Video: Vice President Pence Debases Himself At AIPAC Conference

I wish I had the power to round up every single “American Nationalist,” tie them to chairs, and force them to observe the sickening nature of the GOP they think they can infiltrate and reform before the United States degenerates into a decrepit Third World dump.

These poor deluded souls think they will be able to miraculously transition the Republican Party from a deracinated, Israel-subservient gaggle of cuckolds into a pro-White and anti-Semitic powerhouse – sad thing is that you’d have better luck trying to convert the Antifa that attacked us yet again earlier today.

Maybe there was once a time in which this pipe-dream was actually feasible in the real world, but let’s just be adult men here and admit that that ship sailed away long ago.

But for scholarly purposes, I’d like to hear the grand master plan that’s been tried at least half a dozen times since the 1960’s, – my gut is telling me that such a strategy has probably never been worked out in any coherent manner.

Note: The Hard Right actually has legitimate infiltrators within the Republican Party, but thanks to the situation on the ground, anything above local politics has proven impossible.



    AIPAC and the like are synonymous with evil. Its annual conference is the biggest density of evil per square foot on the face of this earth.

  2. The ONLY decent presidential candidate of recent times was Ralph Nader. The kikes accused him of anti semitism for his opposition to the Zionist state. Funny thing is Nader is Lebonese.

    • Nader doesn’t seem very bright to me. There are good reasons to believe DDT was not what was killing the birds but offered as a scapegoat for whatever reasons while they secretly corrected the real problem and punished certain chemical manufacturers that were not (((controlled))). Rinse and repeat.

  3. After Joy Behar insulted Pence on The View, ABC News received 30,000 complaint calls. If white Christians only knew just how much the Jews hate them. Or do they know?

    • It’s a tough question. I cannot see how you read through a gospel and think, “these Jews are nice people. I’ll support them 100%.”

      • After the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70, and the closing of the canon of Scripture, the Church has made it clear- you CANNOT ‘love the Jews’ and what they stand for… and remain a Christian. After leaving Rome, and the Dispensationalism back alley, the Church Fathers (even including Luther!) made that ‘perfectly clear’ as Nixon (and Graham) noted in recent times.

  4. I’m going to have to side with Joy Behar on that one.

    Pat Buchanan was a good candidate, until he appointed that spook as his running mate. WTF was that all about?

  5. They can’t do enough for Israel as they sell out the dwindling White population of the country they’re supposed to represent. No one is worse than a white anti-White traitor.

  6. Here’s the thing tho: when you have a track record of being wrong most of the time, why would your statements about the impossibility or inevitability of this or that carry any weight?

    There’s a cost to this chicken little game OD plays and it’s that your pronouncements aren’t worth the pixels their printed with.

      • Yeah they were spot on with DACA amnesty and gun control. :ok:

        How much hysterical ink have these two spilled over nothing? Way too much. Too much to pay attention to anymore. The goodwill is exhausted.

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