Loved By The People: Vladimir Putin Wins 4th Presidential Term With 76% Support

Democracy as practiced in the West is a total load of tripe on the best of days.

Its essence is weak, approved candidates are typically in lockstep on the issues, and the system itself has become so weak and corrupt that any small clique of donor Jews can influence results with minimal effort.

But in Russia, the idea of a beloved and successful strongman still holds true, and Vladimir Putin still meets both criteria nearly two decades into his majority-approved rule.


Incumbent Russian leader Vladimir Putin is set to secure a resounding victory in the Russian presidential election, according to partial results made public by the electoral commission.

Vladimir Putin is now leading with over 76 percent of the vote, well above the simple majority needed to avoid a run-off.

First-time Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin is running second with little over 12 percent, while veteran nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who first ran against Boris Yeltsin in 1991, rounds out the top three with about six percent.

For those who may not be aware, Mother Russia is a very strange and interesting place in terms of electoral politics.

You may think that a Communist resurgence is a very bad thing, but in truth, you’re talking about rabid Nationalists who are more like the 1991 Military Coup hardliners than the Judeo-Bolsheviks who slaughtered millions of White Christians during the early years of Soviet rule.

They also tend to be dedicated supporters of Putin when the Duma is in session – many of the pro-family and anti-faggotry proposals have originated with the Communists.

And with the Zhirinovsky character, you’re looking at a half-Jew who is literally Bobby Fischer-tier when it comes to hatred of his own kin – he has in the past suggested that the world’s Jews be settled in Eastern Siberia and Northern Alaska, has denounced his Jewish father repeatedly, has called for the ethnic cleansing of Moslems and Asiatics in Russia, and has gone on the record calling out President Trump as a lying cuck.

He also tends to be Vlad the Great’s choice for leading delegations to Israel despite writing a book calling for Palestine to return to Christian dominance.

None of the other five candidates is on track to receive more than two percent of the vote.

Putin was first elected to the Kremlin in 2000, and again four years later. Constitutionally barred from serving more than two consecutive terms, he did not run in 2008, the same year presidential terms were extended from four years to six years. Putin won 63.6 percent of the vote in 2012, and, if the early results are confirmed, he will now stay in his post until 2024, the year he turns 72.

May Vladimir Putin reign for another generation – it’s truly been beautiful to see TRUE 4-D CHESS play itself out in the new struggle with the Jewed, screwed, and tattooed West.


  1. I see that (((Breitbart))) news has called the election “tainted by fraud.” That’s funny coming from the US, where millions of non-citizens and dead negroes vote and where Obama received vote totals exceeding the number of adults in some precincts.

    Fraud is hardly necessary when a candidate already expects 70%+ of the vote.

    This is the empire of lies, fraud and war.

    • I stopped going to BB entirely. I just couldn’t stand their constant arse-licking of jews and israel. And I don’t miss it one little bit.

        • Well, I understand that, but it just got to the point of total revulsion for me. Especially after they got that Glick thing on their staff and the brown-nosing of everything israel was too much.

      • Everytime you watch the Talmudvision, the Jews take a crap into your soul. That is why i watch very little TV, I don’t have to look at people that are a perfect fit for the cast of the movie, They Live.

    • They’re just butthurt that the half-Ukrainian terrorist (and probable homosexual) Navalny was banned from the ballot.

    • Wow I haven’t read Breitbart’s coverage yet. I’m shocked they came out so strongly like that. That’s basically the same narrative as Time Magazine. Wtf


      • > I’m shocked

        Really? You’re shocked that website (Kikebart) run by a bunch of jews would take the exact same position as other jews in the MSM rather than take the conservative-nationalist position? I hope you’re being sarcastic. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about jews would see that coming from a hundred miles away.

      • @Elder Wall

        The WTF moment is usually when the smokes and fogs blow a little to the side and it is possible to see through the Schmo Screen of the official conspiracy theory or coincidence theory or whatever the COINTELPRO is.

        The all time classic is , of course, WTC7 which has now passed into Alt Right discourse as ‘the WTC7 effect’
        Enhanced Version

  2. International Gallup poll says 79% of Russians Approves of Putin. That’s a Worldly renowned poll. 8 out of 10 Russians are At the least fine with Putin. That’s a damn impressive rating.

    RT polls and Sputnik polls are hard to tell how slanted they are but I’ve seen a few trusted polls that look good for V Putin

    So much for that western government narrative that Putin is a dictator holding his citizens hostage! Lmao

    • “8 out of 10 Russians are…”

      Just like 8 out of 10 Americans. Or 8 out of 10 Brits. Or 8 out of 10 whoevers. People caught up in, totally engrossed in, one Presentation or another within this “Theater of Pain” …erroneously considered Reality by 8 out of 10. While the remaining 2 are thinking what a wonderful fire could be made of the theater building, but are unwilling to even consider carrying out such a tragedy against their bewitched fellows inside, and are instead having a smoke outside by the exit, eager for company.

      • I know this isn’t what you meant but…

        Let’s strap you into a parachute harness and drop you in Donetsk, maybe with a SCAR. If you are spoiling for a fight with Ivan there’s nothing stopping you.

        Again I know that’s not what you intended but no wider interest is served having Americans fight Russians.

        • “I know this isn’t what you meant but…”

          Right, my man. And I have no idea what any of what you said has to do with me or with whatever I said above…

    • I met a gaggle of young Russian college students in Europe in 2012 during the last Russian primary. They all supported Putin. His support is real. No need for ballot stuffing.

  3. I remember reading that the old (((creep))) who has headed the National Endowment for Democracy for more than 30 years has said that the American people need to develop the “moral will to effect regime change in Russia.” Imagine what that could be.

    The US Govt is a menace to all.

  4. Vlad the badass champion is back!!!
    Just goes to show-if you look after the people, they’ll happily keep you in charge. Everybody wins.
    In the West, the stiff, faceless suits at the top serve everyone but you, ignore you like you’re nothing (except at election time) flood us with turd world invaders, offshore our jobs and pay out OUR taxes to African shitholes without asking for anything back……then expect to be re-elected. Fuck ’em!
    May Vlad rule forever!

      • @JimB,
        All good mate. How are things down there in Tennessee at the moment?
        Keep fit, remain hopeful and share what you know.
        I’m always happy to stand corrected by those who know more than I, as long as they’re polite and mature about it.
        I live in New South Wales on a farm with my wife and one of my daughters-the other three kids have moved out. I expect to be gone by mid-century, but I worry about my childrens future beyond that. I feel totally betrayed by our leadership.
        Anyway enjoy your week and drop by if you’re in the area-my wife will make you a cup of tea with cookies.

        • You’re awesome, john, and I’d proudly have tea and cookies with ya.
          Things are pretty well here in Tennessee, very rainy lately!

  5. If the jews and globalists don’t like Vladimir Vladimirovitch then he ‘s got to be a good guy.

    • that’s…it:

      ANYTHING the Jews hate has to be good.

      How good depends on how much they hate it.

      And the Jews venomously hate Russia and Putin

      because Russia sloughed off Judeo-communism

      and Putin defies Judeo-globalization.

  6. With all due respect to Mr. Cicero and the other pro-Putin folks here, some of us are not so easily sucked in by all of the “based” stuff coming out of Russia from Putin or anyone else. There’s an old saying: All The World’s A Stage. I for one know that the saying is absolutely true, especially in the realm of politics and geopolitics, and doubly-especially when any jews are involved, “based” though they be.

    I’m not one of these people who believe that Russia is our mortal enemy… or, conversely, our friend and hope. There is much more going on than meets the eye with both sides of the R.Q. (Russia Question). Just like there was and is much more going on “behind the curtain” with the T.Q. (Trump Question).

    Our enemies are very subtle. They are masters at theater. They deftly present “seen enemies” (or controlled opposition) to the more explicit of their destructive programs for us constantly. Trump was of course one such “seen enemy”, one such actor, as is obvious to many now. He played his part well, and now he is faithfully carrying out his duties to his true (((masters))), in spades. The American people (the audience) were (and still are) presented with a “Never Trump” drama…, with violent and choreographed protests and riots from obvious and explicit anti-Whites/communists… and they very predictably dived like their lives depended on it upon (((The Trump Train))). True, they had little choice, considering how the entire system was rigged to begin with, but nonetheless… here we are, just as jew-screwed as ever!

    “Based” Putin and Russia are of exactly the same nature as “based” MAGA and Trump. I know it deep down in my bones, no matter the glowing O.D. articles to the contrary. And I also know that I’m not alone in this. You can make retarded statements like “You may think that a Communist resurgence is a very bad thing, but…” and like “…with the Zhirinovsky character, you’re looking at a half-Jew who is literally Bobby Fischer-tier…” until the cows come home, but plenty of us here (and in this movement) aren’t idiots.

    Enough said for now.

    • I’m sure you could be right to some extent, but that sort of mindset is defeatist and demoralizing on the best of days.

      It’s like those people who were pushing the “everybody is a crisis actor” theory a few years ago.

      • Oh, I’m far from being defeatist, Marcus, and certainly have no intention of causing anyone to get demoralized! And the “everybody is a crisis actor” wing-nuts have nothing in common with someone like me, someone who isn’t swayed by hype when it comes to politics and the pathology of herd animals.

        • All I’m saying is *CAUTION* is the best policy when throwing your lot in with anyone at this point in history. Caution isn’t the same as “Don’t Do It!”, nor is it an endorsement of the opposition to the thing, person, ideology or path in question. Wouldn’t you agree that all of the MAGA wing-nuts would have maybe been better off had they had a healthy skepticism towards Chump the Orange? After all, he was White Americas “Putin” during the campaign. God Emperor… to Putin The Great Czar.

          I won’t belabor the point further. In all honestly, a person would have to be a complete dolt to not understand the wisdom in what I’ve posted.

          • I agree with everything you say, but you are waisting your time trying to explain it to these hapless imbeciles on this site.

          • Trump is actually grinding out a few victories here and there.

            His personnel changes are starting to bite a little.

            For instance Hillary is resurfacing, which means she’s worried about something.

          • I agree on all counts, and I’m actually glad that we have the ability to debate the issues without the whole thing devolving into the shitshow the Alt Right is going through at the moment.

            On Putin, I think we can both agree that he’s got his flaws and isn’t some sort of perfect ruler, but for his country at this point in history, he’s probably the best anyone could have hoped for.

            And I think on a macro world level, he’s far more an enemy of International Jewry than a friend. Imagine the Middle East and Russia itself had someone like Yeltsin stayed in power…

  7. “Last scene of all,
    That ends this strange eventful history,
    Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
    Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

    From: As you Like It (William Shakespeare)
    Act II
    Scene VII (‘All the world’s a stage’)

  8. Trump was called the madman for a while but really Zhirinovsky is a fucking madman. He does not give a fuck about shit, and he’s hilarious.
    And LOL, I don’t know if Zhirinovsky has Bobby Schiller-level hatred of Jewery. Schiller fucking hated his Jewish heritage. Like really fucking hated it.

  9. Judging from that picture, looks like biker guys aren’t such bad optics after all. Alt-light boys are probably cringing at the sight of those men.

    • Ricky Vaughn just had a mild stroke from looking at them – then he started having some more degenerate thoughts…

  10. Yes, Mr. Cicero – Czar Vlad is loved by The Russian People, though the percentage is a bit skewed by the peculiar nature of Russian Elections, when, for example, the leading opposition candidate is arrested for being popular, or people are offered various incentives to go vote for him.

    Moreover, Russia is very ‘Jewed’, to an extent which you dare not imagine, this because, most cities, outside of St. Petersburg and Moscow, are ruled by local Russian-Jewish mob oligarchs, in a manner much like America of the very early 19thth century, though, much much more evolved.

    There is a lot of self-destructiveness and degeneracy in Russian Society, sad to say – this in spite of the resurgent Russian Orthodox Church – something which Czar Vlad deserves a lot of credit.

    I do, however, agree with you that Czar Vlad is something about which to be enthusiastick, that, in fact, he is, contrary to what many here would want you to think, THE leader of The Western World.

    In fact, I don’t know why he bothers to hold elections, as he definitely has earned a lifetime spot at the top – the best Czar since either Nicholas I or Catherine The Great.

    • After Lenin and Stalin and Trotsky we don,t consider people like Navalny “a opposition candidates”

      If Czar Nicholas II had balls to go after some “opposition candidates” before year 1917 , this would saved us from all the horrors of 20th century.

      • Czar Nicholas II was too ruled by that ghastly wife of his to be an effective ruler. One of their relatives commented that she had made a “dishrag out of Nicky”. He should have shoved her into a convent as soon as she started acting up. It would have been better if he had married that lively little ballerina with whom he had an affair before hooking up with ‘Sunny’. If ever there was a misnomer, it was that one.

        • There’s a subtext to this.

          Both the British Royal Families married heavily into the Danish Royal House, when they sought to find Waifus.

          The Danes were always looking to spank Germany after the Danish-Prussian war. The mothers of George and Nicholas (who looked like twins) got the looks from their beautiful Danish princess mothers. They were keen on a Russian-British alliance and had a fair amount of court influence.

          They call the Danes the “Jews of Scandinavia” for a reason methinks.

          • Yes, some of those women were beautiful, and they retained their looks as they aged, too. The wife of Edward VII, Alexandra, was one of them, and she looked as young as her sons when they were adults. I didn’t know that the Danes were called the Jews of Scandinavia before this, however.

      • Mr., Juri,

        Now that was a excellent observation. History would have changed so much for the better if Tsar Nicolas II would have been more like a traditional Tsar. Trying to appease the Enemy is wrong in itself and it does not work.


        • Nicholas was a stickler for Autocracy.

          His workload was very heavy and perhaps buried him under too much paperwork. He may have missed signs of trouble after he got into too many details with his brief box.

        • Hi Christy

          Thank you for your kind words.

          Yes, history would have changed so much if we only admitted the real problem on time…white liberals in the mid of us.

          As Corporal Greed and Kappy The Lion rightfully noticed, there were no jewsniggersmuslimsand darthwaders in the the Eastern Europe in those times.. Something very wrong was within the our own beloved white race. Genetical white liberal. We did not admitted the real problem and price was 70 years of horrors and 50 million dead. We still recovering .

          We admitted the real problem, white liberal and got rid from them. That is how Russia and whole Eastern Europe some how keep itself white.

          Jewsniggersmuslims are parasites. They can live only in the certain environment. Remove the the environment and parasites are on the run. Get rid from the white liberal and the of the folk is on the run.

          Somehow tiny poor nations from Estonia to Macedonia can keep themselves white but the mighty US and UK can not. What the problem is ?

          Go after genetical white liberal and the rest of the problems go away by itself .



          • Captain John,

            Thank you for writing to me. Your statements are kind. I think the enemy should be shot and stacked.

            Senor Juri,

            I can neither add nor delete from the truth you have written. The white liberal is a main enemy.


          • With the majority of the West (and East), I think you’re talking some serious sense, but with America, you’re dealing with a Jew population that has become more entrenched and dominant than anywhere else.

            The core issue (as Hunter has pointed out) are the flaws in our system that allowed these Kikes to infiltrate and reign supreme, but at this stage an American has to deal with the Jew harder than those in other countries.

            100 years ago or even 50 years ago, the White traitor was truly the greatest enabling enemy in the States, but this changed sometime during or right after the 1960’s – you started to see the White vermin take a more backseat role as the Jews completed their takeover and consolidation of major institutions like the media and academics.

          • @Juri

            This is what I say to people who want to attack Niggers.

            Niggers wouldn’t be a problem if White Leftists didn’t stir them up, or use them as tools of conquest, or as political weapons.

            If White Leftist/Liberals didn’t exist, neither would Jewish power. Jews exploit the political system and environment created in the first place, by White Leftists. That’s why the Jews were able to take over post 1865. The New England radicals had created a turn key system ready made for them and their subversive purposes. As an aside, the Soviets made it a capital crime to oppose or criticise the Jews. They’re slowly pushing it in that direction here, as well.

            Not all White people are worth saving. Some of them deserve to drown in the mud flood.

  11. In America, the Jew population has decided to reveal themselves as obviously dominant and so reveal to a mass of people the reality of the Western ZOGs in service to Israel. In Russia and the BRICs – their post revolutionary republics – they have decided to be covert. Think about it.

    • You hit the nail on the head; Lynda. Covert Jews with Goyish names pull the strings in all European countries. And in the rare cases when their tribal background happens to be reavealed, the geniuses instruct the stupid Goyim that they simply were forced to hide their true heritage out of fear for antisemitism. In Poland, where I grew up, even those who have important positions in Jewish organizations have Polish names. Only the chief,Michael Schudrich born and bred in USA, has a Yiddish name. In Germany, they actually do not need to change their names, as it is enough to adjust the spelling.

      In Sweden, where I live since four decades, many have eqipped them with Swedish names or have Yiddish names that sound German in the ear of an uninitiated Swede, and those with Polish names are simply regarded as Poles. As the latter- mentioned made a career from smearing Poles, they occasionally need to reaveal their true heritage, but that is soon brushed under the carpet as there is no worse sin to the otherwise super secular Swede than naming the “deeply traumatised” individual’s background. No wonder that prosecutions for hate speech (hets mot folkgrupp) always are about “hate” for other “folk-groups”, such as Muslims, homosexuals, islamists, trans-genders, etc.

      • @Lucy

        You are onto the trick. In the U.S. they identify as White and use their influence for White demonization – they are on all channels 24/7 programming Whites to regard themselves as ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic, getting the White Americans to ‘check their privilege’ , In Poland, they identify as Polish and roll-out ‘Polish holocaust’. They never really get any new ideas. This should actually work for us. But so far not yet.

  12. @James

    OMG the gift that keeps on giving just keeps on giving. .And seriously funny I say to myself as I put an extra helping of sauerkraut on that polish sausage. I am checking for Kosher. And yup – in the name of the ‘geysers of blood’ [ a reference that I heard personally from the man himself when he lectured at my JewU ], in the name of Jewish math and the TWICE as many holocausted in the whole of Europe as were recorded on every official census before WWII in the whole of Europe – these brave, determined Jews are going to say: ‘Polish holocaust’ and get themselves off to jail in Poland and pay the ultimate sacrifice: no beer. Enough is enough already.

    I am also entertained by thinking of some of the names the goyim are going to use when they sign that petition – especially in Germany where the reigning Jewish Delusional System has decreed that truth, evidence, facts etc are no defence.

  13. @Lynda

    The old guiser that says “no Polish jail can scare me” is a hoot, since he’s not in Poland, where jail would actually be a threat. He also supplies the dorky element.

    Then there’s the characters talking about beer, and one wearing the Yankees cap.

    To me, that says: “Look goyim, we like beer and baseball, too. We’re just like everybody else.”

    The redheaded gal is what in Texas we call a stuck up prep girl. The mother with the two boys is just plain melodramatic. Three of the young men seem to be projecting the ” I’m fixin’ to whup yore ass” vibe.

    Yep, the gas/chamber crematorium paradigm violates the laws of physics and chemistry.
    I vote for rope, bullets, beatings, starvation and disease. Without the scientifimacal gas chambers, you’ve just got a German version of the Soviet Gulags.

  14. @James

    A great line-up of the usual suspects delivering their kvetch all n’sync and the same key. I myself particularly enjoyed the one who played the mother card on the two young bondits.

    • @Lynda

      Yep, the mother talked like she was going to be arrested and executed. Like that would happen in NYC. Or anywhere in North America. It’ll happen to us Goyem, before it doe to any of (((them))), at least not while (((they))) remain in power.

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