Told Y’all So: The Anglin-Cantwell Texts

My, my, this certainly started the drama train back up.

But do you know something?

I think that despite the storm of infighting that’s going to break out, this sort of airing of dirty laundry will benefit untold numbers of people in the future.

Just lay the facts out there, and let everyone make their decision on those they find most truthful and reliable.

[2:00:12 AM]Christopher:
How long has the Daily Stormer been running?
[2:00:21 AM]Andrew:
july 2013

[2:00:40 AM]Christopher:
That’s around the same time I launched, almost exactly
Have you and Weev been running it together from the gate?
[2:01:39 AM]Andrew:
no he was in prison at the time
he came on in i think 2015, but i don’t remember
yeah i think it was within the timeframe of dylann roof

[2:03:19 AM]Christopher:
That was in 2015
ah, yes
wires crossed in my mind nm
I swear I’m not trying to make trouble by asking this, but what do you make of those in the movement who suspect he’s a Jew?
[2:05:27 AM]Andrew:
is this on the record or off?

[2:05:52 AM]Christopher:
Anything you tell me here that you don’t want public, I won’t make public, you have my word. We can do it by voice if you don’t want it in print.
[2:06:40 AM]Andrew:
well basically, i look into it, and the claim is that his mother has a jewish great grand parent
meaning he would be 1/16th

[2:06:46 AM]Christopher:
I’m asking here specifically so I don’t put you on the spot on air
[2:06:53 AM]Andrew:
and that doesn’t particularly bother me
even 1/4th wouldn’t really bother me
but we deal with people who are autistic
tara mccarthy had 2% on a dna test and people call her a kike

[2:07:43 AM]Christopher:
He seemed to imply when I talked to him that there might be some remnant as well, but not enough to raise concern
I agree with you
I got into race because I want outcomes, and I can’t acheive them without taking it into consideration like so many blind libertarians.
[2:08:49 AM]Andrew:
he’d obviously rather not just say “i might be 1/16th or something, i have no idea because my mother is a fucking liar”
but that from the data is the worst case

[2:09:58 AM]Christopher:
Thanks for being straight. I want to do a good interview and I want everybody to come out looking good.
[2:10:31 AM]Andrew:
i posted my dna test that said
99.4% european and people were like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT .6%????”

[2:11:20 AM]Christopher:
0.6% non white? Fuck that, you’re not coming on my show, nigger!
[2:11:53 AM]Andrew:
yeah and the DNA company admitted they change results

[2:12:09 AM]Christopher:
Good thing I got mine before that damn Vice peice eh? lol
[2:12:10 AM]Andrew:
but no, that doesn’t bother me. the average italian tests at 6% nonwhite
and if someone is 25% asian, it usually isn’t visible or having any negative effect, because the asian part is so conformist
but you can’t talk about this shit
without being mobbed by autists

[2:15:09 AM]Christopher:
I’ve enjoyed autist mobs myself.
[2:15:17 AM]Andrew:
which i assume is why weev won’t say “yeah maybe 1/16th or 1/8th i don’t really know”

[2:15:26 AM]Christopher:
Thoughts on polygyny?
[2:16:12 AM]Andrew:
well that’s another thing where i’d go into futurism that is not worth talking about
because tbh i think people should be genetically engineered and grown in tubes

[2:16:37 AM]Christopher:
God damn
[2:16:39 AM]Andrew:
and women replaced with robots
but i don’t say that publicly

[2:17:23 AM]Christopher:
Unfortunate, it would make great radio ?

There are a few key reasons why actual Nationalists need to keep themselves distant and separate from what the Alt-Right has become.

  • Lack of religious morals – abandon God, and you open yourself up to rot of the soul. Yes, there may be a limited few who can find meaning and guidance through philosophies like Stoicism, but for the majority, the decision to turn away from Christianity will only lead to corruption, decadence, and filth.

  • A lack of a coherent plan – so the remnants of the Alt-Right are still clinging to the idea that they can somehow seize control of a Republican Party that is in truth more pozzed than its Democratic adversary. And in pursuit of that goal, one must learn to embrace the dumpster fire of Trump’s Presidency, the toxic concept of Americanism, and the idea that Negroes like Kanye West are the vanguard of cultural victory over the Jews.
  • Because of the first issue, it becomes extremely easy for Jews and degenerated Whites to embed themselves among a Movement that originally formed because of a sense of racial solidarity and a desire to summon forth the best attributes of our race. What the Alt-Right has become reminds me far more of what we’re supposed to be fighting than what we’re supposed to be resurrecting and saving.

Please forgive me if I’ve rambled or repeated myself – maybe there is a place for Mischling characters in a future ethnostate, but because of what I understand about the genetic tendencies of the Biological Jew, I can’t help but be skeptical.


  1. They say Hitler was a coprophiliac. Maybe writing about a father’s bowel movement is really a way to honor Hitler?

    • “They” of course being the jews, who always project their own perversions on to their victims.

        • “I’m just not into the Hitler cult.”

          Yeah ya know, maybe those kikes were right about some of that stuff. Maybe he did like to have some jew whore shit on his face you smarmy fucking asshole.


          • It’s related to their hostility to the idea of a soul and the resurrection. They want to “celebrate the body” and puncture the “illusion” that we can rise above our excretions and our bodily nature. Thus Freud reduces all human thought and aspiration to pooping, sucking, and screwing. Jews are great advocates for offensively graphic sex education and casting off religious taboos against every form of sex.

  2. i would have about as much luck not being an atheist as i would in believing race does not exist. i still accept that christianity had a hand in building europe and other places but i cant just put that genie back in its bottle now. in fact a “religious right” would have stopped me turning hard right in the first place, ive always been nat-soc/fascist before i knew what those things were but always been about love of my volk above all others and love of my country but the right has a huge problem with its religion aspect. if it wasnt “the religious right” a hell of a lot more people would be and are attracted to it.

    • You can choose not to believe, but Christianity is deeply integral to the Western tradition and its mores are the targets of the decadent nihilists who are destroying western culture. You speak of “the volk” but the volk have been Christians not just in terms of belief but also in terms of morals and naïve attunement to the Christian view of life. To be an atheist is highly un-volkish.Incidentally I came across a passage where Andrew Anglin was taking a similar position. I don’t know if he still would, if he’s into all the weird stuff recently mentioned.

  3. “Women replaced with robots”

    Faggot confirmed.

    “Dont care if he’s 1/4 Jew”

    Jew confirmed.

    Can these two meth addicts go ahead and run off back into the Thai sunset where they can get all the drugs and ladyboys they want?

      • It was a faked DNA test anyways. Imagine how simple it would be to do one?

        He has a half Jew half black cousin named Tyler Michael Bletz – you can look him up on fb. Oh ya and HE is a gay too. And his uncle owned the biggest gay club in Ohio and died of AIDS. This is where family got most of it’s money.

  4. Oddly enough the bearded Weev looks a lot like the bearded Terry Anderson (the Lebanon Beirut hostage).

    It’s uncanny.

  5. Re: Stoicism and Christianity, or more generally speaking re: elite and popular religion, it requires both.

    I: You cannot have a religion that 99% of the people cannot wrap their heads around, you cannot have an elite without a religion they can believe in either. Both have very explicit dangers. One of the beauties of Christianity is that it is Stoicism in disguise.

    Philo of Alexander reconceived of the Universal Mind (Logos) as something like the blueprint an architect (Yahweh) used to create the universe. Philo also applied Plato’s doctrine of perfect otherworldy “forms” to the idea of man. Christ is as if that perfect man came to this world. The Logos is something like the Holy Spirit that acts as the medium between the Father and the Son – thus the Holy Trinity.

    John makes it crystal clear in the very first line of the New Testament (as I order it):

    1) In the beginning was the Logos

    2) and the Logos was with God

    3) and the Logos was God.

    And thus you have the very successful equating of the cosmic principle of the natural aristocrats and the God of the common people.

    II: Heraclitus, born approximately 535 BC in the Persian Empire, is credited with coining the term logos, but it likely has a very ancient antecedent in “Indo European” or as I like to call it “Aryan” philosophy. For instance, “urlog” is Norse for “fate”, “log” means “law”, so what is the “urd-log”? “Urd” is the cognate of “arta”, which is the cosmic principle of both Zoroastrianism and Vedic Religion,which I have seen plausibly traced back to the ancient Aryan word for rotation “wert” which is where we also get the English “word” often used as a translation of Logos.

    Perhaps even before the last glacial maximum, our ancestors looked up at the apparent rotation of the stars around the north pole and understood that whatever this world was, it wasn’t a random mess. Before such things as chariots, they thought of the “world tree” as the axis (e.g. Yggdrasil). In the Iron Age, Aryans were big on chariots and conceived of the apparent rotation of the stars as that of a wheel rotating around the axis of the world (axis mundi).

    You see the spread of Aryan genes, language, and pottery accompanied by the swastika, which is the symbol of this central concept to our forefathers, a rotating cross helpful for symbolizing not only the four seasons, but also the four classes of mankind: the priestly head, the warrior right arm, the merchant left arm, and the laborer feet. It is not too far of a stretch to see the popularity of the cross in white religion as a folk memory, or perhaps the transcendence of man over the cycles of birth and death by a non-rotating cross.

    The Magi had the same relationship to Zoroastrianism as philosophers had to Christianity. They understood that common people cannot be controlled by abstract principles alone, and they need the big alpha male in the sky. For those natural aristocrats that are to be the head of society, they can receive special education on not only the nature of things, but how to govern oneself according to cosmic principles, after which they can be given ever increasing governorship over others. This overall framework worked well for roughly 6,000 years, likely more. We should go back to it.

  6. So when is Brad going to stop obsessing over Weev Kikenheimer being a red-nigger jewboy, putting distance between himself and that drunken ZOGbot Chris Cantwell, get off of posting 40 times per day on Gab where he is getting his ass kicked by anonymous tards from Mike the Kike Enoch’s TRS and Andre the nigger Anglin’s tard corrals and instead posting again on this, his blog?

    If you are going to be a tard, Brad, cum back to where at least you can be King Tard here on your blog.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. In fighting sucks. Why can’t we be friends? Ego is the problem here. The big wigs want to peacock and show off it does not impress me, it’s a publicity stunt. Come on and act like adults.

  8. @Based,

    I totally agree. The wider white rights movement is far bigger than individual ego’s.
    When we’re 5% of the population and shrinking,with non whites knocking over what’s left of us like Domino’s, we’ll still be squabbling like toddlers over trivial crap such as……optics or the Yankee factor.
    Folks……our race and culture are dying. Our kids are in a dangerous predicament. We need something to pass on to them.
    We’re meant to be better than the other side.
    Division is death. Get it together-please!

  9. It’s not in-fighting if the people you are combating were never really a part of your race or your movement to being with. A great Purge needs to take place before we can safely proceed.

    • @Spahn,
      Well said. As long as we are all European or Russian ancestry, and straight and want a white future, everything else should just fall into place. Trivial things can be sorted once the wider war is behind us. Jews, fags, half breeds and other non whites should have no part in it.
      Anyway my friend-enjoy your weekend!

    • “I worked with conservatives and with pro-lifers on Capitol Hill when we were both battling anti-white leftism. But the second their pro-life or pro-capitalist ideas took precedence over saving my race, I dropped them like a hot rock. Such people can be ALLIES, but never COMRADES”

    • A general economic plan to reduce personal and community reliance on the petro-$ wouldn’t really need formal leadership. A country club model might be adequate to start things.

  10. There is a problem among whites that used to be our virtue. Savage Competiton. As soon as a literal brother or colleague makes a mistake a competitor steps in to take over responsibility or resources. This kept us functioning and striving. Failure as the great teacher. Now it is just used by virtue signaling vultures to pick the bones of the corpse of our dead civilization.

  11. I got virus from the jew lead daily stormer back around Christmas. I had been increasingly criticizing their direction and posting much less. I think the crew at DS are pure garbage, and I believe I was deliberately targeted.

  12. Jew is as much a state of mind as it is race or religion. To paraphrase Elie Wiesel, there are some people who are Jews that aren’t, while others actually are.

    I have come to the conclusion that Jews have now co-opted the web to the point it is pretty much useless as a means of open discourse. With rare exception, all one finds these days is the constant din of bickering, backbiting and tirades over useless matters like how many Christians can dance on the soul of an Aryan.

    The white race is lost, hamstrung by the Jew’s effective infiltration, subversion, diversion, division and misdirection. Doomed because they cannot focus, dead because they could only argue instead of acting.

    They used to tell me
    we were building a dream.
    And so we followed the mob
    When there was earth to plow
    Or guns to bear
    we were always there
    Right on the job.

    They used to tell me
    we were building a dream
    With peace and glory ahead.
    Why should we be waiting around
    Just dying “white-bread?”

    Once we built a nation and made it run
    Made it race against time
    Once we built a nation, now it’s done
    Brother, can you show some spine?

    Once we built towers up to the sun
    with brick and rivet and lime
    Once we built towers, now it’s done
    Brother, can you show some spine?

    Once in khaki suits, gee we looked swell
    Full of that Yankee-Doodly-dum
    Half a million boots went sloggin’ through Hell
    And I was the kid with the drum.

    Say, don’t you remember, they called me “Arch”
    It was “Arch” all the time
    Why don’t you remember, I’m your pal,
    Say buddy, can you show some spine?

  13. You should be highly skeptical of the biological tendencies of the Jew, even of a 1/8th or 1/16th Jew. They have been perverts for generation after generation, and there is no such thing as a “pure” Jew. Historical reality is that they are all bastards. Jewishness itself is a genetic plague which is a cause of perversion and corruption.

    The ideal Nationalists must uphold is the one-drop rule. Even when one is not be able to prove that one is 100% pure, the ideal must be upheld and cannot be compromised without descending into relativism and hypocrisy.

    Anglin is lying to Cantwell. Weev has himself admitted that he has Jewish blood, and several times, even more often than Mike Enoch. These people MUST be identified for real Nationalists, and real Nationalists MUST ostracize them if Nationalism is going to survive.

    • William – jews are walking, yammering, thieving, depraved, murdering flesh eating bacteria, embodied. Jews are devils from the bowels of Hell. Jews are what Satan shat out.

    • Speaking of a murderous jew pig (literally in the Jersey City Jail reference Arnauldo Ortega in 1989) there is one named William (Baal) Finck, jewnior who on its father’s side is related to Matt Lauer and on its mother’s side to Mark Potok that has weaseled its way into the League of the South. At least Weev Kiken-tonto-heimer and Mike ‘the kike’ Enoch have a lower body count than Baal Finck, but didn’t “rat-fink” (Finck/Fink means “stoolpigeon” in Yiddish) out the other pigs like David Dumers who Finck induced to murder the Puerto-Rican sneak thief due to be released when Baal Finck decided to beat Ortega to death and stomp in its sternum.

      Finck got kicked out of High School for violent jew impulses and decided to murder Ortega due to be released for second-degree burglary when Ortega asked for a blanket and aspirin. Instead Ortega received a murderous beating at the paws of Baal Fink and David Dumers and died at the hospital a day later. Fink and Dumers got away with murder at the state level but the New Jersey nigger and Puerto Rican community had Finck, Dumers and others charged federally with civil rights violations. Finck pulled a “rat-fink” on Dumers at Dumers jury trial and while Dumers received 15 years Finck got only 14 for “fincking” out Dumers in a plea deal. Appellate court records show that Finck also destroyed Dumers’ appeal by filing on the same day as Dumers and thus condemning Dumers to serve one year more than Finck even though Finck did most of the killing. Baal Finck is a fink.

      Baal Finck spend 12.5 years in the administrative segregation unit of a federal prison. As a jail-pig that murdered a Puerto Rican sneak thief in jail and a snitch / fink Baal Finck had plenty of time on its massive jew snout — which while hooked looks more like a nigger’s. So with the support of Capt’n Senility Clifton Emahiser — a papist-preterist Sicilian marrano Sephardic jew who cum into See-Eye Dentistry pretending to be a Comparet supporter — and a Chicago Talmudist jew presently named Eli James, formerly Joseph November and before that Joseph Putz / Kutz — Baal Finck pretended to have Greek as a third language (after Yiddish and a jew jersey-accented English of sorts).

      After release from federal prison on Dec. 2008 Baal Finck did a number of Talksjew Shoahs with one Bryan Reo a homosexual mongrel formerly on Stormfront until the negro-lipped, unibrowed, shitskinned effeminant mongrel’s talk of buying Class 3 weapons, grenades, and gunning it out with the Lake County Ohio Sheriff’s Department, the Cleveland FBI, etc. convinced $tormDrain it was better to disable its account.

      Upon finding out Bryan Reo’s true identity, Reo took down a dozen or so of my Church web pages and stalked me across the Internuts. Reo sued me in federal kort for showing itz Mentor High School yearbook picture / Facebook profile picture, wanted $10.75 million. I countersued about 40 Reotards including Baal Finck and the frivolous case was tossed out. Reo then sued me four more times in Lake County Ohio where for the 7th time it is set for jury trial on June 12, 2018.

      Reo v. Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV-000825

      Baal Finck is a party to that litigation as well. I always counter-sue.

      Reo was the “law clerk” for Kyle Bristow, Esquirrel at the now defunct Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center, of which the 1/8 jew Dickie Spencer was a part.

      If you are going to get down on quarter-jew mischling Weev Kiken-tonto-heimer I fail to see why Brad Griffin allows a full-fledged murderous jew pig and snitch – fink William “Baal” Finck to run wild at the League of the South.

      Whatever will you do when the $PLC / ADL finds out about Baal Finck’s (also spelled Fink)’s past?

      Cum-cum, cum-cum ???

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt

        • Baal Finck is trying to get control in the League of the South since last year. Finck’s problem is that it is a particularly psychotic jew that is violent, which is why it got put in prison in the first place.

          I wish that I could get on PACER David Dumer’s appellate brief blaming Baal Finck for luring him into murder of a handcuffed prisoner in the Jersey City jail and then snitching on him but all that is available is Finck destroying Dumer’s appeals and the newspaper records of the time.

          I myself was taken in by Baal Finck until 1:30 pm 13 Oct. 2010 when I caught Finck deceiving me even though I knew Bryan Reo was a homosexual mongrel pretending to be a Christian-Identity sub-pastor. Finck claimed that it was others who murdered the Puerto-Rican sneak thief and he got blamed because Finck was in charge. At least unlike David Dumers I didn’t get snitched on and serve 15 years after Finck testified against me at a jury trial when it was Fnck’s idea to commit the senseless murder.

          This much smarter Chicago jew “Eli James” got turned against after me in Feb 2011. Then the serial polygamist Ashkenazi melungeon with Crohns / jew ass-GAIDS Dan Johns in 2012. Then the Sephardic Cherokee Melungeon Jeromy Visser in 2014. Then the race-mixing jew Allen Rouse / Staropramamzer, some Ohio mamzer calling itself “Ezra Pound” a few months ago.

          Like Billy Roper and his “Darwinian Seedline Confidential Informant” See-Eye Dentistry, Finck has no idea of actual Dual-Seedline Christian Identity theology. Eight years ago Finck used to claim Adolf Hitler was the Archangel Michael. Then papist-preterism and until Meerkkkat Mark Downey croaked off last month in “No Devil”. jews like Finck and November can’t admit that they are the literal Spawn of Satan and born evil so they claim that jews somehow evolved as opposed to being the product of Eve’s seduction by Satan. None of these imposters know what they are supposed to believe.

          Brad Griffin is wasting his time on Gab fighting with Weev Kiken-tonto-heimer. 313 Chris called into last night’s Movement Turd with gossip about Mattoid Parrott and his Sephardic Lebanese girlfriend Kathy Khoury who supposedly he impregnated. Penis pictures were mentioned. Anyways, 313 Chris — no friend of Brad Griffin — allows that Brad is getting his ass kicked on GAB and the forums and should go back to minding his business on his blog. I agree.

          I liistened to Brad’s interview with the nutty ZOGbot Chris Cantwell. Brad needs to understand that he can’t change the bowel Movement which is now the deadest I’ve seen since my time just after Waco. Brad can only affect that which is his, namely this blog.

          Come back to your blog and stop calling it in Brad. Your friends and enemies agree — go back to where you make a difference as opposed to just being another tard with an opinion.

          And it is far better to have Baal Finck as an open enemy than a friend — unless you are a 5 ft 6 inch 120-lb Puerto Rican sneak thieif about to be turned loose the day after tomorrow and are handcuffed so a 6ft 4in 250-lb psychotic jewboy can safely beat you to death or a stupid wop pig piling in with the nightstick that Baal Finck can fink out for a sentence reduction. Baal Finck has actually murdered somone and makes Weev Kiken-tonto-heimer look like a sane Aryan by cumparison. I can name four or five others who wished — too late — that they had had nothing to do with William Raymond “Baal” Finck, jewnior.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • The nigger spanking whigger UF blocked me from posting at Hateandflame. He runs the site now since MTT is living out of his Isuzu having been kicked out of his Commiefornia hovel after it was foreclosed by the city. Posting pics of the fat bastard spanking those niggers on was the tipping point. Now that Nimbusters is gone, there are no more uncensored open threaded message boards on the net. Best luck with Reotards bogus kike lawsuit, that no good POS needs a dirt bath.

          • Our beloved Host is a Celt – so he loves to fight. I will try to jump in and entreat Hunter (that’s the name he still uses on this blog. So that’s the name I’ll use…) to return to his true home. I think he’s working on a book, though.

          • He’s just been doing some offline research – he’s doing well…

            I’ve started a new job that’s been a bit demanding in recent weeks, and have a 13 month old toddler to chase after…

  14. Sara McKikey is a kike/curry nigger hybrid. It’s OBVIOUS. One look at it’s weird face tells you everything you need to know. It’s a rent-seeking, diversionary kike mischling. Naturally, another Mystery Meat Mischling Midget would be appalled at the idea that Humans see the mischling whore for what it is.

    I’m just a bit dismayed by Cantwell. I finally got to catch up on things last night. I listened to his interview on the WarskiNigger show (Warski is a mischling nigger. You can SEE it in his facial structure. “Portuguese” means 56% nigger. Look at the position of Portugal and Africa ON A MAP). I was impressed by a lot of what Cantwell said. But he’s not really authentic, either, is he?

    Well – it’s better, in the long run, for the Wheat when the Chaff blows itself away, isn’t it?

  15. Weev is obviously a full-on degenerate Kike. 1 allele is all it takes. Everything it does is Kikenvermin. EVERYTHING, every single moment it befouls fresh oxygen.

    If you have a small tiny turd, i a bowl of vanilla ice cream – the turd comprises a mere 1/16th% of the volume of the contents of the bowl – does this make the rest of the vanilla ice cream safe and desirable to consume?

    All kikes must report to The Oven. Double Time.

  16. Occidental Dissent barely turns out an article a day anymore. The obsession with infighting and implementing ZOG D&C tactics has practically killed it. RIP OD.

  17. Holy cow that article in its entirety is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. And made all the more so given that almost all of it is completely serious. I’ll bet you guys are a real hoot in the same room together.

  18. For what it’s worth though the official Nazi document on the final solution that intended to make Germany an ethno state as I recall allowed anyone who was at least half German to remain in Germany. For what it’s worth.

  19. The criminal state of Kikestan has requirements for citizenship that define what a “real” jew is or isn’t. Perhaps we should just use the same standards that they use?

  20. Truth be told, Christianity was far more of a cultural/community thing than a religious thing up until recently. Church was a community center, social safety net and counselling center all wrapped into one. Most church goers were ambivalent about the religious/spiritual aspects and only went to support their community. Once the government and corporations took over the social responsibilities of the church, most normies stopped showing up. The only people that remained were the hyper-religious loonies that now dominate the church and are the modern stereotypical church goer.

  21. Two things:

    1. Weev looks and acts way more then 1/16th. Even if hes 100% Aryan, his words and behavior belie a more Hebrew disposition. If neurosis and attitude was jewishness, he’d be 100%.

    2. The nastiness, nihilism and the reveling in the filth and infighting in the comments-it almost seems as if a large portion of the supposed movement exists only to preach defeatism, almost gleefully. I guess its fun that we are dying out, and our only vehicles on the road to freedom have flat tires.

    • The nastiness, nihilism and reveling in filth are coming almost exclusively from the Weev/Mackey/Anglin camp.

      • Sad to say, but you’re dead on.

        I’ve never, ever come across a member of the League who enjoys anime porn, miscegenation, or using Jewish humor like the guys on the other side of the aisle.

        • They don’t talk or behave like locals because they aren’t local.

          I believe that Alt-Right, Right Stuff, Daily Stormer were set up/controlled by the Zionist entity to hijack authentic nationalism. They must be getting petty desperate if they are sucking up to “Nazis” to win elections.

        • While I suppose East Asians have their charms, cumulatively their women amount to T-Rex body parts reassembled as a humanoid.

          • I’ve personally never found them attractive – like I could never even get aroused if in a position to do anything.

            Maybe it’s an inbuilt genetic block against miscegenation – sort of how most White women find Blacks repulsive.

  22. Anglin seems like one of those smelly weed addict nigger music Juggalos that wear the shorts that are twice as baggy as pants. He constantly compares himself to Walking Dead actors and other movie characters, like Bane. Once you start fantasizing about robot sex slaves, and Mad Max video game world end scenarios, considering the gravity of the cultural takeover by the soapbars, your opinion is as meaningful as Kanye Wests or any other gibbering rap nigger.

    • Lindstedt, I don’t think I have ever seen so many lies as your posts. What the hell is with you. You are just making up lies out of thin air.

      • jewrry Finckbot can’t handle “the troof”

        William “Baal” Finck is the TraitorGlenn Miller & Axis Skanky of the League of the South. Just like when TraitorGlenn Miller joined Rabbi Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag NNF in March 2004 and destroyed all relevance with Movement insofar as the Old Resistance of Order members and Christian Identity was concerned, having a murderous jew pig that snitched on the other pig after taking it into its kike head to murder for no reason — will the League of the South live that down?

        Corinna Burt / Axis Skanky was a porn star and mixed-race slut who Harold Covington had on his podcasts in 2011. She hated Harold and snitched his location to Will Williams. But most importantly it put the lie to Harold’s claim to be running a tight ship now didn’t it?

        Now none of these so-called “lies” is in dispute. Anyone can do an Internet search and trivially find out Baal Finck’s past. In fact, Baal Finck isn’t dangerous at all as long as you are not a handcuffed Puerto Rican sneak thief about to get out of the Jersey City jail or someone like Dr. Michael Hill trying to run a membership organization having a self-admitted jew pig taking a plea arrangement and destroying the trial and appeals of another wop pig who if not for Finck’s psychotic murderousness probably never would have murdered Puerto-Rican sneak thief Arnauldo Ortega.

        There are a lot of people who think League of the South is yet another ZOG false-flag organization. Letting a ,murderous jew pig fink like William Raymond “Baal” Finck/Fink jewnior on as an “oafishul” League of the South jewboy pig member? What of it? After the Christmas Coup of 2004 wherein ZOGbot Silly Roper was pressured to take down Rabbi Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag. Thereafter everyone knew that VNNF was paid for by ZOG through TraitorGlenn Miller.

        A few months later Billy Roper was trying to get ZOG informant Rick Spring in deceased Pastor Butler’s place as Head of the Aryan Nations. This when everyone knew or suspected that Billy Roper and Rick Spring would take Aryan Nations membership applications of $25 plus the first month’s dues of $10 for every single whigger and mamzer tard wanting to be an AN Corporal-General, and like with Metzger put the $35 total somewhere but sell the copies of the membership applications to the $PLC and ADL and Fat Albert Jenkins of the One Primates Project. Roper was pissed off when I pointed out that Butler wasn’t head of the DSCI Church or its hidden militia units and that my claimant Morris Gulett has a much better claim in Feb 2005.

        While Billy Roper invited me to the wedding of himself and the lastest of his single-mother “beards” several years ago, since then he and April Gaede have been back to calling me a child molester for the past two years. My response is to tell everyone my suspicions of them being ZOGbots. By steady release of comments and postings I intend to ghettoize ZOGbot Silly Roper to where it is nothing more than one-third to one-quarter jewff [Poop-Scoop] Schoep holding with six or less of the same anglo-mestizos a pathetic protest once per month or so from Fayetteville to West Memphis Ar-kansas.

        Brad Griffin is a friend of mine. I think this blog of his is useful in that it supports regional secession from ZOG/Babylon. But instead of having five or tn regional racial regimes in the former ZOGland we shall have at least ten-thousand of them ruled with racial theocratic military dictatorships in which 10-30 million whiggers and anglo-mestizos are ruled by the Ten Thousand Warlords.

        If Brad Griffiin is going to go after Weev Kiken-tonto-heimer working for Andre ‘the nigger’ Anglin then why have a 100% murderous pig jewboy fink like Baal Finck sniffing about? Wouldn’t it be far better to altogether purge all them spawn of Satan jews from outside our particular place in the bowel Movement — then let none of them crawl-cum back?

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  23. Lindstedt, how many times have you been arrested for sodomy and child molestation? How about revealing that for our audience.

  24. The issue is not whether or not Weev is jew or half Jew etc. but rather, the issue is, is he correct or misleading us ? We listen to Bobby Fisher because he speaks the truth. Weev and Anglin deceive and misdirect us when they spout ‘white sharia’ white women hatred nonsense- why anyone takes them serious after the THOT mess is beyond me. They just want to cleave the movement into smaller bickering factions, so obvious.

  25. the chat seems totally normal to me. nothing here indicates he’s a kike. his facial features are Germanic/European – full upper lip, thinner ear lobes, more vertical forehead, inset eyes etc. all contradict the idea that he’s a bagelman.

    DS has also been greatly successful, and i don’t think they’ve particularly “co-opted” the alt-right or our movement in general, and in fact has kept kikefags like milo yawnonpenis from co-opting it.

    that said it is getting degenerate and there isn’t enough being done there to promote our real traditional culture and roots. /twocents

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