Toronto: Van Of Peace Kills 10, Armenian Elliot Rodger Fan Named As Culprit

Canada rarely takes over as leader of a day’s news cycle, so I think we should all give our cucked neighbors to the north a standing ovation for giving us something interesting to read and write about – for once, we don’t have to really deal with Trump-related nonsense.

CBS News:

A van struck and killed 10 pedestrians Monday afternoon in north Toronto and the driver fled the scene, Canadian police said. Fifteen others were injured in the incident. Authorities said the van has been found and the driver was in custody. Police said they did not yet know the cause or any possible motive.

CBS News sources identified the suspect as Alek Minassian, 25, and obtained a photo of him from social media Monday. Officials announced he’s from Richmond Hill — a town in Ontario, Canada.

Officials increased the death toll during a press conference Monday night.

U.S. law enforcement sources told CBS News that the incident appears to be a deliberate act. Witnesses said the driver was moving fast and appeared to be acting deliberately.

Witness Peter Kang told CTV News that the driver did not seem to make any effort to stop.

“If it was an accident he would have stopped,” Kang said. “But the person just went through the sidewalk. He could have stopped.”

Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said that it was too soon to say whether the crash was a case of international terrorism and that the government had not raised its terrorism alert.

So many questions are going to have to be answered going forward – I for one never thought the plot line would take such a weird twist.

  1. Is this Armenian dude a Moslem? I know they tend to be Christian in their bizarre semi-Oriental way, but perhaps this is somebody that’s half Azerbaijani or something?
  2. Should we grant the Chans complete domination over our investigative journalism? Because once again, it looks like random anons processed and disseminated information much faster than traditional media sources.
  3. Is Alek Minassian White enough to be made official leader of the Alt-Right? That right there is a tricky question, but I think with the current climate, he’d be able to be accommodated in some capacity.
  4. Should we just abandon everything, and pray that all gets consumed in holy nuclear fire? Currently a toss up, although the scales are tipping with the amount of sheer insanity breaking out nearly every single day.


  1. Damn somebody stole the spotlight from Travis Reinking…. Not like you would bother to write about him had this tragedy (that took place OUTSIDE the US) not occoured Sissyero.

    • The anti-White is complaining it got as much coverage here, as White Genocide in South Africa did in the anti-White rags, that give him a thrill in his special place.

      Anti-Whites are VERY provincial. If it didn’t happen inside their cities it didn’t happen at all. These big city rubes should get an edumafication and travel more, so they can take a GLOBAL view.

  2. Who could have thunk the mass killers would move on from banned guns and kitchen knives, to cars and trucks?

    I wonder if this is getting though to the followers of the Political Correctness Religion? Probably not. They have skulls so thick, nothing ever gets through. Next they will be calling for strict regulation on cars and trucks. Only the (((Self Chosen Ones))) will be allowed to have them.

    • No, it’s not, because their purpose has nothing to do with the mass killers.

      The entire purpose of their stuff is to disarm normal White people so that they can be safely subjugated or exterminated.

  3. “The Armenians-Christian in a semi-oriental kind of way.”!! Boy your American ignorance mixed with a bit of unique southern flavor is in full display.You might be interested to know that Armenia is one of the oldest Christian countries in the world. Not to mention that Orthodox Christianity is where the real Christians are. If anybody is Christian in a semi Oriental kind of way its you the Americans with your love for the juden and you Judeo-Christian nonsense. Not to mention that being Protestant or a Catholic for that matter means you are not Christian but simply a heretic.

    • It shouldn’t matter to a serious White Nationalist what wordism they follow. It should only matter if they are of his race. No More Brother Wars!

    • Funny, because I once heard from an Armenian (half technically) that they’re the only ones who can out-Jew a Jew.

      • That’s very true about them. There is a joke that summarize that trait of their character. A guy asks his friend: what happened in this lawsuit where Armenian was suing a Jew. His friend answered: not much, the put the judge in the jail.” That doesn’t change the fact that the Armenians and the Georgians are two small Christian nations, an outpost of Christianity among sea of Muslims since 5th century. Before that they had to fight the Persians for the same reason. There is a very interesting book that I read as a child on the subject.

      • At the last Baptist church I attended, before I went Calvinist, the song leader was 1/2 Armenian. He *did not* look European. I was not impressed with his IQ, or with the few aspects of his culture that he preserved (such as foods).

        • The Armenians and the Georgians have dark hair, brown skin and very particular facial features. Their noses although not of the Jewish type are still very recognizable. I don’t know what was this guy problem but I can assure that is rare to find a nation with deeper hatred for Islam than the Armenians.

          • so this massacre of urban white cosmics

            was done by a “christian” invasive orc.

            all good, either way. Our urban white cosmics

            must surely understand by now

            that with diversity

            comes an occasionally vibrant act.

      • This is not rumor, this is a confirmed fact. Ottoman Empire businessmen hired Armenians for a reason that they were the only people who could cheat the Jews.

        Unfortunately Armenians cheated everybody else too including their masters and this was the reason why Armenian genocide happened. Collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Armenian workforce role in it is one great untold diversity story.

        Btw, US Army is also not in the best condition right now because of those smart Jews producing and selling useless equipment and telling stories about easy victory over Russia or Iran.

        • Look up the Armenian mafia to see the ruthlessness and lack of conscience the majority have. And again, look to the Kardashians. Even the father defended OJ Simpson even when Nicole Brown was their lifelong family friend.

    • Cher is apparently an Armenian. Even Greeks are not really white anymore and Armenians are below Greeks on the European scale so they really don’t belong in the west in my not so humble opinion.


    Promoting alienism, open borders, immigration is PURE EVIL on the part of the Judaists.

    • Of course they do, they would be drinking the blood of slain white children if they could get away with it. You can be sure they celebrate every death among our people that results from their genocidal policies. They do that away from our scrutiny, usually.

  5. Wow, civilization is collapsing before our eyes, and Muslims are not the primary cause. Girls Gone Wild means a few alpha chads are drowning in eager pussy, a lot of average dudes are in incel hell, and some of the latter (John Highnote, Travis Reinking, and now this guy) are not taking it well. Telling them to up their game and become alpha chads only enrages them further, and wouldn’t work anyway, as alpha chaddom is the opposite of civilization.

    If we don’t solve this problem, Islam will solve it for us by promising every man a young*, faithful wife, and if she cheats, she and her lover will be publicly flogged until the flesh falls from their bones.

    *Every female is born a virgin, so you can always find a virgin bride if you set your age limit low enough, and anyone who disapproves of your choice will be arrested for Islamophobia.

  6. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of the South, its culture and traditions. Of course many of these traditions were destroyed after the South lost the war.

    • Up until the “Civil War” the US was primarily an Anglo-Saxon / Celtic country. But then starting in the 1880s millions of Southern and Eastern Europeans began pouring in, along with a lot of Chinamen. So I would say the original agrarian, independent WASP American Republic ceased to exist around 1890 and was replaced with a more cosmopolitan, urbanized, ghettoized and JUDAIZED America after that.

      • Wait, there was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, so that was one thing Congress did that I agree with. Still, by that time we had a lot of Orientals, especially on the West Coast.

      • @Spahn

        I too look at the 1890 mark as the demographic dichotomy. But let me add my two cents why foreign immigration started other than providing bodies for a Yankee war machine. It was to add workers to build a commercialism empire. The Carnegie’s and Vanderbilt’s of the world only get richer by adding to their slave pool. This explains Chinamen building the railroad all the way to Mexican carpet layers “doing jobs that American’s are unwilling to do.”

  7. I was certain this massacre was the work of a non-white, and a Muslim. However, the destructive and genocidal force known as feminism has wrecked relations between men and women. It therefore results in crackpots like Elliot Roger and now this cretin took their rage out on whites, white women in particular.

    • Elliot Rodger and this mongloid are not white so how can Anglo females be responsible. Mixed race and Semitic people are nuts from the getgo.

  8. How many of the vics were non white? How many were progressives?
    Do a googly on Torontos demographics- Asians, blacks and Muslims combined account for around half its population. Thats why I find myself no longer giving a shit about these attacks-pretty much our enemies attacking our enemies, doing our job for us. That sums it up. I have no rage or sympathy left in me.
    Justin Trudeau was on the news calling the attack ‘senseless’, but then won’t do a thing.
    Cities that love dieversity will be at greater risk of attacks. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.
    Other than that, I’ve nothing else to ad to the discussion.
    Worryingly, these attacks don’t even discust me anymore.

  9. I agree that if whites are neither targets nor victims, I have no dog in that fight. Let the Saracens kill one another.

  10. Ugh… is one proWhite site going to do a tribute to Robert Ransdell? His slogan was perfect. Also I have seen it posted but cannot find any solid documentation he actually has passed


    • There is no news article on Robert Ransdell, for whatever reason. So all the news coming in about him is simply hearsay. But on one pro-white forum someone said his car caught fire, and he burned alive in the wreckage, screaming for help. Allegedly, his car was struck by a drunken bitch. We may never know the real story, or even if he actually died, but there was one small news item that did list the death of a man in a car crash, without mentioning the name of the victim.

  11. Lampshade media already announced some outlandish cover story this guy hated women so he drove through a pack of strangers. That bullshit makes so much more sense than another muslim sand nigger drove through a pack of strangers for his one true god Obama. Because the obvious is now mysterious thanks to soapbar newskikes

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