Good Friday Massacre: Israelis Kill At Least 16 Palestinians, More Than 1000 Injured

Jews are a real twisted and malevolent bunch, with a special fondness for honoring anniversaries with blood sacrifices.

Take Good Friday as an example – to the Jews, the murder of Jesus Christ was simply not enough.

Now others must also die – non-White Moslems to be fair, but non-White Moslems who are legitimately protesting the seizure of their land by bands of foreign parasites with no claim to the area.


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has used tear gas-deploying drones to disperse huge crowds of Palestinian protesters along the Israel-Gaza border area Friday.

So far, at least 12 Palestinians have been killed and up to 500 injured in the clashes, Reuters reports. One Palestinian farmer was killed following an IDF tank volley in the early hours of Friday morning.The IDF then used a combination of live rounds and rubber-coated steel pellets to disperse the crowds demonstrating at the #GreatReturn before using its airborne tear gas system.

My headline reflects higher numbers that are being reported by the Jewish media within Israel itself.

They’re claiming that they straight-up butchered the protesters, but did so justifiably due to incursions along their border wall (soon to be even more heavily-guarded thanks to President Trump).

“First thing, they [IDF] used tear gas that they fired using vehicle-mounted guns. And then, as the crowds increased, they brought drones to fire tear gas canisters,” an eyewitness, who chose to remain anonymous, told

Demonstrators rolled burning tires and hurled stones at the border fence area, prompting the IDF to declare the area a “closed military zone” while accusing “the Hamas terror organization” of endangering the lives of Gaza civilians.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators called for the right of return for refugees in what is now Israeli territory. The protests and clashes took place in at least six locations along the roughly 65km (40-mile) border fence.

#GreatReturn is coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Passover and it’s feared the demonstrations will serve to increase tensions in the already-volatile region. Palestinians have vowed to continue their protest for six weeks.

Passover will be yet another of those anniversaries that will be likely celebrated by the Jews with the blood of innocents – we Europeans know quite a bit about that specific occasion.

So I’ll just go out on a limb here and predict that we’ll be hearing of airstrikes within Gaza long before the six week protest period ends.


  1. I bet the Palestinians wished they had drones, air to surface missiles and other deadly gadgets.

    America be warned. In an instant you too can be “Palestined”.


      No, it is not for Good Friday. They are rehearsing for Passover. Today is sabbath and Passover.

      The ancient Yahwehists had a cruise missile that passed over and killed the first born of Egypt. His name was Yahweh and he “passed over.” He did not have radar, so the Jews on the ground had to put sheep blood to guide him.

      Dear Judaists, please stop celebrating these barbaric myths. See mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain.

      Tear up that Torah this Passover and flush it down the toilet.

  2. I’m thinking this or S. Africa is going to break the (((banks))). Once the credibility of the (((overlords))) comes into question I think it is just a matter of time before the (((currency))) starts to devalue. Who knows though. So many things happening all at once.

    • Which is why Jews are by far the most hated in the world. You can be sure that’s especially true in former Soviet nations.

    • If only “our” Gov was doing this against “antifa”, BLM, and border jumpers. Doing nothing is tacit consent.

  3. I believe that Europe’s borders and America’s borders should be defended with deadly force, to keep out would-be invaders, so I’m not going to be hypocritical and deny the Jews in Israel the same right to defend their borders with deadly force.

      • Exactly, Israel is built on stolen land with stolen weslth and the blood of millions by demon people.

      • And those taxes are forced upon us by our government that is fleecing the American people on behest of a foreign people that don’t have our best interests in mind. We have absolutely have a right to speak up and end the theft. Let Israel fund their own battles and wars. I want nothing to do with it.

  4. I have never understood Americans and Europeans who defend Israel. The establishment of Israel is as significant source of instability in the middle east. American intervention on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia in the middle east is the main cause of the the refugee problem in Europe. Political instability in the middle east is a danger to Europe. Jews advocate policies in America and Europe which are hostile to the natives of the respective countries/continent.

    Al Qaeda and ISIS are result of Israeli and American policies to destroy Arab nationalism which was viewed as a threat to Israel fifty years ago. Israel and its American puppet decided to back Muslim nationalism to destroy Arab nationalism, in return the West got Al Qaeda and ISIS.

  5. And on CNN they are reporting that “Bolton expected to clean house”.

    That’s just fucking great. We were led to believe Trump surrounds himself with the best.

    Remember on the campaign trail Trump was for isolation?

  6. How is the hell of Gaza any better than the Warsaw Ghetto?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot. “Genocide for you, but not for me. ” — The Chosen

  7. I still remember that Schizo-Christo/Ziotard woman standing next to Ted Cruz at a rally in Indiana wearing an “I Stand With Israel” t-shirt in 2016.

    I say, “I stand with Serbia, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.” Among others, all victims of the (((Empire))).

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