Casino Jew Steve Wynn (Weinberg) Gets The #MeToo Treatment, Surrenders RNC Finance Position

I know some on the Alt-Right hate the #MeToo Movement, but in my opinion, it’s honestly one of the funniest things to ever come out of pop culture in my lifetime.

You can say what you want about the women involved, but let’s at least give them credit for launching a holocaust on the Jewish elite in this country that has made the pedal-powered skull-crushing machines of the Third Reich look like child’s play.

First Harvey Weinstein, then Matt Lauer, then a bunch of other media/Hollywood parasites, then modern day con-artist David Copperfield, and now one of the Jews who has dominated GOP financing for years.

New York Times:

Stephen Wynn, the billionaire casino mogul and prominent political donor, has stepped down as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. He left the post, for which he had been handpicked by President Trump, after being accused of a years-long pattern of sexual misconduct with his casino employees.

Mr. Wynn had faced growing calls to step aside in the wake of a detailed investigative report in The Wall Street Journal on Friday that said Mr. Wynn had frequently demanded naked massages from female employees, and had sometimes pressured them to engage in sexual intercourse or to perform sex acts on him.

It’s the whole Shiksa fetish thing – Jewish males seem to have a genetic drive to violate our women in the most degrading and vile manner.

In fact, this was once so well understood that one of the modern era’s most brilliant men once said, “With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people.”

Creeps like Wynn (Weinberg) are just living up to their people’s historic norms.

In a statement on Saturday, the committee’s chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, said, “Today I accepted Steve Wynn’s resignation as Republican National Committee finance chair.” The committee had remained silent for more than a day until Ms. McDaniel spoke to Mr. Trump, who has a longstanding friendship with Mr. Wynn.

This really makes me wonder how we overlooked the fact that Trump has always held specific Jews in high regard, and was always intimately connected with social trading with them in business affairs.

Sure he can’t be responsible for any one Jew’s perversion, but to think that many thought that he was secretly their enemy…

Mr. Wynn said on Saturday evening that he was resigning to eliminate a “distraction” for the party. “The unbelievable success we have achieved must continue,” he said in a statement. “The work we are doing to make America a better place is too important to be impaired by this distraction. I thank the president for the opportunity to serve and wish him continued success.”

A day before, Mr. Wynn had dismissed any claims of sexual misconduct as “preposterous.”

The committee is expected to consider a replacement at a previously planned meeting this coming week in Washington. “This is an important position, so they’re going to have to look carefully to find the right person,” said Ronald Weiser, a Michigan real estate developer and former finance chairman for the committee. Mr. Wynn’s decision to step down was first reported by Politico.

Mr. Wynn, who turned 76 on Saturday, was appointed to the position shortly after the 2016 presidential election. He hosted a fund-raiser this past week at Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s Florida estate.

What ever happened to the Trump that refused to touch donors’ dirty money?

What ever happened to the Trump that promised us that he would forever remain unbound by the obligations and ties that donor money puts on politicians?

Was it all just deception?

Was Trump always ready to accept the cash provided by the Semites – and were we just conned into believing his supposedly virtuous statements?


  1. I seem to recall back in the 70’s Wynn was a front man for Trump when the latter was trying to bring a gambling casino into CT. Anyway, it’s comical watching our enemies savaging each other.

  2. Without Trump winning the presidency I do not think we’d have seen #Metoo happen.

    The stupid broads involved cannot tell the difference between a white man and a Jew. They are so blinded to the Reptilian-Merchant-666-cohenicidences that they think they are smashing the patriarchy.

    Trump sent them all over the edge and the entire Jewish Elite has to sacrifice player after player because of it. He’s a lucky charm so far.


    The odd thing is: “Stephen Wynn, the billionaire casino mogul and prominent political donor, has stepped down as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.”

    So he DONATES to the RNC and then receives the donations too, as finance chairman. Is that not conflict of interest?

    Or is the whole RNC just a Jewish owned and operated scam?

  4. The RNC is just a front group for jewish power. The RNC is responsible for paying off politicians such as in SC like Nimantra Haley, TIm Token Scott, Lindsey Graham etc. The RNC paid off and created the scenario to bring down the Confederate Flag from the SC Statehouse

  5. Just another filthy money-grubbing hebe bent on sucking every dime out of decent hard working people. Wynn is a disgrace to his faith and the human race at large. Just another money changer in the temple who should beaten by a mob and run out of town. News flash Steve. $15,000 to $20,000 is a big deal to most of the working people in this country. How about I wad up that amount and come shove it in your ass? I am going to throw up now and then leave the US for good.

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