WINNING: President Trump Promises America Huge New Influx Of Migrant Workers

Your “God Emperor” has now stooped down the the point of mocking you, White Man.

At all times before, he was still trying to insert his old campaign rhetoric into a George W. Bush 2.o platform – now, he’s pretty much given up on trying to deceive his constituency.

The run-up to November is going to be very interesting, indeed – my guess is that the GOP gets torn to shreds in the Rust Belt states that proved to be decisive back in 2016.


President Donald Trump told American farmers on Saturday that he would allow guest workers to come into the country, despite his promise to protect American workers.

“For the farmers, OK, it’s going to get good, and we’re going to let your guest workers come in, because we’re going to have strong borders, but we have to have your workers come in,” the president said during his campaign rally in Washington, Michigan on Saturday.

Trump said that the unemployment numbers were so good that it was possible to allow guest workers in the country to work the fields and do seasonal labor.

“We have to let people come in. They’re going to be guest workers, they’re going to come in, they’re going to work on your farms, we’re going to have the H-2Bs come in, we’re going to have a lot of things happening,” Trump said.

The Donald then claimed that these “guest workers” would then be ordered to leave the country – neglecting to mention that this plan has worked exactly zero times in the West since 1945 (even Operation Wetback failed to fully succeed).

Our plan was to originally push these Mexicans/undefined Mayan tribesmen out as soon as a specific picking season ended – they often stay for years until granted amnesty.

In Britain, Whites were told that Caribbean Negroes would only stay for as long as surplus jobs existed in the post-war rebuilding phase.

In Germany, the Turks were only supposed to stay until the “economic miracle” began to naturally stall.

And even in Russia, there has been a serious issue with Central Asiatic Moslems flooding into cities like Moscow.

“We need people to be able to come into our country, do your jobs, help you on the farms, and then they go out, they’re going to leave,” he said. “Guest workers, we’re going to take care of that. Guest workers. Don’t we agree? We have to have them. We have to have them.”

No, Donald, we don’t need to have them. and stammering the same phrase 88 times isn’t going to make it any less retarded.

It would be very simple to either force these greed-driven agri-corporations to pay White workers (teenagers most likely) decent wages, or to utilize prisoner labor in a way that many companies have been doing for decades.

In fact, if mass deportation or extermination of criminal Blacks is not going to be on the table, why not alter criminal justice codes to mandate farm labor for those on probation or parole?

Look at it this way – work is character building, rural bondage takes them out of the cities, and work will likely help to curb their population growth due to the fact that most Blacks stay in state custody in some form until their 40’s.

But you’ll never agree to that, Donnie Boy – you think that you’ll get more than 15% of them to vote for you come 2020.


  1. The country is no longer yours, white man. Get used to it. Your own kind were at the forefront of the giveaway. That’s where your anger should be directed. Your sniveling, cowardice, rotten to the core, corrupt, self-absorbed, low class, brainwashed own kind. And, the rich one are the worst of the lot,

    • Most of it happened because we were unaware of what was going on. Prior to the internet, our access to information was pathetically limited. We weren’t even told about the 1965 immigration act until years later. I was a teen at the time, and I don’t remember any news about it at the time, nor were my parents aware of it.

      • When I was a little tyke I remember our fat head mistress telling us about it at a school assembly. She said it was an “experiment”. They were going to experiment on us like we were animals, by ramming massive non-White immigration and forced integration down our throats, to see what happened.

        Even back then with my childlike mind, I could sense that what they planned was immoral.

      • How about all those WHITE “blockbusters” – those real estate agents that would intentionally break up solid white neighborhoods. Again, white people.

        • that would be:

          White people debt-bombed into submission by the Jews.

          your point stands, though. In my view,

          the shabbatz goyim are even worse than the Jews who own them.

    • It was never yours, white man. This is reality coming home to roost. When you make an enemy of every possible group on the planet, there shouldn’t be any surprise when no one comes to lend a hand. Now go back to emoting on Internet while your world is collapsing.

  2. There are very few family farms left. Big Agra is why our food has been poisoned with soy and shitty additives. And I guarantee you not a single FAMILY farm will use guest workers this is strictly for Big Agra paying Hector and Pedro minimum wage. So the food industry can continue to make RECORD profits.

    • When I was really little, I recall going to a strawberry/blueberry farm in rural Massachusetts with my mother – they’d give you a bucket or little pint boxes to pick to your heart’s desire.

      They specifically used to hire high school kids (100% White) to work on their farm, and still generated enough surplus to supply local grocery stores.

      I remember this because at such a little age, the job sounded awesome…

  3. Occidental Dissent,

    According to the figures I found for 2013 the birthrate for Hispanics in usa is 2.15. For blacks it was 1.88. For whites it was 1.75. For asians it was 1.68. For Indians it was 1.33. That means everyone in usa is dying out except hispanics who are barely holding their own. Our birthrate is really alot higher than 2.15 since many births in my opinion are not reported or registered. Still those are dismal figures.

    I am one of 11 children and have 75-77 first cousins on one side of my family alone. I think I have a total of 120 first cousins. I am not sure how many. Why do not Americans breed? In Mexico the birthrate has been dropping but that too might be misleading since especially in Mexico women have babies and they are not necessarily registered or from a hospital. Still the trend in Mexico is more people.

    So, I ask again why do WASP people not have children? The main purpose of a girl is to get married and have children and take care of husband and family. Is it liberalism that is the problem here? I mean even conservatives nowadays are more liberal than the self-proclaimed liberals of a generation or two ago.

    Christina Romana

    • Whites don’t breed in captivity?

      First you side with non-Whites against Whites, then you blame Whites for not Breeding while the Oligarchy ram the entire third world down our throats. Even if we bred a million a year to keep up with the million Trump and his Conservative “god fearing” buddies bring in yearly, they will bring in 2 million, because this is White Genocide!

      Japan has a lower birthrate than the lowest birthrates in Europe, yet Japan is 98.5% Japanese and will remain so, because no one is trying to genocide the Japanese using mass immigration.

      Stop blaming Whites for the actions of their enemies! If you saw a woman raped you would throw stones at her just like a Muslim would.

      • Richard R,

        If you are an indication of whites on this website you are doomed. Blaming me for rape? Is logic non existent on this site? And yes I blame whites for not breeding. You control sex with your wives and you should have children. You have freedom of will.

        I never said breeding was the only thing to do. As for being a traitor? I am loyal to my ethnic group and religion. But I will condemn my people when they are wrong. My religion says that birth control and condoms are a mortal sin. I stand by my religion.

        The statistics I found were the truth.

        Christina Romana

        • You use your religion to justify Genocide against Whites.

          She says “Ohh if only we were all Catholics and ruled by Dago Kings, and banned condoms, our genocidal elites wouldn’t be trying to wipe us out.”

          No Catholic country ever created a White country, all they ever created are brown hell holes.

          If you want to live that way, put your preaching into practice, leave the land you said is STOLEN, and MOVE to a brown Catholic country, where it has been ruled your way for centuries.

          South America is 100% Catholic and mixed race, and no one wants to live there. Everyone wants to get out of BROWN countries and INTO White countries.

          • Richard R,

            America is a mixed race country. I realize talking to you is a waste of time. Your anti catholicism is really strange.

            So go ahead and foam at the mouth. You are not really a man but a rabid dog.

          • @Richard R.

            Of course Catholic countries create White countries, Richard. England, as well as several other Western European countries were originally Catholic before the Protestant Reformation and King Henry VIII decided to dump his wife for a younger brood mare.

            I am of European Catholic (French and Polish) descent. Both sides emigrated to the USA, because the American Protestants had created what we thought was a successful way of life and, outside of Mass, we assimilated to their culture as much as possible hoping to replicate their success.

            For almost two thousand years the Roman Catholic Church successfully kept the Semites (both Jewish and Islamic) from taking over Europe. Christian Zionism evolved from a subset of Protestantism, not Catholicism.

        • Many black and brown people in the US have children they cannot afford. They then DEMAND white people supplement their needs. Let see how many they’ll have when all social programs end and resources become very. very tight. Let’s see how many survive into adulthood without any help from white folks whatsoever which includes white medicine, white hygiene, and white ingenuity.

          • Snow,

            You sound like you want people to die. Now whose fault is it that black people are in the usa? And so called brown people as well?

          • “You sound like you want people to die.”

            Now that’s a completely false accusation. But, black and brown people do have an endless supply of them for whites. Does nature interfere? We should leave all other peoples alone. Why should we continue to interfere with the laws of nature? We receive no gratitude for the assistance we do provide. Only an abundance of demands with endless threats and endless malignment.

            Leaving people to their own devices is not wishing death by any stretch of the imagination. It’s actually a form of freedom Freedom from interference. Isn’t that what you black and brown people want? Oh, no, you want what is ours. However, I don’t want anyone to die outside of the bastards who are destroying Western Civilization but I guess that would include invaders seeking to replace us. Wanting people out of your nation who are hostile, parasitic, disruptive, and destructive is simple prudence. A mere flexing of the instinct to survive.

            “Now whose fault is it that black people are in the usa? And so called brown people as well?”

            To set the record straight for you Bolshevik-brainwashed souls, black people are in the USA – first and foremost – because of other black people. African chiefs (black) sold their own people to Arab people (brown) who sold them to very stupid people (white).

            Now when it comes to brown people, please tell me that tale.

          • Whitey,

            I am not black or brown. A wrong assumption of yours. And I know how the slaves were brought here. And yes you do want darkies and others to die if they are in usa and you do not provide the basic necessities of life if they cannot provide for themselves.

            As for me being a bolshevik–that is funny. I hate communists and classical liberals.

            I did agree with your first paragraph however. Whites have not and will not receive any gratitude for anything they do. When you do everything for people and apologize for not doing more this will create spoiled people.

            As for brown people? What is a brown person? That is not a race. I see white people with brown tans, I see mestizos with brown skin, and I see mulattoes with brown skin. Oh, and I have seen Indians in usa. Indians are here for obvious reasons. Mulattoes we can just consider black. So you must mean Mexicans etc.

            Well, some latins were here when America conquered the southwest, some have come through legal immigration and millions have invaded illegally. We all know that. The only question is what can be done about that? Seemingly nothing.

            I do not even hear tough talk from politicians anymore against illegal immigration.

            Christina Romana

          • From “Snow” to “Whitey” in a single response. Is that anger I detect?

            They refer to themselves as brown people. So, I, in my altruistic white privileged way, politely oblige. Yup, brown would cover them all. I understand the “color” designations. And, I also understand the linguistic designations. The classifications of “Hispanic” and “Semitic” were created to fool the fools. Our overlords have some pretty darn good strategies for dividing the masses. Latino from Latin. Really? Another laughable identity designation. Hispanic = Spanish speaking. A brown language? Are they clueless of the origins? Italians are the original Latins. Spanish is a white language.

            “I am not black or brown. A wrong assumption of yours.”

            A wrong assumption? Hardly. You sly, old devil. You tricked me. Your words and tone of conflict had me completely fooled. Intentional? Are you yellow and using an alias? Brazilian?

            “And, I know how the slaves were brought here.”

            Then why did you ask? It appears you didn’t know. Or, were you expecting me to not know?

            “And, yes you do want darkies and others to die if they are in usa and you do not provide the basic necessities of life if they cannot provide for themselves.”

            Darkies? Must you use such a derogatory term during such a diplomatic conversation? And, your evidence for such an assumption? Why can’t they provide for themselves? It appears endemic to many of them. Certainly some of the browns learn growing skills on the farm, no? They couldn’t provide for themselves where they were and they can’t provide for themselves where they currently are. That’s a serious problem. You are familiar with the term “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” No? Why are they so stupid? They don’t ask, they demand. They come here uninvited and expect a warm welcome. Look at their protests. Such arrogance. I notice the yellows are jumping on the anti-white bandwagon. Such a disappointment from the once “model minority”.

            You are dead wrong. I wish them no harm. I just want them out. I want to prevent them from changing my language, my schools, the names of my streets, and the blood of my descendants. I don’t want them to take down my monuments, lower my standards in everything that is important to me, replace my books, replace my songs, and, most importantly, revise my history. They can’t even converse with me without an interpreter. That is, until I offer them money. Then they understand every single word. I don’t want people who vote repeatedly against me and tell me I haven’t done enough for them! I don’t want anyone to try to replace me, let alone actually replace me. I suggest you revisit the term “for ourselves and our posterity” because it doesn’t mean “others” nor does it mean we want another nation’s wretched masses. And, to clear things up, I mean the white ones, too.

            They are being used to destroy my country. It is very obvious to me and I believe it is very obvious to them. A volatile situation that is guaranteed to cause conflict.

          • Mr. Snowwhitey,

            No there is no reason for me to be angry. I was having a little fun with your name. For this website your comments are generally reasonable. I agree the term hispanic was probably invented by a liberal. I do not know for sure. I know no one who uses the term among ourselves.

            As for the term darkie? I doubt if you are crying too hard over the word. Am I Brazilian? No. I have never been to South America. As for the term latino? I do not care for it. A negro with the last name of Hernandez is no more a latin than a black with the last name of Jones is an anglo.

            Anyway, I am Mexican with a German grandfather. I have the blue blood–the veins. I am actually tall and skinny. So I am fair but not an alt-right poster girl due to bloodlines.

            I prefer to keep the anglo ticking in the usa. The reasons are racial self interest. I do not want America to become a dung heap. If it does then I want my people to secure the southwest. I am not an illegal alien. I have a few dozen relatives north of the river and a whole lot in Durango and Sonora.

            It has gone reasonably well to talk to you.

            Christina Romana

          • Mr. Snowwhitey,

            The vast majority of my people are brown skinned. As for my middle names? One is from a mother and the other from a grandmother. As for fighting the white man? No need. America is self destructing. And the term anglo. That is a traditional polite name for english speaking whites, especially for Americans.

            I frequently stay with a grandmother in a border state. She calls you anglos, so I do too.

            Christina Romana

          • Unless those “African chiefs,” along with selling other blacks into slavery, sailed the slave ships to American shores as well, blacks are in the US because of whites. Period.

            Then again, I’m sure you going to argue that da JOOS were behind the whole affair, aren’t you?

        • Now it’s “Mr.”? You do know the character Snow White is female, yes? Just an FYI….. a real white man would never use an avatar that’s a slight distortion of the name of a female character in a fairy tale.

          I am sure the term Hispanic has more sinister origins than you stated. I believe that term had a mission.

          Your use of the word darkie was subliminal sarcasm. The term can be a very good descriptive.

          “I have the blue blood–the veins.” I presume you are referring to your skin being fair and not the copper vs iron thing…..

          “I prefer to keep the anglo ticking in the usa. The reasons are racial self interest. I do not want America to become a dung heap. If it does then I want my people to secure the southwest. I am not an illegal alien. I have a few dozen relatives north of the river and a whole lot in Durango and Sonora.”

          Why keep challenging people here? You fully understand why we feel the way we do. This war is real for us. The Mexicans are just one of their weapons. They don’t care about you anymore than they care about us.

          • Snow White,

            I did not understand the first paragraph. The last paragraph is wrong as well. I deal politely on this site until attacked. I am quite aware that there is no reason for the jews/internationalists to like my people. We are by nature way more anti-black and anti-jewish than the WASP.

            As for your war——none of my anglo girl friends think there is a war on. Of course I know there is a war. Racial/ideological. Acting like deranged people on this website is not helping your cause. Every Mexican American I know believes there is a racial war going on. We strongly dislike blacks more than we dislike the anglo. I show anglo girl friends comments made on this website. They all think this website is evil and crazy.

            You are not going to reach the average white person with the deranged comments made on this site. If you do not recognize how deranged and silly most comments are then that says alot.

            I like the articles sometimes. The comment section? Most of you people are from the pits of hell.

            Either way I have explored this website enough. I originally came here with some sympathy for the anglo. Now I am one of your bitter enemies. Probably that was the goal of most on this site anyway.

            Well I have to go to school. I am late.

            Christina Romana

          • “I did not understand the first paragraph.”

            My avatar/handle “Snowhitey” is a derivative of the character Snow White in the fairy tale of the same name. A white male would not have used a female character’s name. That should have indicated a Miss, Ms. or Mrs. Showhitey.

            “Of course I know there is a war. Racial/ideological.”

            Then this make no sense, correct? “I show anglo girl friends comments made on this website. They all think this website is evil and crazy.”

            Your white friends are your “friends” because they are deluded and do not see or refuse to see reality. They are passive fools. If they were racially-conscious I doubt a friendship could remain. Or, it would be strained at the very least. There is no shortage of young, self-absorbed, shallow, deluded white people. The subliminal mind control from all directions has been going on for most of their entire lives. Prosperity tends to blind people. White people are too damn comfortable.

            “You are not going to reach the average white person with the deranged comments made on this site. If you do not recognize how deranged and silly most comments are then that says alot.”

            Not true. It is not a matter of reaching them, it is a matter of them willing to see. They don’t want to rock the boat or they are in complete denial. The cowards, the weak. How can you respect your weak “Anglo” friends? They will be the first to go should real civil war ever break out. If we don’t get them you certainly will. And, most comments posted here are not silly or deranged. They are a people under attack so anger will be present. You add to it by not relaying an understanding until provoked to do so. You came here, we didn’t chase you.

            “I like the articles sometimes.”

            A realistic mind will also see good content whether it agrees with it or not.

            “The comment section? Most of you people are from the pits of hell.”

            Come on now. The pits of hell, really? You haven’t studied conflict but you should if you’re going to make such a false statement.

            “Either way I have explored this website enough. I originally came here with some sympathy for the anglo. Now I am one of your bitter enemies. Probably that was the goal of most on this site anyway.”

            We neither want nor need sympathy. An understanding is what’s fair. I see the vast majority of minorities as expecting white people to surrender. Don’t ever mistake kindness for weakness. It can be fatal. You hate us because we won’t surrender or fund your existence. It has nothing to do with right or wrong; otherwise, you would not have stated that last comment, schoolgirl.

            Send your friends over. We’d love to meet them.

          • Whitey,

            You are full of caca. The fact that you can not recognize how evil you are is incredible. As for my school girls they are against you. Any sane person would be against you. Oh well it does not matter.

            As for meeting my anglo girl friends they have already stated their contempt for you. I do not mind that you people are evil but why are you so dumb? All my girl friends laugh at people like you.

            Either way———-adios.

            My people are taking the southwest———you know it and I know it. All the talk in the world will not change that. Even the owner of this website is depressed over your fat God Emperor. So save your efforts for your own people who have betrayed you. Personally, I do not think you are legitimate or you would not waste your time with me.

            Like I said before —I print out these statements and show them. Everyone thinks you people are insane. Enjoy your demented website.

            Christina Romana

        • Christina — I like your old-fashioned view on men and women and your religious faith. You hit the nail on the head when you said “even conservatives nowadays are more liberal than the self-proclaimed liberals of a generation or two ago.” Even these “Alt Right” folks have a number of attitudes that would have marked them as hippie-radicals back in the 60s. They don’t go to church and they want to screw around, drink beer, smoke pot, and watch porn, like a bunch of Weimar degenerates. Even the segregationists I remember from my childhood had a more benevolent view of non-whites than most of these Alt Right guys. The southern racists of old enjoyed black music and the company of black people, even though they were against intermarriage or integrated facilities. It was a black man who wrote the song “Dixie.” Anyway, good to hear your comments!

          • Mr. jackson,

            You have amazed me. Is it possible that I have been too harsh on this website? You have said kindness to me. That is how to handle me. I melt when men are sweet. No I do not hate the anglo. I do not hate anyone. I have been attacked and I respond.

            I also agree with your race views. I am strongly against interracial marriage but most blacks I have met seem okay. My grandmother in usa introduced me to music in usa. Your songs from the late 1940’s until the 1970’s were fantastic including many negro singers.

            I bow before your compliments and I send you kisses.

            Christina Romana

    • And don’t forget kids. They opened the borders when America had a massive birthrate. During the baby boomer period!

      Anyone looking for excuses for our enemy’s actions is a traitor.

      • Mr. Richard R,

        I blame people when they are wrong rather they are whites or non whites. That is called justice.

        Christina Romana

        • If you believe your land is Stolen then GET OFF IT!

          You said here on this blog that America was stolen from the Indians and you side with the Indians against White people.

          So you have just admitted you are in possession of stolen property, therefore it is your moral duty to give it back and GET OUT! If you don’t hand back the land you are sitting on and leave forever then you are an admitted THIEF!

          • Richard R,

            I never said all of usa was stolen from Indians. But some was. And the Indians that were conquered by whites had conquered other Indians and so forth through history. That fact can be recognized and wrong admitted even when nothing can currently be done about it.

            I am not your people. I am not a WASP. You sound unhinged to me. I like to print out bizarre statements from people on this website and show to my girl friends. You might like to know you will be laughed at by girls.

            I think you are probably an outside agitator either left wing or government. Surely nobody is that deranged, Then again this is one unusual website.

            Christina Romana

          • Indians were all over America when it was taken in conquest by White tribe, but you say some parts were STOLEN from the Indians and some were not stolen? LOL

            You are full of it. So much for your Christian “morality”. Enjoy your stolen property you anti-White fraud.

          • You sided with non-Whites against White settlers and called the Whites land thieves.

            When you are told to get out, you claim parts of America were STOLEN and some weren’t, when the Indians were all over it? LOL

            You are a ridiculous anti-White FRAUD!

            If you think your land is STOLEN, GET OUT!

          • R,

            Much land was stolen from Indians. Every white person I have ever met knows and believes that. So give your speech to all of the anglos I know. All my anglo friends admitted that a lot of land was stolen from Indians. They do not plan on leaving. They believe as I do.

            The conquering of Indians happened a long time ago. Due to settlement, building of homes, the length of time when this happened, no one would be morally required to give up what is now Canada, USA, and Mexico. That would create more human misery than good. Reasonable statue of limitations would kick in as well. That is true regarding individuals as well as nations. It is not like someone currently stealing jewelry who would be required to give it back for instance.

            Also, give the land back to who? The Indians conquered by whites had stolen and conquered various other Indians throughout history. So finding the original individuals and or tribe would be ludicrous. Who would pay whites for the land/society improvements etc.

            But the idea that no land was stolen from Indians is so ridiculous one could only find such stupidity on this website.

            And no Indians were not everywhere. The land was sparsely populated in many places. Cabeza de Vaca traveled the land in the early 16th century and found very few Indians in Texas for instance.

            So obviously the land belongs to the current occupants even if wrong was done in obtaining it. This is not like a recent private property swindle. Most land historically has been conquered/reconquered. So land stolen historically cannot just be given to some original inhabitant even if they could be found.

            This also means that your stupid ideas of creating an ethnic state in the USA is as immoral as it is stupid. You are not going to drive non whites out of America. But non anglos might drive you out of the southwest.

            Christina Romana

          • Alva, you’re confused. You repeatedly contradict yourself.

            Trust me, gypsy, you don’t want to fight the white man. And, stop using the term Anglo the way you do. You’re not using it correctly. You’re actually behaving quite brown. I would never refer to a Mexican as a Spaniard unless I knew for sure they were a Mexican national with 100% Spanish blood. Got it?

          • @Richard and Christina

            Terminology Nazi, here.

            The words you are looking for are Hispanophone/Hispanophonic and Anglophone//Anglophonic for Spanish speakers and English speakers respectively.


      Christina, you make an excellent point and I have to agree with you. Whites do not want to have children because they want to have fun–smoke, drink, drugs, have fun with 10 women when they are young, or have a career.

      Just for the record, I am totally against 3rd world immigration. But look at some famous conservatives:

      Pat Buchanan, author of “Death of the West”—only one daughter.
      Rush Limbaugh—many wives, zero kids.

      Whites would rather have fun—smoke, drink, do drugs and date 10 different partners for years (or have a career first). By the time they are ready to “settle down”, it is too late, as fertility peaks in the early 20’s and then declines. Like taking a new car for a test drive for 10 years—it is an old used car by the time you are ready to buy it.

      We have met the enemy—and the enemy is us.

      • Mr. Arnold,

        Thank you for a common sense answer. Yes WASP girls are friendly to me but they seem flighty. I am under strict family discipline. Mexican american girls are more liberal than Mexican girls but not as crazy as the anglos.

        Yes I do not want the USA to become any more of a united nations in minature either. My people are far more anti black/moslem/jewish than the WASP. At least the common man is.

        I am glad to see that some whites are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

        Christina Romana

        • Take your anti-White shite, get off the land you say is STOLEN, and MOVE TO a South American Catholic brown hellhole.

          • this brown bim likes living off White social capital.

            when it dries up she’ll leave in a hurry. As to

            the collapse of the White birthrate, the Jews engineered that via

            the kosher Culture of Death:

            legalized abortion, porn, faggotry and, above all, Judeo-feminism.

            the only non-White country whose birthrate has shown an equivalent nosedive is

            Japan: and that’s because, post WW2, Japan aped ‘Murkan culture…including (((womens’ lib))).

    • @Christina:

      Whites don’t breed, because they are afraid to have children they cannot afford and, God knows, our government makes having children for Whites increasingly impossible what with its high taxation, mandates like Obamacare and immigration/integration policies.

      The only solace I can take from this is once the diverse achieve any demographics, they run one of their own candidates for public office and vote out the anti-white White liberal race traitors so they can replace them with one of their own. Mind you,that doesn’t help the White victims of Anti-White liberals one bit, so it’s Schaenfreuen on my part, pure and simple.

      A better question would be why does Mexico insist on allowing its poor, brown, low IQ populations to breed, export these problem children to the USA and then wonder why the average White American detests Mexico and wants a wall?

      Mexico could have improved its own standard of living one thousand percent if it had taken active measures to reduce its problem populations with birth control and sterilization. Then Mexico could have taken in more immigrants of White European stock.

      It seems to me that your political class is much like ours; stupid and evil.

      • Clymenestra,

        Let me examine your comments one by one. I do not accept your first paragraph. If you are married you have to have children. The conditions for breeding for whites in usa is better than in non white countries. I do not accept any form of birth control no matter which race is practicing it. It is sinful.

        Your second paragraph I do not understand in the slightest.

        Your third paragraph is why do we breed? Because we are supposed to that is why. That is the only reason God created sex and marriage. I do not understand you. As for why Mexico supports illegal invasion of your country? I also do not agree with that and I do not support the invasion of America.

        I strongly condemn your 4th paragraph. I do not support any form of birth control. It is traditionally forbidden by my religion and I do not understand it. And I do not believe in immigrants coming to Mexico regardless of their race.

        Your 5th paragraph. I tend to agree with your race beliefs. Just not your birth control beliefs. Our elites are generally pro white internally except the ones educated in usa. I mean if you watch our traditional soap opera you would think you are In Spain not Mexico.

        Anyway I come from a well off family. The illegals you see in Mexico work for people that look like me when they are In Mexico and they work for you when they are in the States of the Union.

        Well I am back to school. My lunch hour is almost over.

        Christina Romana

      • Clymenstrata,

        I like your pro Catholic comments above. I was told that on a website such as this that it is swarming with left wing/govt. agitators who seek to drive females away. So I am learning to take such stupidity from some people with the grains of salt.

        I am glad that there are some decent people here.

        Christina Romana

  4. Can’t you fools see that Trump is playing 4D Snakes and Ladders??? This is all part of his sooper sekret plan to overthrow the Jew!

    #MAGA! #AltRightForTheWin!

  5. Its hilarious calling them ‘guest’ workers when we all know they’ll never leave. And one question-why can’t these so called hard workers stay in their own countries where they’re needed and work hard there?
    Rest assured white man-nobody has our backs anymore. We must take control while we still can.

  6. Hey Marcus, can you please cite the source of information pertaining to “the fact that most Blacks stay in state custody in some form until their 40’s”?

    The reason why you can’t is the same reason you publish under Alias, because you know you’re guilty of slander and libel

    Now. Let’s see the source of that information. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…Coward!

    • Hey El Greaseball, why not see for yourself if Marcus’ claim is true or not. It is, btw. Niggers are natural born slaves.

      • I think I hit a nerve with El Crapo.

        But yes, he should know I fully endorse and support a gulag system for Blacks in this country…

          • @El Chapo,
            Even if the info couldn’t be verified, it doesn’t change the obvious.
            If every nog crim was still dealt with like Jesse Washington back in 1916, whenever they cross the line, the nation would be a lot safer-for everyone. Its called punishment for the perp and a deterrent for all others.
            The frustrating thing for modern day whites is that non whites won’t return home, and they won’t behave.
            Jesse Washington suffered possibly the most brutal death of any black American in recorded history, and was excessive……but it served as a warning to all others to behave themselves….which they went on to do for the next 40 years.

          • Yeah, I should have actually been more specific and mentioned Black men – between probation, bail/bond, parole, jail/prison itself, and programs like drug court/sober houses, you’re talking about a massive percentage of the Negro population.

            The females tend to also spend the majority of their life with the state – except in HR/DMV offices.

          • Ok. Now let’s see you cite the sources of the stats… You’re full of shit, and you know it but don’t have the balls to admit it.

        • Speaking of hitting a nerve, I see you tried to ban me from this most assinine and obscure blog of yours.

          Like the itch you received after laying with that cheap Slavic whore, though, I keep coming back.

          • I didn’t try to ban you.

            You’re free to post to your liking – I actually like seeing dissenting opinions so long as they don’t get overly weird or too spammy…

        • If that’s true, I take back my accusation. It’s curious, though, that after our Jack Johnson exchange I had to change my email to continue posting.

        • If you’re being truthful, I take back my accusation. It’s curious, though, that I had to change my email after our Jack Johnson exchange to continue commenting here.

        • El Creepo: Would you prefer that I call you a taco nigger, cactus coon, beaner, wetback, spic, greaser, or crypto kike? Forgive me for not having asked you this question sooner.

  7. ‘OK its going to get good’. Honestly is Trump really 70 or 3? He seriously needs to go back to school. Talks like a dopey fucktard.

    • seems to fool the non-urban white idjits who voted for him though. Almost a year-and-a-half into his term, and they still don’t realize Trumpenthal has betrayed every single populist campaign promise. All he has to do is shoot off some missiles at sandyland now and then, and they’re happy.

  8. Commander Rockwell was 50 years ahead of his time. If he came back to life today millions of Whites would flock to him.

  9. You know, that a’int a bad idea. Put parolees to work picking crops. Also, it would create jobs. They would need supervision in the field.
    Who in state, city or federal government would I contact to suggest this?
    I guess I could talk it up with my neighbors.
    Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

  10. Meanwhile I’ve heard two of the GOPer kongress klowns from my state bloviating about how we need
    Beaner workers “ta’ hep’aht’ da DairyFarmerss”…and the Machine Shop where I work has a 20%
    Mexican workforce…they also employ Salvadorans as contract janitorial help…MAGAmy ass!

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