Lindsey Graham: A War With North Korea Is Definitely “Worth It”

I understand the reasoning behind Jewish Neocons (they either push war to benefit Israel, their Tribe in general, or as part of their biological mechanism to sow chaos and ruin among the Goyim), but what is it with White warmongers?

Are they just beholden to the idea that liberty, equality, and Civic Nationalism must rise and replace Ethno-Nationalism across the world?

Are they more (or equally) intent on pushing the free market and Globalism upon nations that would much rather remain protectionist and inward-focused?

Are they just pawns and lackeys to the main Jew drivers of foreign wars with no real ideas aside from what they are told behind the scenes?

Or are they something worse – mutated shells of White men who are identical to the Killers of Christ in everything but DNA?

It’s hard to tell definitively, but one thing we can be sure of – Lindsey Graham is arguably one of the worst enemies of peace this country currently has to offer.


The damage caused by a US war with North Korea would be “worth it,” Senator Lindsey Graham said. The comments further fuel speculation the US is gearing up for action against Pyongyang.

“All the damage that would come from a war would be worth it in terms of long-term stability and national security,” the Republican senator from South Carolina told CNN. “I’m completely convinced that President Trump and his team reject the policy of containment… They’ve drawn a red line here and it is to never let North Korea build a nuclear-tipped missile to hit America.”

I remember the Trump that talked about pulling our troops out of East Asia and the Middle East.

I find a hard time imagining an “America First” policy that involves the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers for the cause of opening up North Korea to McDonald’s, Walmart, and interracial gay sex.

Graham’s comments come as the US is reportedly considering military action against North Korea, should Pyongyang build a nuclear missile capable of striking the US, according to multiple sources, CNN reports.

Last week, Washington revealed its latest round of sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear and ballistic missile tests, targeting Pyongyang’s shipping industry. Trump warned a phase two could be “very, very unfortunate for the world.”

Perhaps this would be the time for Russia to quietly toss a few of its new military toys to Kim.

My guess is that a public display of the super underwater drone or the anti-air laser would be enough to diffuse this crisis in the blink of an eye.

Curiously, Graham is aware of the devastation a conflict between the US and North Korea would create in the region. Speaking on the Today show in August, Graham noted: “Japan, South Korea, China would all be in the crosshairs of a war if we started one with North Korea.”

“If there’s going to be a war to stop [Kim Jong-un], it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die here,” he added. “And [Trump] told me that to my face. That may be provocative, but not really. When you’re president of the United States, where does your allegiance lie? To the people of the United States.”

This rumored leader of the Log Cabin Republicans doesn’t seem to care that any war would rapidly spell the death of both North and South Korea, the likely slaughter of millions of Japanese, the destruction of their major cities, and subsequent suffering from lack of resources, or the loss of the overwhelming majority of American soldiers stationed near the Korean DMZ.

The actions of China and Russia in this potential conflict would likely depend on how the North Koreans perform in the first days of the fight – a quick fall would mean silence, but a decent showing would potentially lead to involvement against ZOG’s invasion force even if only to prevent a nightmare on their own borders.

Graham seems to be perfectly okay with all of this – the true definition of an irredeemable sociopath.


  1. Graham has three main income streams; military weapons producer lobbies, the Israel Lobby, and the Hotel/entertainment lobby. They give him millions every year to keep him in office and under the table. It’s my opinion that the hotel/entertainment lobby also gives him private locations for his trysts with young men.

    John “Crazy” Bolton is pushing for war with North Korea. Keeping in mind that “Crazy” Bolton still thinks the US government won in Afghanistan and Iraq and can win against Iran. None of that is true.

    • More like trysts with super macho bodybuilders. Miss Lindsey would not be into boys but into men who are in every way unlike him.

  2. They’ve got some seriously disgusting shit on these shabbos goyim. That’s why they play along. Beside the fact that they’ve long ago sold their own people down the river. They’re the worst kind of scum

  3. The DPRK’s only “crimes” are refusing to recognize the Zionist state in occupied Palestine and not having a central bank under Rothschild control. If Miss Lindsey wants another war against North Korea he can always send his sons to go ….whoops!

  4. “All the damage that would come from a war would be worth it in terms of long-term stability and national security,”

    Expelling Africa and Asia from our midst would go a great deal further towards long term stability and national security.

  5. “When you’re president of the United States, where does your allegiance lie? To the people of the United States.”

    Not so with Graham.

    This shithead is fine with the deaths of millions over there and GI invaders. Only Israelis matter.

  6. I’m coming around to the idea that this place cannot be reformed (e.g. Neocon foreign policy, tyrannical law enforcement and “justice” and “intelligence” community), as shown by Trump’s failures (or betrayals).

    Let Dem crazies crash the place. Then rebuild.

  7. I’m optimistic it’s all just talk by the USA, and there won’t be any war by the USA against North Korea. Such bluster is probably just for USA public consumption.

  8. I am sorta done trying to defend Trump. HE is to blame for hiring all of these dreadful people who never supported his agenda. HE refuses to tweet about Seth Rich or about the analysis done by former NSA employees proving the so called DNC hack was an inside job. HE could put this Russia nonsense to rest, but seems allergic to doing so. I really can’t wrap my head around it.

    • I agree, Daniel. When he was a candidate, and then a new President, this retard had the support of almost all of the police around the country, almost all of the military – every branch -, and the majority of White America in general. He even had the support of a sizable chunk of non-Whites. He could have STOPPED Antifa cold (but continued to let his base be physically attacked, doxxed, etc.), he could have STOPPED the worst of the BlackLivesMatter “protests” (saving some blue lives in the process), he could have STOPPED the “sanctuary cities” treason militarily, along with these circuit courts’ illegal vetoing against his travel/immigration restrictions, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

      But what has he done instead? The exact OPPOSITE of everything that would’ve protected his base from violence, improved this country and helped our folk. He has stocked his administration with even more swamp jews than previous presidential puppets have. He has explicitly condemned a large swath of his base as “White supremacists” and signed legislation against us. Etc. , etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., all of which several folks here have covered extensively in their articles over the past several months.

      This kosher flim-flam artist does NOT deserve our support ever again. We’ve been played. All of White America have been played. I have nothing but contempt for Chump anymore. Fish-lipped piece of dog crap deserves the EXACT same fate that our worst declared enemies deserve.

      • I forgot to add a lot of other betrayals to the list above, of course, stuff covered by other people here, but another that’s going on right now is his deafening silence as almost everyone a few ticks right of Carl Marx are being censored and “de-platformed” across social-media, crowdfunding sites, and the Internet in general.

        And he isn’t simply shooting himself in the foot with all this cucking… He is simply betraying us. Soon, we’ll be purged from the most powerful social-media. Then we’ll lose our 2nd Amendment rights. After that, a few years down the road, South Africa: American Edition. We’ve been set up.

        • Speaking of SA, not a word about the ongoing White Genocide and planned theft of all White farm property. Our overlords are sociopaths and traitors. I’d like to exclude Trump but he’s making it well nigh impossible to do so.

    • Graham might just be trying to scare the NKs into backing away from their nuclear plans. Last I heard China announced it would respond to any pre-emptive attack on NK, which would appear to be a deal-killer, knock on wood. If anyone has dirt on G they seem to be sitting on it. Graham and Trump have some pretty decent opponents in Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, Laura Ingraham (increasingly) and Ron and Rand Paul. Never before in my lifetime have there been such quality conservatives willing to challenge the free-market/ regime change neocon shibboleths. Neocons like Lars Larsen are finding their complimentary references to “Bagels” Bolton instantly challenged. Trump is the most mysterious president I can think of. Historians will have their work cut out for them. Why he chooses the people he does and lets things spiral into chaos is a mystery. I suspect he has a plan. Otherwise how could he be so blind as to fail to see he appears to be betraying his base? Or maybe he just doesn’t care. Maybe he enjoys the intrigue. Maybe he’s on acid.

  9. The White warmongers are probably Freemasons serving the Judaic Supremacy.

    Meanwhile, there are Jews who oppose ZOG. Benjamin Freedman was one. Jack Bernstein was another. Seth Rich is Jewish. His family confirm he transmitted the DNC emails to Wiki Leaks.

    Henry Makow on his Twitter is proud to acknowledge him as a ‘fellow Jew’.

    The Jews who oppose the Judaic Supremacy have their own Roll of Honour and the White nationalists should acknowledge it.

  10. Considering that a significant number of our ‘troops’ are unable to throw a grenade or read a map, I suggest we just quietly let this matter die down and worry about our own country. If this faggot wants a fight, let him go over there and pick one on his own.

  11. Soy Boy’s motivations are fairly elementary:

    1) He does not have to fight, get hurt, or even know anyone who does.
    2) The NeoCons and their Khazarian Bankers pay him well to war monger, along with his twin, ShitStain McCain.
    3) Weak men find it a power trip to send others to their death. He is a race hater, projecting his own self-loathing on to the men silly enough (as I once was) to think that they are “defending freedom.”

    This world has about 10-20% horrible people in it, and saprophytic shits like Lindsey score very highly in psychopathy.

    • They may also know, at least instinctively, that humans are naturally aggressive, predatory creatures. Picking a random, distant adversary as a target redirects those fierce impulses away from thinking “Hey, why are these miserable traitors telling us what to do?”

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again :- before any Western governments go out and save the world from ‘evil dictators’, who are of little concern to most of us domestically, and also keep a lid on their own citizens’ bad behavior, our leaders need to rid the corridors of power of Jews, and start sorting out matters at home-that is what the citizenry voted for.
    If we’re going to meddle in another nations business, then go to South Africa-temporarily-and help the whites there to either defend themselves, or flee. If anyone needs help, THEY do. Otherwise, clean up matters at home and put defense personal on the southern borders, and onto the streets looking for illegals.
    We don’t give a shit about North Korea, the Middle East, Africa or Israel. Trump was voted by Americans…….to serve Americans.

  13. A missile is not needed to deliver a nuke – a boat can deliver one, but that’s not something the (((MSM))) is going to dwell on, or even mention. Lindsey is as sure that Americans are safe from attack from N.Korea as he was that Iraq had WMD. China and Russia DO NOT want any attack by the U.S. on N.Korea – we’re in bad shape when world peace depends on Kim Jong Un being less crazy than Lindsey Graham. Trump isn’t a neocon but has listened enough to be painted into a corner by them.

  14. graham and other politicians want war because the big corporations want war…they want to open up new territories for economic growth ..if they can crush N Korea, they can move in and exploit the people there…and it’s all paid for by the taxpayer…

    but I am certain we will lose a war with N Korea…we only got a tie the first time…my dad fought in that war…and we lost in vietnam…

    and now we have a military based on affirmative action? On blacks and mexicans and females? And NK has nukes? We will lose a war with NK, even if they had no nukes.

    If they bully trump into a war, I predict that NK will put a nuke into DC and hopefully end this tyrannical reign of the elites…

  15. Senator Graham has been briefed on the military’s latest secret weapon. With this weapon system there is no chance of North Korea defeating our troops. The Pentagon has created an entirely gay battalion that is trained to infiltrate all of North Korea’s discos. Using these gay platforms, the troops will fan out and defeat the hetero-sexual North Koran troops.

  16. I am reminded of Eisenhower’s farewell address in which he warned against the influence of the military/industrial complex.

    I’m really not much of a fan of Eisenhower, the quote from Gen. Patton springs to mind, “This is what happens when your Commander stops being an American and becomes an Ally.” The disgraceful deployment of the 101st Airborne, whose motto is, “Rendezvous With Destiny,” to draw bayonets on housewives in Little Rock, ranks him with Abraham Lincoln as a tyrant. And, the destruction of Joe McCarthy’s credibility, and subsequent public dismissal of his work on the continued exposing of Communist infiltration in the State Department, the Military and Hollywood, ranks him as a traitor. When the “Witch Hunts” of the 1950’s are featured in a documentary, McCarthy, alone, is often singled out for the blame. He is frequently mentioned in the same breath as the House Un-American Activities Committee. Seldom is it pointed out that the House Committee was a wartime commission headed by a Martin Dies, a Democrat from Houston, while McCarthy was a Republican Senator from Wisconsin in the 1950’s and was never a member of any House Committee. He merely took the information that had been gathered by that Committee and attempted to gain ground with it. I believe that McCarthy’s advisor, (((Roy Cohn))), was intentionally responsible for his downfall. It was Cohn that unleashed Eisenhower’s, and the public’s, wrath when he called George Marshall a Communist.

    Yet, it does seem that every war that we’ve been in since WWII has been a proxy war designed to test new weapons and tactics, thus feeding the enormous defense budget. In Korea, it was jet aircraft; helicopters and rudimentary air to air and air to surface missles often fired in salvos. Vietnam introduced the M-16; attack helicopters; super-sonic jets, heat seeking, laser guided and television guided air to air and air to ground missles; side firing gun ships culminating in the AC-130, and B-52 Bombers. Also, the “wizard war” of signal tracking and jamming was being perfected. Development following Vietnam seemed to remain nearly constant with the Air Force settling on F-16’s and F-15’s as their primary fighter planes from the late 1970’s until the present. The Navy eventually adapted the F-18 to perform most of the attack and defense missions that were required. These forces have continued to upgrade these aging airframes for decades. The Gulf War became the test bed for untried technologies and equipment that had always shown promise but had never been used against an enemy force. Examples include the combat debut of the A-10 Warthog, M-1 Abrams, and Stealth Fighters and Bombers. Drones, much improved and powerful air to ground missles, missle defense systems and other high tech implements of warfare began to make their debuts. In the current conflict we have attack drones and cyberwarfare has been added to the “wizard war” domain. In addition, a new generation of aircraft is under development.

    As for Russia and Korea, I believe Patton was right to want to reorganize the remnants of the German Army to repel the Reds (I also think that we could have made tremendous inroads with Russia had we supported them in their conflict with Chechnya), and MacArthur was correct to recommend the atomic carpet bombing of China. It seems that we could have saved ourselves from some of the problems that we are currently facing.

  17. Graham seems cavalier about the possible deaths of millions of Japanese and South Koreans in his wished-for war. He would never have that attitude if it were Israeli lives on the line.

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