Cuck Island Supreme: BBC Series Features Negroid Achilles

So I’ve been reading up on the Fermi Paradox, and pondering just what exactly serves as a Great Filter – a barrier preventing the rise of intelligent technological alien civilizations.

Is it the rise of life itself from a planet’s primordial soup?

Is it the change of climate that can come naturally or through changes in a planet’s star?

Is it technology itself – do aliens just wipe themselves out with nuclear weapons or biological agents as soon as they are able to do so?

Or is it something more insidious – the decline and fall of civilizations through deliberate de-evolution and ultimate cuckoldry?

Do all intelligent beings go the way of Britain if given enough time and maneuvering room?

Digital Spy:

Survey the footage trailing Troy: Fall of a City – bearded men in togas, battles on horseback, the kind of candlelit sex scenes that will make watching episodes on public transport particularly tricky – and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was business as usual. Another blockbuster (albeit a small-screen one) depicting Homer’s mythical tale of war, gods and doomed love.

But BBC One’s splashy new eight-parter created by The Night Manager’s David Farr approaches this ancient story with something of a modern sensibility. And so it is that the character of Achilles, last embodied on screen by a lank-haired Brad Pitt in 2004’s Troy, will this time be played by British-Ghanaian actor David Gyasi. (Not to mention many other black roles in the series, including Hakeem Kae-Kazim as the god Zeus.) It’s a casting move that – with thudding, tedious predictability – has been met with opposition by a small, stubbornly vocal section of the internet.

A Nigerian Zeus?

Does this mean that the Trojans were defeated by 419 African lottery scams?

“Homer in the Iliad repeatedly describes Achilles as ‘blonde’ and ‘golden-haired’,” whined one definite non-racist. “Mad PC decision,” tweeted another. “Would anyone be mad if I made movie [sic] about US history, and actor playing Obama would be white?” chipped in one more.

“#Netflix so you’re going to black wash troy fall of city the new show. zeus, achilles wasn’t black and more. as a Greek I am disgusted,” said one, in the interests of asserting Greek identity more than diminishing black actors, of course.

Is it impossible to conceive of a black Greek man? What if he was mixed race, would that be acceptable? Would he seem more plausibly Greek? It’s a reminder that these arguments can’t withstand even the tiniest scrutiny. What those who object to Gyasi’s casting are really saying – beyond the handwringing about cultural authenticity – is, essentially, that they want to go back to the old days when you could get away with an all-white cast. When a grand, period saga like this would be a stealthy way to lock out non-white actors.

To be fair to humble Cuck Islanders, the man writing this article is a Negro, although ratings and whatnot will likely show us that there is little serious resistance to this literal erasure of history and myth.

Therefore, maybe one day thousands of years from now, advanced aliens will send a spacecraft down to the surface of this planet and marvel at the crumbling ruins of White Civilization.

Maybe they will gape in awe while using lasers to fend off small waves of mixed-race subhuman savages still surviving amid the broken stone and metal.


  1. I must say sometimes I don’t know why I come here & read these stories cuz this nonsense makes my blood boil. I’m sure my blood pressure goes up substantially.

  2. I hear that new Disneyberg movie about the colored girl with magical powers is a huge flop. GOOD. But I suspect the kikes in Hymiewood don’t worry too much about movies that fail at the box office, because they have insurance policies that cover such losses. The same goes for Broadway musicals like “Springtime for Hitler”.

  3. I am starting to believe that a significant amount if media is basically (((central bank))) funded propaganda. I guess the British taxpayers are on the hook for this one but you know what I mean. Does anyone actually buy the tabloids in the supermarket check out or are they there for subliminal messaging purposes?

    • Just starting to think? The kicker is that many left wing whites earnestly believe that Hollywood is “white surpremacist” even if you explain it is Jewish supremacism. Even the basic bitch critics of Hollywood are part of the propaganda.

  4. We’ve got a bad (((rat))) problem… and an equally bad roach problem. Hell, the pests and parasites have taken completely over!

  5. the Jews and their ethnic orc armies intend to blackwash ALL of White history and culture,

    before they get down to the accelerated #White genocide phase.

    by and by, either we do them

    or they do us.

    • Yes- they’ll wipe out our history first (especially among the youth), and then the final phases will be underway.

  6. Kind of like Wakanda-full of wishful thinking and lies. Another crappy film about placing nogs above and beyond where they really belong. At best, it provides some laughs.

  7. I’ve always though Hector was the only truly noble character in the Iliad.

  8. This is one for the Culture Wars. The Jews are using their entertainment/media industry power to re-envision the national heritage of Europe as Black. Here, a Greek classic comes in for the make-over. If the culture – erasers are true to form, they’ll cast Hector as White and make the Trojan War part of their racial narrative. Or they’ll just X-out the scene where Athena grabs Achilles by his blonde hair, fair Peleus son. (I think that Is in Book One of the Iliad.). Whatever they do I won’t even let my dog watch it and he does like his tv – especially the nature shows, wildlife, Blacks in the natural habitat – that sort of thing.

    • When I read the Iliad I got the distinct impression that Hector was the good guy. A faithful father, husband, Prince, brother, son, protector of his city, hero of the story and that Achilles was a vicious savage brute.

      Achilles was a metaphor for the savage always overcoming the civilized man if he’s in enough of a frenzy. Hector is basically a blameless big brother paying for the transgressions of his stupid oversexed little brother.

    • The BBC has another TV show about Beowulf replete with jet Black obsolete farm equipment being depicted as Geats, or Goths the historical people of southern Sweden.

  9. I don’t think Homer says anything about Achilles drinking grape soda or selling crack. NO other race would even entertain the idea of their heritage being violated like this. (((They))) are definitely playing for keeps.

    • Exactly. Achilles wasn’t a Zulu or an Ashanti. He was, by all accounts a blond.

      • He was a blond haired giant. He was so fast afoot he could throw a spear and nearly catch it before it hit the ground. He fought many epic single combats besides Hector, other offspring of demi-gods and no one came close to beating him.

        I think this clumsy, buffoonish attempt to erase us completely out of our own history shows Jews are starting to feel desperate. They have been running the same play for 50 years, it’s all they know how to do. They are intensifying the same naked lies in a desperate attempt to change the wind’s direction.

        I think it will only work against them.

  10. They’ve admitted that they’re lying about history. Lying is a sin against God for all the Christians out there. They know they’re evil. They don’t care. Media and politics are filled with anti-white sociopaths and worshippers of mammon.

  11. If it wasn’t so insidious, it would be pathetically comical. I mean, outside of Shaka Zulu, what mythic, much less genuine, heroes, do these people have?

    You see it time and again, whether it’s a remake of old television programs featuring Negroes cast in the lead roles, like “The Honeymooners” and “Wild, Wild West,” or the replacement of actual White people with Negroes in the “based on a true story” movies; such as in “Bat 21” with Danny Glover or “A Dolphin’s Tale” with Morgan Freeman.

    There is one old T.V. Show that I would like to see remade with a Black cast, only the name would be changed to “Leave It To N*gger.” It would feature a hapless Negro youth who constantly gets into silly situations like trying to run from the Police while his pants are falling down and contracting venereal disease. His entrepreneurial endeavors would include trying to cash an old lady’s social security check, peddling crack on the street corner, selling gold chains at the gas station and pimping. Some big laughs would come from his efforts to shoplift clothes by wearing them in layers beneath his baggy pants and oversized hoodie, and from his futile attempts to read aloud in class. I’m sure that it would be a ratings bonanza!

    • The Zulus who overran Lord Chelmsford were probably the only niggers I respect or admire.

  12. Accepts niggeroids in his midst, then anything in-between will be accepted as a lesser of two primevals.

  13. Maybe some cinematic entrepeneur should remake David and Goliath with the role of David given to some promising black yoof, or Morgan Freeman as Moses. See how the chosen ones would react to that. I, personally, have no cinematic skills, but I’m sure alot of young, enterprising artists on our side do.
    Even better would be to bait some SJW-types in the name of “un-whitening” all the old stories to include jewish biblical characters.
    That would be a good way of fighting fire with fire.

  14. @Jedediah,

    Thanks. I talked to Norman Lear, but he’s in retirement. Another take on this concept is “Leave It To Beaner” which could Star our muy bueno, amigo, El Crapo. Even though, we all know that he’s really just some dweeby Heeb. Those people are always hiding behind some other ethnic mask, usually Italian, and seldom consciously reveal their true identities. Hence, the reason so few people are aware of their omni-presence on television and in Hollywood.

    I heard Schmuck Shumer saying that he wanted to make certain that White males weren’t appointed to positions as Federal Judges, because they were over-represented in the judiciary. I wonder if anyone has the chutzpah to ask Schmuck: “If, out of the five million Jews living in the U.S. (around 2.5 % of the population), three Jewish, Supreme Court Justices (33 1/3 %) out of nine, is an over-representation?”

    Anyway, “Leave It To Beaner” would focus on a young Dreamer who is trying to leave the Cholos and get his G.E.D., so that he can get a better yob to support his wife and twenty children. Hilarity ensues as he struggles to fill out an application, produce identification, and to observe the minimum standards of hygiene at the fast food restaurant where he is currently employed. Other comedic highlights would revolve around his ingenious contrivances designed to conceal his multiple, marital infidelities, and his low rider malfunctioning at intersections and while going around corners. “Ay Caramba!” and “Pinche’ Gringos!” would be the catchphrases.

  15. @Captain John,

    If the battle of Isandlwana was anything like what was depicted in “Zulu Dawn,” then, yes, I would have to agree that the Zulu’s victory was very impressive. Fortunately, this problem was resolved, at least for the time, at Rorke’s Drift. I’ve always preferred the Michael Caine film, but I really should read more on South Africa’s history.

    I’m constantly reminded that I should have undertaken a serious study of history when I was much younger.

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