Video Emerges Of Russian Pilot Entering Valhalla, Moslem Swine Entering Hell

It’s hard sometimes to think about our own deaths – especially in the heat of battles still in the future.

Because it’s known that our minds are biologically geared towards survival, so in almost any circumstance, we imagine that we’ll somehow escape to fight another day.

Well, the truth is that sometimes the end is going to occur no matter how hard or vicious the personal struggle, and it then falls upon the individual to make their final exit worthy of eternal praise and song.

Think Julius Caesar covering himself up with his toga while being stabbed over and over again by dozens of Roman-era cucks.

Or think of German pilot Heinrich Ehrler telling his comrade, “See you in Valhalla,” before ramming his jet fighter into an American bomber.

Or think of yelling, “This is for the boys/comrades/ White Race,” before detonating your final grenade in the midst of a horde of chattering subhuman savages.


A video claiming to show the last stand of the Russian Su-25 pilot shot down over Syria Saturday has emerged online. It shows Arabic-speaking militants chasing a man who shouts a phrase in Russian before setting off a grenade.

The video, which first surfaced on an Arabic-language YouTube channel titled IDLIB+, shows armed militants moving in on the pilot’s position. The setting – a big rock surrounded by barren trees and brownish soil – appears to match that of an earlier video purporting to show the militants celebrating with the pilot’s dead body.

As the militants surround the pilot, a man’s voice is heard shouting in Russian “This is for the boys!” It is followed by a bang and a column of smoke is seen rising from behind the rock. It’s not clear whether any militants were killed or wounded in the blast.

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  1. If you’re not pro-Putin and pro-Russian you’re either a Jew or a subhuman shitbag trying to please your Jewish masters; it’s that black and white. The US has been dissembling and creating mischief in Syria for close to a decade now. If there was any justice in this world the entire US state apparatus would face a war crimes tribunal for what it did to the Middle East for 30 years now.

  2. Chased down to conceal the immediate presence of US or British troops on the scene. No doubt. Not sure exactly what happened with the grenade though.

  3. The Russian Federation Air Force has concentrated their air operations on the Muslim pagans who murdered their heroic pilot. I understand at least a dozen of these subhumans were dealt with now, more to come today.

    Assuming Major Roman Filipov was an Orthodox Christian, he’s been taken into heaven for his efforts. Memory Eternal, Major Eilipov.

  4. Valhalla? Get real. Russia is a White , Russian Orthodox Christian ethnostate. And their war against GOG and the ZOGs in Syria is covering that elect nation with the glory of Christ.

  5. I hope the pilot is now in a better place. He certainly showed exemplary courage and strength in his last moment. Respect!

    As with the Americans, one does not necessarily need to equate the Russian people with their government.

    Putin does some things which do not exactly play in white South Africas favour (BRICS, kowtowing with the corrupt president Zuma, trying to sell unaffordable nuclear powe stations), but this is also possible – former foes have made peace (Angolan Russian/South African war veterans).

    Let this be an example.

  6. I am so proud to be 25% Russian.

    My grandfather fought in the White army against Trotsky s Bolsheviks.

    Whenever I am depressed about American politics or American racial, cultural declines/collapses – I watch the video of Russian Cossacks whipping the Pussy Riot demonstrators at the last Russian Winter Olympics. The Cossacks call them “American Whores” .

    And I always try to present the reality that Russian (Ukranians, Eastern Eurooean ) women are beautiful White European women – why should we not try to be friendly with beautiful White Eurooean women? What s wrong with our people who accept anti Russian CNN lies, are these people all homosexuals?

    Here s a great music video :

    “A Man like Putin, that’s what we need”

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