1. If the jews and coloreds had any sense they would realize Trump is more interested in pleasing them than he is showing any kind of appreciation for the tens of millions of White Americans who enthusiastically voted for him.

  2. Never heard of Kanye West, Wikipedia says it is a singer, clearly it’s a nigger.
    American artists that I know are, Madonna, Britney Spears, Megan Fox, Demi Moore, Justin Timberlake, Robert deNiro, Adam Sandler, Donald Trump and so on.

    • Three things I know Kanye West for, just from reading news headlines:

      1) Shoving White woman Taylor Swift out of the way while she was giving an acceptance speech for a music award. In her place he gave a crazy speech saying a black singer should have got the award instead.

      2) Making music videos where he walks around holding the severed heads of White women.

      3) Losing all the money he made in music. Something like 50 million.

      I assume Trump’s kravMAGA people are giving Kayne a couple million to do this. If it isn’t obvious now now NeverWallTrump has pumped and dumped White Nats and has kicked us to the kerb.

  3. It’s really pathetic how the Trumpanzees are falling over themselves sucking up to this White-hating, fliver-lipped coon.

    • @spahnranch1969

      To me, niggers are just tools and pawns. Their political opinions come from the last authoritative talking White/Jew they heard.
      Niggers didn’t even know they had rights, until somebody told them that they did. Same thing with their opinions. The Jews/SJWs give them a new one every week. That’s why I don’t care what they say, and why I don’t waste my time arguing with them.

      • That should be “authoritative.”

        Being a Texan, you should know the political corruption in that cesspool state is right there at the top with Jew York City and “Chi-town.” Surely you have heard of Ma and Pa Ferguson, “King” George Parr and that dam man, Sam Rayburn. Later there is Big “Mama” Richards and her Mexican dropout, Lyin’ Lena Guerrero, appointed by Richards to head the TRC. Finally, last, but by no means least, there is the favorite chum of my old Alma Mater – LBJ whose Jew handler was Arthur Krim.

        As the flames died at Waco, along with the Branch Davidians and America’s Constitution, I packed my bags and left the state for good. Driving away with Texas in my rear view mirror, I swore on Ron Engelman’s KGBS morning show, I would pick up the decaying corpses of men like Travis, Fannon, Crockett, and Bowie, who would no doubt be standing along side the road with their thumb out, as there was no longer anything left of the Texas they died defending.

        Jews and their sycophants holocausted more than the Branch Davidians that day, they burned my soul as well. It was those flames of Sheol that burned the dross of Jewish media lies from my soul and opened my eyes.

        Know the Jew – know your future.

      • If you think Texas was corrupt, you should try Illinois. I live in the southwest part of the state, visiting Chicago is like visiting a foreign country, niggers, rag heads, spics, gooks, people I have no idea what they are, like from Armenia or something. The whole thing held together by the remnants of very crooked political machine, Fifty to sixty years ago it wasn’t that bad, the machine had strong ties to the mob, when the mob was run by grown ups, not nigger street gangs,and the machine was run by Irish hoodlums, like Mayor Daley.

    • I am not surprised. Alt-Kike are performing exactly according to previous form.

      Just one more win for the (((Republican Party))) and they can start WW3 to save their most precious Israel.

      • To “expand” their most precious Israel, it’s not even about defense, it’s about Imperialist expansion.

    • Trump is the only game in town, with all his faults and weaknesses he’s still better then Hillary!

  4. The Republican Party and conservatives in general are like the Washington Generals who play the Harlem Globetrotters. Their job is to lose but provide entertainment while doing so.

  5. Lol “alt-right darling”? Well, seeing as how I’m not alt-kike, I guess that doesn’t concern me. Let the TRSodomites have him.

  6. I am today tasked with making a couple test parts for the war racket. I have a feeling this will mean a large scale production in the near future. Makes me sick to my stomach. Debt is created to buy these things. Defense contractors skim some off. My bosses get paid well. I make the parts. I get taxed just to pay the interest on the original debt. Add to that I get to worry about hearing one day “You made those parts, you get to hang too.”

      • Unfortunately, anything I make for them would go through QC. My only option would be to quit if the order came. Funny how the scam works. Most don’t even realize it. Compartmentalization, like my wife says. Do your job. Eat your bread. Watch your circuses. Pay your fee to exist. Don’t ask questions or think too hard.

  7. There’s no such thing as based nogs. Sometimes, though, they do make sounds that almost sound human… but, alas, it’s just more baboon shrieking to the discerning ear. They may try to seem “right wing”, make a lot of human-sounding noises at the BLM scum-bags and at the rest of their kind over killing each other all the time, but they are still very much anti-White animals wearing Big Jews choker. They still make noises about “the education system and the prison system, that traps Blacks into cycles of behavior that harm us within a system that hates us”… and noises about how Planned Parenthood is expressly anti-Negro, killing all dem poe Black chillin”, as if the organization is ran by the Klan or something. When we all know that Negroes have, on average, a low IQ, high predisposition for criminality, and almost zero desire to curb their disgusting sexual pathology and raise families. But they still blame The System for all their shortcomings. They still blame The (White) Man. They’re still victims of a system set up by Whitey.

    Screw this Kanye nog, screw this ‘Red Pill Black’ turd, too. Their “based” chittering and shrieking doesn’t fool those of us with decent hearing. They’re just making weird monkey sounds, not actual human sentences. But then, if I hear something like “We need to all go back to Africa and leave White folks alone”, I’ll agree that one of em has learned to talk.

    • I bet your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt, niece and abused step-daughter would waste no time jumping on that “nog” cock.

      Kanye is dumber than a box of rocks, we can both agree on that, but he, or course, is satisfied knowing he can lay any white broad in this or any other country, and he can, including your female relatives.

      Watch your women…

      • T’Challa,

        I don’t have a step-daughter… but, yes, I have to admit that I do have a niece who must love nog-cock, because she gave birth to a niglet a couple of years ago.

        But, what’s your fucking point? Watch my women?? The only woman I have, that I can call mine, is my wife… and I guarantee you that she’d never in a million years fuck a nigger.

        Again, what’s your point? Why come on here and fart in my direction if you’re supposedly pro-White like the rest of us? Did I piss you off with what I posted above? If so, explain to all of us exactly what you disagree with, fucker.

        Or are you just one of those division-sowing (((trolls))), like a sneakier version of El Faggo, here to insult and cause infighting? Whatever the case may be, fuck off and die.

      • Kanye is a woman on testosterone, even with all that money the average woman would be revolted by that thing once they picked up on the subterfuge. Kanye the FTM married that swarthy Armenian tranny because it was the best it could hope for!

  8. More or less unrelated: as much as it pains me to say, Vox Day was right. Day predicted that if the kind of weirdo anti-social spergs that populate this comment section were not put back in their cages, they would wreck the movement by driving out all the normal people. And that appears to be what almost happened. The spergs tried to wreck the movement by turning into WN 1.0 with their retarded clown show marches. When they were rejected, they retired to their ghettos and commenced to deny they were ever part of it when they attempt to wreck it failed it. Now they just sit in their basements doing absolutely nothing for white people. They spend all their time and energy online attacking the only effective pro-white movement on the planet – the Alt Right – because the movement refused to capitulate to their 1.0 retardation.

    Vox Day was right. It sucks, but its true. Thank God the spergs did not have the power to do what they wanted to do and now they’re relegated to isolated ecosystems where they can’t really do any more harm. But the Alt Right lives on. It marches on. Feels good man.

    • The “Alt-Right” haven’t even got a coherent vision or identity. Some of them accept homosexuals and some of them don’t, some of them are pro-Israel and some of them are not, some of them are ethno-nationalists and some of them are not.

      Where the Alt-Right fails hardest however is in the ridiculous idea that we can hijack the Republican party and vote our way out of this mess. Trump has proven working within a Jew-defined framework of what is politically acceptable is a losing strategy.

      • Alt-Kike are controlled by (((Stephen Miller))) and Republican dirty trickser/flaming homosexual (((Roger Stone))).

        You aren’t responding to a person that believes in anything. He’s one of their paid astroturfers. He’s repeating their talking points.

        • Alt-Kike’s biggest achievement so far was to get Whites banned from Twitter, by posting gas chamber memes at the most powerful Jews in the country.

          Now Alt-Kike are attacking the only representatives of White people have. First they tried to chase White women away from the movement. Now they put on their red booties, kiss black ass and attack the entire Pro White movement.

          Alt-Kike have made it clear to all but the severely autistic, that they are anti-White.

      • Divide and Conquer – one of the earliest stories in the Jew’s Torah

        The story of Babel in Genesis 11 is brief, consisting of only nine verses:

        Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As people moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there. They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel — because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth.’

        The standard Christian version of this story has the “LORD” instantly making everyone babble in different tongues, but in truth, the process probably took a bit longer.

        “Philologists perceive a strong discontinuity in the language to such an extent that they claim only something like an infiltration or invasion could suffice to explain it.”

        Here is an elaboration on those nine verses, clarifying how this was likely accomplished.

        There was once a great city built by an advanced culture. This culture was comprised of a homogeneous people, superior in their advancement over the more primitive cultures of the region. Their leader was a great and farsighted king named Nimrod who ruled justly over his people. Now the priests had come into this region, and feeling itself threatened by the advancing power of his great culture, opposed Nimrod’s rule. The priests feared the considerable benefits offered by Nimrod’s advanced culture would result in the loss of their own small following, who would abandon them in favor of the much greater comforts of Nimrod’s culture.

        “The priests had worked for many years to gather followers to their God and now this advancing culture presented all the people of the region a new ruler in the form of a King. However, it was not just a matter of losing followers for by this time, the priests made their living by sacrifices demanded from their followers. Thus, if the priests lost their followers, they would lose their means of sustenance as well.

        “Normally the priests would have sent their small military force into the city to destroy it outright, but their small army was far too weak to stage an outright attack on Nimrod’s considerably larger forces, so they resorted to a cunning subterfuge to conquer the more powerful culture. Up to this point, people of that isolated region had only seen villages, but Nimrod’s city was greater in size and magnificence than any other seen up to that point. In fact, Babel was one of the very first cities of its kind.

        “One day the high priest, or “kohein gadol,” of the brotherhood and two lesser authorities gathered on a hillside not far outside Nimrod’s great city. For some time, the leader of the three watched the bustling city with measured intent before he spoke to the others.

        “’Look at the effort that goes forth below. These are a dedicated people; such dedication could present a problem to our future.’

        “The other priest, or “kohein,” replied, ‘We have been watching them for quite some time and find they are of a unified people all of the same bloodline and therein lays real danger to our brotherhood for in this unified people lies great power. Their advancing culture with its wealth and religion threaten to attract our people to their city.’

        “The other kohein then spoke, ‘What are we to do? If they continue their efforts, they will soon be so powerful that their mere presence will surely subsume our own people!’

        “The leader spoke again, ‘They are too homogeneous and therein lays a danger to our power. They are all of the same bloodline and they all speak the same language. Worse, they build a magnificent temple, a ziggurat, that not only reaches to heaven, but greatly exceeds our efforts in all dimensions. Their religion grows among the people and the power and scope of their God has already surpassed ours. If this continues, we will soon lose our power over our people. This must be stopped; something must be done!’

        “And something was done. The priests, or “kohanim,” sent their angents far and wide, telling people of the wonders of Babel. A short time later, a growing influx of people from different cultures, speaking different languages, began to enter the city. The king had always maintained a cosmopolitan view of the world. He welcomed foreign visitors into his city and encouraged trade with other regions and their cultures.

        “Because of his immense power, Nimrod never felt threatened by outsiders. As new inhabitants flooded into the city, a different element quietly followed their lead, promoting an ever greater invasion of outsiders into Babel. In a few years, the influx of foreign peoples soon confounded the city’s inhabitants with different languages and cultures. Among the confusion of these new people were angents of the priests who had stood on the hillside, but no one recognized them as such.

        “These angents moved invisibly among the throng of invaders and soon began to speak honeyed words about the wondrous value of the new arrivals and how much they improved the city and its culture. They spoke of the evils of people being unified in their bloodline, expounding endlessly upon imaginary evils of cultural unity and homogeneity among the indigenous people. They promoted diversity and equality among all men.

        “As the original inhabitants began to murmur with displeasure over the idea of equality, the angents spoke eloquently of justice for all, of love by the new arrivals for the indigenous culture whom they in turn accused of hatred. The angents convinced the king that ever-increasing trade with outsiders would contribute greatly to the growth of his power and wealth. They suggested erecting a beacon in front of the city. The light of this beacon would shine for a great distance, welcoming one and all into the city. The beacon was soon built and word went out to all, the city of Babel welcomed strangers, no matter their origin.

        “Within a few short years, the angents had thoroughly ingratiated themselves among the original inhabitants, blending invisibly with the confused throng. In time, they became men of the law and leaders of the land. Then the angents began using their power to legislate laws against the original peoples who soon found themselves hounded and oppressed by the very invaders they had welcomed into their city. All the while, they encouraged the invaders to preserve their foreign cultures and speak among themselves in their own language.

        “Before long, the city’s commerce and infrastructure began dissolving as the disparate cultures intermingled and communication became increasingly difficult. Less skilled invaders took over the daily tasks required to run the city’s advanced technology of which they had little knowledge or skill. Many of those from the different cultures had profoundly different moral values and work ethics. Thus, while the original inhabitants had typically worked hard to build their city and nation, many of the new immigrants were lazy, often choosing to make their living off the efforts of the original inhabitants either by robbery or graft.

        “But most insidious were the effect of the angent’s words on the women. The once beautiful and gentle women of the city became proud, spiteful and haughty, while many more were reduced to begging and prostitution. All the while, the angents sang the praises of intermarriage with the foreigners and from these marriages, the original stock of women frequently produced inferior offspring. These offspring were invariably more like the pernicious invaders than the original inhabitants. In time, the indigenous men of the city adopted the angent’s favorable attitudes towards graft and corruption.

        “Instead of working together as they once did, they now spent their time trying to steal and cheat as much from everyone as possible, especially from their own kin. As the confusion of cultures grew, the corruption overwhelmed the people and their leaders. Many of the original inhabitants left, some departed the city in disgust while others fled in fear of their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In the end, the once magnificent city and its towering ziggurat collapsed into the timeless dust of eternity.

        “At last the priests stood on the hill to survey the now deserted city. Dust blew through empty streets and wild dogs roamed the overgrown plazas looking for any remaining edible scraps of Nimrod’s once great civilization. His magnificent ziggurat temple now lay in ruins, as the bricks had been taken to build rude living quarters for the invaders that had served to destroy the city and its culture.

        Surveying the ruins below, the kohein gadol spoke once again to his associates standing on the hillside. ‘It is finished. Now that this advanced culture has been destroyed, the danger has passed. Let us now attend to our own people and elevate them to the status these people sought. Our angents learned many secrets from these people, secrets of their science and military technology. Let us now use that knowledge to advance our own military power and build our own cities and with this power we shall project our demands upon other peoples.'”

      • Cux Day, aka Chief Whining Skunk, is an idiot, a coward hiding in Italy, a wog, and a tireless sower of division on the right.

        He’s an Alt-Lite moron whose main recent claim to fame, other than publishing mostly poorly-written books (not that the leftist trash fiction is a whit better) is attacking people who had the balls to make a stand for something.

        His name should, in a spiritual sense, always be accompanied by clown makeup.

  9. I don’t know about our world but our promise ended around the 1964/1965 time frame. The great big fire is just up ahead.

  10. I can’t think of any more proof than this that dipping into a Kardashian-Jenner is worse than meth for a black man’s mental health. Hell, Lamar Odom nearly died dealing with that family.

    If you want to see the demise of the black man, pray for more Kardashians.

  11. Not surprising really he’s pretty much supported Trump all along. He seems to have broken out of whatever mind control the Hollywood kikes had him under and he had a severe mental breakdown not long ago. Weird also how suddenly his money and deals ran out when he left the Jew plantation.

    Kanye is actually not stupid at all for a black. He articulates a lot of things well, but honestly like so many upper iq blacks they get very frustrated with their own people being so dam stupid when they’ve been fed lies for so long about how it’s actually whites holding them back. When the light finally clicks on in their head that 90% of their brothers are borderline retarded, it probably makes them snap.

    Also he’s smartish, but not as smart as he thinks he is so I think that frustrates him. Like the blacks that know they can’t compete with whites on intellectual levels but they’re too dumb to do anything about it.

    • But if you wanna have a laugh please go check out his “fashion shows”. Honestly you could laugh for hours that that absolute garbage (literally) was financed.

  12. His Jewish producer told him to endorse Trump. It got free headlines. Eminem and U2 condemned Trump and their new releases Bombed.

  13. For every seemingly clear headed nigger like this rap boy or Ben Carson, there are 50,000 dumb as shit bluegum welfare chimps ready to burn this shit down because Tyrone got tased.

    The blackest nigger on the darkest night.

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