Like A Baby Seal: This Is How Antifa Should Always Be Handled

Forget negotiation.

Forget discussion and attempts to maintain the peace.

Because it should by now be obvious that you can’t effectively deal with rabid Communists who are acting more and more like degenerate versions of their Bolshevik predecessors.

The interesting thing is that I’m rather shocked at seeing Italy of all places acting out against these terrorist bands.

They are an EU country, and just as in the United States, the European Union seems to consider Antifa as foot-soldiers of the Establishment and of enforced diversity.

Clubbing them like cute baby seals is probably not going to go well up in the highest echelons of power.


  1. I am not sure why you posted this as something good against the anti-fa. It looks like those bastards eventually won and got their way. Post some video why their fucking bodies are lying dead in the streets.

  2. The cops are most certainly not based. They gave Forza Nuova the exact same treatment a couple days ago.

  3. “Antifa” are expendable useful idiots used by our anti-White overlords to shut down free speech. Without the latter the former wouldn’t exist.

  4. Sooner than later, these Antifa useful idiots are going to be wielding guns and bombs. They will be attacking whites in their homes, at church, anywhere They have a right to expect to be able to go about their lives in safety. That’s going to be the point where whites will start shooting and killing them in the streets.

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