The Czar Rises: Megyn Kelly Gets Vladimir The Great To Name The Jew

Israel and their dual citizens here in America best be very, very careful about continuing to bait the Russian Bear – he’s starting to stir, he’s starting to stretch his muscles, and he’s starting to call attention to (((certain elements))) most responsible for stirring drama across the world.

USA Today:

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he doesn’t care about alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election because the actions weren’t connected to his government.

In an interview with American broadcaster NBC News that aired Saturday, Putin also suggested that some of the 13 Russian nationals indicted by the United States may not be ethnically Russian.

“Maybe they are not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked,” he said.

Well, my guess is that the Tatars are too busy skinning horses, and the Ukrainians are too busy with trying to fix the mess they got themselves into by launching a Pro-EU (((Nazi Revolution)) a few years back.

That leaves one group of suspects with a habit of meddling in electoral politics through donations, fake news, fabricated polls, and rabble rousing the primitive vibrants in our midst.

Putin responded brusquely when interviewer Megyn Kelly asked if he condoned the interference that was alleged in last month’s U.S. indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“It’s all the same to me. To me it absolutely makes no difference because they do not represent the government,” Putin answered, according to the Russian-language interview transcript posted Saturday by the Kremlin.

“Maybe they have dual citizenship or a green card; maybe the U.S. paid them for this. How can you know that? I do not know, either,” the Russian leader said.

There’s an old saying that should always be remembered – scratch a Slav, and you’ll quickly find the most glorious Jew-hatred hiding just beneath the surface.

And it’s true – the Slavic peoples have centuries upon centuries of coexistence with the Jews, and it truly seems to have bred an understanding that is more genetic than cultural in nature.

Channeled properly (not like Ukraine), this evolved trait typically makes for great red-pilling moments – especially when all the facts line up to support an Anti-Semitic statement.


  1. There have been a number of Russian plane crashes lately, just like there where during the lead up to 911. Is there a correlation between airline crashes and school shootings and what do you suppose that could be?

  2. After making hundreds of disparaging comments about SJW far left commie vermin their feral black criminal thug perpetual victim pets & barbarian m00slime fanatics on Downtrend the last few years w/ no problems or censorship I made some comments about the insidious anti white vile jewish bolshevik & elitist globalist zionist neo-con menace a couple days ago. I was promptly banned. Just goes to show who rules these folks.

  3. That’s almost as good as Simon Black’s recent column where he equated the building of ‘the world’s tallest buildings’ over much of history, with the almost immediate financial/monetary crises that followed…every time – the ‘Tower of Babel’ revisited, in other words.

  4. Not quite an accusation as much as a “it could have been” from Putin, but predictably the jew-owned media rags are going berserk over it. It seemed harmless enough to me, but the Jews will only make it look worse for themselves by focusing on it so much.

    • I think that was Vlad’s intention – he knows how the media in the West foams at the mouth over comments that are just normal points of conversation in the East, so why not troll them a bit?

  5. Keep in mind that the Boyars, should any of them still exist, in conjunction with the Church can declare Putil Czar.

    It has happened in Russia’s past,.

  6. It is difficult for me to size Putin whithout insider information.

    It sounds like Putin and Russia has to be cornered. Deja vu of times long ago in South Africa. Exactly as I remember it back then, when white South Africa was made into the skunk of the world. Also under attack everywhere from the West, especially by America. The America of Un-American activities. The legal principle of Audi Alteram Partem completely raped beyond recognition by people you would completely not expect them to be like that. Beautiful women? They also will grow old and ful of wrinkles, and as a man, one then will see them in a different light. One has become much more cautious with the years. Looks do not blind so much anymore then.

    • America is a continent and not a country. get out of the eurpean sewer. learn to speak English

      • Fair comment. I will try harder next time. If this would be passable as an excuse – age and circumstances have caught up with me (restricted mobility and few opportunities to practice my English where I currently stay).

        • Your English is better than most of our congressmen. Thanks for posting and I hope your circumstances improve and your mobility too — that goes for BOTH of us (-:

      • Oh for crying out loud – Russell listen, learn and think before you hit ‘send’.

        The Whites of ZOG.usa, and the EUssr are currently undergoing population replacement with Black and Muslim populations in advance of ethnic cleansing.

        Back in the day “when South Africa was made the skunk of the world” refers to the Border Wars. Probably before your time (not that it received any coverage from the FAKENN) anyway. These wars span the time from UDI 1965 in Southern Rhodesia (and their fight with the Black Communist insurgency attacking the White independent state from Zambia and Mozambique). And in South Africa the same story with their war with Angola starting 1976.

        If these wars are not instructive for the Whites of ZOG.usa, and the EUssr then nothing will be instructive. They will effortlessly transition to Black rule under Sharia Law.

        But in the latter half of the twentieth century this was not OK. The White Western World may have demanded Black Majority Rule in the White nations of S. Rhodesia and South Africa but the Blacks and Communist Block had to fight for it. The Western ZOGs to their eternal shame enabled its delivery through the Communist insurgencies of ZAPU, ZANU against S. Rhodesia and PLAN and SWAPO against South Africa.

        The attitude in all the Jew press was like ‘the gall of these people to think they can have a White ethnostate in the nation their ancestors built. They shouldn’t even think about joining the civilized world until they are ruled by the Black majority. ‘

        These exact same powers are today delivering Black Majority rule (and probably under Sharia law) on the comatose Whites of ZOG.usa, and the EUssr, Whites who think ‘the holocaust’ was the greatest tragedy of all time and routinely ‘check their privilege’, Whites who are incapable of drawing the correct conclusions from the wars of the twentieth century.

        Start your journey today, Russell. Familiarise yourself with the wars the Whites of South Africa and Rhodesia fought against the Black insurgencies that were equipped by the Communist Block and supported by Western ZOG sanctions. Listen to their music and get acquainted with their battles, their morale and strategies. This stuff is the ‘must-knows’ for ZOG.usa Whites.
        Bok van Blerk (Kaplyn) Bush War 1966 – 1989 Tribute. [ Help this website and get the English trans so you can find out why this song would be selected as background for a tribute to the South African Military campaigns.]
        Cato’s speech Rhodesians Never Die – the song is by Clem Tholet composed for the Southern Rhodesian forces.

    • @ex South African

      I always admired the exploits of the SADF in Angola and Namibia. The Boers and Afrikaner Burghers, too. As a train buff, I like South African Railways, especially the steam locos.

      Nothing will change these feelings for me.

      • Thank you very much for your kind words. South African Railways? Here is something on it, collected by a SADF veteran now staying in the UK. He had an older blog in which he describes his SADF experiences, but it seems to have disappeared.

        Here he writes a little bit about those days:

        This is my old unit. You can see the slides have faded. There were no digital cameras in those days. One grows quite sentimental looking at those pictures. Memories of a better South Africa and a youth that cannot be regained anymore.

        That is why I tell younger people – just carry on with the Alt+Right, or whatever you name it. You are doing the right thing. It might not be a military battle, but it still is a battle, and not easier but on a different (electronic) front. We also fought for the free West, you are continuing it, albeit by other means (info wars on the web, mixed with activism). If something does not work it, fix it, take another approach, find your own success recipe.

        • Thank you for sharing ex South African. That was really quite an era in your part of the world. On your vid at 4.40 the shot of the Banco Nacional de Angola – Do I read ‘Kwanzas’ ???

          Maybe you know the Alt Right has a lot of fun with kwanza and all the astro-turfing the FakeNN does for kwanza when kwanza time is upon us. Perhaps that’s where le happy merchant got it – off a communist bank note. That would be really funny. I too hope things work out for you in the UK.

        • @ex South African. The Kwanza link has now been posted far and wide. As non-military I can’t really comment on the operational and technical side of S.A.’s Angola War , but from my history, it looks a lot like USA 1970 when American air and ground forces went into the Fishook.

          The whole Jew Press went into a complete lather about ‘expanding the unwinnable war [ so called ] , ‘dragging Cambodia into it’. The atrocity propaganda was on every channel: smoking villages, dying children, flaming nuns – you name it, it was on American tv. Wild scenes at every airport and JewU campus in the land. Credence Clearwater Revival released ‘Have you ever seen the rain’ that year and I think that about sums up the fog of the entire Vietnam War as it was seen Stateside. I can only hope you in S.A. were spared all that.

          In terms of the War Machine in those years, the software had the Fog and the homeland subversion well in hand. But in terms of what today, I would call the ZOG – the politics, the military operations – the report was as clear as it was grim.

          In Operation Fishook 1970, the whole nexus of NVA command and supply came to light. From the logistics of your manual, that looks very much to me that is exactly what you all were after in Angola.

          But in America, the news got worse. The men who returned from that conflict we saying : “We have met the enemy and they is us.” From the frontline, they knew that what was playing back home as ‘the unwinnable war’ was unwinnable because it was being sabotaged through the chain of command for covert (today we would say Deep State) objectives : namely prolongation. And the highest levels of the State had the American defeat well in hand. They knew that thanks to their efforts and valour and sacrifice, the whole of the Indo China peninsula was going to fall to Communism. Today we know that was the revolutionary front of Communism – the front you and the S.A’s engaged in Angola. The financial and political fronts were actually embedded in the ZOGs and in charge of the war effort itself.

          Suffice it to say that most of the returned men were demoralised without really knowing why. But the ones who got ‘the picture’ were beyond rage. So many among the real American patriots never recovered until they took off for places like S.A. and Rhodesia where their war, the real war, went on. And looking through the manual you posted it is good to see S.A. was up for it.

          By the time Angola started in 1975, the Wild Geese had flown. Keep the OD Comments posted when you can S.A. If you get out to Hatfield House tell The Troopie hello from the state of Missouri.

          • “I can only hope you in S.A. were spared all that.”

            Thankfully yes. Our military was very popular with the general populace. There was something called the EEC (End Conscription Campaign) which toda has a loud mouth over their importance. We did not even know them, so low they were on the radar. We only knew Jehova’s Witnesses refused military service (religious objectors). Timid people. We must do the dying, while they live off the fat of the land? Doesn’t work this way.

            We knew about the Hippies in the USA, but the rest of the things only when the world wide web came into being. I have a lot of sympathy for the Vietnam vets, and no time for these anti-war protesters in the USA. Same counts for them. They live off the fat of the land, and the vets must do the dying? Funny world we live in. But the Vietnam war was a bit complexer. Lots of politics and treason, and from what I have read, there was an uncomfortable class distinction between the grunts and officers. Luckily we did not have that in South Africa.

  7. This is the 100th anniversary of the jews’ ritual slaughter of the Romanovs. I hope the Russians are ready to exact revenge on the tribe responsible for committing that crime.

    • I do too, because all Slavic peoples have scores to settle with the Kikes, scores that will paid for in Jewish blood. Russia lost more people to the Bolshevik Kikes than anyone else, but nevertheless it is true that if you scratch a Slav you will find deep, undying hatred for the Kikes.

  8. That’s a pretty anti-Semitic statement there, drawing a distinction between real Russians and JEWS. Imagine if Trump said Jews weren’t real Americans. Schumer’s head would explode.

    • As we all know jews are not and can never be real Americans. Nor are they White. Some have even questioned if they’re human.

    • It’s funny when you compare the two cultures.

      In America saying such a thing is the top red-pill, and usually means that the person saying it is already one of us.

      In Russia, and in most other Slavic countries, any random guy or girl you meet on the street is liable to say the exact same thing – to them it’s like pointing out the sky is blue.

  9. Putin knows it’s those “Globalists” rekindling the Cold War and for whose benefit it’s being done.

  10. Robert Frenz on FAEM always said when you hear about “Russian” immigrants or mafia, always substitute Jew for Russian.

  11. And another thing – Israel was the creation of Brit-USZOG. It is a beach head and sanctuary for criminal jews fleeing other lands when things get too hot for them. Israel does not run the US. Never did and never will. If I give my son carte blanche to do his will, it could appear that he is running me. I think people like to believe bad things about Israel because they refuse to accept the fact that ZOG does not represent their interests. As in any family, a delinquent child is so because the parents permit it and often encourage it. The American nitwit does not have a government which represents him in spite of his wishful thinking, flag waving and shedding tears when the Star Spangled Banner is played.. It’s a hard thing to come to grips with the fact one’s mother is a whore and his father deals in drugs. People often fight to the death to preserve their false view of reality. Truth is often so harsh that it forces some men to insist that the opposite is true.

    The US is a power superior to Israel and who shall deny that Israel is a protectorate of the US albeit with very special privileges? Those special privileges stem from the fact that a good share of our ruling elite chooses to live and govern in Israel. Boycotting, or having some silly anti-Israel demonstration, makes about as much sense as having a demonstration objecting to federal aid to Kentucky or boycotting pineapples from Hawaii.

    What Israel wants is exactly what USZOG wants! Like the ‘cold war’ and over blown ‘terrorism’, the charade of Israel as some sort of independent state, is all smoke to befuddle the masses of asses. Without US aid and backup military support, the Arabs would dust off that piece of god-forsaken real estate in a few weeks. It has been stated that Iraq is a threat to Israel and USZOG would act in exactly the same way if Iraq were a threat to South Carolina. Think about it.

    Few will agree with me today, but they shall tomorrow as Nature steadily crushes our lost Republic under Her unforgiving foot.

    Robert Frenz, FAEM.

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