Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts: Fresh Fruits And Veggies Would No Longer Be Covered

The sad state of our country and society means that millions of Whites depend on food stamps to feed their families – it’s gotten so bad that you’ll even see middle class men and women swiping the sadly-infamous card in stores.

Of course you can go the Cuckservative route and criticize these poor people, but just remember that we’re not given dedicated social workers at the moment of birth like the Colorfuls, we don’t have churches that look out exclusively for us like the Colorfuls, and we no longer have easy means to work hard to elevate our incomes.

That being said, you would think that EBT would let us provide the best chance to give our children healthy diets without having to resort to processed filth and “enriched” rubbish that isn’t fit to feed a stray dog.

Well, it once did – until the “evolved” Trump and the Republican Party came along…


The Trump administration is proposing a major shake-up in one of the country’s most important “safety net” programs, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps. Under the proposal, most SNAP recipients would lose much of their ability to choose the food they buy with their SNAP benefits.

The proposal is included in the Trump administration budget request for fiscal year 2019. It would require approval from Congress.

Under the proposal, which was announced Monday, low-income Americans who receive at least $90 a month — just over 80 percent of all SNAP recipients — would get about half of their benefits in the form of a “USDA Foods package.” The package was described in the budget as consisting of “shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit and vegetables.” The boxes would not include fresh fruits or vegetables.

A friend of mine once told me that you always want to focus the majority of your shopping along the outside perimeter of standard grocery stores.

Think about it, in this area you get your fruits, veggies, eggs, dairy, bakery-style breads, fresh cuts of meat, and drinks that aren’t just sugar-infused poisons – the aisles closest to the perimeter usually have your bottled water and frozen veggies.

This GOP plan would basically eliminate the ability of those on food stamps to use these healthy areas of stores – think a version of Soylent Green except with Doritos and cans of refried beans in place of green people-wafers.

Currently, SNAP beneficiaries get money loaded onto an EBT card they can use to buy what they want as long as it falls under the guidelines. The administration says the move is a “cost-effective approach” with “no loss in food benefits to participants.”

The USDA believes that state governments will be able to deliver this food at much less cost than SNAP recipients currently pay for food at retail stores — thus reducing the overall cost of the SNAP program by $129 billion over the next 10 years.

How about cutting the number of fighter jets and tanks bound for Israel?

Or how about stopping the aid packages meant for Cheddar Man’s descendants in Africa?

This and other changes in the SNAP program, according to the Trump administration, will reduce the SNAP budget by $213 billion over those years — cutting the program by almost 30 percent.

According to Dean, from CBPP, the Trump administration wants to trim an additional $80 billion from the SNAP program by cutting off about 4 million people who currently receive food assistance. Most of them live in states that have decided to loosen the program’s eligibility requirements slightly. Under the administration’s proposal, states would no longer be able to do so.

And there goes the ability of middle class Whites to try to build a safe and healthy life for their children.

Now they’ll have to decide whether survival in the expanding ghettos is worth the benefits of a container of fresh blueberries, or whether escape to the suburbs is worth a life of ramen noodle dinners washed down with cheap toxic soda.


  1. We pay for the sins of others. Our people will lose to benefit others.
    Think about what will happen when resources become very scarce.

    Consider this incongruity.
    They bring in millions of immigrants and refugees while tent cities of thousands of homeless grow around and in our major cities.

    • Huh? Who the hell do you think you are, PRESUMING to know other people’s minds- or eating habits!?

      Looks like white children should move back home with their folks, get a dog, some chickens, and start raising Victory Gardens…

  2. This is what happens when we bleed ourselves dry(physically and monetarily) fighting overseas for Jews, having to build more prisons to house the violent negroes, and letting millions pour across our southern border who we then give free healthcare, welfare, and soon voting rights! Part and parcel goy!


    Trying to save a few billion dollars on welfare like food stamps and losing millions of voters is not a good idea. This will give them a chance to say that the Repubs are a party of the rich.

    You can save trillions by banning immigration, and cutting the military budget (which is over 1 trillion) by 90%, closing most offshore bases, firing the world’s biggest army and using the few remaining troops to man the southern border.

    Most of the military is for Israel anyway.

    • Arnold, you are absolutely correct. I do not agree with some of the comments here as they are based on an America that is not the case anymore. There are thousands of good middle America white people, MYSELF INCLUDED, who, as a necessary evil, have found themselves in a position where for the FIRST TIME, in my case at the age of 45, signing up for aid. I can assure you I was a hold out and fought it as long as I could. I am a single white woman who has lived on her own and worked full time for over 25 years and lost a very good job. After paying into all of this stuff for my entire adult life, all I got in the crappy state of DE was a lousy 6 months unemployment, which in Delaware the maximum is $320 a week, and if you opt for having the taxes withheld as I did, it drops to $297 a week. I never even thought to sign up for state aid until I was desperate and should not have held out as long as I did. I spent an entire year looking for work and paying for medications and doctors appts out of pocket and pissed away my entire savings – because I never lived off of the system and as long as I had money I paid my own way. I do not get help from family or some boyfriend, etc. I am still trying to recover and it’s been a real bitch – i will be sober 12 years on February 23rd and quite honestly I don’t know how I continue to do it and not even sure why I bother, because when your reality sucks, sobriety sucks. I do not have illegitimate children with whom I can get welfare for, and as a single person in Delaware I certainly do not get much in the way of a monthly food allowance. with the cost of groceries at these awful chain markets, by the time you buy coffee, water, milk, and a few other basic essentials, it is pretty much gone. i have found it to be a liability for me that I do not have children and maybe that is because I live in a blue state with horrible Chris Coons – I am not brown with bastard children so I get treated like crap – they need me working again, making my $25 an hour for 50 hour work weeks so they can go back to taxing the hell out of me, you know, that damned near 30% stolen out of my biweekly direct deposit?? yeah, how DARE i fall on hard times with no help and stop contributing to the feeding of Juanita and Jose’s bambinos and ninos, not to mention Shaneequa’s 5 growing kids, because somebody has to make sure her kids are fed, so she can continue to spend her welfare money on finger nails and fake hair extensions and grape cigarellos.
      It’s been and continues to be a humbling and humiliating experience and I pray for the setbacks to be over with already so I am no longer living this nightmare. Never say never, and learn a lesson from me, don’t screw yourself trying to save face when you need to be saving your ass. I spent thousands of dollars on out of pocket meds and groceries when I could have signed up for the temporary assistance I paid SO VERY DEARLY into for damned near 30 years. So when my car died, I would have had the money to buy another one, instead of being without a car for the first time, at 47, after having bought my own cars since I was 17,, i used my savings and then when true emergency came it was no longer there, because i worried what my own family would even think and say about me if I went on state aid. Foolish pride and I am paying dearly for it now and feel like I will never get my life back.
      So yes, if I am unlucky enough to still be getting EBT in 2019, which God willing I will not be, it will be devastating to not be able to buy fresh produce. as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who continues to battle with major depression, even after 12 years clean, diet is very important and I have to at least give myself a fighting chance by not putting more processed toxic garbage in my body then I absolutely have to.

  4. The niggras would only have to buy grapes (which are wrapped in plastic wrap like meat bc they would eat them while shopping). The red dots will start carrying produce at the gas station bc they will ring up as “grocery” . Yes, there would be a riot if the Negros couldn’t get their Cheetos hot Fries and Faygo pops. And yes this would hurt the whites bc they wouldn’t/can’t go to a red dot store. But also check this out… The other day I was at Walmart and did witness one buying seeds, from the garden section) with EBT. So, just maybe the big govt thinks they should grow their own garden for vegetables?? Or have to buy vegetables in the freezer section?? Just wow bc if ur broke and are forced to get EBT (temporarily) u can’t feed ur kids with fresh vegetables and fruits. Yeah, sounds like a “plan” to me.

  5. We’d be far better off trying to organize Golden Dawn style welfare drives for the white middle class than giving white money to the feds to distribute. It all goes to colored profiteers. The Golden Dawn can at least control who they choose to help.

    What’s spooking is just how much more of the money might go towards ‘fighting terror,’ as long as it’s not of white aryans in America – that’s 100% kosher approved.

    • Yes. The kike mouthpieces in Da Gubmint are on TalmudVision right now, drooling aoubt the Dangers of ISIS Oy Vey! I HATE them. And YES. We must take care of ourselves.

  6. Do we hate and want to dismantle the Federal government or do we support the Federal government being responsible for distributing food to citizens? It can’t possibly be both, can it?

    Or -wait. Wait a minute. Perhaps there’s a *series of steps* that will have to be gone through to get from the undesirable latter to the desirable former. Some of those steps might even appear to be *backward* steps, due to the political climate in which any change must necessarily occur.

    It’s almost as if political change is something that takes many incremental moves, some of which appear to exacerbate a problem before making it better. 1 step back, 2 forward, etc.

    Nah, couldn’t be. The world is WAY simpler than that. Looking past the superficial level of anything in politics is a waste of time, generally speaking. Surfing the tops of the waves is usually quite enough to understand what is going on. That’s why America is in such tip top political shape.

  7. Fresh vegetables and fruits is a cliché’d trope.

    Except for older folks, maybe, niggers mostly couldn’t care less about produce. They also couldn’t care less about most other things that interest non-Black peoples.

  8. Blacks are far more likely to be on SNAP benefits. (Funds are transferred from taxpayers to parasites by EBT)
    Not only do I support this change, I suggest anyone on SNAP benefits be required to do monthly drug screenings and mandatory birth control.

      • El Ignoramus, your comment is childish in referring to patrons of this website as ‘worshippers” – you sound like a jackass. People who patron this site are good, sound-minded, morally superior, hard-working, middle-class, law-abiding patriotic white Americans who are gravely concerned and sickened with the direction this country is heading in. We come to this site as one of very few we know we can rely on for accurate, truthful, and relevant information. There are no “worshippers” here – your juvenile command of basic English vocabulary makes it abundantly clear to all of us you are well out of your league here. Critical issues of great concern to those of us here are discussed in a mature and adult fashion and you are an obtrusive and unwelcome annoyance that serves zero purpose to any of us, yourself included.
        If you are that bored and restless and looking to instigate irrelevant and ridiculous, time-wasting debates, your time would be better spent on any number of Alex Jone’s InfoWars YouTube videos, where you will be in good company with other useless punks who are good at spouting off through the safety & hidden comfort of their keyboard & false identity. Go away, loser.

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