Spending Bill 1488-D Chess: President Trump Read Siege

I’ve got something for all you sad Goyim that might be shedding tears over the worst spending bill ever passed in this country’s history – this is inside information, so just bear with me.

You see, sometime in the winter of 2016 (likely around Super Tuesday), Donald Trump was approached by a trusted confidant (I believe it to be Corey Lewandowski), and was handed a beloved book called “Siege.”

Conversation then ensued, and a plan was hatched that would guarantee the victory of the White Race once and for all over the hated and diabolical Jew.

The strategy itself consisted of multiple points that would have to be followed to the letter in a very specific order:

  • Storm to a Presidential Election victory by promising a Nationalist/Populist platform (with racial overtones) that would bring in Whites from across the country – play light on the standard Conservative rhetoric that has gotten stale over the years.
  • In the midst of everything, help to create a cult of personality that would make men like Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao spin in their graves with envy- digital tools make this much easier than in the past.
  • After winning office, slowly start to cuck on major policy points, although at first always offer enough dog-whistled to keep your cult from growing too concerned too quickly.
  • Eventually abandon everything you ran for, and start to govern as a lovechild of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush – make sure that your cult is still hardcore in support from inside their little internet bubbles, though.
  • Taking advantage of a phenomena akin to Stockholm Syndrome or Battered Wife Syndrome, watch your shrinking pool of followers take to the streets in flamboyant costumes that many ghetto Negroes would find appealing – let your cult ruin parts of the Far Right that were once considered edgy.

  • At the same time, make sure the White working class grows so disgusted with your rule that they begin to consider alternative options for government – at this time Democrats would be the only option.
  • In 2018, watch the GOP get torn to shreds, and in 2020 mount a reelection campaign that sees Kamala Harris beat you like a redheaded stepchild in a manner that guarantees the end of a Republican ever having another chance at the White House.
  • With many of your old followers (weak in endurance, morals, and outlook) reduced to vagrancy on the streets of Kiev and Bangkok, watch the new hardier generation of Whites grow increasingly angry, spiteful, and revolutionary under a Leftist regime that only grows stronger by the day.
  • By 2030, watch the apocalyptic visions of “Siege” pour out into the waking world, and witness carnage and chaos not seen since the 1860’s.
  • Laugh in delight from your wheelchair as the White Race finally stops these demonic Kikes in their tracks – you have achieved victory for your people by playing the greatest game of multidimensional chess ever seen on this planet.


  1. Anglin, Jew weev and Vox Day are so far up Trump’s ass that when he fails they lose all credibility.

    • that’s alright. Vox Day never pretended to be anyone’s Leader

      and Anglin, while he’s got guts, spent so much time waving swastikas around that he’s now gone cuck to compensate. In the long run, though, I expect he’ll straighten out and prove useful.

      the One who will lead us to victory is out there

      and you will not know his name until the right time.

      as to Trump, I reiterate. Beginning with his June, 2015 announcement of candidacy

      I said he was a lifelong (((NYC))) liberal demoncrat

      and a lifelong stooge for the (((Wall Street))) Zionists.

      and Events have proved me correct..

  2. Anglin got pulled in by another cult of personality. That at the MPC forums revolving around pman. This minor cult is in orbit around the greater Trump cult.

  3. Not everybody is demoralized, the MAGA Mongoloids are out in force on Gab, they are as mentally ill as tranny’s. here is 1 of 1,000’s of posts.
    “It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget’ It’s an Omnibus bill… Not a Budget… He outsmarted them again… Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a Budget… Per the Constitution… The President must adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein. This was not a Budget. The President can now allocate the funds, or not, as he sees fit. POTUS is Brilliant.”

  4. They planned it out like that until the last couple of steps. That white T blue jeans Star Spangled mask is cringe.

  5. “at this time Democrats would be the only option.”

    I beg to differ.

    Never an R or D Again!

    If enough people could congeal and LOUDLY abstain from the vote or massively write-in a candidate, there is a way.

    The question is how? Anything else is playing into their hands.

  6. Here’s another idea. Simply not voting at all is a vote for the Democrat Party.

    Mind you, I am in no way suggesting that we vote Republican. What Ryan and McConnell did makes it clear that the Republiscum were never anything more than faux opposition to con gullible Whites into thinking they had real representation in Washington. If anything,what happened last summer in Virginia should have put that theory to rest.

    We have a growing number of Americans who describe themselves as “Independents,” yet they end up voting for one wing or the other of what is basically The Uniparty every election year.

    Since both the Democrats AND the Republicans have colluded to make our STATUS QUO votes of no use to us whatsoever, what do we have to lose by voting for a third party?

    Better yet, where would it hurt to launch our own party and call it something like the American National Party or the American Sovereignty Party and encourage people to cast a protest vote?

    Slightly off-topic, I am convinced that Trump is being blackmailed and I would bet dollars to donuts that Steve Bannon is absolutely correct in thinking that the Deep State has something on one or more of his children.

    Donald Trump Junior and his marriage are in full melt-down mode. And Ivana is married into the Kushner Family which strike me as the worst of the Jewish gangsters. There is a reason why General Kelly had his security clearance officially revoked.

    A man’s children are his Achilles Heel and if threatening General Flynn’s son made him plead guilty to basically a non-felony, then why wouldn’t threatening Trump’s child bring appropriate pressure on him to chuck his base under the bus?

    • One of the reasons Trump was so heavily resisted in the primary run was the simple fact that he had no political career with which to blackmail him.

      Mueller is obviously there to keep him on a leash or to find info to blackmail him. In Rome as soon as a man got into the political circuit he was sued by rivals and investigated by the Tribunes or Praetorian Guard. The American political class is all under the thumb of the not so secret, secret police.

  7. Maybe an opportunity for Rand Paul to challenge Trump. Paul would protect first and second amendments which would allow fringe groups to make their case. He would also back away from middle east wars and wars in general, and probably be reasonable with Putin. As for immigration control, it would be up to those who support it to fight for it, but he wouldn’t lie to them or fight dirty.

    • I’m not talking about anyone challenging TRUMP. I am talking about all these Congressional critters coming up for re-election. The (((system))) is counting on disaffected Trump supporters to stay home while energized leftists replace Republicans with Democrats.

      I would like all the Trump supporters and any pissed off Bernie Sander supporters to replace establishment Democrats and Republicans with third party candidates.

      Think of what a big fuck you to the system if Soros and the Koch-suckers pour billions of dollars into either wing of the uni-party only to see their candidate replaced by someone they ignored.

      The wall and REAL immigration reform received widespread support by both Democrats and Republicans as well as Independents. Do you think Democrats are thrilled to learn that a wall can’t be financed for the United States but can be for Egypt, etc.? I don’t think so either.

  8. What we need is a serious red state secessionist movement dedicated to the creation of a free and independent White Heartland Republic! Let blue states be blue states and red states be red states and never the twins shall meet. Thus do I support Cal-exit and indeed all of blue states forming their own nations. One in New England and one of the Pacific coast.

  9. Say hypothetically I had about 30 guys in an American city ready to take orders from you Hunter. Say we’re hypothetically ready to abandon the Alt Right and join you. What should we be doing right now? What are your orders?

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