FBI Raids Office Of Trump’s Jew Attorney, Criminal Charges Possibly Pending

Think about it – Donald Trump has in the last year and change become the most disappointing President in living memory.

Instead of seeing campaign promises fulfilled, we’ve seen cuckoldry on a legendary scale on both foreign and domestic issues.

In fact, we’ve seen everything except the image of Donald groveling before Israel’s Wailing Wall – which is in truth nothing more than the boundary of a Roman Era garbage dump.

Oh, wait…

But even with all of his ineptitude and pivoting to become the political reincarnation of George W. Bush, Donald Trump still faces legal pressures from the very Establishment he has tried to please day in and day out.


Federal agents on Monday raided the office of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, seizing records on topics including a $130,000 payment made to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

A furious Trump, who in the last month has escalated his attacks on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, said from the White House that it was a “disgrace” that the FBI “broke into” his lawyer’s office. He called Mueller’s investigation “an attack on our country,” prompting new speculation that he might seek the removal of the Justice Department’s special counsel.

The raid was done by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan and was based in part on a referral from Mueller, said Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan.

“The decision by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York to conduct their investigation using search warrants is completely inappropriate and unnecessary,” Ryan said in a statement. “It resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney client communications between a lawyer and his clients.”

The raid creates a new legal headache for Trump as he and his attorneys weigh whether to agree to an interview with Mueller’s team, which in addition to investigating potential ties between Russia and the Trump campaign is also examining whether the president’s actions constitute obstruction of justice.

This is the problem with having a President who has proven to be morally bankrupt with few positions that can be solidly pinpointed – it allows for easy domination by nefarious elements, and easy betrayal of the base.

And when combined with a Syrian crisis that shows no sign of slowing down, you have a situation that had better feature fully-operational S-400’s.

Seriously, if I were Bashar al-Assad, I’d be checking in on my anti-aircraft missile batteries, and making sure Russia has enough readiness to strike at America’s naval assets sitting in the Eastern Mediterranean.


  1. I read that Trump tried to buy a casino down in Australia some years ago, but the local intelligence service shot his effort down. The reason they gave was he had connections to *organized crime*.

    Just because the cops are harassing a shady character, doesn’t mean he was ever on our side. No one pressured him to screw us over. Building the wall was always within his power as Commander in Chief.

    • I’m sure “the kikes” say the same about you… Oh wait; you’re too unimportant for any to take the time out of their day, or waste oxygen to say it….

      • By your own logic Occidental Dissent is a rather important publication then; since you make sure to read it each and every day.

  2. The Christ-killers are going at this man to crucify him, because he actually won the nomination and the presidency, that they thought they were going to give to that horrid harridan, Hillary.

    This entire “deep state” plot against Trump-for whatever his failings may be-is a call to war against white America, Christianity, and the rule of law.

    The Jews want to control and overlord the Negro, hispanic, faggots, dumb-*ss liberals, etc. ( the usual detritus) and the only people that are in their way, are white, gun-toting Americans.

    In short, the vast majority of the populace that elected Donald Trump.

    Death to the Jews. Payback4Calvary.

  3. Meanwhile, down in Carolina some pols mentioned the s word. Pleasure, PLEASURE to hear that word again. And in Texas, not federal troops, but Texas troops, are going to guard the national border. And exactly what nation is that?

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