Cuck Island Reaches Agreement On Attacking Syria ASAP

I’m getting more worried as time marches on without the other shoe dropping – it seems as if the attack will only commence once the Cuck Islanders and French (and maybe the Israelis) have their weaponry all in place.

Agreement is already present in the geopolitical arena, so now I suppose it’s just a waiting game.


British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump have agreed to keep working on an international response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma, vowing it would not “go unchallenged.”

The UK and US leaders discussed Syria in a phone call on Thursday evening, a Downing Street spokesman said in a statement. The two have once again pointed the finger at the Syrian government, accusing it of “a pattern of dangerous behavior in relation to the use of chemical weapons.”

The US and the UK would continue exploring the options with regards to Syria while “working closely together” it added.

The call took place shortly after an emergency meeting of the British government, where ministers concluded that it was “highly likely” that the Syrian government bears responsibility for the attack, which, according to the Syrian opposition and linked media sources, killed and injured dozens of civilians.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron, who, together with Trump and May, is spearheading the Western response to the alleged chemical attack, claimed that the Syrian government “at least” used chlorine in Douma, without providing any new evidence to back up the claims.

Right now, it’s looking as if the strikes may be postponed for yet another day – word is that General Mattis is actually acting as a voice of reason against the maniacal viciousness of John Bolton and company.

Still, in these troubled times, each minute holds the capability of being the one in which all hell erupts upon our world, and we begin the descent into what could easily become a Third World War.

We must therefore continue to pray for peace, and if that isn’t possible even with divine intervention, pray that the below beauties fire their missiles straight and true into ZOG’s flight squadrons of death.


    • Those missiles have some of the highest IQs you’ll ever see. They’ll be doing long division on the Syrian bases in a day or so, just wait

  1. I think the more time passes, the less likely an attack over this BS lunacy will be. I could be wrong; I’ve been wrong before. So many sources are debunking this CRAP. I’ve been trying to call the Jew House for days – I can’t get through. Remember to NAME THE JEW, when you do call Reps.

    • Yes, be sure to tell them that you have not forgotten about the lessons of the holocaust. I read that the Jews were kvetching about that possibility earlier today. Show your solidarity and I’m sure our reps will be more sympathetic to your wishes.

      • @Solidus, that comment of yours gave me the laugh I needed today! Everything you said is sad but so very true.

    • I feel it might possibly be Jew theater for the goyim to stay in line. Undoubtedly there’s something extremely bad going on right now while they distract us with this useless bullshit.

  2. Historically Syria has been a French concern. Not a British one. I’d monitor the French chatter tbh.

  3. We’re always at war,but what population is being they play to stay off the inevitable.

  4. Even if it’s true Assad gassed these people the response isn’t proportional or even rational to the supposed crime. Especially when you consider it could trigger WWIII. Especially when you consider the ongoing SA White Genocide gets nothing but complete silence from this same bunch of bastards. Silence is consent.

    ZOG is beyond contempt, bat shit crazy sociopaths.

    • Assad should have used phosphorus like the Israelis do for crowd control. Then harvested the organs of the not yet dead bodies. That is clearly OK with our (((overlords))).

  5. The next new moon is this Sunday. So, if anything is going to happen, that is when I’d expect it – Sunday night in Syria.

  6. -whites in South Africa are being butchered, but its not being reported, and the left want these white sitting ducks to remain in South Africa as they worry the blacks will starve if they leave, yet are in grave danger if they stay.
    -Muslim grooming gangs in Britain are targeting white girls because they’re white, and its being covered up by the media and government.
    -The breakdown of law and order in America, Australia and the wider West is sending our quality of life through the floor-with non white immigration a major factor.
    But yet……start WWIII because some Syrians may have been gassed by Assad but more likely the ZOGS. Make no mistake-criminal psycholopaths are in control throughout the west and they don’t speak, or act for us-haven’t for years.

  7. The Russian flotilla based in Tartus has steamed out of the port. So what we now have is a Russian flotilla shadowing the NATO surface fleet, US subs shadowing the Russian fleet. All we need now is the Chinese bobbing up and down in vicinty.

    Thanks Jews. Really is Assad that much of a thorn in your sides?

  8. Stock up on iodine tablets because we’ll all be self illuminating, those of us lucky enough not to have been vaporized that is…..

  9. The jews really ought to cool it with their arrogant demands for war against Syria, Iran and Russia. But they won’t, of course. There’s no public support for any of it and no jew-orchestrated false-flag attacks or hysterical hate propaganda is going to change that.

    • Is a massive false flag terrorist attack coming to US in order to get Americans pissed off enough to support the insanity? I wouldn’t put anything past these sociopaths. God help us!

      • Yes. If you thought Assad gassing Syrians wasn’t bad enough, just wait till Assad personally sets off a chlorine gas bomb in NYC.

        • Assad is going to gas babies in Cedars Sinai Hospital LA by the time Schlomo is done with him.

  10. The Russian Federation Navy fired a number of very advanced. cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to “rebel” targets in Syria a couple of years ago. The range of those missiles is well out into the Med.

    The fact is that the whole of Syria is in Russia’s backyard. They will have the location of every US Naval vessel well in hand. There won’t be any surprise attacks on Syria. Further, Iran has plenty of hardware and soldier in Syria, so there will not be further “boots on the ground” invasion by the US, or their surrogates.

    • Israhell bombs and missiles Syria on an almost daily basis.

      and Putin does not lift a finger to stop it.

      Israhell’s Murkan puppet has already missiled Syria at least three times,

      and Putin has responded with nothing but hot air.

      at a wild guess, the next ‘Murkan missile/air attack on Syria won’t take place for another week or so, when the ACC Truman and it’s battle group arrive in the eastern Med.

      and when the attack comes,

      Putin/Russia will, again, vent hot air and do


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