Korean Peace: North And South Hold Historic Summit, Vow To End Hostilities

As Kim Jong-un said today, the Korean people are of the same blood, and have no reason to be stuck in a state of perpetual war and hatred with each other.

All good things can come without foreign interference, and I hope that everyone joins me today in celebrating what could potentially be a kidney stab for the Neocons and their imperial presence in East Asia.


While they didn’t seal a long-awaited peace agreement, the leaders of North and South Korea on Friday signed a landmark declaration vowing the halt of hostile acts, denuclearization, and a push for joint talks with US and China.

In the early hours of Friday, Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to visit the South in 65 years. The leader was all smiles when he met South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and the two men were even pictured holding hands. Yet, the outcome of the meeting has been both hailed as a landmark achievement and criticized by some Western countries for lacking a detailed roadmap. Here is what the two Korean leaders have actually agreed on as they made history in the demilitarized zone.

Complete denuclearization

In a move which would have seemed impossible – or at least highly unlikely – just months ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have confirmed their goal of complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

“South and North Korea affirmed their shared objective of achieving a nuclear-free Korean peninsula through complete denuclearization,”reads the declaration signed by the leaders of the two countries, as quoted by Yonhap.

“There will be no more war on the Korean peninsula, and a new age of peace has opened,” the document reads. It does not list specific measures on how the peninsula will be rid of nuclear weapons. However, North Korea has previously used the term“denuclearization” to say it can disarm only when the US withdraws its 28,500 troops from South Korea.

Send them home, Donald.

They bring nothing to the table except the Asian wives they like to bring back to the States on occasion – note that the Koreans (especially older ones) hate the idea of miscegenation.

Halting all hostile acts

Kim and Moon have agreed to stop all hostile acts over “land, sea, and air,” which can lead to military tensions and clashes. Beginning on May 1, all the loudspeaker propaganda the two countries have been blaring at each other will be suspended. Broadcasting equipment will also be dismantled.

In addition, the two sides have agreed to stop flying propaganda leaflets across the border. They also agreed to take steps to defuse somewhat frequent clashes around their western maritime border by designating the area as a “peace zone.”Safe operation of fishermen from both countries will also be guaranteed.

The two sides plan to hold military talks next month to further discuss reducing tensions.

In addition, the two leaders said that Pyongyang and Seoul will aim to expand civilian exchanges and pursue joint sports and cultural events. That agreement comes after the two sides competed in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics under a unified flag in a landmark move.

Kim and Moon have also agreed that the South Korean leader will visit Pyongyang sometime this autumn. In addition, the two leaders will meet on a regular basis and hold phone calls via a recently established hotline.

Some experts are already speculating about a reunification that could occur in coming years – my guess is that any sort of agreement would involve a dual government that would prevent either side from dominating the other.

In fact, I personally think that a combination of the South’s technological expertise and the North’s traditionalism (it’s true that Communism in its Juche form helped to preserve some parts of Korean heritage) could lead to very great things if left alone to merge in peace.

It would just fall to the question of whether America would be willing to at last withdraw from a region that they have no business occupying, and no business corrupting.


  1. I hope North Korea doesn’t get swallowed up by South Korea, the way that East Germany got swallowed up by West Germany. They are better off living in isolation from a world that is driven by (((market forces))) and (((materialism))).

    • Yes of course. Because the North Koreans are better off living under a narcissistic sociopath. I’m sure the people of North Korea love their little paradise. Who doesn’t love being abused by their government?

      Wait a minute, I’ve got it, The Jews must be lying about the North Korean government. Yeah, that must be it. Kim Jong-un is a swell guy. That tubby little piglet is just being lied about (like Hitler) by the Jews.

      • It’s mostly pointless to discuss North Korea with Americans.
        All you get is pavlovian driven knee jerk responses:
        > b-b-but muh evil dictatorship
        > muh mass starvation
        > only well-fed people live in Pyongyang!
        > they make lamps and soap outta prisoners!!!
        > b-b-but muh defectors!!
        You cannot have a sane discussion there.

        If you ask me, I’d say North Korea is on the same level as Belarus, but they got a fanatical army which could make America bleed. And that is the real reason America is running scared over NK. Not their “nukes”.

        • Here is your definition of a “sane discussion” . One must agree with you or they are insane.

          Besides, nobody asked you.

        • @Max Razor

          When it comes down to the nut cuttin’, we don’t have any national interests in Korea. What people who live like insects do to each other, is really none of our concern.

    • They got swallowed, but the fires of Nationalism never truly died in East Germany – notice that’s where all these movements like Pegida started up.

  2. I think the two Koreas could work things out if America wasn’t there stoking division between them, decade after decade.
    If/when Jewmerica get their noses out of it, things will settle down and work themselves out.
    When other races are in their own nations minding their own business, what the HELL are we doing there meddling needlessly? Just leave them be!

  3. First re-unification, then importation of diversity.

    Nah, I wish them well. It should be entirely up to Koreans what comes next.

  4. Isn’t that a precious story, tho? Hand in hand , starting a bromance. I never knew that all of you were romantics at heart.

    • Okay Jonah Goldberg! We get it, you preferred a nuclear stand-off with the Amoros.

    • Great memories (for me, at least) from the spring of ’67. Hard to imagine I once actually had sideburns,too, back then! Thanks HtC, you really know how to make a guy feel old.

    • If they could use the Juche philosophy to hold back the degeneracy and uselessness taking root in South Korea’s cities, you could be looking at a powerhouse of a nation.

      • “Degeneracy and uselessness”? Damn. I can understand not being a fan of K-pop, but that’s bit harsh.

  5. This is bad news if it means the squarehead gooks wont be dropping a nuke on San Fagsicko.

    • They’re here. They’re queer. Get used to it, especially since one your male relatives, if not yourself, is part of their lot.

  6. I’ve never been an advocate of intervention. I still tend to thing that MacArthur was right about how to deal with Korea. The problem was, and is, with China. A good deal of our foreign debt is owed to them. It seems like we could pull out all of the files on the Lend-Lease program, calculate the totals including interest, and at least call it even. After all, the Japanese were definitely carrying out a war of conquest and committing some of the most vile acts in recorded history; and the Chinese would now be their slaves if it wasn’t for the U. S. If you ask someone in Korea, the Philippines, or other areas that were controlled by the Japanese, who the villians of WWII were, they will not say Hitler and Mussolini, they will answer Hirohito and Tojo. I’m sure that some of you have read about the “Comfort Women,” that the Japanese soldiers defiled. Some of them were English, Australian and Belgian nurses.

    I’m kind of torn on this issue. On one hand, I have never been comfortable with the stalemate and the U. S. enforced DMZ, and I’ve frequently, sarcastically thanked U. S. military personnel for keeping the South Korean border safe. On the other hand, I have no trouble believing that Kim Jung Un is a maniacally fiendish, little yellow heathen. Something in the Oriental character often seems to make them unusually cruel. But, as with other regions on the globe (the Middle East), I have no interest in trying to correct their behavior. I’m not sure why anyone would want to live in Communist, East Germany or under some other mind numbing, emotionally stifling, authoritarian regime. It’s not just a coincidence that people risked their lives trying to climb over the wall.

    I strongly suspect that when Kim Jung Un traveled to China, he was advised to just relax and wait for the inevitable, rapid collapse of the U. S. It was probably pointed out that we are nuking ourselves. Crumbling infrastructure; spiraling debt; the rust belt; stagnate wages; extreme political and social unrest; rampant homosexuality; collapsing birthrates among the White population and a corresponding increase of discordant minorities; immorality; corruption; materialism; selfishness; obesity and slovenliness; are all combining to wreak havoc in society and undermine the foundations. The time when America could threaten the World with Democracy will soon end.

    • “If you ask someone in Korea, the Philippines, or other areas that were controlled by the Japanese, who the villians of WWII were, they will not say Hitler and Mussolini, they will answer Hirohito and Tojo. I’m sure that some of you have read about the ‘Comfort Women, ‘ that the Japanese soldiers defiled. Some of them were English, Australian and Belgian nurses.”

      Fitting behavior for a group deemed by Hitler to be “honorary aryans.”

  7. Very happy and hopeful for both the Northern and Southern Koreans. Maybe they can work out something like the Swiss. Methinks that the North Korean president may be crazy like a fox and allow himself to be talked into giving up his nukes in exchange for South Korea and Japan helping him modernize his country. One way of staying in power into perpetuity is if his people start to thrive.

    I don’t believe North Korea will fall for the democracy gambit, but Singapore proves that Asians are pragmatic materialists who don’t give a damn about totalitarianism as long as their creature comforts are met.

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