TOP CUCK: Trump Considers Posthumous Pardon For Negro Boxer Jack Johnson

For those of you who may not know, Jack Johnson was a Colored Gentleman that became boxing’s Heavyweight Champion over a hundred years ago, and who enraged a nation by marrying White women in defiance of proper anti-miscegenation laws – he served a year in prison for his activities.

In fact, some unknown meme maker essentially summarized Johnson’s life with one simple graphic:

But now it looks like Johnson is going to get his revenge – courtesy of President Trump himself:

Can someone please explain to me the purpose behind this latest decision by the GOD EMPEROR?

Is it part of a program to gain votes among the few people who even know who this Negro was?

I’m going to guess that it’s just plain cuckoldry within the mind of a man who talked big and tough during the Campaign, but ultimately proved to be just another Republican hack – a Great White Hope that failed us like the other dozen that have appeared in the last 50 years.


  1. Well, I got banned from twitter for sharing my comments which did include my use of the “N word”. I so rarely use the N word. Tonight I did.

    And I was banned from Twitter.

    Oh well.

    Speak the truth and fear no one.

    Tonight I spoke the truth as I saw it.

    And I got banned from Twitter.

    • It’s not that.

      A smart tough white has other options. A tough black is not likely to have the brains to do something else.

      Boxing isn’t a good career. To say the least.

    • They have all the advantages you would expect of people who were weeded out by grueling physical labor. They are bigger, stronger, faster, more coordinated, etc. Blacks dominate every fast-moving sport. Whites are only competitive at weight-lifting, marathon-running, shot-putting, javelin-throwing, wrestling, and sports that don’t pay any money like bowling or MMA. In football whites are all quarterbacks or offensive linemen. A few of us are agile enough to play defensive line but for the most part we’re just sofas on rollers.

  2. Ken Burns made a good, relatively pozz-free documentary about Jack Johnson around ten years ago. Miles Davis also recorded an electric jazz-funk LP dedicated to him. Seems Mr. Johnson was not only a legendary boxer, he was also an interesting fellow who liked antagonizing White folks a lot.

    It’s nice that Trump has found the time to consider granting him a full pardon. But maybe that time could be put to better use? You know, like building that friggin’ wall?

    • The “Jack Johnson” soundtrack by Miles Davis and Teo Macero is one of the greatest Fusion/Rock records of all time. Listen to the opening lick on “Right Off” and tell me that is not the beginning of a great rock record. John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Bill Cobham, Sonny Sharrock, Chick Corea, Jack Dejohnette – these guys are all fusion institutions in their own right and to have them all on one record is truly a gift. Macero was the real creative force behind Davis’ electric period. Most of those records are pastiches of recordings he stitched together in the booth while Miles was passed out with a hooker in the other room.

      • I think it sucks and McLaughlin sucks and fusion sucks and Europeans suck and Miles was great. Giving Teo the credit is silly. Miles only did that electric stuff because he was ticked that 19 year-old white kids with very modest talent were making more money than he was. It worked like a charm. All my tin-eared hippie friends lapped up “Bitches Brew” and Miles made some well-deserved money. But the music was a step backward. Thank God the much maligned Wynton Marsalis revived acoustic jazz, 2-5-1’s and the Great American Songbook. Jazz rock is jazz schlock.

  3. Boy, Drumpf sure has turned out to be a revolting mega-cuck. The nigs aren’t going to vote for him or republicans regardless of how much he kisses their ass. Well, I had already decided not to vote for him again, so as far as I’m concerned, he’s already blowing in the wind.

  4. Fash the Nation has moved strongly in the direction of Occidental Dissent this week;

    and the decisive variable? Time.

    We don’t have time for the usual back and forth of mainstream politics.

    What I am afraid of is that the diabolical Enemy will gift the GOP the midterms in order to set up 2020 in their favor, whereas a bloody nose for the GOP is what we want.

    • Oh did it hurt? Would you like some KY, son? (said this faggot’s father)

    • I’m good, Maricon.

      I just wish we could bring Johnson back from the dead in his prime, let him fight a Slav, and get to see what a crushed Negroid skull looks like.

      Depending on the opponent, I think Johnson falls sometime in the third or fourth round.

      • Quite correct. The peculiarity of boxing from the Soviet Revolution and Warsaw Pact days is that all sorts of excellent white boxers were officially barred from profession bouts because they were Amateurs.

        This took out half the pool of white talent at a minimum.

      • I’d like to see one of your dirty, destitute Slavs defeat a modern black champ like Deante Wilder or Anthony Joshua first. I doubt they would. Slavs box like robots. They can only beat other drunken Slavs.

        • Brah, Vladimir Putin himself could smash either one of those two gorillas into dust – in fact, with his judo skills, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could break both of them at the same time.

          Besides, boxing at this point is just kind of gay – too many rules and restrictions, and officials ready to throw in the towel as soon as somebody gets a nosebleed.

          Let either one of the two go up against someone like Fyodor Emelianenko – it’ll last all of one round.

          • Cuck, the only thing that’s gay here is your fawning over Putin. What is it with the wing nut infatuation with this diminutive dictator? Is it the man-boobs, seriously.

            Rules? It’s called being a sport. If you don’t want rules, attend backyard street fights populated by out-of-shape bums.

            If Mitrione could KO Femelianenko, Wilder would put the drunken muscovite in the ER. He’d be begging for a shot of “krokodil.” Wilder’s the real life Drago except without the roids and gay haircut.

            BTW, I doubt the comparison to a gorilla would be an insult to any boxer — prize fighters, regardless of race, have been referred to as “shaved gorillas” for decades.

  5. He isn’t trying to buy nig votes, even his ego knows that didn’t win him 2016. No, I suspect this is about appeasing his Hollywood base, to be specific that nigger loving Sylvester stalone. Oh come on, we all saw him hugging all over Apollo Creed, and Creed was all about bringing the thug up from the hood with nothing more than some sweat and a dream. . . If only thugs took that inspiration and robbed more 7-11s. ADRIAN!!!!

  6. I think Johnson got killed in a car accident after arguing with the manager of a diner that refused to serve coloreds. Instead of paying attention to the road he was going on and on about the incident. Those really were the good old days.

  7. I just read the link. It escapes me how Johnson got away with as much as he did back in that era.
    The thing that irks me about boxers, and sports people in general, is they’re paid and idolized over and above their true worth.
    Other than providing what some consider ‘entertainment’, they do nothing to benefit mankind, yet are looked up to as if they’re someone who has reinvented the wheel or found a cure for the common flu, and are rewarded with money, women, and giant ego’s.
    I don’t watch any sport. Why waste your time with that?
    As nogs go, Johnson lived what you’d have to consider a pretty good life. Parden him for what exactly?

  8. Not a word about the ongoing SA White Genocide; building The Wall going into the shitter; FORGET about deporting even one 3rd worlder but pardoning a black no one ever heard of for miscegenation?
    Get your priorities straight POTUS. I wish.

    It does send the message that White./non White unions are just fine and blacks shouldn’t hesitate to do dem huwite wymin. You never fail to disappoint, Mr. Trump, and disappoint again.

  9. In Robert Coover’s Public Burning, Uncle Sam (a sort of cartoon character) rapes Nixon in the Oval Office after he’s sworn in. All the presidents have a strange stare after a while. Now you know. The Leviathan that is the USA has had its way with each of them.

  10. Communists believe a Bourgeois revolution must always precede a true Communist revolution because the Bourgeois only pass cosmetic reforms are are incapable of applying needed radical solutions. In our case the conservative revolution must alway precede an actual racial/nationalist revolution because conservatives are incapable of enacting reforms needed to destroy liberalism and reestablish our sovereignty and preservation.

    • Trump is the bourgeois conservative/populist candidate who failed to deliver the necessary reforms, thus making the White Race War/Revolution/Uprising inevitable.

    • Ya’ll call them liberals and conservatives. I call them anti-Whites.

      Its not that conservatives are unable, its that they are unwilling. A conservative is just a liberal from 40 years ago.

      (((Conservatism))) ran to get the votes of White Nationalists, because they recognized they can’t win any other way. But now the KravMAGA crew are trying to divert the energy flow back into raceless (((conservatism))), so Whites can go die for Israel. But it isn’t working, because everyone knows they welched on the deal.

      If they came through on the deal they could have saved themselves. They could have come out smelling like roses. But they couldn’t resist the double cross, because the snake can’t overcome his core nature.

      So much for their “brains and hard work”.

  11. I admit I drank the l
    Kool-aid and just plain looked in the other direction for too much of Trump’s crap. He isn’t “our guy”, never was. He isnt even on the same book as “people like us” (I.e. SN, WN, NS, Fash), let alone the page.

    The media treatment of him is still vile on,their part, although he does a darn good job on his own. -shakes head-

    • I voted for Trump and hoped for the best, I’m not going to vote for him again, way too prone to want to use the American military to micro manage the planet, that, and a lot of other things.

      • Same here. I did ignore a lot of stuff about him, but I pretty much decided when he bombed Syria the first time that he was nothing but a liar. If he wants to be loved by everyone, he should have stayed out of politics.

  12. Just like both Syria strikes this is meaningless and provides Trump a shield for very little cost. You people are clutching at straws. Why? Read The Art of the Deal and you might just understand what is happening.

    Again who cares what a politician says. Its what they do that counts. Sometimes what they don’t do as well

  13. I see we have a new contender for prize asshole here. Will el chimpo feel challenged by T’Challa? Maybe they can duke it out between them for top loser.

  14. Trump & most Christians don’t realize they disobey the Christian Bible. In the book of Acts it tells us what to obey: Acts 15:28 -29 For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; 29 That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. (Fornication covers a variety of illicit sex which include sodomy, incest and race-mixing.)

  15. Did you watch Trump getting all queer with Macron? Lots of kissing and hugging and,holding hands. Very queer. Macron, of course is queer. Is Trump a fagg?

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