Putin Unveils Invincible Nuclear Missiles And Super Drones, Mocks Declining ZOG

The American government can scream, bluster, and twitch like a Tourette’s patient off his medication, but at this point they’re just a paper tiger when the big boys are involved.

Take Russia as an example – for years we’ve seen the United States torture the Eastern Bear with everything from sanctions to implied threats of all out war over Jewish Nazis in Ukraine and bots on Twitter.

But all the while, Vladimir Putin sat back quietly and let his people (no Affirmative Action at work in Mother Russia) prepare a suitable response.

It took some time, but I think now we’re ready for the ultimate rebuttal to end all rebuttals.


Russia has developed a number of advanced weapons systems, including a nuclear-powered cruise missile, which make all US capabilities aimed at undermining the Russian nuclear deterrent obsolete, President Vladimir Putin announced.

The latest advances in Russian strategic deterrence have made America’s anti-missile systems obsolete, so Washington should stop trying to diminish Russia’s security and start talking to Moscow as an equal partner, not the dominant military power it seeks to be, Putin said.

The Russian leader made the comments during his state of the nation address on Wednesday. While the first part of the address was a straightforward description of domestic goals and achievements, the second became a defiant challenge to the US. Putin announced that Russia has successfully developed several new weapons systems, which basically negate American anti-ballistic missile capabilities.

The Russian president accused the US of arrogance, saying that it thought that Russia would not be able to recover anytime soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that its interests can simply be ignored. One particular move – the withdrawal by George W Bush from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002 – resulted in Russia being increasingly surrounded by American assets, which undermined the country’s nuclear deterrence.

“In the end, if we did nothing, this would render the Russian nuclear potential worthless,” Putin said. “They could simply intercept all of it.”

…Russia has now done this, according to Putin, who went on to present a number of new systems, some of which don’t yet have names, and which are all meant to counter current and future ABM systems. His speech was accompanied by a series of video clips showing those new systems, partially as footage of tests and partially as computer-generated images showing their capabilities.

One system is the new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) called Sarmat, or RS-28. It’s already well-known, but Putin stressed that its increased range allows the missile to reach US territory from Russia via a South Pole route. The US has dozens of interceptor missiles deployed in Alaska on the presumption that Russia’s ICBMs would approach from that direction, which would not be the case with Sarmat.

Czar Vlad even went on to troll ZOG with a video showing his awe-inspiring new weaponry slamming into a chunk of Western Florida.

The Pentagon immediately went into a routine pushing the idea that the missile was only in a developmental stage, but failed to generate any sort of believable enthusiasm, if you want my honest opinion.

Putin then went on to weapons systems that were not previously known to the public. One is a yet-to-be-named cruise missile with an almost unlimited range.

This is achieved thanks to a highly-efficient on-board miniaturized nuclear reactor, which powers the flight. Such a missile can fly low enough to avoid early detection, can change course to avoid enemy anti-missile assets along its path, and maneuver to pierce the anti-missile systems protecting its target.

One has to assume that this device has a bunker-busting ability that would turn this rotting country’s best shelters into radioactive glass tombs.

Putin also said that miniaturization of a nuclear reactor gave Russia another advanced weapons system in the form of a high-endurance underwater drone. The drone can dive “really very deep” and travel between continents at a speed that is several times higher than that of a submarine, a modern torpedo or even a surface ship, he said.

Note that this isn’t 1942 or 1943, and the loss of a carrier battlegroup would likely take decades to replace – my guess is that Israel wouldn’t be willing to accept cuts in gibs no matter how dire the situation.

Putin then showcased two variants of a hypersonic weapons systems already developed by Russia. One is an air-launched vehicle that is already deployed in southern Russia for test combat duty. The projectile travels at a speed of Mach-10 and has a range of 2,000km (1,240 miles). The weapon, which is called Kinzhal (“dagger” in Russian) is available in conventional and nuclear forms, Putin said. A video shown to the audience included the moment the weapon was deployed by a fighter jet and the fire from its engine.

Another weapon that is being developed, but which was not shown being tested because its appearance is classified, according to Putin, is a hypersonic glider warhead deployed from space. Russia first tested one back in 2004 and has made significant progress since, the president said. The glider can fly in the atmosphere at speeds of over Mach-20 and can withstand a heat of up to 2,000C (3,632F) generated by air fiction. The system is in series production and is called Avangard (“advance guard” in Russian).

But, but, but…

The dignified American Woman of Color working for our war-mongering elite tried to tell me that our country still enjoys total military superiority in all branches of service.

She never told me that Russia could now literally subject this country to bombardment from low earth orbit.

The last weapon system showcased by Putin during his speech was a combat laser, which he said Russia had started to deploy last year. A small video clip showed what presumably is an anti-aircraft laser system, but no test footage was shown.

“To those who for the last 15 years have been trying to fan an arms race, achieve unilateral advantage against Russia, impose sanctions, which are illegal from the standpoint of international law and are aimed at holding back the development of our country, including in the military area, I have this to say: All the things you were trying to prevent through your policies have already happened. You have failed to hold Russia back,” Putin said.

“You now have to acknowledge this reality, confirm that everything I said is no bluff – which it isn’t – think for some time, send into retirement the people stuck in the past and incapable of looking into the future, [and] stop rocking the boat that we all ride in and which is called planet Earth,” he said. Russia would be responsive if talked to as an equal partner, Putin added.


    • @hansfranksavatar

      I like seeing those arrogant assholes in Washington being called out on their shit. It’s funny as hell to see them nonplussed and stumbling over their words.

    • “…feel safer.”

      That, I think, was the point of the presentation– reminding the ZioEmpire warmongers that their days of running rough-shod over the world is over. Russia is back, will not be intimidated, will not meekly submit, and will defend themselves and their legitimate national interests.

    • I feel like my one year old son does (damn does time fly) when he cuddles up against his giant fluffy bear.

      When I see Russia display their super nukes, I feel safe and content knowing that one button could take out millions of greasy nation-wrecking Kikes.

  1. I’m cool with the Chinks ruling half the world and the Russians in charge of the other half. It would be a much safer and civilized place.

      • @Spahn,
        And it would be fantastic if Russia led the charge to the moon and Mars!

        As for the Chinese…..ummm….there’s only one thing the Chinese care about-and thats the Chinese. My wife is a vet and belongs to the cat protection society-and her hatred for the Chinese is ferocious. Despite having great intelligence and the ability to love, the slants grant cats and dogs no respect and just skin, torture and eat them like they don’t matter.
        Having Chinese ruling the world would be great…..unless you’re an animal, or a non-Chinese or the environment.

      • Not at all comfortable with the Chinks being in charge of anything or citizens of anywhere but Chinkland. We have already given them too much. They’re out of control. It must be clawed back. The Japs ought to re-militarize and reign the lot of them in — not that the Japs aren’t a similar problem. There are about 500 Chinatowns in Western and European nations that need to be thoroughly deported. We need them out of our universities, galleries, concert halls, laboratories and factories. Yerro Perrir? No. Russia? Fine.

      • You are being naive about the Chinese. Chinese are supremacist, anti-white globalist pieces of crap. They hate whites and they love that our countries our falling apart. They are not our friend. They are friends with the Jews.

        • Yes, the Chinese really are a yellow menace. If it ain’t white, it ain’t right, as my grandmother always used to say.

        • Correct. the Kikes are convincing a number of Chinks that they are really Jews. This is the beginning of the subversion of China to Jewish interest since these Chink “Jews” will be financed and propelled to the top of government. There is a significant Chabad Lubavitch colony in Bejing as well. I found their web site sometime back, the were crowing about how the locals were preparing kosher Chinese food. The Chinese are driven by insatiable greed, they will be easy for the Kikes to co opt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vH7pWQ5sWE

          • The big league Jews breed with the Asians, just like they did with Europeans. They want to create half breeds that are Jewish and are easier to get into positions of power and influence. Just like they did here in the West.

            The Russians know about the Jews. They suffered under them for a long time and I’m sure they don’t want to go back. I hope they win. God knows there isn’t much to root for here in the JewSA.

      • What about the Democrasee and Human Raits, fellow goyim? What about teh rule of law?

        Rashans not White and holoc… holodomored great grandparents in gas vans during the purges just because they were political comissars and governement officials! There was no reason whatsoever for that persecution!

  2. Sorry to be off topic (it was nice to have the periodic open thread in past times)

    The war between Gab and Twitter, Bitchute and Youtube etc is a literal splitting of the internet along emerging national lines, is it not?

    Why not leverage this by spreading the meme that this is what we are doing? Splitting up in virtual space as a prelude to splitting up in real space?

    I maen, we can spend the next 3 +X years commenting on all the hijinks of the Trump Era and find ourselves the next Afrikaners, or we can shape the future as we desire it.


    This is the best news of the day.

    We love you Russian people.

    We love Putin.

    Good luck to them developing the most powerful weapons to stand up against the axis of evil–Jew-S-A, Jewrope, J’srael.

  4. I love how our kike-controlled government is now screaming “Muh INF Treaty Violation!” like a bunch of stunned rats. Be scared. You should also be scared of us at home. Who do you think we’ll ask for help from when we faction off?

  5. The really pertinent concern in all this is, how does this affect Our Greatest Ally In The Middle East?

    • The Russian gov have been pretty soft on Israel so far yet Israel has not launched an all-out attack on Syria alongside Turkey, that shows they are pretty sure the Russian military would fight and defeat them, even with the US military support and Syria’s isolation.

  6. Putin has put warmongering ZOG on notice. I hope and pray they’re not insane enough to ignore it.

  7. The hypersonic glider should make the Kikes realize ANY nuclear war they start will swiftly result in their extinction. These vehicles cannot be intercepted once released com the missile, which will likely be impossible to destroy because it will be out of interception range. They will execute violent maneuvers when they are re-entering the atmosphere and their hulls will be hotter than the surface of the Sun. Moreover, they will likely be programmed for a primary, secondary an even tertiary targets. If their primary targets were already hit, they will spin off to hit another target with pinpoint accuracy. Good luck defending cities with nuclear blasts going off in the upper atmosphere or space above them at the same time to bling RADAR and blast them with EMP. The first Russian bombs will be used to cause a massive electromagnetic pulse. That makes them nearly impossible to intercept because they will be changing course and velocity constantly. They reduce the number of warheads a missile can carry, but they WILL reach and destroy their targets. There are plans to arm the RS-28 Sarmat with them.

    • @Arctic Warrior

      Those arrogant Zoglings in Washington are still gonna try and pick a fight with Russian, in spite of these facts.

      • At the very least, they believe that attacking first soon enough will improve their strategic situation even if they don’t get the victory that they hoped for.

  8. Im a US vet but firmly in Russia’s corner. What matters most now is Skin. Not nation. Jewmerica is nothing I ever wanted. F’ing jews ruined this country.

  9. There are lots of people nitpicking about Putin, saying that he is actually a shabbaz goy just like Western leaders(due to his KGB past) and that he is letting in tons of Central Asian migrants into Russia(which I don’t believe). The fact that the international ZOG government and media continue to go after him shows that they see him as a threat, not an ally. If he was one of the shylocks’ YES men he wouldn’t be vilified like he has been for years.

    • “(due to his KGB past)”
      Don’t be such a Conservaboomer. The problem is that he is a baby boomer and thus a cuck when it comes to race.

  10. What i’m hoping for is that Turkey and Israel lauchnes an all-out attack on Syria that they would ultimately lose after getting Russia, Iran and Iraq involved.

  11. You may want to go see Red Sparrow and place special attention to what the instructors of the Red Sparrow school see as Russia’s mission in the world.

  12. Does the military still do TI&E (Troop Information and Education)classes? If so, Putin should be invited as a guest speaker.
    Word out is that the NGs and Reserves are now offering $20,000 for new enlistments and $15,000 for re-enlistments. The price for frontline cannon fodder is likely to increase in order to draw more jobless millennials into the abyss.

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