other terrorist groups.

This issue is something we really need to think over in the coming years, because in my honest opinion, the rot has gotten so bad that I find it hard to believe we could ever resurrect the old system without extreme changes.

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  1. There goes that idea of ppl needing to be n stay in their own country. But seriously… On what level are these CIA operating on? Are they putting minorities in charge so they won’t be considered racist? Back in the day only white men were in office. White men born in America. It’s time give DNA test for government officials. Most of the time u can guess by appearance. It’s time to MAWA

  2. He was pissed a about the brack spruce janitor kissing the fat asian in Star War Rast of the Jedi.

  3. Loyalty to blood, except within the intentionally demoralized White race, is a much stronger bond than loyalty to words. Cucks and shitlibs are in complete denial to reality.

  4. When I was in elementary school in 1975, they showed us a schoolastic film that had been made in the mid 60’s. It showed a Chinese family returning home from a naturalisation ceremony. As their car pulled into the garage, little White kids with American flags and a fife and drum, marched on their lawn to welcome them as new “Americans.”

    I thought, at the time, that there was something not right or natural about it. I also noticed that my teachers criticised and mocked this, and the other bits and pieces of Leftist propaganda that occasionally turned up in readers and other parts of the curriculum.

    What Leftist propaganda there was in elementary school, and there wasn’t much, didn’t take with me, or most of my classmates. Our teachers, parents and other adults openly mocked Leftists and their ideology.

  5. In Sun Tzu’s five classes of spies he neglected to mention racial ties – took it for granted. But for ZOG this will need to be spelled out. They will probably have to update Chapter 13 and add a sixth class of spy. That might bring into view the dual national Israelis working the machine.

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