Pentagon Scrambles To Cover Syrian Humiliation, Brings Out “Russian Troll” Narrative

Remember when Hillary and her supporters came out claiming that we were all part of some vast overarching Russian conspiracy?

Remember when we were all accused of being Russian trolls on Vladimir Putin’s personal payroll?

Well, if a certain dignified Female of Color working for the Pentagon is to be believed, it looks like I’m back to making some nice extra income as I watch ads for money occasionally – note that I’m still waiting for my Russian health benefits (dental included) to kick in.

It really does seem, and I’m actually just as surprised as the next guy, that the American government has grown so incompetent that they just tend to scream the same talking points over and over whenever they are confronted with their own lies.

We heard the WMD narrative last night during The Orange One’s war speech, we heard the humanitarian invasion narrative throughout the last week, and now we’re seeing a resurrection of Clinton’s shrill excuses by her opponent’s Administration.

Seemingly all to cover up the fact the latest military debacle – a 70% kill score for Syrian Arabs manning second-rate weaponry, and the only destruction being a scientific research center dedicated to developing alternative energy and water purification methods.


  1. The Chinese and Russians know they can kick our asses. That’s why they are putting up with so much shit from us.

    • Doubttul, that unmanned remote control space vehicle the X-37 B that replaced the space shuttle can stay up for years on end undoubtedly carries nukes and is capable of laying waste to Russia, China and N. Korea on a single pass. Last summer one returned after 2 years in space and about 2 months later another was launched from Andrews on a classified mission, to my knowledge it is still in orbit now and when it lands they’ll send another one up. We still have the most potent technologically advanced weapons.Who knows what the full range of capabilities the X-37 B offers? One thing is certain, Putin and Ping both know of it’s existence and it’s presence in orbit and neither knows what to make of it or how to defend against it. Trump has at very least that one ace up his sleeve.

        • Interesting. But the problem with nuclear weapons was always that the side that attacks first will suffer unacceptable losses from the retaliatory strike. You would have to neutralize the opponent’s ability to retaliate, which may be possible with Kim Jong-in but not with Russia, because Russia could fire so many missiles that some would get through. Some have even argued it’s okay for Iran to have nukes because they are purely defensive weapons.

          • If the X37-B drops warheads over Russia, China and N. Korea simultaneously from orbit they wouldn’t know what hit them and it would be a swifter attack then their hypersonic glide vehicles. Nothing could be faster furthermore the X-37 B could be maneuvered over any point on Earth in a matter of about 20 minutes.

      • Interesting but I have trouble believing the US is capable of very much right now due to diversity hiring and promotion.

        • Tell me how many black generals you see. Those policies are cosmetic. If we invade Syria it will be interesting to see how many women are thrown into actual fighting. I would expect none except for a few staged photo-ops. Ivanka won’t be coming home with stumps where once there were lovely legs.

          • the current ranking 4-star ‘Murkan Admiral is a fat little she-boon who (according to the Pentagram) has won vast victories on the raging seas of “social activism”.

            ‘Murka can still defeat any single country in the world in a one-on-one “conventional” war. But that power is eroding rapidly, and will die altogether when the Jewbuck dies. With Iran and its main oil-customer China dropping the petrodollar, that death is now underway.

            only way for the ZOG to reverse this is to take down Iran (as was done with Iraq and Libya)
            and force it back onto the dollar.

            the upcoming Isramerican attack on Iran will be the test.

      • Unlikely, the cargo bay of a X-37B is about as big as the bed of a large pick up truck. It likely would be a surveillance platform for monitoring other nations’ satellites or military facilites, movements and troops. That does not mean there’s not another vehicle in development or service thst could attack targets on the ground with nuclear warheads. However basing nuclear weapons in Earth orbit is a violation of the Partisl Test Ban Treaty.

        • It doesn’t need a big cargo bay, warheads are miniaturized and already in space, the biggest part of a nuclear missile is the solid fuel rocket portion and there’s no need for it. The actual reentry vehicle carrying the warheads are small cones.

          • Thst would not do us any good, so many Russian warheads would hit American cities we’d cease to exist as a nation. There is zero chance we could strike first and not meet that fate because taking all of their nukes before they can reach us. They can base weapons on space too.

        • Sure they could use X-37 B for listening and other electronic warfare purposes but there’s no way it was engineered to be a one trick pony.

        • According to what I’ve read the Chinese are terrified of the X-37 and they’ve infested the U.S. with spies … They know it’s not only a listening device, I’d bet it can drop mini warheads and kill satellites as well as perform all the niceties of electronic warfare.

  2. This is far from over.

    Israel will not permit this to end with a Syrian govt victory. At the very least they want the country to be devastated by war for years and years to come. Real humanitarians caring about the children.

    • Israel wants to dislodge the Russians from the sand pit and a destabilized Syria that they could easily encroach on.

    • Putin may have done the smart thing. Sit back and watch us overplay our hand. He might be working to expose the nerve gas attack as a hoax or waiting for an opportunity to retaliate where he will seem to be in the right. Trump is likely to be impeached and if the neocons and their goals become associated with Trump, that will weaken them. Time is on the side of Russia, China, and North Korea. Bolton wants to attack NK while China has announced it would intervene if the US attacks. Is the public ready to back the neocon plan for “world domination” when it means war with China AND Russia? Trump has done something nice for South Korea and Japan by driving NK to become less threatening to countries around it. In effect Trump says, Stop hating them and hate me instead and they say OK!

  3. 1.4 million per useless tomahawk missile. Can’t we find a better way to spend our taxes.

    Is anyone here Russian BTW? My father’s family moved out of Russian in 1918 and immigrated to the United States. I am a fourth generation American. My mother’s side is Native American Chippewa. I don’t see any loyalty to the Russian Mother Land and consider my self American not Russian-American. It’s like when blacks say I am African-American I say what part of Africa are you from then they say something stupid like I’m from Atlanta. SMH

    • @Based,
      Yes its ironic how they’re proud to be African….but somehow won’t go and live in Africa. Not enough whites there to blame their victim status on, or feed their Western way of life.
      Proud Africans…..until they have to live there.

  4. The Saudis want to build a pipeline through Syria and Assad is the wrong kind of Muslim to let them. The Israelis would like the pipeline too. This is all this is about. The rest is lies.

    • It’s about hegemony in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East for Israel who won’t achieve it as long as Russia maintains massive military installations in Syria. Israel probably warned Trump that if he doesn’t attack Syria that they would. If Israel attacked Syria that hard the whole region would break out into open warfare, Trump did it because he could get away with it no worse for the wear and it is making Putin and the Ayatollahs look like paper tigers. Trump has angered his base but he also put the fear of God into anyone thinking of testing his resolve. He’s laying the preliminaries for negotiations with Kim Jong Un and demonstrating his resolve for the rest of the world to note.

      • More like JIDF talking out of his ass. Kim knows to keep his nukes now. Iran knows to double time on theirs. All President Cuck did is show the rest of the world how psychotic and belligerent our government is, along with how retardedly pathetic our allies are for following along. 70% failure against Soviet equipment and we got SPACE NUKEZ! Fuck off, Hasbarah.

    • Israhell has been bombing and rocketing Syria on almost daily basis ever since the Russians intervened, and Putin hasn’t lifted a finger to stop it.

      forget about little Vlad; the Zionists have their financial hooks into him too. After failing to respond to Trumpenthal’s missiles, his deterrant credibility is Zero.

      we’re on our own.

    • And after the Demonrats win back both the House and Senate in November, and the Orange Buffon is facing certain impeachment

      • no one is going to impeach Trumpenthal.

        the Demoncrats looked at his budget bill, loved it, and said so.

        and, now that he’s completely in synch with the Israhell warmongers, the neo-con’d Republiscams are in bed with him too.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of fighting WW3 over that God forsaken sand pit over there but I think both Putin and Ping are shifting pickles over the X-37 B which is in orbit now ready to rain a shit storm down on them should they attack the U.S.

    • That secret military space plane sounds impressive, but it’s no Death Star. Besides, the Russians and Chinese could build one of their own easily enough. They certainly have the combined engineering and espionage capabilities.

    • X-37 B is no big deal, its just an unmanned smaller version of the space-shuttle. It is unmanned, because the manned missions kept exploding and women voters cried.

      They used to call the space shuttle the space truck, so the X-37 B must be the space van. lol

      • No, I dont, we would know if they did because they have to put it in orbit and we would detect the launch.

  6. Can someone please clarify who is lying and who is telling the truth about the claims regarding the Syrian intercept of about 70% of the missiles? And how do you know?

    • That 70% stat is pure propaganda, I doubt the Syrians shot down a single missile because they all came from different directions. They were focused on the Donald Cook which was a ruse and didn’t fire a shot.

      • Propaganda brought to you by the same ones who helped get ZOGEmperor Trumpfinklesteinbutinskiburger elected, using the power of memes alone.

      • Patrick, the (((Powers that be))) have you Boaz Allen Hamilton contractors trolling this site???
        HW, you have moved up in the world!

        • I thought it was the USS Donald Cuck! Nuke van from space. As if it makes MAD any less a guarantee. They still nuke us back. What a clown.

      • Apparently there are imaging satellites that can be monitored through increasingly sophisticated and very cheap “ham” SDR pc based radio. I am not up to speed on this but it should be possible for an individual to record and track explosions from raids like this one for more accurate information. China certainly has the intercept rate tabulated from their own satellites.

        • You have to assume the Chinese have observers and technicians on the ground there too.

        • Shooting down subsonic missiles isn’t all that impressive. A reckless pilot could fly next to a Tomahawk and tip the wing on the thing and send it off course.

    • Tomahawks are relatively slow moving missiles. You can see them with the naked eye near the target as they are subsonic. Kinda like the V1. Skilled ground control and y to air batteries In pre prepared sites can easily shoot them down.

  7. America far-right should be in favor of a confrontation in the Middle East, calamities open windows for revolutions.
    Expecting changes in the current political system and cultural environment is very naive and foolish.
    America’s fate was decided in 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve. Generation after generation of slaves,, but people seems that worship their chains.

    • I’m going with the Civil War as the tipping point and the Fed was the consolidation phase but your thinking is spot on I believe.

    • The year 1913 also gave Americans the income tax & the passage of legislation that made many drugs illegal. My grandfather could no longer buy morphine OTC which many Americans needed to get through those 12 hour workdays! During that same period, many states passed compulsory education laws, abolished juvenile labor & began regulating the production & sale of alcoholic beverages along with tobacco. It was the genesis year of what is now known as social engineering legislation.

  8. So if you’re against this US lead aggression you’re either a Russian troll, a white supremacist or both.

  9. I hope Russia quickly follows through with yesterday’s announcement by giving newer S-300 AD systems to Syria. That would piss off the Empire bc Our Most Cherished Ally would not be able to continue to bomb at will a neighboring country.

        • @Mestigoit

          “Iskandrs and Kinzhals for deterrence…”

          Which is why Israel relies on proxies to do their dirty work. The IAF can’t conduct a concerted and sustained air campaign against Syria on its own. I don’t think the Army is what it was, anymore, either. I think the IDF is psychologically worn out and short on material resources. I think years of counterinsurgency and ill will from the outside world has done it.

          • Hezbollah’s 2006 success and today’s total failure should open some eyes about the “invincible” IDF.

  10. Now there’s a happy headline — thank you, Marcus! Washingstein Den of Caitiffs goes down down DOWN from here at its own dogged insistence. When commie China and ex(?)-commie Russia look so much better than the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

    • Not yet, but that’s really the true reason why I’ve been wary about self-doxxing.

      I’ll probably end up with like 450 indictments relating to Russian collaboration.

      • I am not effective enough to be doxxed but if I was, I would say so sorry to the politically correct bullies and assure them that I’ve become a born again believer in the Hebrew’s Religion of Political Correctness. Hallelujah! Then I’d create a new identity and start doing it again! The personalities don’t matter, only the memes.

    • @Mestigoit

      “Some day the House of Saud will fall.
      That will be big.”

      On that day, they’ll come unglued in Washington. In the 70’s, the Saudis gave Washington money to keep the U.S. economy afloat. They’ve kissed up to them ever since.

      • The agreed to only sell oil in petro-shekels which is floating the current (((economy))). Russia is planning on selling oil to China in Petro-chinknotes which I think is the real reason for this conflict. The $ will certainly collapse if a military monopoly is not held on oil sales.

        • The money changers would appear to be kvetching about their core industry (((money changing))). Not only does this float the $ the conversion fees make them loads of shekels. Like a 3% tax on the entire world. Worth sending white soldiers to die for anyway. They crucified Jesus for screwing up a similar conversion racket back in the day.

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