Aaaand President Trump Cucked On A Militarized Mexican Border

To be totally honest here, I thought we would’ve had to wait at least a couple of weeks until a proper analysis of Trump’s latest stunt could be put together.

I, of course, was skeptical from the beginning, but I didn’t think I’d be slamming my head into a wall just twenty-four hours after my initial article.


The Trump administration began outlining a plan Wednesday to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration, but will likely not allow the troops to have physical contact with immigrants, according to three administration officials.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officially announced the policy in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“To Secure the Border and Make America Safe, We Need to Deploy the National Guard,” said the statement from the office of the DHS press secretary. “Deploying the National Guard will serve as an immediate deterrent while dramatically enhancing operational control of the U.S. border.”

How exactly does a hands-off policy serve as a deterrent?

It’s just a larger version of the situation we have in most American ghettos – feral Blacks running riot because they know the police will only do the bare minimum to keep the peace.

The statement said the deployment would be in coordination with governors, that the troops would “support federal law enforcement personnel, including [Customs and Border Protection],” and that federal immigration authorities “will direct enforcement efforts.”

The National Guard troops will not have physical contact with immigrants nor will they be responsible for processing them at the border, one of the officials said. Instead, they will be giving CBP agents more visibility by providing surveillance by air and through camera monitoring of the border.

The sad thing here is that the Alt-Cuck is probably going to keep this as hush-hush as possible – gotta keep up the idea that they actually succeeded in persuading their GOD EMPEROR to do something effective.



Then-President George W. Bush issued a similar policy in 2006, called Operation Jump Start, though a White House official said it is not yet clear how closely the new deployment will mimic that plan.

President Barack Obama also deployed National Guard troops to the border in 2010 to help provide surveillance by air.

Under Operation Jump Start, approximately 6,000 National Guard troops played a support role to CBP agents already in the region by aiding in intelligence gathering and the construction of a fence along the border. The National Guard was not involved in apprehending immigrants or using any kind of force against them, unless they were first attacked.

If memory serves, I believe the National Guard was shot at from the Mexican side of the border at least a few times during this Operation – the primitives knew full well that America would never go full Israel and launch airborne terror campaigns to actually protect their own.

And this same understanding is currently fueling the uptick in illegal crossings – Trump has been shown-up as a windbag with no stones to back up his words, and will likely never actually pivot back to the man we supported and voted for.

Expect more caravans, White Man – it’s a certainty.


  1. I knew it! All this talk about Trump securing our borders. Blah, Blah, blah. I’ll believe when I see it I said. Ah! Here it is. Thank You for this. I will put this out. SOB.

    • Trump is getting a lot of people seriously ticked. And he shouldn’t expect a whole lot of sympathy on the left when his abused dogs turn on him. Hillary’s not done yet but neither is Bernie. There could be some interesting fights on the left when Trump goes down. This is a good time for the left to make a big move, but they have high IQs and will do it smoothly enough that there won’t be a lot of pushback. I’ve ordered my Rainbow decal and UN flag. Pepe’s feeling warm but no biggie. It’ll cool off tomorrow.

      • Tabatha Jackson, Andrew Jackson’s Father’s Sister is my Great X 3 Grandmother. I visited His Tennessee Home and am still appalled at the Narrative, voiced by Martin Sheen, the Curators present in the reception area of the Estate.
        Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

  2. Why don’t we wait and see what happens? He might well cuck, but there is still a chance that he won’t.

    • You don’t want the military making immigrant arrests. Pretty sure they are not trained for this anyway. I think some judge will try to block this deployment which was the real plan. Next step is to dismantle are at least severely curtail the federal judiciary. Along with the Fed it never should have existed except for maybe High Treason prosecution and trade law violations.

      • When my husband was in the Army, lo many years ago, they were trained how to handle civil disturbances, although it basically involved ‘get into formation and beat on the troublemakers’.

  3. “Operational control of the border” means catching most illegals when they cross the border so they can: 1. enter the US legal system 2. claim asylum 3. be briefly detained 4. be given a hearing date to determine if they can stay 5. be released inside the US to await their hearing 6. skip their hearing date and disappear amongst the 30 million illegals already here.

    So…if the illegals aren’t caught they successfully invade. If the illegals are caught they also successfully invade – it just takes a little while.

    It’s a “Heads I win; tails you lose” situation.

    What’s that, citizen? You say we should authorize our border officials to use whatever level of force is necessary to keep the illegals from crossing the border in the first place, thus keeping them out of our country and our protecting legal system?

    You are clearly a nazi, white supremacist, and racist. Didn’t you know the U.S. Congress has already officially condemned you, and Trump signed the condemnation?

    Why don’t you go commit suicide.

    Like your country is doing.

      • @Jed,
        Honestly I don’t know why its still able to post on here. It should have been rid of months ago. I don’t mind people coming on here with differing opinions as everyone should be free to speak-as long as they’re a bit mature and grown up about it, and explain their actual position on things, but this specimen just talks crap and nonsense day in, day out.
        When is enough enough?

  4. Indeed. He’s a faggot, since his gay dad raped him. And since daddy – not shitroach mama – is the heeb, he can’t get into Israel, either.

  5. To be fair Trump has never come out and explicitly said America should preserve its white majority status, and subconsciously that is the only real reason people on the right care about illegal immigration. The leftists are actually correct when they say conservatives wouldn’t care about this issue if the illegals were Swedes for example. Where Trump is a snake is the way he continually implies his pro-white status and then does absolutely nothing for white America. He told white America what they wanted to hear in order to get elected, and then he abandoned them.

    Whites cannot expect progress on this issue while the United States is understood and universally acknowledged to be a multi-racial, multi-ethnic nation. Unfortunately at the moment it is Jews who are in a position to define what the United States is. Nothing will change until we stop allowing Jews to tell us who we are.

    • I would care if europeans started flooding the US without vetting. They ruined their own countries they can stay there. Only about 15% would make good citizens. The rest are all cat ladies, perverts and hopeless retards. If they have education it is always in something useless.

      • Good point – the vast majority are super liberal degenerates who actually make the left here look like Puritan school kids. They are also extremely politically active and know how to work western political systems.

        The only ones I feel bad for at the moment are the Brits who voted for Brexit and are waiting to get the hell out of the EU, but the other half of the UK are self hating cucked out cliches.

    • Most Americans have no idea what a Jew is. Someone from Jutland? An expansion team? A band?

    • On TRS Mike Enoch had Anglin on to talk about the problem of “irony bros.” Basically complaining about the people who have a difficult time taking anything on the internet seriously. I was thinking “Well when you got people like Anglin on your show, it is VERY HARD to take you seriously.”

  6. lots of divisions within the deep state. First as bad as it gets Neo Conservatives (goy) Zionist John Bolton is made National Security advisor, a few weeks later it is announced that the US Mission in Syria is ending and we’ll be pulling out our troops and basically letting Russia, Assad and some Iran retake the whole area.

    So, the Sheldon Adelson Zionist Neo Conservatives are not calling all the shots.

    • How right you are, Mr. Ryan.

      And where are the voices that, rightfully criticizing Trump for not following through on campaign promises, ought be praising the move in Syria?

      Could there be a double standard?

      • you are not paying attention. Trumpenthal’s

        “leaving Syria”

        has already become

        “not leaving Syria”. As always with Trumpenthal,

        he dog whistles in one direction

        then does exactly the opposite.

        • This is certainly the most interesting presidency on record, and it may even be the last, the way things are going.

  7. Did anyone ever have any confidence in Trump’s sincerity after all the other 180’s he’s pulled? Yeah, the alt-cucks will declare it a big victory after 1000’s more enter US. The only possible good news: The majority of them will end up in Jerry Brown’s Mexifornia.

      • Marcus, if the Alt Right (i.e. DS/TRS/pol/ etc.) manages to retrench, will you actively work against it or just ignore it/snipe from the bleachers? That sounds snarky, but its an honest question. How far does Occidental Dissent plan to take its war on various pro-white groups in America? If you don’t want to reply in comments then please email me. Ask around and you can get my email. This is important and we need to start figuring our who the enemies in our rear are.

      • @Marcus: I detest those Ricky Vaughn civ-nat faggots. Anglin and Azzmador have sullied their already dubious reputations by associating with that unsavory bunch.

  8. @marcuscicero
    Go to youtube and watch the 2 videos
    Scott Roberts vs Andrew Anglin
    It sheds a yuge spotlight on Anglins dishonest past and behavoir.
    He shut down Scotts videos, tried to payoff Paul Ironshore to keep and get the audio of his “white race should be bred out” removed from the net.

    I and many others have been screaming that Anglin isnt right, this is probably some elaborate prank.
    Nobody rises to the top that fast and out of nowhere honestly. Never…
    Nobody would listen 4 years ago and people are paying the price.
    Long before “total facism”
    Anglin ran “outlaw forum” where his claim to fame was outing Alan Watt as a Glenn Kealy plagiarist. Along with other run of the mill AJ type topics.

    • To be honest, I’m trying to keep this stuff separate from the site (it’s all over Gab, though), but I know the whole history of what happened back in the day.

      • @marcus
        I figured as much. I dont have Gab but felt it best to at least post this for the newbies or fence sitters to know this (issues with anglin censoring and being shady) isn’t something that just popped up after C-Ville. Its been know for years. So many have joined since Anglins emerging to the top of this shit-show who dont know this stuff.

        All the Vaughn guys have no idea how old Andrew (i only date black girls, whites need to be bred out) Anglin has been suspect. Attempting to pay Ironshore off for the audio. and I would bet theyre siding to save themselves from a dox more than actually being on teamVaughGlin.
        Anyway thanks for approvibg the comment.

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