(((Dianne Feinstein))) Is Now Officially Aboard The Trump Train

As a White Man, there are certain things in life you want to avoid doing – your life can depend on such things.

  1. Never get arrested in a ghetto precinct, and if you do, be ready with bail money before coming within 100 yards of a holding tank.
  2. Never get involved with hard drugs – especially opiates.
  3. Never let yourself get out of shape – it only gets harder to bounce back as age takes its toll.
  4. If you find yourself alone in middle age, don’t go down the Asian (or Eastern Euro for that matter) mail order bride route – you’re going to wind up broke and broken within a few years.

I left one situation out of this list because I thought it was more than obvious – if you’re a politician who got into office on a Nationalist platform, don’t generate meme magic that summons the Happy Merchant from the depths of hell.


A Note On Gun Seizures

This weird occult event was part of a day that saw Trump call for a halt to due process in regards to confiscation of weapons owned by those deemed to be “mentally ill.”

Now, I obviously would not want someone hopped up on psychiatric medicines to be ready and geared up for an IRL Call Of Duty mission (all Jews should be banned from firearm possession because of this), but we need to ask ourselves if we want the American Government in its current form to be the ones to have the ability to deem us unfit for gun ownership.

Seriously think about it – it would be the powers that universally condemned us for the violence in Charlottesville that would determine our status.


  1. Fuck that piece of shit. Adulterous backstabbing scumbag, go lay with your kikes fraud, when they string you up go burn in hell. He needed every one of our votes to pull off this scam. He won’t get mine ever again. Commie fags deserve to rot but they’re better than a traitor.

  2. Trump is the only rat-bastard in Washington who has actually disappointed me. But at least I’m not surprised by any of his endless betrayals.

    • I concur. Last vote I’ll ever launch. Strong Alpha WM with huge resources. Still a spineless do-boy for the kikes. That was our last political hope.

  3. The right to bear arms is not a true political issue. Those who would make it so are guilty of self-annihilation.

    • This is a succinct statement. All one need to know in reply to treason : ” freedom to bear arms in not a political issue.”

  4. America was founded on the reality of malevolent government.

    Freedom of speech and right to bear arms are the fundamental ingredients essential to a liberated nation

  5. They’re pissed off that millions of Whites own millions of firearms and outright confiscation means finding a way to get around 2A. Most NRA members are dumb ass patriotards who’ll cheer on the browning of America but don’t you dare take our guns!

  6. He’s really losing his base at breakneck speed. But…..

    Let’s keep this in mind… if there is a war going on behind the scenes between the deep state/shadow government and the white hats, this chaos is a smokescreen. Unless it becomes painfully obvious with actual actions, don’t lose all hope. Don’t forget the deep state uses chaos. A lot of chaos.

    I don’t like the way he’s behaving, but the table has to be cleared in order to infiltrate and expose all those who work for the hive.

    This all could be a military coup with Trump as the cover.

    • “…if there is a war going on behind the scenes between the deep state/shadow government and the white hats, this chaos is a smokescreen…”

      I was hopeful for this but the shootings in Las Vegas and Florida tell you this is not happening. Exactly who are they sneaking up on? It’s nice to be positive but the whole “Q” business and the military coming to save us is just prop pushed to make us do nothing as things get worse.

      Trump is/was either on the Jews side or compromised in some way. I’m guessing he’s compromised with underage girls. They might not can completely control him but enough that a strong White stance is not going to happen.

  7. They want the guns because they know that eventually the populace will turn on them first. The American people may actually use them in the manner intended by the Founding Fathers. Remembers, militias are part of the Second Amendment, too!!! That’s the part, for some strange reason, gun owners never defend.

    • It would appear that when citizens take their countries back they often take revenge on the jews first. Gun grabs are an instinctive survival measure at this point.

      • Oh, you can be sure the Jews will be first on the list, just as they were in Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania during WW-II.

  8. This would be an utter disaster. The Jews control psychiatry and psychology. If we allow the government to disarm the so-called “mentally ill,” the Jewish shrinks will diagnose any goy who wants a gun as “ill” and have him banned for life. It’s already happening in uber-gun control states like NY and CA.

    Bad, bad idea…

    • It is already de facto: mental illness has already been “revised” . It is now relegated a latent terrorism or “personality disorder” and receives no compassion nor concern as other illness. Except if you are a Jew and are served gratuitously through NAMI.

      There are the “mentally ill” with money and/or Jews , who are provided through donations by compassionate people and there is the usually white and destitute, who receive no treatment but generic medicines.

      Diagnosis usually depends on both race and how much money you have, although those , like god’s children , who suffer from megalomania usually receive the universal diagnosis, bipolar. Many are prescribed anti-depressant or — psychotic in FLorida . all usually must receive some improvised diagnosis before administering. For the poor and really sick this is without other therapy nor monitoring—– very dangerous and irresponsible. For years common sociopaths have been included in this descriptive diagnosis included indiscriminately amongst mentally ill people and have caused real mentally ill, who are disabled to be abused with their depredations. , SOme things your NEWS does not reveal. Post SCript : politicians and AMA are not sick ; they are evil.

      God help us. Get armed and keep it!

  9. Quit calling it the “Deep State.” It the Judeo-Liberal Coalition (JLC) the same combination that brought you the Civil Rights movement, integration, and economic devastation of the rural south. Embrace now the following mantra: the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. Therein will you find racial salvation.

  10. Well this didn’t age well. The mark of a worthy publication is if you can pick it up 5 10 or 30 years later and it’s articles are still relevant.

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