May God Protect Bashar al-Assad From The Wrath Of ZOG

He is known as the Lion of Syria, but in the coming hours and days Bashar al-Assad is going to need the protection of the Almighty if he is to survive what looks to be the United States’ next war of aggression.

Therefore, Brothers and Sisters, I suggest you say your prayers tonight, and be sure to include the rightful and lawful President of Syria in them.

Pray for his safety.

Pray that God extend his protection to his family.

And pray that the hands of the Syrian, Russian, and Iranian soldiers ready to fight remain steady.

ZOG and their allies cannot emerge from this conflict victorious – their evil needs to be contained here and now.


  1. If the Trump Regime attacks Syria/Russia/Iran at the behest of their imperial Israeli masters I hope the bad guys lose “bigly.”

    • Is it up to Russia to put a stop to the (((Empire’s))) 20-year rampage of death and destruction or will Russia back down to avoid WWIII?

      Donald Trump, 2016: If Hillary Clinton wins she’ll start WWIII over Syria.

      • I think it may have been designed to begin under Trump’s term,( history will blame him for it, along with the (((financial crisis))),..only to be “ended” by the Clinton/Winfrey presidency. Can you see it?
        Whoopi Goldberg, Secretary of State…
        Full-blown Idiocracy….

  2. Remember, support all of your sons and daughters, and nieces and nephews, WHEN THEY WANT TO FLEE OVERSEAS TO EVADE THE COMING DRAFT (CONSCRIPTION)!
    Let the jews and their colored pets fight the Red Army ALONE!

    • (((Denise))) will pray to her kike Jesus and his kike “father” but it will do no good when kike-killing justice rains down from above. Run back to your kiken-vermin nest, (((Denise)))

  3. In addition to prayers you might want to call th White House and make your sentiments known.

    NO WAR IN SYRIA ! CALL 202 456 1111

    Both Anglin and duke have made this a front page issue, as should other WN sites.

    • Anglin and Duke are not always my favorite people but they are definitely the good guys as far as no war with Syria is concerned.

      At any rate may Heaven protect Syria and the Assad family from harm. And may Heaven utterly destroy the Zionist state and its criminal accomplices.

  4. Yes the vultures are hovering above, waiting to pounce.
    May the ovens and furnaces one day function again.
    May the lampshades and soapbars one day meet their punishment. It won’t be a day too soon.
    NO MORE WAR!!!

  5. Tucker may have good ratings but I think that (((they))) are getting sick of him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sudden sexual harassment scandal pop up. Enjoy his show while you still can.

    • That’s answer by the senator “well if you care about Israel…”

      Probably was Tucker’s broadcasting death warrant.

  6. God save Bashar-al-Assad from his enemies. And my God have mercy upon America and our Lord’s Church in America. Assad protected the Church in Syria and this may yet pay for all. As the legitimate , ruling authority in Syria, the Church (not the Novus Ordo) offers prayers for the legitimate ruler against Persecutors of the Church. That would be GOG and ZOG.

    Collect: “Crush, we beseech Thee, our Lord , the pride of our enemies and humble them by the power of Thy Right Hand. Per Christum Dominum. We beseech Thee , Almighty God and Lord of Hosts that President Bashar-Al-Assad , who by They mercy has undertaken the government of Syria may advance to the holy faith and all virtues. May he work wisely for the triumph of Thy power. May he and all his family merit to come unto Thee who art the way, the truth and the life. Per Christum Dominum.

    Do not forget the great military victories of Lepanto, Vienna and the Vistula. These were Rosary victories.

    • Miss Lynda,

      Nice to see Catholic sentiments expressed by a member of this website.

  7. Predictably, an Australian government MP was on msm tonight saying whatever Trump does-he’s doing it ‘with the full backing of the Australian government’. Yeah-just blindly backing them without thinking for themselves, and largely without the support of the Australian public, whom they never consult.
    Here we are largely banned from having guns, yet,send armed men to conflicts that don’t concern them, to kill people they’ve never met.
    Yes, I will pray tonight.

  8. I’m surprised that the simple expedient of attacking bars around air bases bases and Airforce academies hasn’t been utilized by special forces.

    That goes for either side.

    Easiest way to destroy aircraft is when they are on the ground. See Pebble Island raid. Easiest way to get at pilots? just catch the pilot cadre after a few too many pints at the local tavern or training school before they officially get their wings. This assassination program was very nearly approved in Patagonia where the Argentines maintained their Exocet armed Etendarde bombers.

    I wonder what security protocols are now active?

  9. Agreed and well said. How is the Neo Conservative, Zionist war against Syria and Russia propaganda -How is it playing in your local communities?

    It seems like it was just last year that I was doing a one man, populist America First crusade in ~ 1991 against the first Neo Conservative, Zionist war against secular Arabs in Iraq. I was doing this one man anti war campaign in Nashville TN; I was treated fairly by the local press, including the leading Jewish guy in the press Teddy Bart (Bartkowsky). The problem was regular Red State Southern White people just couldn’t rap their minds around the idea that they couldn’t be anti war protesters. In their mind, anti war protesters were always hated Jane Fonda type liberals, leftists, anti American, anti Military – and they were determined BY GOD that this wouldn’t be like Viet Nam and we would fight to win etc.

    There was a small Populist Party and John Birch Society that gave me some modest support – I included a lot of the JBS buzz words about opposing the United Nations and A New World Order. I met a few decent Palestinian Americans – the Liberal Left anti War types would not except me Naming the Jew or discussing how our country was becoming a degenerate third world country.

    Anyway, try to do the regular things that need to be done to oppose this God awful ZOG attack on the Whitest regime in the Middle East Assad’s Syria.

    Just look at Mr. and Mrs. Assad and their family – healthy, handsome, well dressed very White – nothing like the ISIS mobs that McCain and lisping Lindsey Graham have supported.

  10. Traditional Prayer to Our Lady for protection against evil:

    August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of the Angels.

    Thou who from the beginning hath received from God the Power and Mission to crush the head of Satan.

    We humbly beseech Thee to send Thy Holy Legions.

    That under Thy Command and by Thy Power they may persue the evil spirits,

    Encounter them on every side,

    Resist their bold attacks,

    And drive them hence into the abyss.


  11. The first war I actively opposed-Iraq-had me marching at rallies for the first time ever. Many fellow marchers were marching for the first time also, so like me were not leftists in any capacity. They were just people who…..were against a war that was obviously based on lies.
    Those were the days when leftists pushed causes I actually agreed with-the environment, animal welfare, workers rights and world peace, etc. Now its all transgenderism and help the poor refugees…

  12. Hunter, I follow closely which reports all Tweets associated with Syria. After Trump’s Tweet on helping Russians with the economy, there was another one that said the reason relations with Russia were so bad is because of the Russia investigation and the Democrats. That Tweet is now missing–gone. Essentially, Trump’s fear of Deep State is pushing him to possible war.

    • The raid on his lawyer’s office was made to ensure Trump’s overall compliance with Israeli aims in the Middle East.

      Trump can stop all this harassment by FBI CIA MI6 etc etc simply getting rid of Assad and the Mullahs, for Israel.

      • “Trump vs. Deep State”

        is a dog-and-pony show.

        Trump is a lifelong Wall-Street Zionist stooge.

        first, he fooled you with his “hey, look, I’m a White populist!” Prez run.

        now he fools you with his “the Deep State made me do it” crap.

        you Trumpaholics are complete idiots

        and deserve every bit of the reaming you are going to get.

        • There’s no need for them to have been raiding then. If he’s going to accommodate Israel anyway.

  13. [I]Is it up to Russia to put a stop to the (((Empire’s))) 20-year rampage of death and destruction or will Russia back down to avoid WWIII?[I/]

    Russia needs China. Eastern Europe needs to make friends with Russia as well.

  14. Assad is just another heathen muzzie dictator, brutal and without a conscience or soul. But zog has russia surrounded, and the russkies really need those bases in syria. I will pray for my christian brothers in russia. They are the ultimate target of all these wars anyway.

    • Whether Trump goes through with this outrage or backs off, the damage has been done. To bring the world to the brink over fake CW propaganda from SA-Israeli-supported jihadists is too much. That tweet yesterday about his smart bombs and his referring to “animal Assad” was cringeworthy. Pence (“Our most cherished ally”) as replacement is the only thing keeping me from supporting impeachment right now.

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