Societal Collapse: “Super Pedophile” Given Light Prison Sentence By Cuck Island Court

Even before the introduction of Jewish filth, our White societies have always had a small subsection of deviants, creeps, and perverts – typically connected with homosexuals.

The thing is that back in the day, we had irons, chains, bogs, bullets, trusty rope, and all-cleansing fire to deal with our problem cases – Britain was especially famous for its laundry list of crimes that were punishable by death.

But thanks to a certain Tribe (yes, it was a Jew that pushed abolition of the death penalty in the UK), the worst dregs of society are now likely to escape serious retribution for even the most disgusting of offenses.


A “warped and sadistic” pedophile who blackmailed his victims into licking toilet seats and self-harming has been jailed for 32 years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Cambridge University graduate Matthew Falder admitted 137 offenses against 46 people, including blackmail, voyeurism, making indecent images of children and encouraging the rape of a child.

Falder was part of several ‘virtual communities’ of abusers on the dark web, where platforms and other ‘hurtcore’ websites share images of rape, torture, pedophilia and degradation, the Guardian reports.

If only we still had control over the sentencing process…

My idea would involve crucifixion with the executioner just absentmindedly forgetting to break the legs of the prisoner(s) – they say that someone could last days if this is done.

The court heard how he targeted vulnerable people, often posing as a depressed female artist offering money for pictures. Once he got compromising material, he imposed on his victims to send further and increasingly depraved content or he would share the images with their family and friends.

Did he snare Congressmen here in America?

Was he some sort of random contractor hired out by (((certain figures))) hiding at the top levels of our government?

One victim was coerced into filming herself licking a toilet seat and a used tampon, while another one was forced to eat his own feces and drink his urine.

In one post, Falder described what sort of acts he forced his victims into: “I have had a few push pins into themselves, sometimes to attach signs, and had one victim stand on them in bare feet.”

Scott Crabb, of US Homeland Security, said: “There’s some closure to be had with a sentence like this.

“I’ve just never seen anything like this, where someone is willing to go to these lengths to torment people. It’s testament to the NCA who stuck with it for all these years, to ultimately catch him.”

Now, it’s official OD policy to never accuse someone of being a Jew unless there’s serious to overwhelming evidence floating around on the internet tubes, so we’re just going to have to assume that this was just a standard White creep that attained legend status thanks to social media.

Never mind the fact that Falder (an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname, just for the record) looks in some pics like the slovenly son of (((Jerry Springer))) – it could just be an example of evil embedding itself in the face of a true monster.

At least let us feel better by remembering that in 32 years, Britain will be a Moslem colony, and will surely deal with Falder using the good old-fashioned rooftop hurling treatment.

Nice and easy, and only slightly messy if properly conducted.


  1. The English have been heavily Jewed for approx. 200 years. I think the entire “aristocracy” are kiked. I don’t know about this one, but whatever it is, it should have been executed.

      • Gabby, while society may be the predeliction – the mindset, or force gor permitting such evil to exist… It is always the individual who is to blame, is guilty, and must be punished.

        Don’t start doing the “devil made me do it” mindset. That is so utterly pagan.

    • If you read the article he’s an online trickster and exploiter. Given that he went to Cambridge I’d assume he worked for intelligence services blackmailing higher up politicians in the US, EU, Russia.

    • That is because Islam sanctions rape, torture and murder of non-muslim children. Let that sink in. To Muslims sodomizing non-Muslim’s children is not a crime, it is a tactic of war and conquest.

  2. It’s our turn to set an example for our rulers. The pedo gets the noose and the lenient judge joins him after a stint in the iron maiden.

  3. Vlad the Impaler knew exactly what to do with the likes of this monstrous thing. HE merely needed a blunt, greased stake, a couple of henchmen and ropes. This guy would have met a death worthy of his crimes.

  4. We have plenty of sick, demented freaks and psychopaths among our own population. There’s no need to blame Jews for everything. Jews are just unique in that they take what aberrations naturally exist in all populations and try to normalize them to weaken and degenerate our culture and societal cohesion.

    Just look at that POS Linder and what he as a waste of life has spawned in his time in “the movement:” a stupid bastard that killed an innocent white Christian father and son who he thought were Jews. That’s his legacy.

    Who knows what little Greggie Johnson, the queer autistic Matt Parrott used to lick the boots of, and Spencer’s former BFF Donovan, are up to behind the scenes? Sodomites are natural pederasts and pedophiles which is why Milo got himself in trouble. He became too comfortable with his faggotry and let the truth slip out.

    Spencer has expressed sympathy for pedophiles on more than one occasion and views child porn as a type of therapy for pedos to prevent them from doing the real thing which is absolutely disgusting and warped.

    Fags and their gimp followers should never have power over others nor able to influence our movement in a leadership role. We’ve always been a small, fringe movement, but we should never be so desperate to lower our standards to that of leftists and Jews who take anyone.

    Cuck Island has been lost since the Rotherham scandal. That not one male of those families stood up to defend their own proves without a shadow of a doubt that Britain is lost and requires an intervention by another white country that hasn’t completely lost their mind and soul.

    • That’s not true. The local whites directly affected organized the BNP (British National Party) in Sheffield and the region. It’s just that there is a media blackout
      directive for their activities. Rotherham is the eastern suburb of Sheffield.

      • Unless you know Jack Burton personally, take it with a grain of salt. I doubt Spencer ever endorsed child porn. It would have been the death of him. Greg Johnson is a decent man and Jew-wise. Very Jew-wise.

        Our enemies are on a strong offensive.

    • Wonder what the cumulative effect of christianity or islam converting the weak & the stupid; along with jews running interference is on a gene pool?

  5. The English have always been open to blackmail on homosexual behavior. Why do you think the penalties for blackmail are so severe in england.

  6. That creep certainly is not a physically intimidating fellow, so he must have used some highly sophisticated form of psychological manipulation on his victims. I wonder what his IQ is? Too bad he decided to use his skills for such deviant purposes, otherwise he might have been an asset to his race.

  7. Cicero’s joking but I sincerely welcome the Muslim influx into Europe since the natives have long since been corrupted. I would love to see sharia in Amsterdam or Hollywood. Muslims may or may not have lower IQs but they are good sexists, homophobes, and theocrats. For that matter, Latinos are considerably more sexist and homophobic (sorry for using the PC lingo) than our native gentiles. Maybe we could get some decent Christian laws in California if enough Mexicans moved there. Am I supposed to weep at the prospect of Mexicans re-appropriating some 100 room mansion and turning it into a dance club (or a church)?

      • And for aiding and abetting the Muslim ingestion of the West, many of them are going to be killed by whites and Muslims alike. Muslims regard the Jews as a people cursed by God. You won’t have to imagine why.

  8. Well, you never know. He might not last 32 years. I saw on Twitter recently where a convicted pedo was found dead in prison with his dick cut off. The cons in the joint don’t like sex perverts in their midst.

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