President Trump Negotiating To Prevent Legal Immigration Cuts

Can we get some of the MAGApede cuckolds over here to discern a white pill in this latest example of Trump betrayal?

I mean, I like to keep an open mind on things, but I just can’t seem to find anything good in allowing legal immigration to continue unabated until about 2030 or so – give or take a year or two.

Oh, and the amnesty for the Dreamer Beaners is going to still go forward with this latest negotiation scheme – about 1.8 million at last check.

LA Times:

As the Senate prepares to begin a free-wheeling debate over immigration next week, White House officials have begun floating a possible compromise idea — a pledge to maintain legal immigration at current levels, about 1.1 million people a year, for more than a decade.

President Trump has proposed a series of measures, including restrictions on family unification, which he calls “chain migration,” and an end to the visa lottery, that critics say ultimately could cut legal immigration to America by 40% or more.

Yeah, once demographics guarantee that such a plan will get scrapped – my guess is it’ll be a coalition of Republicans who do the deed sometime in the mid to late 2020’s.

But a White House official said Saturday that the Trump administration is working with allies in the Senate on a proposal that would create a path to citizenship for an estimated 1.8 million people who were brought to the country illegally as children, and that would clear the backlog of nearly 4 million sponsored relatives who currently are waiting for green cards.

So it’s just a more secretive form of the earlier memo we saw leaked from the White House – note that this is how the GOP responds to public backlash from their base.

The combined effort, officials said, would effectively make up for the cuts in other immigration categories for about 13 years, the official said. After that, if Congress takes no additional action to add or expand visa categories, the total number of people allowed to resettle in the U.S. each year likely would decline by hundreds of thousands.

Again, this is how they’re trying to hoodwink the stupid White Goyim.

Trick them into thinking they’re safe, and then hope they forget the details by the time everything gets dumped into the trash 7-10 years from now.

The outline began emerging early this week when John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, and Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of Homeland Security, met with a half a dozen or so Latino Republicans at the White House and said the administration was prepared to ensure that overall immigration levels would remain steady.

These are the BASED LATINOS some people (cough, American Nationalists, cough) think we can work with to save the White Race on this continent.

The shift shows the White House is feeling out the contours of a possible compromise as lawmakers prepare for marathon immigration debates on the Senate floor next week over how to protect from deportation — and possibly provide legal status for — the estimated 1.8 million people brought to the country illegally as children.

And here we have the great pivot and shift to the political center (the Left just a decade ago).

Problem is that back in the 80’s, the amnesty of Reagan could’ve interpreted as a stomach kick to the country by a guy just beginning to go senile, while now, you’re literally looking at a stab to the country’s kidney by a rusted, filth-covered butcher knife.

Death of what we know and understand will almost be guaranteed long-term.


  1. It’s looks like we will ultimately lose on the immigration issue. Especially over time. To protect ourselves we need to work with all the immigrants to get rid of the Jews and throw them out of our country and take away any power they have in the banking system. I think we can work with the immigrants but we’ll never be able to work with the Jews. They will kill us all off like they did the Russians after they take away our guns. Many say that will never give up our guns but if you’ll willing to fight the Jews then why aren’t you doing it now? The end game is inevitable. They’re going to murder us. I suspect they won’t make the same mistake and this time they will kill us all.

    • I agree with all of this except I’m not certain they want to kill us all. I think they want to keep some of us around to play against the other groups when they get too uppity.

      Other than that I’m with ya. We need to sort of ally with the various groups like the jews do. Increasingly there is a sense of where da gibs coming from the diverse hordes. We need to direct their anger towards the jews, even as their political classes won’t allow it the true hordes will listen. The hispanics especially can’t stand the jews and use them, just like the jews use them.

    • Why would immigrants “work with us” to overpower Jewish control when they are vehemently anti-White and can overtake us easily and legally in sheer numbers?

      They will eventually overtake Jewish power as well.

  2. There are already enough 3rd worlders here to achieve White Genocide. This business is just a White Genocide insurance policy from people who look like us, aka white anti-Whites, but have absolutely no loyalty to us. Trump was either in on the scam from day one in 2015 or he’s being blackmailed since he became POTUS. The result for us is the same.

    • Seeing how I (a dumb ole redneck) called this in Aug 2015, I’d say Trump was in on this since day one. He has ALWAYS been a jew hack and no amount of back tracking can change that fact.

      We have allowed (AGAIN) another jew hack to lie to us. Just like EVERY OTHER TIME.

      Americans are so fucking stupid.

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