American Army Officers: New Recruits Are Now Too Weak To Throw Hand Grenades

If the cucks dominating our government ever get enough of a push to force a ground war with either Iran or Russia (the first would potentially lead to the second), expect a beating of epic proportions.

Sure, it’s still technically true that the American Armed Forces possess the world’s most advanced gear, but the gap has begun to rapidly close, and many theorists speculate that the newest Russian hardware is more than a match for the best in ZOG’s arsenal.

And when it gets down to the nitty gritty, well…

Let’s just compare – a couple of pictures and a brief little news blurb.


The US Army training program will be overhauled with a focus on discipline and physical exercises after multiple complaints about new recruits. The Army will drop hand grenade throwing and land navigation qualifications.


The existing Basic Combat Training (BCT) program will be redesigned, Maor General Malcolm Frost, head of the US Army Center of Initial Military Training, told The expected overhaul, scheduled to go into effect this summer, is the result of multiple commanders complaining about new soldiers demonstrating undisciplined behavior as well as overall sloppy performance.

“What leaders have observed in general is they believe that there is too much of a sense of entitlement, questioning of lawful orders, not listening to instruction, too much of a buddy mentality with NCOs [non-commissioned officers] and officers and a lot of tardiness being late to formation and duties,” Frost said.


I remember hearing stories from older uncles talking about how back in the day drill instructors could smack you around for infractions.

And while I consider myself decent at cussing somebody out, these guys once had this stuff down to a fine science – my guess is that they would be able to provoke at least a few suicides if they were able to use their skills on today’s weaklings and degenerates.

A number of qualification requirements will be dispensed with altogether, as it was deemed too time-consuming to train the recruits to pass them. Among the cuts are hand grenade throwing and a land navigation course. The poor performance in these fields, according to Frost, might be related to the poor overall physique of the recruits and a lack of outdoors activities during their childhood.


“We are finding that there are a large number of trainees that come in that quite frankly just physically don’t have the capacity to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters,” Frost said. “In 10 weeks, we are on a 48-hour period; you are just not going to be able to teach someone how to throw if they haven’t thrown growing up.”

I actually find this sort of hard to believe.

Like, I understand the land navigation issue (imagine teaching a Negro or half-insane half-breed to survive in a cold forest for more than an hour or two), but throwing a grenade 60-90 feet?

These Persians are going to wind annihilating these mercenaries for the Jews – we’re not going to be dealing with an Iraq-type insurgency, that’s for sure.


  1. “Marcus”, how did you fare throwing grenades when you were man enough to enlist in the military?… Oops, I forgot… you never have been man enough.

    • Ole Chapped Ass, I once saw a little faggot like yourself try to throw a grenade… need less to say, it was funny but everyone walked away okay.

      Tell me, have you served? In your esteemed talmudic opinion, should a person try to milk the spoon or not, when throwing a grenade in real combat?

        • 4 years active Hasbara troll sitting at a computer terminal at the Hillel House and 6 on stand-by. You must doing a post grad degree in some worthless cultural Marxist subject at J_wU. Didn’t your Rabbi tell you that shit was only for the goyim?

        • Measuring manhood by time served as a NWO goon is as pathetic as answering a hard-hitting article like this with an ad hominem. What could be gayer than having Slick Willy, one of the blithering Bushes or Barry Obongo for your CiC? Real men refuse to Bomb a Berber for Bibi. The “American” military has been nothing but a social engineering lab for decades and hasn’t done anything to actually defend Americans for centuries.

          There is no manhood without a devotion to truth above all else, and that’s what Occidental Dissent is all about. One of the reasons for the deplorable situation Marcus Cicero describes here is the fact of having thrown away 537,000 of the primest young lives in two world wars. At the rate we’re going Washington will soon be spending a trillion a year on geopolitical rape while our roads and bridges worsen as danger zones. Proud of Abu Ghraib and the Kunduz hospital airstrike, are you?

          Bush’s Swiss visit off after complaints on torture

          George W. Bush Convicted of War Crimes, Can’t Leave U.S. Fearing Arrest

          WAR IS A RACKET by Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler, at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history

        • @El Chapo,
          Yes and I’m sure you’re contribution made America and the West better places to live…
          Due to these endless wars….we feel so much joy and delight in the West now…

        • Bet I still can throw a grenade twice as far as you, maricon.

          Although I’ll be fair and admit spics aren’t half-bad baseball players – still, it’s like with Niggers and football (y’all are given too much credit by cucks).

          • Obviously you’re not man enough to put yourself on a grenade range, so how can you say that you can throw any farther than I can?

        • El Kike-o – servicing nigger “officers” with your mouth is a very specialized branch of the (((military))), not suited to Humans. I don’t think you are genetically incapable of appreciating this fact.

        • So, El Chapo thinks he is a tough guy. I served as a Marine Corps officer and then spent 30 years as an operations officer in the CIA. I can sure throw a fucking grenade. I can also spot a greaseball like you. Having spent most of my time in Latin America – when not in Afghanistan – I would wager that you are a typical Latin fairy queen, all macho horseshit until you poop your pants when it hits the fan. Stay off this website. It is for Southerners and real Americans. You obviously have a hankering for old Mexico.

          • So if you REALLY spent 30 in, and worked 30 years in the CIA; that means you’re at least 67 years old (assuming you “retired” yesterday), and you think you can throw a grenade farther than me?… Now I know you’re REALLY full of shit

  2. Those look like bumper plates on the bar with the Russian. But upon a closer look they aren’t. That’s crazy shit.

    If that is a typical American standard Olympic bar at 45 lbs and four 45s, looks like two 35s and a pair of dimes and a pair of five pounders (each end).

    That’s 355 lbs. Most people can’t even squat that weight. I’d be surprised if that was a genuine picture. That is serious weight.

    • That’s not a photoshop, those Russians are bad-ass dudes. If the Red Army had a few more T-34s in their arsenal in 1941 they would have stopped Barbarossa at the Polish frontier.

      • I can imagine what would be awaiting El Cheapo Chapo if he was captured by Slavs in Eastern Europe during WW-II. Most likely after savage beatings and torture, he would end up with a bullet in his skull. Those men faced death and horror no American had faced. Yet.

    • Sheeeiiit.

      Most American males are now too weak to even bench their own weight a few reps.

      Same would probably apply to squats – so many have legs made of straight up jello and cellulite.

  3. THIS is the Federal “military ” we are supposed to be so afraid of? If White Nationalists/Separatists weren’t constantly bickering among themselves like old ladies we could be marching victoriously through the streets of Washington City this weekend.

    • Until you remember these “soldiers” will be sending armed drones after us that could take people out from 50,000 feet altitudes. It doesn’t take a muscleman to pull a trigger and fire a Hellfire missile at WN’s in their cars. Mano a mano is of course a whole ‘nother story.

      • Hellfires and drones are expensive and in very limited supply. The “pilots” also have to come out of their little trailers too.

        If even 1% of armed patriots got their shit together you’d still be looking at an armed militia of half a million soldiers. You think THIS army can deal with that when you are swarming the fucking gates? Puh-leez.

        The problem is, we still have it way too good right now and nobody wants to be that first guy catching the drone strike. Until those two things change, its all messageboard all day.

        • True, but they are not the only way to rub people out. A 7.62 mm mini-gun and the various electronic aiming systems means a specific person can be taken out even among a crowd from high altitudes, higher than guerillas would be able to shoot it down with medium or heavy machine guns. Dumb iron bombs are another. As for coming out of those trailers, of course they will. But they can be virtually anywhere. That would make them targets whose deaths are imperative.

  4. So when is a U.S. military going to be set up, meaning a military thats established to actually fight on American soil to protect Americans, patrol the borders and deport the illegal hordes?
    I wouldn’t worry too much about these nancy boys in the current ZOG military-they don’t serve Americans anyway. The real real men will one day mobilize and get America back-for Americans.
    This is THEEEE good news story of the week.

  5. Turning military into an anti-White jobs program is priority one. The real fighting gets done by the White fools who still think their former country really gives a rat’s ass about them.

    • But why? Why are idiot white patriotards still willing and eager to fight for a government that hates them? We have reached the point where they are beyond pathetic, and are now voluntarily part of the (((Enemy))) that’s hates us all.

  6. They need some good kick-ass nco’s, like we had in the old South African Defense Force. 2,4km cooper test under 15 minutes maximum, normaly closer to 10 minutes or under, telegraph poles 20 km runs, everything on the double, you never stood still. Three months later a well oiled machine. Without weight lifting but trained fit to the level of a NATO special forces operator and that showed during operations in the operational area. There are very few cases you need weight lifting type of strength. But you must have lots of physical endurance to the point of just carrying on with a blank stare in your face, carrying mortars, machine guns, backpacks and other heavy equipment for days on end in backing oven like temperature conditions.

    Quite a few Americans and British nationals went through this regimen, so it is possible. Incredible how the youth are being softened up. I can see that with my own son. Even today, more grey than blonde, I am able to outrun youngsters still at school.

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