Nerve Agent Used On Cuck Island Likely Of British, American, Or Swedish Origin

We’re learning a lot about this disgusting warmongering against the Russian Federation – basically, we’re seeing that (((the powers that be))) are willing to resort to blatant lies that are now disproved in hours instead of days or weeks.

Take the nerve agent story across the pond over in the land of Cuck Island, for example.

We were told that the attempted murder of two insignificant Russian traitors was beyond a shadow of a doubt the work of Vladimir Putin – complete with the insidiously-Slavic-sounding name of a certain substance (Novichok).

Well, problem with all that is … err … the Russians haven’t possessed this material since the heyday of Boris Yeltsin in the 1990’s.


The substance used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal may have originated from the countries studying the “Novichok” nerve agent, including the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Sweden, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“The most likely source of origin of the toxin are the countries which have been carrying out intense research on the substances from the ‘Novichok’ program, approximately since the end of the 1990s until the present time, and this project is not the creation of Russia or the Soviet Union,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday. She listed the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Sweden among the countries involved.

The US should also “be put under question,” Zakharova said in an interview with the state broadcaster VGTRK.

America always has to be a suspect when these cases are involved – remember that rumor has it that the WMD’s used by Moslem terrorist groups in Syria were provided by the United States and Israel (the blueprints and recipes at the very least).

“How did they come to the conclusion about a Russian ‘footprint’ if they didn’t give us those samples? Logically they shouldn’t have this substance. Which samples have they compared with to draw such a conclusion?” she went on. “Questions arise: then, they should have samples, which they conceal, or it is a lie from start to finish.”

“If the UK prime minister and other British experts give the formula, then it will be clear which countries have been developing these agents,” Zakharova said.

Even Jeremy Corbyn suggested this, and was promptly shouted down by the delusional Cuck Islanders suffering from an outbreak of misplaced patriotism.

Zakharova’s remarks echo those of Russia’s representative at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Aleksandr Shulgin, who said the ‘Novichok’ research was taken out of the Soviet Union following its collapse. While Shulgin didn’t name where the program was smuggled, he said the source of the substance used in Salisbury is “concealed in one of the countries where this research continued and achieved certain success.”

This was a huge problem following the collapse of the Soviet Union – my suspicion is that there were more than a few members of the Tribe (they tend to gravitate towards WMD programs) that smuggled the formula for this “Novichok” out into the West.

All the more reason why Britain should turn over some samples for independent analysis.

I mean, they do want to catch the true criminals and attempted murderers, right?

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  1. I’d assume it’s Mossad if there’s a USSR recipe that was smuggled out. Plenty of Yid chemists in Israel with the right experience.

    • Have you ever read yid “research” papers? They really can’t do science. They just can’t stop lying. I think it must be semite genetics. Intel tried to move their key operations to Israel as part of the asset stripping of the US and it failed spectacularly. They can copy stuff to some extent but we are on a fast track back to the Dark Ages if they win this.

      • For the 6 millionth time, Modern Day ‘Jews’ are NOT Semites! They are one of two groups, depending on your predilection for science. They are either Khazars (as a number of their own have clearly believed- Elhaik, Sand, Freeman, and Koestler) and/or they are Neanderthals, and thus, UNLIKE US.

        • Who freakin CARES if they aren’t “semites”… or if they’re “real” jews or “fake” jews?!?!?! I have trouble wrapping my head around why any of that mess is of concern to any of us! Yes, they are UNLIKE US, they are ANATHEMA to us, and that’s what is really important. Most of us couldn’t care less if they are “the Hebrews” of that effing collection of plagiarized myths and astrological metaphors called (((The Bible))), if they are “sons of Cain”, or “children of” Santa Claus!! No offense, Fr. John+ and some of you other superstitious types… but not all of us have the stomach for this constant back-and-forth debate of make-believe judaic religiosity when it comes to discussing what these assholes are doing IN THE REAL WORLD.

      • Jews don’t believe in Christ therefore they can’t be of Israel.

        And Father John is right in that they are not entirely of Shem, therefore they are not Semites.

        What you are repeating on those two points are well-debunked Jew lies.

        You are right in the main point though, Jews tend not to have a love of truth so their science is very weak. It ties in closely with what was just explained to you.

  2. The international warmongers are itching for a confrontation with Putin even if it risks WWIII. Insane deceitful sociopaths. The first casualty of war is truth.

    • yeah, welllll…….

      Putin/Lavrov et al need to stop whining about these obvious (((false flags)))

      and start striking back. If Isra’murkan warships attack Syria/Iran yet again,

      then attack and sink the ships.

      and kill their SJW terrorist crews. Like should have been done some time ago.

      He has the means to do so.

  3. Obviously this type of bullshit has been effective in the past because they are still using it. I am starting to believe that you need a mature IQ of at least 115 to see through this without being led. I would not be shocked if (((they))) have realized this for some time and have developed programs like fluoridation, vaccines, ADD medications and food additives and nog inter-breeding to keep the general population below this threshold. WWII never should have happened yet now the large mural of Lindbergh is or has been painted over at the airport that bears his name in San Diego as he is de-personed and forgotten for warning us of the situation we are in now.

  4. Russia won’t fall in line with the rest of the cuck nations, so the consequent bad PR campaign. Russia is being stabbed from 100 directions.

  5. In Syria, the pro-Assad forces and Turkey are now making consistent ground gains each and every day.

  6. “you need a mature IQ of at least 115 to see through this without being led.”

    At least ! Along with a skeptical attitude and some insight from experience and education.
    High IQ alone just isn’t enough. There are many gullible geniuses.

    • The threshold of critical thought is an IQ of 110. And you are right there is a spiritual component to this as well, you have to want to know the truth.

      And then there is mass brainwashing via the televitz, public schools, and all these 501c3 churches.

      So at no time will a majority of people be able to make sense of modern politics or even be able to adequately process what they hear on tv. The IQ component alone proves that.

  7. Does anyone recall the incident in Lebanon, where two Israeli spies used an aerosol poison to attempt killing a Lebanese editor? Both were caught by his bodyguard and israel forced to provide the antidote.

  8. The actual names of all participating individuals and/or groups in this attack need to be exposed and then they should lose their livlihoods and all social standing so they can be known as the pariah-schlemiels that they are. This kind of world war starting stuff can’t be forgiven and dismissed. It’s a very serious transgression against all of us.

  9. A war against Russia would destroy ZOG and give the Russian army the opportunity to invade and then LIBERATE western Europe.

  10. ZOGusa and ZOGuk have their COINTELPRO and the Russian federation has theirs. The minions will probably not be able to penetrate the schmo screen and get to the truth of ‘who is gassing who’ in ZOGuk anymore than they will in Syria.

    The Judaic Supremacy probably controls all three governments. Putin may only have the ‘good guy’ script in the preparations for WWIII. I have seen no evidence that the Russian Federation owns the Bank of Russia. It is very possible that Russia is owned by the Jew Bank in the way the known and certified ZOGs are owned. If so, then the entire charade is networked at the top.

    I think that in this charade the ZOGs have the bad guy script. So their COINTELPRO will appear to be the ‘war mongering lies’ on the basis of certain factoids. Russia with the ‘good guy script’ will always appear moderate, measured, transparent. In this scenario: Russia doesn’t meddle in elections, execute defectors, gas civilians in Syria. And maybe they don’t. It would be good to think so. But my sense about this tells me that all three nations are ZOGs controlled by a covert Apex and these charades are co-ordinated from the top as part of the world war preparation.

    • stop making things more complicated than they are.

      if the Jews controlled the banking system in Russia, Russia would have surrendered to open-borders Judeo-globalization long ago.

      it has refused to do so. Therefore,

      Russia must be destroyed.

      • You do not know how things ‘are’ Haxo and neither do I. When I look at the Moscow skyline, the Astana skyline etc I see that all the Jew Banks are well represented on that skyline. Who owns the Bank of Russia? No one knows. But when I look at the skyline it is more likely to me that it is owned by the Jew banking cartel – as owned as the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England and functions like any other subsidiary.

        It occurs to me that the Judaic Supremacy has a different mandate for the post soviet socialist nations than it does for the Western ZOGs. This models the data we can see and verify. One of its prime objectives is world conflict between blocks of nations / soviets.

        • You’re right Lynda. It would be naive to rule out the possibility/risk that the chosenite cliques pull the strings in Russia as well. Despite my being born and bred in Poland under the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, it took me years to figure out who dictates Poland’s internal and external policies, blaming the “nationalist” government – that is thoroughly “enriched” by (((them))) – for the “Polish racism/antisemitism”. Sa masterly is the tribe at hiding who they are and what they occupy themselves with. The NWO apparently cannot be carried out without a major conflict between the White nations. Poland is being used as a pawn in this horrible game. As you probably know, the Chabad Lubavitch has a strong nest in Ukraine (officially Poland’s biggest ally after the USA and Israel) and it thrives better and better in Russia.

          • @Lucy. Poland usually has it figured out. For the West, I think it is the rise of the Visegrads we should be looking at, not Russia. What are they saying about Vlad’s new term in Poland?

  11. Neocons do not want WWIII. They want to shackle Russia so that ZOG is not impeded when it fights Israel’s wars in the Middle East.

  12. I think the average IQ of Britain has dropped by 30 points in the last twenty years. I wonder why…
    And all this smells of Jewish involvement somewhere. Their DNA is all over it.
    Where there’s trouble, there’s lampshadesteinsoapberg in there in the middle of it all.

  13. Since the US, UK and Israel commit false flag attacks with the regularity of a metronome, why should anyone consider this anything but? The only good globalist is a….

  14. England, and Israel have massive chemical weapons stockpiles, research programs or both. Personally, I think Israel, England or the U.S. wdfe behind this terror attack with nerve agents. Jews especially are amoral enough to use them against civilians let alone others with zero regard for the collateral deaths and injuries that result.

    • It’s most likely an MI6 MI5 SIS thing.

      Anthrax guy in the US around 2002 was a lab worker in a US lab for example.

  15. Novichok…literally ‘new stuff’ in Russian was developed by the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan several years after the fall of the USSR.
    The factory that produced it was dismantled by a US contractor, consequently the only country that now has any of it, if indeed it was manufactured, is the US, and probably Israel.
    Since the UK is now under the wing of Israel…Mossad now trains the Metropolitan Police in London and controls the Crown Prosecution Service and thus the courts, and all politicians have to kowtow to Israel at the (incorrectly named), Wailing Wall (that is actually part of the Roman built defenses), Israel is now the UK in all but name.
    Thus it is clear if any Novichok exists and it was used on what was a rather useless spy, (Russia only sentenced him to 18 years in prison of which he didn’t even serve half rather than shoot him or sentence him to life), then it was supplied by Israel.
    As the saying goes: birds fly, flowers bloom, Jews lie. QED.

  16. Based Putin just won another election today and in his celebratory sleep he offered to help UK investigate the attack. Checkmate Brits.

    But seriously, all the horrible shit the US government does , fucking up the middle East and arming jihadis and killing civilians and our MSM are complicit — but maybe Russia did a little gas attack on a man who Betrayed the Russian government and it is the end of the world.

    I don’t think it’s really ethical of Putin to let this nerve gas attack Happen because it could potentially harm innocent bystanders but then again I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a false flag

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