Read Siege Rising: Another Explosion Reported In Austin

So now we’re up to the half-dozen mark when it comes to random IED’s going boom in the capital of Texas, and I’m feeling much the same as I did back during the 2002 DC Sniper rampage – minus the teen hormones and all that nonsense.

And it’ll probably wind up being much the same in the end – Moslems (Texas has more than a few Kebab colonies).

Could also be a semi-genius random nutjob, although the Unibomber was from a more pleasant and more White time in our country’s history.


Austin-Travis County EMS and the Austin Fire Department responded to reports of a sixth explosion in southwest Austin on Tuesday.

ATCEMS tweeted after 7 p.m. Tuesday that officials were responding to Brodie Lane and West Slaughter Lane. Officials said a male in his 30s was transferred to St. David’s South Austin with potentially serious injuries that are not expected to be life threatening.

A Goodwill spokesperson said the victim was an employee who was looking through donations.

At the moment, Austin Police have come out claiming that this new explosion was not an actual bomb, but was instead a mere incendiary device – what that entails is anybody’s guess at this point.

The identity of this device is definitely interesting, but what’s got me most agitated is the fact that we’ve now got American Nationalists denouncing anybody to the right of them as “Reed Seej pipe-bomber terrorists.”

Are they now trying to bring the full weight of ZOG down upon their rivals?

If so, I’d be very concerned considering the fact that the Feds take these sorts of things very seriously when they come across it.

Are they just past the point of civilized rational debate on Burger Nationalism?

If that’s the case I’d understand because you really can’t use logic to defend a red-shoe/American flag costume.

Or have they just gone full (((Geraldo Rivera))) by thinking that a there’s a massive Satanic conspiracy out there to destroy the reputations of proud Civic Nationalists and their agenda of using our <60% White population to vote ourselves an Adolf Hitler 2.0?


  1. >Or have they just gone full (((Geraldo Rivera))) by thinking that a there’s a massive Satanic conspiracy

    You don’t know how all the churches got burned down in Norway during the Black Metal hysteria?

    The musicians were only LARPing as Satanists for show, but lonely freaks took it seriously and burnt down a bunch of churches to impress the ‘insiders’. Something similar will probably happen in the USA, when you have a bunch of LARPer Satanists with an even more extreme message, and even more lonely freaks wanting to win status by doing something extreme.

    • You’re always going to have freaks and weirdos, and our society exacerbates the problem by refusing to liquidate these hunks of scum.

      But taking one or two retards and lumping all your adversaries in with them (which is what the AmNat cucks are doing) is just insane.

      • It’s not the LOS that will inspire the freaks, and I have not seen anybody claim that.

        It will be the burn everything LARPers, if the media makes it into a thing.

        This is a more boring documentary, that explains better the social dynamic of a group trying to LARP as more extreme than thou.

  2. It’s going to be a team. Too many bombs made in different styles for one person.

  3. “but what’s got me most agitated is the fact that we’ve now got American Nationalists denouncing anybody to the right of them as “Reed Seej pipe-bomber terrorists.”

    Because they know this will eventually be said to be part of the wider, genocidal war on Niggers/muds, and they’ll be blamed for it a midst calls for more Goy control.

    • Poking around the social media the bomber produced he seems like a relatively ordinary skeptical libertarian leaning GOP type around the year 2012. Not a racist in any sense. Opposed gay marriage around 2012, opposes copyright, not keen on abortion being provided at tax payers expense. A sort of milky-toast Limbaugh-Con.

      Dad seems to have been present and a good provider.

      It’s possible he became leftwing as he got into his twenties but he appears to be Center right so far.

  4. Mother ran a Booster Club that netted around $75000 a year in net revenue

    When they say home school in the press it seems they are missing the picture. This was a high functioning mother and father operating various lucrative businesses.

  5. Are they just past the point of civilized rational debate on Burger Nationalism?

    I have no idea who these people you are talking about are, but I suspect there are a lot of people who consider themselves pro-White that are absolutely past the point of engaging with bullshit artists, media whores, costumes clowns, and fringe groups of 20-30 “activists” (out of a country with 200 million White people – i.e., statistical noise) who spend a lot of time peddling a bunch of comical fantasies.

    The worst offenders?

    1. “Southern Nationalists” who spend more time promoting the iconography and the rhetoric of a Hollywood created “neo-Nazi” movement than they do actually engaged with the history, iconography, and traditions of Dixie.

    2. “Fascists” with ill-defined yet awfully strident rhetoric about authoritarianism that actually serves as little more than a way to “counter-signal” the vast majority of White people, posturing as “more hard core than thou.”

    3. “Traditionalists” – whether Christian or even “pagan” – that wear their supposed morality on their sleeves – mostly online – while clearly not living up to it in their personal lives.

    As they say, it takes a lot more time to counter bullshit than it does to manufacture it. When you have spent ten, 15, even 20 years peddling bullshit online, how long is it going to take for people to simply start tuning you out?

    Until the next time, that is, when White people get sick of anti-Whiteness, and they go looking for answers. That’s when the bullshit artists get their time in the sun again, as the SPLC is always there to steer Whites into the dead end of the “movement” – a movement whose activists always seem to have the SPLC on the speed dial, interestingly.

    “Burger nationalism” is a slur term that doesn’t come from the traditions of the American South, but is in fact a European slur against Americans used by both the right and the left. The stereotype of “burgers” of course is just the European version of the slurs used by liberal Northerners against the South. “Southern nationalism” may as well be “burger nationalism.”

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