Jews Lament Tide Of Righteous Hate Rising In Poland

The Poles are arguably the most Jew-wise people on the planet – their history with the Killers of Christ is one that spans nearly a thousand years, and involves the rise and fall of a once-great nation.

Yes, you had cucks back in Medieval times open the borders to the unwashed hook-nosed hordes, but the end result (the decline and collapse of the Polish Kingdom) was something not lost on the commoners.

That being said, it does not surprise me in the least that Poland has once again emerged as a shining beacon of Anti-Semitism within a seriously pozzed Europe – a nation that has made it so that Jews no longer feel welcome or safe within its boundaries.

Yahoo Finance:

Matylda Jonas-Kowalik has spent most of her 22 years secure in the belief that she would never know the discrimination, persecution or violence that killed or traumatized generations of Polish Jews before her. She once thought the biggest problem that young Jewish Poles like herself faced was finding a Jewish boyfriend or girlfriend in a country dominated by Catholics.

But an eruption of anti-Semitic comments in public debates amid a diplomatic dispute with Israel over a new Holocaust speech law has caused to her to rethink that certainty. Now she and others fear the hostile rhetoric could eventually trigger anti-Semitic violence, and she finds herself thinking constantly about whether she should leave Poland.

“This is my home. I have never lived anywhere else and wanted this to keep being my home,” said Jonas-Kowalik, a Jewish studies major at Warsaw University. “But this makes me very anxious. I don’t know what to expect.”

Expect even more rage to develop among the Goyim – a free marketplace of ideas gifted with internet access and mass communication essentially guarantees that a population will become Anti-Semitic.

And when that happens (the Poles see exactly what damage Jews have caused throughout the West), expulsion becomes the best case scenario for those genetically responsible.

Matters escalated a few weeks ago when Israeli officials sharply criticized new Polish legislation that criminalizes blaming Poland as a nation for crimes committed by Nazi Germany. They accused Poland of seeking to use the law to whitewash the role of the Poles who helped Germans kill Jews during the war.

This is something tied to the Holohoax Myth, but it is quite intriguing when you think about how International Jewry reacted to the bill.

In their minds, every single White person is guilty of killing the six trillion – there are no exemptions no matter whether the nations involved were Allied or Axis during the Second World War.

Amid Israeli criticism, a prominent Polish right-wing commentator used an offensive slur to refer to Jews. Rather than being punished, he was welcomed on TV programs, including a state television talk show where he and the host made anti-Jewish comments, including jokes about Jews and gas chambers.

Commentators have also suggested that opposition to the Holocaust law was a cover for Jews wanting money from Poland, a reference to reparations that international Jewish organizations seek for prewar Jewish property seized by the communists.

About halfway there – they just want an excuse to use when the decision is made to flood Poland with millions of Africans and Arabs.

In recent events, two men tried to urinate in front of Warsaw’s historic Nozyk Synagogue, and then shouted obscenities when security guards intervened. One Jewish community member found a Star of David hanging from gallows spray-painted outside a window of his apartment. A woman found the word “Zyd” — Polish for “Jew” — written in the snow outside her home.

Hell hath no fury like an angry Slav with yummy vodka flowing through his veins – if you’re a greasy Yid, that is.

The current wave of discrimination comes just weeks before the 50th anniversary of an anti-Semitic campaign orchestrated by Poland’s communist regime in March 1968. That campaign began with rhetoric eerily similar to the things being said today and ended up with 20,000 Jews forced to relinquish their possessions and their Polish citizenship and flee the country.

Now just imagine this occurring in a nation like the United States – we’re approaching Jewish subversion levels that are almost ready to outweigh those experience by Poland throughout the centuries.

My guess, however, is that when the time comes, the unleashed rage will make petty banishment decrees seem like child’s play.

And it’ll all be the fault of the Jews – they just never knew when to back off and relent.


    • @Haxo,
      How many Jews died in the holohaux? Two or three thousand? I don’t actually know.
      With the Holocaust- it was all Germans-even those not yet born.
      With slavery and colonialism, it was all whites.
      However….with terrorism-its not all Muslims.
      With rapes, gangs and shootings, its not all negros.
      A lessen in leftwing hypocrisy there-and we hear it in the media EVEEERY day.


        Here is someone else’s summation:
        Enough is enough. Math and science people. Today’s high tech creamatoriums that use natural gas that can burn and incinerate with flame can fully incinerate a body in three hours. Before any maintenance down time that’s 8 bodies per day. In the 1940s the Germans had coal stoaked chambers that could not flame bodies but incierate with extreme heat. Since the body is 90 percent water it must fully evaporate and dry before complete incineration can take place. That’s the science here is the math. At 6 million in 4 years you would have to cremate 14 thousand 2 hundred bodies a day or almost 600 bodies per hour. Since the Germans had around a dozen chambers in each camp for cremation of the contagious diseased corpses there is no possible way to get the job done at those fantastic numbers. Even if each chamber were packed with multiple bodies. It’s said that trains dropped of the alleged victims right at the gas chambers.

        • Another problem with the arithmetic:

          At the end of the war the Allies estimated that there were 20,000 – 40,000 camp survivors.

          Last year– 72 years later!– Israel claimed that 213,000 “holocaust” survivors were living in that country.


          • I think Edward J Steele summed it up best… There were 2.1 million Jews living in what would become German-occupied Europe. After the war, there were 3.5 million Jews claiming to be Holocaust survivors.

            That kind of breeding rate would have a population of Jews today at more than 44 billion.

    • I agree, Name. And, of course, the majority of the non-Whites in America hate us Whites with a passion to begin with, thanks to the last 100 years of kosher propaganda. They’re also in general totally oblivious concerning the JQ. Just listen (if you can tolerate it) to the recent debate between Dr. Duke and the negress “intellectual” Tree Of Logic on JewTube. All she can do is shriek at Mr. Duke and try to paint White Nationalists as victimhood seekers who’re looking for a Jewish scapegoat (like most of her own people, the way they blame Whitey for all their own short-comings). The bitch is so stupid, on a number of levels… and VERY hostile to Duke, not to mention the Alt-Right and White Nationalists in general. And she’s one of the “smarter” blacks! LOL

      Yes, Big Jew has many non-White battering rams here in America to use against us. The situation is already terrible and is going to get a lot worse before we make it get better.

      • Good on ya for sharing the link, too. It’s a shame that some of the videos aren’t available, but they don’t detract from evolutiontheorist’s blog article, which is very good. Thanks.

      • @JimB
        A black accusing whites of being ‘victimhood’ seekers! I don’t think we can ever out-victim the nogs….thats their specialty. I love how our victims seem to dominate crime, murder, rapes and shootings, yet still enjoy s far better life than they’d have in Africa.
        I didn’t watch the interview, and heard Duke couldn’t complete a single sentence without her cutting in. Thanks-you’ve saved me the trouble.

  1. OH what a great page — such talent in one site! Dollar bills spilling out from under the scroll-shaped bundles 🙂 “an angry Slav with yummy vodka flowing through his veins” >:-D

    GO, Cicero, GO!

  2. Very Polarizing! Eastern Europe is blessed with these legendary, badass champians who stand up for their own, but I’m concerned that because of the farce thats ‘democracy’, they can be voted out down the track.

    On another note, Eastern Europe needs to work with white South Africans to work out a solution for them, be it Eastern European nations taking white refugees or offering logistical and military support to WSA’s who want to remain. America or Western Europe will never lift a finger to help.

    That Jewess-who wants a Jewish husband and works in Jewish studies-who would have thought? – is wondering if she should leave Poland. Well…yes she should, but go to Israel, not another white nation-got to avoid those nasty ‘anti-Semites’.

  3. These East European countries get out from under Soviet domination only to discover that to be fully part of the West they have to take in millions of Muslims and African negroes, do all the gay stuff and allow themselves to be looted and dominated by Jews.

    • Well summed up. Back in 1990 the Est-Euros thought they were returning to the pre-WW2 Europe only discover a Jew-ruled US and a Western world in general obsessed with hating whites and adoring blacks and homosexuals.
      But this Muslim pandering is just too much, it sets them over the cliff. Est-Europe knows well what Muslims are, some of those countries have suffered centuries of Ottoman occupation.

  4. I think we need to be careful. Remember when Ukraine was torn between pro-EU forces and its Russian ties? I saw a youtube of ukrainians expressing overt anti-semitism that was promulgated as part of the pro-EU ‘nationalist’ campaign.

    It filled me with hope but deep down I distrusted the explicitness of it. We later found out that the jews controlling the EU and Ukraine’s pro-EU factions were literally using ‘nazi’ propaganda to build the trust of the rank and file Poles so they’d fight for their ‘liberators’ – EU jews.

    Andrew Anglin was the main source for these revelations which casts some doubt on their authenticity, but I remember seeing enough evidence that seemed legitimate to convince me I’d fallen for the jews’ ruse. It’s a foreign mindset in eastern europe…the relationship between the indigenous europeans and all the cryptos.

  5. Funny how the jews whine about all the terrible things that supposedly happened to them in Poland, Russia and Germany, yet they move back to those places as soon as they can. Why don’t they all move to their “homeland” in Palestine instead, where the evil, antisemitic gentiles can’t bother them? Oh yes, because vampires cannot live among other vampires, they all need a human host.

    • @Spahn – they heebs of Israel are vipers. They attack and screw over each other, when their are no Humans around. Yes. They need a Human Host on which to feed. But the must GO.

  6. “ This is my home. I have never lived anywhere else and wanted this to keep being my home,” said Jonas-Kowalik…. “But this makes me very anxious. I don’t know what to expect.”

    Matylda, dahlinkh…..

    Now you know how every white in Europe, England, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand feels… When they are overrun with subhuman refuse.

    There is no place in the United States where we Whites do not feel this, on a daily basis. My home state in the upper Midwest is forever polluted because of Laotians, Somalis, southern Nigger’s, Mestizos, and the other assorted spawn of hell that now inhabit the land of 10,000 Scandinavians.

    And your race- the Christ killing JEWS
    -is to blame… for all of it.
    There is no escaping your guilt this time.
    The entire world knows…
    With Jews, you lose.

    Every. Single. Time.

  7. Perhaps the Poles have figured out that the Holocaust is used to justify White Genocide. Jewish hubris always prevents them shutting up and ducking down when they’re in danger of going too far. Who knows, 110 may be around the corner and they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

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