Jews Gonna Jew: Israel Sucker Punches Syria In The Dead Of Night

This really is the geopolitical equivalent of having DeAndre Harris smash you in the head with a maglite – cowardice to the umpteenth degree.

It’s only a pity the Jews didn’t try their luck by sending aircraft into actual Syrian airspace – from what I hear, the Russians and Iranians are just begging for the chance to at long last snap back at the devious nation-wrecking Zhid.


Two Israeli F-15 fighters targeted Syria’s T-4 airbase in Homs province, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday. The jets fired eight guided missiles, but five of them were shot down before they hit the airfield.

In a statement on Monday, the Russian military said: “Two Israeli Air Force F-15 jets fired eight guided missiles at the T-4 airfield.” The Israeli aircraft did not enter Syrian airspace and launched the strikes while flying over Lebanon.

“Syrian air defense units have shot down five guided missiles,” the military said, but confirmed that three of the missiles “reached the western part of the airfield.”

Lebanese Armed Forces have also confirmed that Israeli fighter jets and a reconnaissance plane violated the country’s borders and remained in Lebanon’s airspace for about ten minutes. Israel’s aircraft were flying over Lebanon’s northern areas as well as over the sea, it said.

As a result of the strike, there were several “martyrs [killed] and wounded” among Syrian soldiers, SANA news agency reported, without specifying the number of casualties.

Three Iranian troops were killed in the Israeli airstrike on Sunday night, state news agency FARS reported later on Monday. The “Zionist attack in Homs” took the lives of Seyyed Ammar Moussavi, Mehdi Lotfi Niasar and Akbar Zavar Jannati, it said, publishing photographs of the soldiers.

The Israeli embassy in Moscow refused to comment on the Russian Defense Ministry’s report, Alex Gandler, the diplomatic mission’s press attache, told Sputnik. Asked about the Russian military’s statement, an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman said he had no immediate comment, the Jerusalem Post reported.

If we are to believe what’s being circulated in DC, the United States (and possibly the French) will commence strikes within the next 24-48 hours.

My only hope is that the Russians refuse to cave, and decide to stand against this looming Neocon threat to one of the last solid Middle Eastern regimes.


  1. Oy vey, they’re gonna need a warehouse full of diapers when they get smacked by the Rooskies and their IBS gets triggered.

  2. I wouldn’t get my hopes up on Russia going after Israel. Too many Russian jews are there. Besides, why would Putin kill off his controllers?

  3. This raid simply could have been a test run to get an idea of Syria’s anti-missile defenses. Three out of eight getting through good enough to start another war?

    • This also likely was an effort to find out if the Jews’ and ZOG’s manned aircraft could fly into Syrian and Russian air defenses and get away with it. If reports that five of the eight missiles were shot down are true, I would say the Jews would LOSE if they openly attacked Assad from the air, without using ballistic missiles. They’ll of course want to use nerve gas or nukes on Syrian civilians. However, loss rates like that would destroy an airforce in a matter of days or weeks.

  4. I am of the opinion the USA/Western alliances are attempting to have non nuclear open warfare against the Russians.

    Chaos Doctrine along with the neocon New American Century paper with the goal of toppling Iran are all interconnected. The toppling of Putin and Chaos in Russia are what we have been witnessing since the Georgian Conflict with an end goal of continuous non nuclear open warfare on Russian soil. A lesson in which the USA will learn the hard way.

    Pat Hines posted a meme of a quote from Mark Twain on VK which fits this situation perfectly. Roughly stated:” You can only learn the lesson of picking a cat up by the tail, by picking up a cat by the tail”.

    Our leaders are evil idiots.

    • That will result in nuclear war, the Russians ard not bluffing when they stated if their existsnce as a country is threatened, they regard striking firstwith nuclear weapons as an option. In other words, if the go down, they will take the U.S. and the Jews too down with them. Even if they don’t invoke their version of the Sampson Option, they will decimate invasion forces and strike at us here. In either case, ZOG will fall and so will the country.

      • @arctic warrior, correct. The Russians in my view are in no way able to match the current type of extended global warfare that we are engaged in. They know it, and thats why they are reacting the way they are. I would not doubt them going nuclear in the smallest manner possible to show America you cannot engage them directly with conventional arms; and that is one huge gamble.

    • @Mark Saint

      “Our leaders are evil idiots.”

      Evil and idiocy are a dangerous and lethal combo.

  5. The Syrians ought to put CIWS/AAA and ECM on the perimeters of their airfields. The SAMs cain’t get em all. Gotta have a layered and comprehensive ADZ.

    • All they need for that is a few “Goalkeepers” in a container that can be placed on the deck of a ship, or around a military base, plus a few Tunguskas. The Goalkeeper ouclasses CIWS, and the Tunguska packs a 30mm Gatling gun that can deztroy targets when the vehicle’s moving, plus fire longer ranged surface to air missiles.

  6. That schmuck in the photo needs to be arrested and charged for perpetuating a hateful racial stereotype!

  7. “O, what a tangled web (((we))) weave when first (((we))) practice to deceive” ~ Walter Scott

    Parentheses added.

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    • So what historical Biblical claim to Black African oriented people have to:

      South Side and West Side of Chicago?

      What kind of historical Biblical claim to old Pakistani (muslim) men have to Rotherham England to go and sexually groom, rape 11 year old girls?

      We’re losing England, France and Sweden – Donald Trump just noticed this in the campaign and got great support and won noticing this.

      Hey folks, let’s try to get a bit away from

      “What does the Bible say” – it rarely is practical for us in the here and now.

      Lots of the Old Testament Bible are tales of various jewish people cheating and deceiving various types of (White) Gentiles, non Jewish people – Persians, Egyptians etc. Then the Jewish tribal God Jehovah comes down to bring plagues, slaughter people, part the Red Sea and drowns all the Egyptians.

      Am I supposed to climb up on my roof now and paint some symbol that a Jewish person/Israelite lives under this roof so the Jewish tribal God Jehovah will

      “Passover” and not kill everyone in the house like he did to the Egyptians?

      Getting all of the Old Testament Jewish Bible to work for us is like trying to do the same with CNN or some Harvey Weinstein movie – just ain’t gonna work.

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