Be Very Careful With This DACA Deal, My Brothers – A Great Jewing May Be Afoot

Note: Experts like Mark Krikorian have already commented that this bill bears a striking resemblance to the failed amnesty deals of a decade ago – it may seem harsher, but much of the same print is there in just a slightly modified form.

I came across this DACA deal a few hours ago, and immediately went through conflicting feelings of optimism and paranoia.

The bill as written sounds halfway decent at first glance – who doesn’t want to end chain migration, the visa lottery, and at the same time devote billions upon billions to the construction of a legitimate border wall (some Dreamer Beaner citizenship is nearly a fair trade).

But at the same time, I’ve become old enough and experienced enough with ZOG to understand that a sudden and complete victory doesn’t usually come about – there are just too many variables to expect us to get a huge chunk of our agenda passed with the stroke of a pen.

And shockingly, Steve Bannon’s old gig seems to agree with me, and I think everyone needs to pay some attention to what they’ve uncovered about this alleged “White Pill.”


President Donald Trump’s new “framework” amnesty plan would provide citizenship to at least 1.8 million illegals — but would not allow any beneficial reduction in cheap-labor immigration until 2027.

The pro-business plan, leaked to Washington insiders this afternoon, asks progressive Democrats and business-first Republicans to accept a trade-off: Amnesty for at least 1.8 million illegals in exchange for a border wall, end chain-migration and ending the visa lottery.

But the loopholes are huge — and those loopholes will flood the labor market for another decade, so helping Wall Street by cooling the current worker shortage which is now raising Americans’ wages.

For example, the lottery program would be ended, but the 50,000 lottery visas per year would be given to other migrants, so doing nothing to reduce the wage-lowering inflow of cheap labor.

Wait, so we’re just going to play a bait and switch with these 50,000 foreigners, and instead pass their visas on groups like the Apus and Krishnas of the H1 programs?

I mean, I think it’s great that we may slash the odds of getting truckers of peace in the country, but to instead lose even more technical jobs to the Third World?

Not cool, (((Mr. Miller))).

Not cool at all.

More importantly, chain-migration would formally end immediately, but everyone on the huge waiting list would be allowed into the United States. That pipeline of pending chain-migration immigrants includes roughly 4 million people — many of whom will depend on taxpayer funds because they are either unskilled or too old to work. That population is enough to keep the chain-migration pipeline open for another ten years, which means the public only gains a benefit if the alliance of business groups and progressives somehow fails to expand other areas of the immigration system during the next ten years.

By 2027, we’ll be somewhere around the 55% mark demographically, will have lost even more governmental influence, and will likely be in a position where the entirety of this bill will be subject to remodeling and revocation because racism.

Not to mention the fact I’ve reiterated time and time again that courts often decide the exact definition of “chain migration,” and have been known to extend amnesties exponentially – see the aftermath of “muh Reagan.”

Experts on immigration have already calculated that a time period far in excess of ten years will be needed to process all those on backlog – further delays on the new Shithole Americans depending on variables like funding, competency of government employees, and lawsuits.

But whatever on all that – just let everybody that’s currently in line enter the country with no serious repercussions.

Under the framework plan, the population to be amnestied is set at 1.8 million by expanding the number of people beyond the 700,000 people now enrolled in the DACA program.

That expansion also means the federal government would have to correctly identify each claimant, verify their weak or disputed claims of eligibility — and also successfully defeat a myriad number of lawsuits suits by fraudsters trying to win the huge prize of American citizenship. In the 1980s, a similar plan to provide green cards to an estimated population of 400,000 farmworkers eventually provided green cards to 1 million people who claim to be farm-workers, including an Egyptian cabby in New York who used his green card to train overseas for the first bombing attack against the Twin Towers in 1993.


Even Breitbart acknowledges what I mentioned above – I’ve personally known Hispanics in the Northeastern cities who got their citizenship by pulling fraud back in the day.

If fully completed, the $25 billion border wall might halve legal immigration, so keeping roughly 150,000 foreign workers from sneaking into the labor market. But that inflow is far below the continued legal inflow of 1.1 million legal immigrants, not counting the population of roughly 3 million short-term visa workers.

Even the wall will be subject to surveys meant to prevent eminent domain seizures and “environmental disturbances” – this is done by labeling any moneys as “trust fund” accounts.

Prove that the Goyim need to access the money, and the Sanhedrin will make the final determination.

In layman’s terms, that means you’ll need dozens of expensive fund-draining commissions to determine whether desert squirrels and earthworms could face hardship if construction entered their habitats.

It’s a mess of a bill, and this is why I encourage everybody of a Nationalist slant to pay attention to the fine details before coming to judgement.

Keep your understanding of how our government operates in the forefront of your mind, and try your hardest to ignore the White Pill brigades – they oftentimes seem to forget that we’re dealing with a dominant class consisting of amoral cucks and a parasitic people with a genetic drive to sow chaos and subversion.


    • It’s worded somewhat decent, but even with the chain migration restrictions, you have to take into account the courts, lawsuits, and how these end up with exemptions for hundreds of thousands or even millions.

      I know some of the White Pill brigade generals are still young and optimistic with everything, but the fact of the matter is that you’re dealing with possibly the most devious group of people who have ever lived.

      Maybe not as evil as the Jews who murdered Christ, but remember that they were just a Roman puppet state – they didn’t have trillions of dollars and millennia of experience in subversion.

      • Exactly, Marcus Cicero….I ve read some places that there is a 10-YEAR BACKLOG currently to pending chain migration and THEY ALL GET CITIZENSHIP. Not only that, there has been a flurry of new applications being filed right now by everyone who is eligible to sponsor extended family members to get them in the pipeline before a deal is done.

        Additionally, the goalposts are already being moved for DACA eligibility from the cutting off point of those “ion” before 2007 to those who arrived before 2012. Is our judiciary going to rule that it is fair for poor little “Maria” who was brought here through-no-fault-of-her own has to go back ?? Not bloody likely.

        There has previously been funding in budgets passed for a “barrier” on our border — and then never funded. If a wall is not built while Trump is still in office, it is NEVER going to happen. And with all the opposition he’s facing?

        There is no political will among our elected and unelected “leadership” to build a wall.

        Any deal that includes a pathway to citizenship is an AMNESTY that sends the message to Mexico and the world: “If you can get here, you can stay.”

        • It’s a ten year “estimate” based on the government acting efficiently without any issues – Reagan’s amnesty didn’t officially leave the courts until a few years ago when the last cases were resolved.

          And even the end to chain migration is subject to court rulings – you’ll have hundreds of thousands or even millions claiming that their mother, father, eighth cousin, etc… deserves an exemption because…

          And the sad thing is that the majority of federal courts would grant most of these wavers without question – in the 80’s and 90’s you had Dominican drug dealers in Boston claiming they were Mexican farmhands that were ignored by Reagan’s decree.

  1. When I read the proposal a few hours ago, I found myself nodding along and saying, “This could work.”

    But if it’s true that there’s enough loopholes in place to still flood us with brownfolk, then yes, this is still a shitty deal.

    Initially, I expected that the proposal would simply start off decent and get worse through negotiations with congress. Now, it looks like we’re going to start off bad and wind up terrible.

    Our only saving grace is if the Democrats overplay their hand and the final compromised deal winds up with so few concessions to Trump that he tears it up for pride’s sake.

    Assuming he has any pride left, that is.

  2. I would be happy with an instant end to chain-migration and the diversity lottery, mandatory e-verify, no wall, the end of DACA, vigorous enforcement of existing laws against illegals.

    Hell, no, I don’t trust our scumbag rulers at all. On anything. Reagan agreed to his amnesty only on the promise that there would never be another, but here we are. No surprise.

    Reminds me of “Animal House”:

    “Hey, you f***ed up. You trusted us.”

  3. Getting rid of illegals already here, including so-called dreamers, is far more important than a wall. Making life unpleasant here for them will stop the flow. No wall necessary.

  4. Just more betrayal and sellout. Any pro-White solution is impossible now, given the existing paradigm which politicians are the creatures of.

  5. We should get rid of the aliens and dreamers. If people keep coming over the border it will provide pressure to get them out. We can build a wall later. Any deal is bad. I want them out.

    We need to start talking to immigrants and plotting getting rid of the Jews. Use the same divide and conquer on them and get them out of our country. We might could deal with the immigrants in a decent way if the Jews were not poisoning their minds against us constantly.

    We’re like a dog with fleas. We always talk about the symptoms of the fleas. We scratch to much. We itch. We need, like the dog, to get rid of the fleas. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means possible they have to go.

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