Miami: Multicultural American Engineering Strikes Again, Several Dead Reported

Another day and another pathetic showing for the United States – note that this was supposed to be a pioneering example of modern engineering.

Miami Herald:

A pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed Thursday, just days after crews had dropped an elevated 950-ton span in place in a project that was intended to give Florida International University students a safe route across the busy roadway.

The bridge gave way suddenly while the traffic light for motorists on Tamiami Trail was red and the concrete span flattened a row of at least eight stopped vehicles. Police on the scene said at least six people could be dead but the exact number of victims remained unconfirmed.

Motorists scrambled out of their cars to help. At least one woman, Katrina Collazo, escaped from a half-crushed car, pulled out unscathed by rescuers.

“Thank God … my daughter is alive,” said her mother, Ada Collazo, in Spanish, after rushing to the scene. “I thought my granddaughter was in the car, but she wasn’t. She’s in school.”

She was supposed to be back in her country of origin at this point, but that’s an issue for another day.

The bridge — in a catastrophic and sudden failure — crashed down across six lanes of heavily traveled Tamiami Trail. It was not immediately clear what caused the collapse of a structure that had been touted as an innovative “instant” bridge because of how quickly it could be constructed. Authorities stressed that it could take days or more to determine what went wrong. Several witnesses reported that workers were on the bridge, which was not expected to open to foot traffic until 2019, when it crumbled.

Designed as a cable-supported bridge, the $14.2 million project was a collaboration between MCM Construction, a prominent Miami-based contractor, and Figg Bridge Design, based in Tallahassee. Figg is responsible for the iconic Sunshine Skyway Bridge across Tampa Bay.

What are we supposed to say when any attempt to improve on our crumbling infrastructure ends in an absolutely humiliating catastrophe?

Are we supposed to act surprised?

Are we supposed to ask why something this touted failed in less than a week?

Can we ask if the labor force on this bridge was majority non-White?

Or can we inquire whether the Jew in charge of the University hosting the structure pulled some sort of Mafia stunt with the funding for materials?


  1. Even if the labor force was majority non-white, that’s not necessarily an excuse…nonwhites do a *lot* of construction in this country and have for a while now, and catastrophes like this are a rarity. This comes down to a fault in engineering or overseeing or both. The investigation findings should be enlightening.

      • Some of that good old Chinese steel? Might be. I wonder if Xi already has his ducks in a row to exempt China from those nasty tariffs…

      • I blame affirmative action hiring…these big corporations are forced to hire minorities, and they fear to fire or discipline them…they are often not good at their jobs…but they cannot get fired…so they are entitled, and they act like it…

    • I would wager it’s a lack of oversight. That’s the problem with hiring blacks and Hispanics, you have to constantly watch them and correct their mistakes. Not worth it IMO.

  2. H1-B engineers, wetback laborers, imported Chink construction materials and a scheming jew in charge of the funding….WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

    • Spahn, you know as well as I do that everything other than the Jew laughing his way to the bank will go wrong.

      • Things prolly won’t go too wrong for “Habitual Felon Melon Bicyclist” MARQUISE RASHAAD HEPBURN who is now the first plaintiff to file suit (with a big time law firm) against “The Capital of Latin America” et al. after he survived unspecified injuries resulting from collapse of the “Cutting Edge Cane Cutter” bridge.

        It’s hard for me to control my laughter on this. (and I don’t mean laughing at deaths of innocent people either)

  3. The French are again ahead of the US here with the crumbling facade of the Paris Opera and the collapse of a new section of CDG airport roof killing several a few years back. Eventually the grid is going down it’s just a matter of time. The (((replacements)) just will not be able to maintain our infrastructure.

    • Good God. It’s beginning to sound like the worldview in ‘Earth Abides’ – a White man lives after a major catastrophe, marries a nigger, and watches the entire civilization crumble around him…..

      • “Earth Abides” by George R. Stewart is an excellent novel, one of the best post-apocalyptic novels ever written. However, the main character’s taking of a light-skinned groid as his girlfriend was equally disappointing. Still, it’s a good book, despite that major flaw. Another novel, “Eternity Beach”, is an 800 page white nationalist novel by Ward Kendall, which I just finished. It’s the best white nationalist novel I’ve ever read, and he doesn’t take a groid for a girlfriend.

  4. Did Larry Silverstien happen to purchase insurance? 10 to 1 this is Jewish lightning. On top of using unfit material at a huge discount. Just my humble opinion.

  5. Where did the $$ that was suppose to go for INFASTRACTURE that was in the Stimulus bill..
    Yes I know it was A slush fund to pay the union BACK & get Candidates elected …

  6. Oh and Extensive background checks on all pedestrian bridges and Ban certain scarey type ones ..

  7. Oh I sure hope bridges dont have bump stocks or 30 round clips or magazines cause we sure DON’T need that !

    • From what I’ve heard, she escaped Hitler’s ovens at least a few dozen times.

      Got lampshaded at least 5 times, too…

  8. Watch for this sort of failure to increase at an exponential rate, as older white men retire. We will accelerate to Brazil/Venezuela levels of failure. Brown nations have Brown standards.

  9. When I was a teenager, I worked for a Bricklayer. He always complained about being underbid by Mexicans, and the shoddy work performed by them. He worked almost exclusively building McMansions in the suburbs. Many of the homes were suffering from foundation cracks and other issues within five years of their construction. This was due to the builder’s willingness to use cheap labor instead of paying for craftsmanship.

    A couple of years ago, a large Suburban, High School Football Stadium, touted as being the most expensive venue of its kind in the State, was shut down after one year due to structural failures. It was initially uncertain if the stadium could be repaired, but after another huge expenditure, I believe it has been shored up (at least for now). Contrast this with a High School Football Stadium near downtown, that was built in 1938. It endured a flood ten years later that turned the inside of it into a small lake filled to the upper decks. It still stands today, and from all appearances, if left to it’s own fate, it will outlast the Coliseum in Rome.

    There’s a Viaduct across the river, connecting downtown with the Northside. It was built in 1914 and it is a recognized National engineering landmark. After a century of heavy use, it shows no sign of deterioration. But, with plans to “modernize” the North side of town, it will probably be replaced with a more “chic” span. This has already happened with the other historic Viaduct that crossed the river on the West end of downtown. The bridge that replaced it is a rather clumsy effort, and I seriously doubt that it will last even half as long as the century old Viaduct that was demolished to make room for “progress.”

  10. @Daniel,

    I loathe those commercials. Few people know that Israel is the number one recipient of U. S. Foreign Aid; with approximately 80 Billion Dollars per Year being disbursed to them! When you mention this to someone, they usually shrug their shoulders, or offer the rationalizaton of “Assisting Our Ally in the Middle East.”

    If you want to hear some real stuttering and stammering, ask a mainstream Judeo-Christian: Do you believe that you have to accept Jesus in order to be saved? Then ask them: Do the Jews acknowledge Christ as their Savior?

    • All you get then is “God’s Chosen People”, “Christians were grafted on”, and “those who bless Israel get blessed in return”.

      I swear, if I get one more text from my mother talkibg about “precious Israel”, I’m going Breivik.

      Tell her about how they treat Christians in their enclaves (and when they think they can get away with it), and she says we need to show them Godms lovingkindness and “lead them to Jesus”.

      My dad used to be pretty redpilled on the JQ, but then mom introduced him to John Hagee when I was a kid, and now he’s all into Jewish Voice, and won’t even have an intelligent discussion over the role that Jews have played in negative world events. He will get furious and shut the whole conversation down.

  11. As an engineer by trade I can tell you one thing that hasn’t come up in any of these comments. What a lot of companies are doing now is farming out the engineering work to offshore companies. Usually the work is split up between multiple firms in different countries (to save upfront costs of course.) Then the guy on the job site has to figure out how all this is supposed to come together and work correctly. It can be an absolute nightmare. I was on one job (petrochemical expansion) where we (me and two other engineers) had to completely redesign the entire control system because otherwise the process would never start up. Naturally we took the heat for delaying the project.

    • Dear GOD! I know nothing about engineering – but I know you need well trained, intelligent, and honest engineers to do any job. Shouldn’t all the engineers be on site?

      • “Shouldn’t all the engineers be on site?” — Not necessarily, but on a US construction site, all the engineers involved need to be competent engineers and speak and text among themselves and with site superintendents in clear standard North American English and clear English construction site vernaculars.

        • Yes that’s true. Also when engineering work is piecemealed out all over the world, there is no sense of ownership, no real accountability, and therefore no pride in ones work. And guess what, Mother Nature is a real bitch and cares not about feelz and quotas.

        • the foreign enginers are metric based and have no idea abut US English units. Mistakes are the consequence. their english is also terrible

    • It’s pointed out repeatedly that the older structures were more robustly built and still standing. Could this collapse (and recently similar failures) be chalked up to:

      -The use of CAD software that allows the designers continually to reduce the margin for error?

      -And the newer generation of Engineers – regardless of country of origin – who continually are taught to “not waste materials,” and thus produce ultimately un-robust designs?

      One need only to inspect structures from the Victorian Era that are both still standing, in use and doing well. The difference is that the Victorians *didn’t* have CAD software and *did* have a tendency to (over) build things to last.

      I realize that Nativism is the stock-in-trade of this website, but in this instance It’s all too easy to blame (((Penny Pinching))), South Asians, Chinese, Cubans, Mexicans, illegals or what have you, when instead it may very well a simple failure of design philosophy.

      Just a thought.


      • it is thoroughly possible, like you say, that the groups you mention also fcuked up CAD software.

  12. It used to be rare you’d hear about a bridge collapse. Usually it happened on bridges long in place but poorly maintained. This one was brand new and supposed to last 100 years. Affirmative action may be hazardous to your health. Welcome to 3rd world America.

    That Jew should be investigated too for any funny business with materials or kick backs. I doubt it will happen.

  13. Related note.

    My parents had their house re-sided; got Home Depot contractors to do it. Bunch of South Americans.Took about a week to do for a 2 story.

    Goddamn Brazilians ruined their brand-new AC system, put nails through the INSIDE walls, caused shifting in the struts resuling in cracks in the inner drywall, had to do the painting 3 times, and left the dumpster in the road for three weeks after.

    When the folks complained, Home Depot said that they could not find the workers to have a sit-down.

    My mother and father treated those bastards like honored guests; they brought the foreman in, found out he was a “Christian”, invited them in for dinner, showed them good Southron hospitality.

    And they have to do repairs on the shit job that those assholes did.

    Of course, good luck getting them to admit that they were screwed over because they were white. To them, they just did a shit job because “that’s probable what they are used to where they come from”.

    Mom says that she prays that the foreman “gets spiritual conviction” for what he did.

    I just pray he falls off his ladder onto some nails.

  14. Actual quote from Leona Flores, FIU Alumna and Project Exec of the MCM, on speaking with her daughter on the importance of women going into STEM:

    “It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”

    Life comes at you fast.

  15. @Fash Bandicoot,

    Yes, I too, have had the conversation “off switch” flicked on me when I broach the subject of “The Chosen People” with family members. It never ceases to amaze me how nearly impossible it is to even have a discussion about Jewish influence. It doesn’t matter what evidence you have, or how many quotes from the proverbial “horses mouth” you can cite, it is only met with “you can’t judge everyone by the actions, or the words, of “a few.” And, there is absolutely no way that people will accept that it isn’t just “a few,” but “a majority” of them who are causing problems. This is symptomatic of kind of mind control, likely induced by subliminal messaging in broadcast television.

    I mean, it’s one thing to have a difference of opinion on a particular matter, and to debate, or argue, about it. But, it is an entirely different thing to be completely irrational, and totally unwilling (or unable?) to even talk about something. What, besides hypnosis, could account for such a reaction from people who are otherwise astute and conversant regarding other issues?

    • most White ‘Murkans are shabbatz goyim because

      a. they got/get a 24/7 pro-Jew brainwash via the public skrewels and (((MSM)))

      b. and – via gubmint job/pension/contract/handout they are living off Jew-controlled debt.

    • Bless his heart, the ghost writer of Mein Kampf, Rudolph Hess thought there was mind control involved.

      And it’s true.

  16. Poorly designed.Streching 50 yards of 950-tons of concrete with tention wires only. Column in the mittle of the highway lacking for support. Railroad uses steel and wood for bridge.

  17. South Floirda is a Multi Cult sewer…..its only gonna get worse and worse…Hopefully maybe some Whiggers will morph into being White again…Enie Meanie Mini Moe…Darkies everywhere you turn now..USA is headed for being another another South Africa…Anybody got some Kryptonite for the Darkies? Martin Lindstedt is in a safe place ..and be ready …and hope you survive…

      • Careful what you wish for as a taxpayer. Florida is still part of the mainland. Lots of taxpayer dollars when those road convoys of Pike and Asplundh and FEMA hit the roads. Lots of new wetback labor crossing the border too.

  18. So is the media gonna mention this minority construction firm with lots of spitches and H1B flunkies?

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