Russia Denounces Syrian Chemical Attack As Hoax, Warns Against American Meddling

Once again, we have another way to explain why I jumped off the defunct Trump Train for good early last year – my mind just doesn’t have the ability to play pretend like I’m a three year old setting up a stuffed animal tea party.

Like, I understand the purpose of trying to maintain morale among Nationalist elements (especially in light of the insane levels of chaos we’re now seeing), but when you’re talking about a President who was allegedly /ourguy/ threatening Russia and Syria yet again, my red line in the sand gets drawn.

And it looks to be the same way with our Slavic friends – the age of Amurrica is over, and the international agitation must come to an end.


Reports of an alleged gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma are ‘fake news’ aimed at justifying potential strikes against Syria, Moscow said. It warned of “dire consequences” in the event of any military interference.

The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the latest reports about a chemical attack that allegedly affected dozens of civilians in the militant-controlled town of Douma. It said the reports were another example of a “continuous series of fake news about the use of chlorine and other chemical agents by the government forces.”

The ministry pointed out that the source of the reports was the notorious “civil defense” group, the White Helmets, which has been repeatedly accused of having ties to terrorists, as well as other groups based in the US and UK.

If you don’t already, follow Partisan Girl on Twitter – her work was very significant in exposing this random terrorist organization that has attempted to push the United States into war with Syria, Iran, and Russia for years.

Russia has warned about a false-flag chemical attack being prepared in the recent months, the ministry said. Those who are not interested in a genuine political settlement of the Syrian crisis are seeking to complicate the situation on the ground, it added.

“The goal of this… baseless speculation is to shield the terrorists and… the radical opposition that refuse to engage in a political settlement [process], as well as to justify potential military strikes from the outside,” the statement said. It then warned that any military interference in Syria conducted under “far-fetched or fabricated pretexts” would be “absolutely unacceptable” and could lead to “dire consequences.”

Sometimes I wonder if President Trump is stuck in the old mindset of Russia being a backwater clown-show with drunks as leaders of an army lacking modern weaponry – Donald best study the S-400’s capabilities.

Note that I don’t think for a second that warmongers like John Bolton, Lindsey Graham, and Nikki Haley believe the same – they just don’t care if we wind up sending hundreds of thousands to die to bring anal sex and burgers to the people of Syria.

Ditto to many of the other Neocons (many of whom are of the Jew genetic persuasion) who have begun foaming at the mouth over the idea of another vicious war.

Moscow had warned that unconfirmed reports of atrocities and false-flag chemical incidents were likely to appear at a time when militant factions are losing ground in Syria. The latest report came as the Syrian Army pushed to liberate the remaining militant-occupied settlements in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, with the city of Douma being the last such city in the area.

My assumption is that we’re dealing with the exact same scenario that saw Trump launch airstrikes in Syria in April of last year – rebel terrorists setting up a false flag gas baby attack to prolong a war that has gone horribly for them in recent months.

But yet my arguments back then hold even greater sway today – why would you, in the midst of simple mopping-up operations against terrorist neighborhoods, launch chemical weaponry that would bring down the wrath of the entire world upon your government?


  1. Both alleged chemical attacks in Syria and the one in Britain were committed by the US/EU/Israel.
    Russia and Syria had and still do not have anything to gain by such an attack, Israel loves them.

  2. Can you imagine the intensity of the protests against Trump if he starts a Mid East war?

    We’re talking scenes out of Ceausescu’s Romania.

    The left just got millions to mobilize for some teen gun control crap. They will mobilize intensely if Trump agitates for war.

    Another Mid East War will be a good thing TBH.

    It will cause the end of American Imperialism, fiscal ruin, and societal collapse.

    America does not have the fortitude to take on Russia, Iran, AND Turkey in Syria. Turkey will leave NATO in order to crush the Kurds and ally themselves with Russia and China.

    • What I find Ironic, is that the left has boxed in Trump in such a way that he’s going to be tempted to solve domestic problems by having a war.

      The Neo-cons have gamed this Boxed In temptation. They know he’s going to need to distract from impotent attempts to build a wall, deport them all, jailing Clinton, challenges to the 2nd Amendment, banning Muslims etc etc.

      However, if he takes the bait it may not help politically at all. The left, the press, Hollywood, CIA, Politicos will just keep attacking him.

      He’d be doing himself a favor by finding a backdoor here, slipping out quietly and avoid a war in Syria.

      • I consider he only finds himself boxed in because he isn’t man enough to stand up for what he campaigned on.

    • @Yehudah Finkelstein

      “Can you imagine the intensity of the protests against Trump if he starts a Mid East war?”

      No. But I can imagine that their Jewish handlers will have them continue to protest Trump’s “Racism©®” and rough handling of the mud flood.

  3. I’m declaring April 7th the annual False Flag holiday.

    Each year we will launch a different false flag, and all Federal Employees will get the day off.

  4. Oy vey! It’s anuddah #GasBabyMeme! The White Helmets won an Oscar! Bomb “Animal Assad” President Cuck! We need a good World War to distract the dumb masses from your (((Masters))) imploding the economy!

  5. The ignoramus, the vulgarian, is trying to save his image in the only venue the Jews will allow him – as a war-time president in a conflict with Russia, which our diversity loving, transexual military will lose.

    • They won’t just lose – they’ll get a curb-stomping that will echo through the ages.

    • A good percentage of our ‘soldiers’ cannot throw a grenade, or read a map. If we poke the bear too much, especially for no reason, it will come down to us paying the price at some level.

  6. I am ready to openly question the combat/deployment readiness of the US military. Provoking Russia is insanity. One spectacular takedown of a US carrier group and/or demonstrating that the F-35’s and other pricey toys are a (((boondoggle))) and our petro-shekel based economy will be in ruins overnight. I don’t think the US military is even capable of securing the southern border. Last time it was good germans peacefully dancing on the ruins of an evil wall, this time it will be hostile, violent low IQ mestizos dancing on the ruins of our defensive wall.

    • Recall that Syria has a coast and can launch Exocets or whatever modern shot the Russians can provide them. One well place hit on a carrier. Oooosh.

      • They wouldn’t have to sink an American aircraft carrier, one missile that actually hits the hull or flight deck, penetrates it then explodes below decks almost certainlu 6won’t sink it. Not unless it reaches a magazine, THEN explodes within it. That would sink any warship. But a couple of well placed hits can force it to retire and spend months, years evrn laid up being repaired. Hundreds of crewmen could die because even if the warhead fails to explode, jet or rocket fuel will start fires thtoughout the damaged area. Either way, if a carrier is sunk or forced to limp home, it’s a kill.

        • @Arctic Warrior

          They’d just haf to hole up the flight deck. Wreck a few elevators, or hit the island and the ship is out of action.

          The modern U.S. navy is essentially a sea based air force. Fighters, SAMs and wrecking flight decks is standard response.

  7. This is to take pressure off of Israel for its Human Rights violations against Palestine. Nothing more than a distraction from the real criminals. Dead babies (((gassed))). Zero fucks given.

    • What I find so offensive about it is that I have family that was gassed in ww1 around Ypres. Some died from it some recovered.

      The Holocaust story is stolen valour.

  8. President Trump, white South Africans need our help, your nation is crime ridden and your borders are violated daily. How about sorting out matters the voters actually give a shit about? Priorities pal. Priorities.

  9. This is such an obvious false flag, given the totality of the circumstances, that I am outright insulted that the lugenpresse expects me to believe the narrative.

    After what happened last year, when Trump had far less pressure on him to prove his potency, I have ZERO faith that he will hold back now from escalating US involvement in Syria. If he was willing to bomb them when things were still going well for him, well, now he’ll probably be itching to put a MOAB on Assad’s presidential palace.

  10. During a recent crisis Russia warned that it would defend against an attack on the Syrian govt or military and also take out the platforms from which the attack was launched. I’m seeing Russia now warning against an attack on Russian-occupied positions. That seems to be a change.

    I don’t want WWIII but I also don’t want Russia to surrender to Israel (the US is just their puppet) or millions of Syrian Christians to be exterminated as in Iraq.

    Trump is an unstable asshole. “Animal Assad,” indeed. How many times will he fall for this? (Trump says he wants out, days later a chem incident.) Or should I come to the conclusion that The Big One is inevitable no matter who occupies the WH?

    • It’s a carefully contrived situation. Hobson’s Choice. Distract from internal disunity and impotence with military action in Spring, gain the favor of the Jewish press? Or let things over there take their course.

  11. (((Bill Kristol))), (((Ben Cardin)) and other liars from the (((tribe))) are calling for an American military attack on Syria as the Syrian government is on the verge of defeating the Western supported terrorist groups.

  12. According to some reports, there are American CIA, Brit MI6 and jew Mossad mercs/spooks trapped inside Douma and this is the only way to try open up a way for them to get out and avoid being captured by the Syrians and Russians … humanitarian convoys for non-combatants … imagine the brave SOCOM types hiding under a burqa. The deep state is desperate not to have evidence of its support to Islamic State terrorists powerful enough for the low IQ FOX news muricans to understand leak out.

    • WP I made the mistake of going there this morning, and probably shouldn’t have been surprised at the inane comments of most of the idiots there just salivating to start a war with Syria. Of course, most of these ‘warriors’ will be safe at home, rather than risking their lives for israhell.

      • The hasbarats must have taken a break from Breitbart to go over there then. Surprisingly sane comments over at Breitbart on Syria and the Jewish nature of this ff attack, funny how the tone of the commentary changes at the drop of a hat

    • WP – are yo ukidding? Why would any alleged “pro-White” want to expend blood and treasure, and slaughter innocent people in defense of the Jew Devils of IsraHell?

  13. What pisses me off most about the leadership of TRS is the way they just remove all agency from Trump and act as if he gets fooled or tricked into believing these false flags, The cold hard reality is that Trump is an out and proud Zionist with a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. He is more than happy to go ahead and bomb Syria on the basis of a lie. Think he wouldn’t do something so immoral? Well he cheats on his wife with porn whores and makes a mockery of his marriage vows, why would he have any problem with this comparatively minor deception. Trump is a disgusting Zionist pig and no amount of rationalization can change that.

    The Alt-Right and TRS have attached so much of their brand and credibility to Trump that a new war would literally destroy them. That’s why they are freaking out so much about this.

    • I like how the TRS mods just delete full threads they don’t like. Just that simple for them if they don’t fit the pro Weev/Anglin, pro Trump narrative. To hell with that. No way I could post over there and be brow beaten by the fat sloppy fraud Mike Enoch that hid his Jewish wife from his supporters for years. Then you have Weev bouncing from thread to thread posting about killing and rape. No thanks.

  14. juan mc stain almost sunk a carrier by screwing
    with his jet exhaust. The ultimate false flag will be,
    of course, one of those devices from the nation
    that has not signed the non-proliferation treaty…

  15. Just a few days before this incident Trump was talking about pulling US troops out of Syria. I suspected it was too good to be true.

    Meanwhile, ongoing SA White Genocide. Nothing but deafening silence from Trump. Silence is consent.

    • “Silence is consent.”


      I was never on the Trump train, but like everyone I hoped for the best. But I realized we’d been had when his rat faced son blurted out that “David Duke deserves a bullet”, the day before the election. From then on I’ve felt as uneasy as I did when Obama was in power.

      I don’t understand why Syria turned so many White Nats off and yet that death threat did not. People are just weird.

  16. “Donald best study the S-400’s capabilities.”

    I wanna see the US(ZOG)AF get it’s nose bloodied. I bet if 90% of the cruise missiles are shot down by the S-400, the USZOG media will go silent on the whole matter.

  17. Gas baby, gas baby…
    Here in the sand…
    Give me something that I can remember…
    Cruise missiles are fun…
    We’ll be out in the sun everyday! – The Beach Boltons!

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