Stormy Daniels Featured On Tonight’s 60 Minutes, Trump Sex Tape/Audio Rumored To Exist

I’m not going to play the Cuckservative game and deny that validity of these claims – Donald Trump’s history and personality doesn’t really serve as a decent defense.


The 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels, the adult-film star and director who says she had an affair with Donald Trump, will be broadcast on Sunday, March 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Find your local station.

Daniels talks to Anderson Cooper about the relationship she says she had with Mr. Trump in 2006 and 2007, revealing details that bring her story up to the present. It is the first and only television interview in which she speaks about the alleged relationship.

The president has denied having an affair with Daniels.

Stormy’s lawyer is hinting that something (probably a sex tape) exists in hard form, and has promised its release at some point in the foreseeable future.

Again, I’m not jumping to the President’s defense here – his arrogance makes it highly probable that he would have filmed this “conquest” in some form to boost his ego.

The Hill:

Stormy Daniels’s attorney said a picture he tweeted of a compact disc he says has proof of President Trump’s alleged affair with the porn star was a “warning shot” to the president.

“I want to be really clear about this: It is a warning shot. And it’s a warning shot to Michael Cohen and anyone else associated with President Trump that they better be very, very careful after Sunday night relating to what they say about my client and what spin or lies they attempt to tell the American people,” attorney Michael Avenatti told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday night. Cohen is Trump’s personal attorney.

Avenatti on Friday said the tweet was not a “tease” and that he has evidence of the affair, although he did not indicate when it would be released. He refused to provide any hints or examples.

“People better be honest, because they haven’t been honest in the past, relating to this relationship, relating to the bullying tactics, relating to the threats and intimidation,” Avenatti told Blitzer. “It is time to come clean.”

I will say right now that nothing too shocking is going to come out of this probable sex affair between Donald Trump and this random porn “actress” – we all knew The Don was somewhat of a degenerate, and didn’t vote for him because of any perceived morality (let’s remember Pussygate).

What this does do is act as a reminder that we as a Movement need to hold some sort of moral code in order to succeed.

And we’re not talking about some sort of Puritan overkill – basic things like moderation with drink, abstinence from drugs, and sexual restraint should be givens.

Because think of it this way – if you have leaders who can’t even have loyalty to their wives/family, what makes you think they can show loyalty to their race (really an extended family)?

Or if you have leaders who glorify giving “muh dik” to Asian whores in-between ranting like Jewish vermin, what makes you think they could ever handle the responsibility of power over millions?


  1. Normally, another guy’s extramarital affairs would be no concern of mine. But I now want to see the Orange Buffoon taken down by his own hubris. We could have been his greatest defenders, but he has forsaken us. So out he goes.

    • Vice President Leaf Raker in Chief awaits his pay on the head from Israel once the Orange Buffoon is drummed out of office by Schmumer.

    • Spahn, I agree with you. Trump has outlived his usefulness. I hope the Democrats crucify him on Capitol Hill. MAPA -Make America Propitiatory Again! Someone has to die for ‘the sins of the people.’ Why not the Donald? They used this methodology once before, and it worked.…

      Secondly, I don’t care what a whore says -she should be stoned in public, rather than adulated on national TV -she’s a tramp, a whore(!?) a woman of ill-repute. She has no validity in any patriarchal society. Nor should she. For Eve sinned first….

      Following on that, the ridiculous notion that one can ‘pick and choose morality,’ and somehow not revert back to a purer (the reality of the term of abuse, ‘Puritan’) form of living, is, in itself, a form of immorality!

      Anyone who’s ever had a catechism class, a Sunday school class, or an ‘introduction to biblical religion’ class in college (which probably includes both Denise and Spahn…just saying…) knows that adherence to the entire Law code is demanded, or all of it is transgressed. Which means that we are all guilty…of death… for our sins. Fundamental premise of Christianity, #1.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Theonomy, or death.
      You get to choose which one you will deal with in your life…or your nation.

      Theonomy is the adherence of the entire Law of God, as enshrined in the 10 Commandments, popularized by Blackstone’s Law commentaries, and chronicled in a book called CHRISTIAN LIFE AND CHARACTER OF THE CIVIL INSTITUTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES, which was re-published after 125 years by American Vision press -a ‘Christian’ publishing firm, some years ago.

      The federal government, the whoring bastard Donald Trump, the armed forces with their transgender and other sick perverts, training for armed conflict; police forces taking terrorist training from the ADL; Jewish smut merchants not being immediately given the death penalty for decades of sexual grooming in Hollywood-all of these people are anti-Christian, and ergo, anti-Theonomic. Is it any wonder that the dumb down populous now is at a greater level of immorality, that it any other time in history… Save perhaps the reign of Julian the Apostate, or Sodom and Gomorrah?

      So, you can prare all you want to about returning to some semblance of “morality”… But unless you submit to the law of God, IN TOTO, you’re no better than Harvey Weinstein. Or Donald Trump. Or Stormy Daniels. Or Milo. Or Cernovitch. Or Heimbach. Or Barney Frank.

  2. I fully support Kamala Harris for president and Cory Booker for VP in 2020. If that ticket doesn’t destroy ZOG nothing will.

    • Was hoping that Michelle Obama would take a quixotic tilt at the nomination.

    • ZOG wants Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. They don’t want radical leftists who are against Israel. Think Bernie, but perhaps even more crazy. Bernie 2020 would unironically be good against ZOG, his foreign policy would be much better than whatever Trump would offer (now that he has capitulated to the neocons).

      But the best way to destroy ZOG is to secede completely. Reform from within is dead.

      • Start by reducing reliance on government services and box stores. You could probably get an ocean container of dried potatoes from China for a few $K if you had the space for it. The Chinks are probably not friends but they are probably less of an enemy than the (((retail monopolies))). Buying directly makes you less dependent on the (((ruling establishment))).

      • Yes, you are both right. But I was thinking of how the Democrats didn’t want Shirley Chisholm (the first colored lady in Congress) to run against President Nixon in 1972. Nixon’s people knew that, so they clandestinely supported her campaign, hoping she would siphon off voters from George McGovern.

  3. I don’t know… maybe the moral code should be: if there are jews involved with the candidate (much less being wholly owned and controlled by them like Trump was/is), they are a non-starter?

    You know. Just for starts.


    • What if the chews own and control everyone? They do tend to own us, hate us and want to exterminate us. Just as a general principle…

    • Ivankunt and her (((slimeball hubby))) were a dead giveaway. I tried to pretend it didn’t matter during the campaign but it was really all you needed to know. If my daughter had converted to Orthodox Chabbad Satanism I would have disowned her.

  4. From Fitzpatrick Informer on Trump’s modus operandi and the connection to Russia’s jews:

    He is more easily kompromat (compromised and controlled than Hillary, due to sexual compromise, financial and economic blackmail, Jewish-Russia mob deals, etc. Golitsyn called it “co-operation blackmail”.)
    He has caused more social and political division domestically and, perhaps, abroad. (divide and conquer strategy).
    He has fractured the Right (the destruction of conservatism is top priority for world communism).
    He has discredited the Right (by shaping it into a strawman and caricature).
    He has emboldened, strengthened, and galvanized the radical Left (sort of like how the Zionists used Hitler to galvanize all the previously divided Jews worldwide).
    Trump is bringing America closer to the realization of world government, despite appearances of opposition to globalism (mainly through economic deals and partnerships).

  5. Bill Clinton had a ‘teen’ Monica Lewinsky under his desk.Being rich and powerful,to quote Mel Brooks, it’s good to be king.

    • Lewinsky was in her early 20s, not a teenager, who told friends that she was going to D. C. to earn her knee pads.

      She’s forty something now, with an advanced degree from the London School of Economics, and naturally, a Jew.

    • I don’t think I could have hit that even after a fifth of Jack Daniels and a line of coke. Yuk.

  6. One more thing. I won’t be watching 60 Minutes, haven’t watched it in over three decades now. Why would I care one iota what a porn whore has to say?

    • Watched it.

      It was pretty standard – nothing too crazy and nothing I didn’t already see coming.

      What’ll be interesting is what the Dems will do when they take back Congress this year.

    • Let’s hope she didn’t have any kids, porno whores all have herpes and other STD’s too. The Jewish run porn production companies pass around Valtrex and other herpes suppression drugs like candy. She’s the last sort any white man with respect for himself would touch because she spread her legs for blacks.

      • Most porn actresses leave the industry after 2 years. A few go on to direct and produce but the rest just disappear back into obscurity. In their defense it’s difficult to be 19 years old with no money and pass up the chance to make hundreds of dollars for a single day’s work.

        • And they all end up oxytocin depleted single mothers with ruined children on welfare. There is a social cost to society for this behavior.

          • I think Ms. Clifford is a single mother. I fell bad for her little girl, because her mother will attract nothing but bad men.

  7. So what? At least we know Trump does not have to rape anyone. I’ll give Trump credit for not having drug addled douchebag rich children.

    Funny how you guys would like a ‘moral’ candidate, but can never seem to give Ron Paul any credit for being married to the same woman for all his life along with some decent kids as well. (Yes, I’m well aware of his other issues, but stop whining about this already).

  8. American White nationalists are close to victory!! Please don’t give up!!
    Tweets, memes, edgy comments, parody songs, will eventually work out!!

    Read “Siege” and the essential book by the satanist self-hating spic renegade Chechar titled “¿Me Ayudarás?”!!!

  9. This could have been so much more if he could have gotten off twitter and let the swamp critters drown instead of draining the swap and putting them in his administration. He was out of his league with no concept of the political. At least we got civic nationalism out of our system and realize we cannot reform the system from within. Its either separation or extinction. AT ( After Trump ) should be interesting because the center will not hold. By the way did Stormy do interracial?

  10. Did Trump really have sex with Stormy sans condom? Screwing a porn star bareback is like boning all of Southern California and parts of Vegas.

    • @Aditya Singh,
      In every Western nation now, South Asians such as yourself come over with one way tickets to study or work with temporary work visas-which are meant to be just that-temporary-but yet somehow…..never end up leaving. In my country, every new doctor, truck driver, security guard, 7/11 operator and taxi driver is a bloody Indian. Not only are these people robbing locals of the chance to get these jobs, and putting downward pressure on wages, but it means they’re not in India where they’re needed. You wanted your nation back from the British, and now you have it. What do you people want from us?
      Come to our countries and study if you must, take in the sights or whatever……but when you’re done, fuckin return home!

      • Those damn wogs, I thought they wanted nothing more to do with White British people? Yet they are swarming into Britain, Canada and Australia like flies!

        Maybe OZ would have been better off under Jap rule?

        • @Spahn,
          Yeah mate, Indians are such hypocrits. ‘India for the Indians’ said Ghandi at the time. Now its also Britain for the Indians, Canada for the Indians, Australia for the Indians, America for the Indians……

          India needs its doctors and truck drivers. We don’t.

  11. I am jumping to the President’s defense.

    Who F****** cares?

    We’re talking consensual adult sex. Stormy Daniels is a professional prostitute/adult film star. She gets paid to have sex with other adults. That’s her job.

    What’s the next huge Jews media scandal to take down President Trump? That Trump has MB in private?

    So F******** what?

  12. Stormy is in the MSM news everyday but I doubt it’s going anywhere. It’s kind of funny that the same crowd standing by serial adulterer Bill Clinton are hoping this will take down pussy grabber Trump.

    • Makes Trump look like a stud.

      I don’t understand why the left want to make him look potent.

    • Slick Willie is a serial RAPIST. As well as a psychopath and a war criminal. No banana republic would have allowed anyone like him or his hateful lesbian wife to get away with half the crimes this country has allowed them to get away with.

      • Trump said he’d put the bitch behind bars but that’s gone the way of the wall and the rest of his false promises.

      • Yes his rapes go back to when he was a student at Oxford. Even the English police covered up his documented sex crimes then. No way would (((anyone))) have been grooming him that far back eh?

  13. Adolf Hitler mate he chose Eva Brawn because she came from a pheasant family, the upper elites tend to be snoobish. Trump mate Melania also come from an average family.This is a far cry from Bill Clinton who sire a mulatto. During the Third Reich,many women wanted to be impregnated by Hitler.This was on the History channel.

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