“Mad Cuck” Mattis: DACA Soldiers And Veterans Will Be Never Be Subject To Deportation

We are now officially at the same level as the Roman Empire in its death spiral – hiring and protecting barbarian soldiers at the expense of the native population.

The difference lies in the fact that in Rome’s case, the barbarians were mainly of White Nordic stock that partially reversed the results of centuries of multicultural decadence.

Not so much here in America, though…

Military Times:

The approximately 800 service members whose military service was put in limbo by President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program will not be deported, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday.

Congress has been at an impasse over DACA, which provides a protected status for some younger undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Mattis told reporters Thursday that he has finalized an agreement with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to put the military’s ”Dreamers” in a protected status.

“Anyone who is in the delayed enlistment program, in other words they are already signed up and they are waiting to go into boot camp, anyone on active duty and anyone in the active reserves and anyone with an honorable discharge is, right now, except for two possible exceptions, they will not be subject to any kind of deportation.”

The exceptions are convictions for severe felonies like rape and murder, and those who are already judicially-ordered to be deported (usually after convictions for severe felonies).

“They’re protected,” Mattis said.

He also said he thinks the program will live on.

“I think that it is not coming to an end right now either,” Mattis said. “You can sign up right now, as I understand.”

Many of us voted for Trump with dreams of a heavily-armed Deportation Force flashing through our minds.

The problem lies in the fact that for all intents and purposes, the real #MAGA is going to involve the Dreamer Beaners – millions of them, their children, and a nice chain of migrants that won’t stop until at least 2027.


  1. No self respecting white man should join the ZOG mercernary forces. This worship of the miitary is crap. The Founding Fathers always distrusted a standing professional army.

    • And you know this HOW, dip shit? You’re confident in saying that you know for sure that none of us “racist anti-Semites” have served in the military??? You’re such a waste of air. Not to mention eeeaaasssyy low-hanging fruit, intellectually speaking. Get AIDS.

        • Nah, I think I won’t. But I appreciate the suggestion, punk. And as far as myself in regards to the military, yes I did serve 3 years. From age 16 to 19. Didn’t see any “action”, but did do a hellofa lot of training and see some interesting places before discharge and my eventual misfortune with the “justice-my-ass” system. But again, none of that matters to someone like yourself, a little sniveling, weak, jealous, hateful kike. And what about some of the other lads and lasses here at O.D.? Enlighten us as to how you KNOW that they’ve never served in the military, fuckface.

        • I already said, El Chapo’s Tag Buddy, that I didn’t see any action. Just went through a lot of training exorcises and did some travelling. I wasn’t fucking bragging. And even if I had have did something noteworthy or heroic, I wouldn’t boast about it. That’s a common mistake that vets make, especially among political candidates/leaders. They boast about this or that, then someone publishes some little derogatory crap like “so-and-so didn’t make Sergeant, didn’t pass Ranger School, broke his leg on a peacetime jump, got caught by the North Vietnamese, only ran messages etc.” It’s called ‘swiftboating’ look it up. Too many vets have fallen victim to swiftboating… like Mr. Mosley. Real men don’t brag. Adolf Hitler never did. So take your little snide remark and stuff it up you ass. Then have El Kike-O take pix.

    • Most first-term enlistments require a commitment to four years active and two years inactive (IRR). But the services also offer programs with two-, three- and six-year active duty or reserve enlistments, dickless.

  2. Fags, trannies, coalburning sluts, MS-13 gangbangers…are there any straight White men left in the military? I sure hope not.

  3. At first I thought Mad Douche Mattis was the reincarnation of George S. Patton. But Patton would shot that asshole in front of the entire Third Army with his ivory handle Colt 1911.

  4. These criminal aliens have done what, exactly? If they’ve done more than anyone here, what have they done, other than advance Jew interests and destabilize nation’s across the world? I certainly don’t advance Jew interests or destabilize countries.

  5. This is nothing new. Even NS Germans had the “honorary Aryan” status for services rendered to the Reich. This is also how blacks earned their freedom and equality during and after the Civil War.

  6. ZOG’s Janissaries of the Pentagram are one of the worst forces pushing for Beanerfication. They are having a lot of problems recruiting native-born White men, and even negroes, into ZOG’s slave forces. Apparently younger White men are finally wising up, and are losing interest in fighting, killing, becoming mutilated, and dying for Israel’s heroin trade and land acquisition goals. Excellent. Let the fast breeding, easily replaceable Brown Cannibals go fight and die for ZOG. I saw a White man named Smiley, an ex-ZOG Janissary, on Faux News this AM. He was accompanied by his gorgeous blonde wife. She helps him, because she can see, and he cannot. He have his eyes, and many facial muscles for Israel. They are touting and pimping for the “Military” and protecting muh freedums. I hope the Anti Fa attack them, while on tour, because THAT is what he lost his eyes for. The “right” for vermin to take over, and destroy Whites.

    Young White men can learn to do all kinds of things for self-defense. The most important self-defense is LITERAL SELF defense. I hope Putin slaughters every POS that dons ZOG’s uniform.

  7. I think part of the reason why your morale is non-existent right now is because you read way too much into and spend way too much energy trying to parse the things Trump and the other swampcreatures SAY. Any rational American knows you cannot trust anything that comes from a swampcreature’s mouth, and if that’s what Trump indeed is why get so frothed up about anything he or is broodlings SAY? Basing your outlook and positions on the things Trump and the swampcreatures say is frankly more arbitrary than reading tea leaves.

    • Interesting.

      So, it doesn’t matter what the Trump administration says or does with the power it was given? I would say the campaign promises matter a great deal. It is why lots of people voted for him.

      • Come on, that’s a bad faith question. Of course it matters. But it’s not all that matters. One thing the we as the vanguard need to understand is that politics means *manipulation*. The voters have to be manipulated. And look, I hate democracy as much as the next goy and detest that this has to be the case, but it undeniably *is* the case. I think we need to look much, much deeper than “campaign promises” if we are to seriously contend for power and more importantly, to understand what is going on right now in national politics. There’s much more going on right now than whether or not Trump lives up to this or that specific promise (excepting the wall, which is an absolute red line before the mid-terms). If the mid-terms come and go and ground hasn’t been broken on a robust border wall, I’ll be more inclined to believe the narrative that Trump has been a secret functionary of Conservative Inc (or at best a craven moral midget) all along.

        • Trump’s mouthpieces have stated – repeatedly – that “the Wall”

          will consist of

          “refurbishments and improvements on existing walls and fences”

          and Trump is a lifelong (((NY))) Zionist stooge and liberal demoncrat

          voting for Trumpenthal took a full hour out of your life that you will never get back


          • Again the operative word in your comment is “stated”. You only look at what people say instead of what they do and that’s why you’re so confused and distraught.

        • I’m trying to make sense of what this means. What is there that matters other than what Trump says and does with power in evaluating his presidency?

          I agree that the voters have been manipulated. They were manipulated into believing there was going to be deportation squads, a big beautiful wall, an end to regime change, a new relationship with Russia, a new trade policy, etc., etc. It was sold as a ‘nationalist populist revolution’ that was going to be different in all kinds of ways from mainstream conservatism.

          No, as soon as the dust settled from the election it was back to mainstream conservatism. It was back to business as usual. It had been nothing more than a con.

          • Why always with silly annoying comparisons between USA and Roman Empire?
            They are totally different. Rome didn’t have a choice but to bring foreigners into her legions. No choice.
            Rome began accepting foreigners in the army even before the rise of the Republic.
            Rome was just an insignificant shitty village with very little territory, very little population, absolutely different from USA.
            That bunch of pathetic morons called American founding fathers should have created a kind of fascist racialist state, not foolishly imitate the Roman Republic.
            You cannot rule large territories with democracy, even if only adult males would be allowed to vote.

          • Brad, if everything you write is true, why do you instst on “publishing” under an alias… I figure a guy like you would think that everyday use of an alias is “negro behavior”…

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