Cape Town Set To Become First Major City To Run Out Of Water

The current situation of Cape Town, South Africa is a perfect glimpse into a future many of us may live to see – majority non-White and a state of perpetual decline that is becoming harder and harder to mask with deceitful propaganda.

You can say multiculturalism stands triumphant in Cape Town, but yet when your systems are so broken that you can’t even supply water, all posturing becomes a waste of time.

Los Angeles Times:

Cape Town, South Africa’s second-largest city, is facing its worst drought in a century, with its water supply expected to run dry April 21.

They’re calling it “Day Zero.” In this city of 4 million, people will have to line up in the streets at just 200 water stations. The police and army will enforce a limit of 6.6 gallons per person and adopt measures to control crowds. Some experts believe evacuations will be necessary.

If the city runs out of water, it will be the first major city in a developed country to do so.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call South Africa “developed” anymore.

It was once the jewel of the entire continent, but thanks to Jewish subversion and cuck interference from abroad, one of the greatest racial systems in the world collapsed, and we now have a total Third-World situation at hand.

But a number of details of the crisis plan remain unclear. How would one person carry 26 gallons of water for a family of four? How would the elderly and disabled cope? What about the fact that officials expect there will be insufficient water to flush the city’s toilets?

“A lot of the logistics are not known, and that’s worrying and it’s causing a lot of alarm. We just never get any answers, which tells us there is no plan,” said resident Brigetti Lim Banda, who started a Facebook page on the water crisis. “We are at the point where it’s impossible to avoid Day Zero.”

Last week, the Cape Town city government moved Day Zero a week forward to April 22, blaming citizens for using too much water. This week, it advanced ominously again, by one day.

Sources I’ve seen say that only about 40% of the city’s population has gone along with the rationing – take a guess at how White Cape Town is?

After three years of drought, towns across eastern and southern Africa have faced troubles, and some already have had to import water. None, though, are as large as Cape Town.

The problem boils down to sharp population growth and a failure to plan alternative water sources to augment the reservoirs behind six dams, some of which are rapidly dwindling to arid sandy stretches. The dams have fallen to 15.2% capacity of usable water, compared with 77% in September 2015.

Blacks and most mixed race populations do not have the cognitive abilities to plan ahead deep into the future.

To them, life is only about the immediate moment, and let’s not even get started about the creative spirit needed to build desalination plants – you’re talking about a race of “people” that steal transformer oil for cooking.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille and provincial authorities have accused the national African National Congress government of failing to build and maintain new infrastructure and send adequate emergency drought relief. It was not until August that the national government allocated the city $1.5 million to deal with the crisis.

But Turton, of the Center for Environmental Management, said both sides were to blame.

“Politicians have been trying to deflect the blame from themselves. None of that energy has been focused on what are we going to do about it,” he said. “The response of the national government, the ANC, has been to almost deliberately starve the province and the infrastructure they needed.”

Sounds about right.

The lesser races operate like this – cooperation and restraint are genetically foreign to them.

They would rather seek revenge, scam, and lie to get even over perceived slights – these local politicians should just be happy they haven’t been “necklaced” yet.


  1. Yet most of the whites remain shitlibs. I’m all for sponsoring like minded whites but the shitlibs need to stay over there. Norwegians also. What can you do with a population where 95% of would have voted for Hillary if given the chance?

    • Yes, the (((Whites))).
      British MP George Galloway, BTW, when he was a fighter against Apartheid, claimed that “Every car I rode in , every meal I ate, every hotel room I stayed in was…provided by a Jew.” Bit of a paraphrase, I’ll admit, but that is essentially what he said. Funny that.

      • @T.B.,
        we had those things and much more before the Jews came along. We don’t need them and never have. They’re trying to destroy everything that’s good about the West. The sooner we can rid ourselves of them, the better.

        • Yeah, I know. What Galloway meant was that the Jews were behind the “fight” against Apartheid in South Africa. They were the ones really behind it, pushing black communism at the expense of the Afrikaners.

  2. Windhoek, Namibia, population 300,000, has been recycling 100% of its sewage water into potable drinking water since 1968. I guess the kaffirs at Cape Town city hall didn’t get that technical memo or where not capable of understanding the important information!

      • Since Namibia proper name in English is German Southwest Africa, I am assuming an engineering firm from West Germany did the design and build. However, in 1968 GSWA was under the control of white South Africa. As an engineer myself and someone very familiar with the Boer culture of SA (have traveled there). I am damn sure that a Boer firm could have done a great job also!

        Thanks for the question, MC!

        Lets keep the info flow going, Sam

  3. “According to the South African National Census of 2011, 45.4% of the population described themselves as “Coloured” and only 8.6% as “Black African” ”

    IE most of South Africa is even worst off.

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