Canadians Officially Make Their National Anthem Gender Neutral

Those poor, broken Canadians – I truly feel for any Nationalists who live up in the Northern Wastes.


The Canadian national anthem is now more gender-neutral, after a bill that changes the lyrics passed the country’s Senate.

The second line of “O Canada,” which has said the nation inspires patriotism “in all thy sons,” will now read “in all of us.”

This has been in the works for a long time. According to CBC, “Since 1980, when O Canada officially became the country’s anthem, 12 bills have been introduced in the House to strip the gendered reference to ‘sons,’ which some have argued is discriminatory.”

The bill’s supporters are thrilled, such as Independent Ontario Sen. Frances Lankin, who sponsored the bill. She tells the broadcaster: “I’m very, very happy. There’s been 30 years plus of activity trying to make our national anthem, this important thing about our country, inclusive of all of us, … This may be small, it’s about two words, but it’s huge … we can now sing it with pride knowing the law will support us in terms of the language. I’m proud to be part of the group that made this happen.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it “another positive step towards gender equality.”

This is all irrelevant when you think ahead to the future – in a few more decades, Western Canada will be a Chinese province, and the cities in the Eastern half will be a battleground between various Moslems and Blacks.

And the last time I checked, none of these groups were really hip on the whole Feminist/Tranny/undefined gender debate.


  1. Well, speaking for the League of the Great (No Longer) White North, I was going to organize a rally, but, apparently, there aren’t any phone booths around anymore…

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