German Reporter Admits On Live TV That Douma Gassing Was Complete False Flag

Question time for my friends in Occupied Germany:

Is it illegal to question narratives that don’t tie directly to the Jews and World War Two, but are still part of their attempt to crush free nations like Bashar al-Assad’s Syria?

Because if so, it looks like one specific reporter may have some serious explaining to do in the coming days.


The alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma was staged by local militants, who tried to frame it as a Syrian Army strike, a German TV correspondent, who travelled to Damascus, has said publicly, citing local witnesses.

“People told us in a very convincing manner that this whole story was staged,” Uli Gack, a reporter with the German ZDF public broadcaster, said (referring to the alleged Douma chemical attack) while he spoke live on ZDF Heute (‘Today’) show on Satuday.

Gack had travelled to Syria and visited one of the refugee camps near Damascus, where “some 20,000 people from Eastern Ghouta and particularly from Douma” were living.

The scene of the attack, which allegedly took place on April 7, was in fact the “command post” of a local Islamist group, the reporter said, citing the witnesses he was able to speak to at the refugee camp.

He went on to say that, according to the locals, the militants brought canisters containing chlorine to the area and “actually waited for the Syrian Air Force to bomb the place, which was of particular interest for them.”

As the Syrian forces eventually struck the place, which was apparently a high-priority military target, the chlorine canisters exploded. The locals also told Gack that it is not the first such provocation in Douma that was staged by the militants.

So is he saying that chemicals actually popped off in the area?

This would actually be the first time I’ve heard such a thing – all other evidence and testimony up until now has said that the White Helmets just sprayed smoke in kids’ faces, and tried to claim it was chlorine gas poisoning.

According to other witness accounts, the militants deliberately exposed people to chemical agents during what they called “training exercises” then filmed it and later presented as an “evidence” of the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

The reporter then said he could not verify the people’s statements and cannot say if they are all true but called them quite “convincing”and added that they deserve attention.

This whole event is actually quite interesting due to the fact that it shows us how the American system has evolved since the time of the Iraq War.

Back then, you at least saw attempts by ZOG to justify their claims against Saddam Hussein – Magic Negro Colin (Colon) Powell waving his “yellow cake,” weird Neocon flow charts trying to connect Al Qaeda to the Iraqi regime, and claims after the occupation that chemical weapons had been stashed in neighboring countries for some bizarre reason.

Now, we’ve literally got those involved in the “gas attack” saying they were paid with food to act like injured victims, and yet there is no serious spin from the American side.

No altered maps to depict “chemical weapons plants,” no paid actors of their own to claim gas baby status, and no altered evidence from inspectors presented to the United Nations.

It’s merely a regurgitation of the original claim, and then missiles away (before they’re shot down).


  1. By now, this guy’s admission will be going viral faster on the Internet than a human strain of Ebola that is airborne. We must find the video, save it to our phones and computers, make copies, and show them to family and friends. Doing so just might save their lives, especially those in the armed forces.

    • if you can see whats going on in syria, what went on it iraq, libya etc and not have massive reservations about the official narrative of what went on during ww2, specially after knowing what really happened at the katyn massacre and how the amreicans worked to cover it up for the jewish bolsheviks there really is something wrong with you

      israel needs to burn to the ground

      • @nosdan

        “after knowing what really happened at the katyn massacre and how the Americans worked to cover it up for the jewish bolsheviks.”

        Henry Ford’s Gassing Vans

        May 29, 2016 Mike Walsh

        Soviet archives, their contents analysed for the first time, reveal that claims of atrocities levelled at captives during Nuremberg’s theatre-trials were of Soviet doing. Meantime, media continues to recycle ‘Nazi confessions’ obtained through torture despite evidence of Soviet not German culpability.

        There is not a shred of evidence admissible in any conventional court that Hitler’s Germany produced vehicles for gassing prisoners. There is no such uncertainty over the origins of such dreadful innovation, as gassing vans have since proven to be of NKVD origin.

        The Soviet Union’s Narodny Komissariat, Vnutrennih Del or People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD), was a Secret Police division set up by Wall Street financed Bolsheviks. Its stated purpose was to liquidate by all means possible, millions of ‘surplus’ Russians and Central Europeans.

        The head of the NKVD was Nikolai Yezhov. The Lithuanian Jew and self-confessed shirt-lifter (homosexual) was a 4’11” dwarf. An insatiable killer, Nikolai Yezhov was dubbed ‘the Iron Commissar’. NKVD officers were awarded various awards based on numbers of victims and extremes of brutalities used. Not once has this mass killer’s identity been revealed by western media.

        During the 1930s, NKVD officer Isay Berg was charged with the execution of prisoners ordered by the NKVD (court) troika of Moscow Oblast. Following conviction, the normal procedure was to transport prisoners to mass graves of Butovo for execution by shooting. When three troikas (courts) were concurrently in session, the graveside killers experienced difficulty in dealing with the large numbers delivered for execution.

        Great Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn is undoubtedly the most credible historian to chronicle the terrible decades of Bolshevik suppression. It was the Bolsheviks, not the Reich, that murdered on an industrial scale.

        The former Gulag prisoner writes:

        The gas wagon (Russian: ????????? (dushegubka) was invented and used by the Soviet secret police NKVD in the late 1930s during the Great Purge. The vehicle had an air-tight compartment for victims, into which exhaust fumes were transmitted while the engine was running. The victims were gassed with carbon monoxide, resulting in death by monoxide poisoning and suffocation.

        The gas van’s 1936 designer was Isay Davidovich Berg, the Jewish head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast. These vans, manufactured in the local Ford-built plant, were the means of suffocating prisoners in batches with engine fumes, while en route to the mass graves at Butovo, where prisoners were subsequently buried.

        Solzhenitsyn says:

        Berg’s method was to strip the victims naked, tether them, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck. Each van was disguised as a bread van. During transportation, exhaust gases were piped into the body of the van. When delivered to the farthest (execution) ditch, those arrested were already dead.

        It was Berg’s suggestion that these vehicles were of the widely used GAZ-AA truck chassis (licensed American model Ford AA truck 1929). In October 1931, a Model AA was the first vehicle produced at Ford’s own new Dagenham plant in England. Ford licensed the manufacture of the Model A and AA to a variety of nations, notably the Soviet Union. More than 985,000 GAZ AAs were built in USSR from 1932 to 1950.


    These militants were probably trained by Mossad and the chlorine probably came from Israel too. They probably kept chlorine in the area and “leaked” fake info to the Syrian army causing it to bomb it.

  3. Even if Assad did gas a handful of people… fucking what?
    Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, China, and the list goes on-all kill their own citizens systematically-and the ZOGS don’t lift a finger.
    In the footage provided, all I ever saw were people in a hospital who were very much alive, intact and covered in water- hardly shocking enough to warrant a missile attack…..which had the potential to kill hundreds.
    Sorry ZOG but your logic is up the river.

  4. I think the plan was to use the gassing hoax to justify bombing whatever parts of the pipeline that is being built to stop the move away from the petro-$ to petro-gold-chinkwhatever that is going to happen. Forcing anyone that buys oil to convert to $ first is pretty heavy handed and is certainly not stable. When this goes poof so will the $ as it is no longer based on anything other than the might of the US military to enforce this purchasing and sales monopoly. Is there any gold in the Fed and Ft. Knox? if so, who owns it?

  5. Jews have an autistic- like obsession with pornographic poison gas fantasies, much in the same way they are obsessed with feces and menstrual blood. A truly sick, depraved and inbred tribe of untermenschen.

  6. 6 million Jews were gassed in Poland and Galicia by Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1917. But since the “Allies” didn’t really win WW1, like they claimed they had, they couldn’t murder German and Austrian generals, or both Kaisers, like they wanted to. They settled for keeping the blockade up until 1920, instead. The shelved the gas libel until 1945.

    Syria is just another example of Jew gas libel.

    • 270k people died in the camps during ww2, only 40% of them were jews. 90% of them died from typhus because a lot of eastern europeans had zero personal hygiene, 90% of them died in the last stages of teh war because of allied bombing stopped food, medicine and fresh water getting to the camps

      almost zero were ever gassed by anything

  7. Go to you tube. Look up One America News Network. They are on satellite TV and You Tube. They did an in depth report on this with a reporter on scene interviewing doctors. I wonder how long they will allow this to stay up?

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